Matt Dababneh Assembly District 45, Democrat


Term limit: 2024


Personal data

Capitol office
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 319-2045
Fax: (916) 319-2145

District voter registration
Democrat: 58.07%
Republican: 15%
Other: 27%

District makeup
The Los Angeles areas of Hollywood (Paramount Studios), Echo Park, Glassel Park, Mt. Washington, Montecito Heights, Lincoln Heights, El Sereno, Chinatown, and a portion (22%) of East Los Angeles.

Source: California Target Book


493 manufacturers in AD 45. CMTA members are highlighted

3D Cam, Inc., Chatsworth

3D Manufacturing, Inc., Chatsworth

3M Co., Northridge

3M Co., Canoga Park

A & B Machine, Canoga Ave

A & C Electronics, Inc., Northridge

A & S Mold & Die Corp., Chatsworth

A H Systems, Inc., Chatsworth

ABC Plastics, Inc., Chatsworth

ABEN Machine Products, Canoga Park

Academic, Church & Choir Gowns Mfg. Co., Inc., Chatsworth

Acme Laundry Products, Inc., Chatsworth

Advanced Cosmetic Research Laboratories, Inc., Chatsworth

Advanced Endoscopy Devices, Inc., Canoga Park

Aero Antenna Technology, Inc., Chatsworth

Aero Mechanism Precision, Inc., Chatsworth

Aeroantenna Technology, Inc., Chatsworth

Aerojet Rocketdyne, Inc., Canoga Park

Aeromax Industries, Inc., Canoga Park

AFR Apparel International, Inc., Northridge

Aitech Rugged Group, Inc., Chatsworth

Alco Precision, Inc., Chatsworth

Align Aerospace, LLC, Chatsworth

Allkay Electronics, Inc., Chatsworth

Allsale Electric, Inc., Canoga Park

Almack Liners, Inc., Chatsworth

Alpac Engineering Co., Chatsworth

American Analytics, Inc., Chatsworth

American Binding Products, Chatsworth

American Medical Mfg., Inc., Northridge

American Plastic Card Co., Woodland Hills

American Precision, Inc., Chatsworth

American Soil Technologies, Inc., Canoga Park

Andrews Powder Coating, Inc., Chatsworth

Andwin Scientific, Woodland Hills

Animation Magazine, Inc., Calabasas

Ansell Sandel Medical Solutions, LLC, Chatsworth

Applied Graphics, Canoga Park

AR Worldwide Receiver Systems, Canoga Park

Aram Precision Tool & Die, Inc., Chatsworth

Aroutiunian Enterprises, Inc., Chatsworth

Arrow Electronics, Inc., Woodland Hills

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., Woodland Hills

Artistic Countertops, Chatsworth

ASAP Copy & Print Co., Northridge

Asre Emrooz, Encino

Astrodyne Group Inc., Chatsworth

Automation Electronics, Chatsworth

Avet Industries Corp., Chatsworth

AVM Industries, Canoga Park

Aware Products, Inc., Chatsworth

Aztec Polishing, Canoga Park

B & C Instrument Parts, Inc., Canoga Park

B & M Printing & Copies Services, Canoga Park

Best Data Products, Inc., Chatsworth, LLC, Chatsworth

Blazer Media Group, Encino

Bone Clones, Inc., Canoga Park

Box Bros. Corp., Woodland Hills

Breakaway Press, Chatsworth

Brooker Chemical Inc., Chatsworth

Brushtek, Inc., Chatsworth

BST Products, Inc., Canoga Park

CAC Fabrication, Inc., Chatsworth

Calabasas Chamber of Commerce, Calabasas

Calabasas Printing, Calabasas

California Copy & Printing Center, Woodland Hills

California Deluxe Window Industries, Inc., Chatsworth

California Fabrication Co., Canoga Park

California Product Stewardship Council, Sacramento

Can You Imagine, Chatsworth

Canoga Fence & Supply Co., Chatsworth

Canoga Perkins Corp., Chatsworth

Canoga Sheet Metal Products, Inc., Canoga Park

Canopy Concepts, Inc., Encino

Capstone Turbine Corp., Chatsworth

Career Technologies U. S. A., Northridge

Casco Circuits, Inc., Chatsworth

Catalina Yachts, Inc., Woodland Hills

Cavitation Technologies, Inc., Chatsworth

CBOL Corporation, Chatsworth

CDC Data, Chatsworth

Chardonnay Corp., Tarzana

Chatsworth Grinding Co., Chatsworth

Chatsworth Press, Chatsworth

Chatsworth Products, Inc., Chatsworth

Chatsworth/Porter Ranch Chamber of Commerce, Chatsworth

Chemat Technology, Inc., Northridge

Cimarron Signs, Canoga Park

Cine Mechanics, Inc., Chatsworth

Clark Tool & Die Co., Chatsworth

Classic Cosmetics Inc., Chatsworth

Classic Window Shades, Canoga Park

Clear Print Commercial Printers, Chatsworth

Cliffdale Mfg. Inc., Chatsworth

Coast Motor Supply, Canoga Park

Colbrit Manufacturing Co., Inc., Chatsworth

Color Labs Enterprises, LLC, Chatsworth

Conemac Precision Machining, Canoga Park

Control Sciences, Inc., Chatsworth

Cooner Wire Company, Chatsworth

Coronet Printing Co., Chatsworth

Cosmetic Laboratories Of America, Chatsworth

Custom Control Sensors, Inc., Chatsworth

Cybercut, Chatsworth

Cyron, Inc., Chatsworth

D & K Industries, Inc., Chatsworth

Dassaut Systemes Solid Works Corp., Woodland Hills

DataDirect Networks, Inc., Chatsworth

De Soto Sales, Inc., Canoga Park

Deking Screw Products, Inc., Chatsworth

Dekker Design Plastic Supply & Fabrication, Inc., Chatsworth

Delga Prototype & Engineering, Canoga Park

Delta Hi-Tech, Chatsworth

Delta Tau Data Systems, Inc of California, Chatsworth

Diagnostic Automation, Inc., Calabasas

Diamond Game Enterprises, Chatsworth

Discount Laser Supply & Repair, Chatsworth

Discount Printing, Woodland Hills

Dome, Inc., Tarzana

Dooling Mfg., Inc., Chatsworth

Dorrough Electronics, Chatsworth

Dot Graphics, Chatsworth

Double L Machining, Inc., Chatsworth

Downing Heliport Systems, Inc., Canoga Park

Dry Pak Industries, Inc., Encino

DTS LLC, Calabasas

DWA Aluminum Composites, Chatsworth

Dynamic Cabinet Designs, Inc., Chatsworth

Dynamic Sciences International, Inc., Chatsworth

Dynatrol National Corp., Canoga Park

Dytran Instruments, Inc., Chatsworth

E M Basile & Associates, Northridge

E/M Coating Services, Chatsworth

Earth Island, Chatsworth

Eatek, Northridge

Econo-Color Graphics, Inc., Chatsworth

Eggology, Inc., Canoga Park

Electro Adapter, Inc., Chatsworth

Electro Technology, Chatsworth

Electropath, Inc., Chatsworth

EMAC Assembly Corp., Canoga Park

Emanuel Morez, Inc., Northridge

Encino Chamber of Commerce, Encino

Engraving Engraving Engraving, Northridge

Erbaviva, LLC, Chatsworth

Euro Machine, Inc., Chatsworth

Excelline Foods, Inc., Burbank

Execuprint, Chatsworth

Exhart, Chatsworth

Extensions Plus, Inc., Reseda

F B Productions, Inc., Chatsworth

Faber Enterprises, Inc., Canoga Park

Federal Mfg. Corp., Chatsworth

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc., Canoga Park

Ferguson Heating & Cooling, Inc., Chatsworth

Fine Design Fabrication, Inc., Chatsworth

Finest Watches, Inc., Encino

FINN Tool & Instruments, Inc., Canoga Park

Fischer Co., Inc., R. A., Northridge

Fischer Machine Products, R. A., Chatsworth

Fitting Source, Inc., Northridge

FTG Circuits, Inc., Chatsworth

G & G Hydraulics Corporation, Northridge

Gardner Bellows Corp., Chatsworth

Gazar, Inc., Chatsworth

Gedies Printing & Copies, Winnetka

General Air Corp., Chatsworth

General Research Laboratories, Northridge

GGCO, Inc., Tarzana

Giannelli Cabinet Mfg., Inc., Northridge

Glastar Corp., Chatsworth

Goki Mfg. Co., Chatsworth

Gold Crest Engraving, LLC, Chatsworth

Golden Farms Meat Packing, Canoga Park

Graham Optical Systems, Chatsworth

Graphic Research, Inc., Chatsworth

Graphico, Inc., Tarzana

Graphics Bindery, Canoga Park

Graphics Plus, Chatsworth

H & B Engineering, Canoga Park

H & R Precision Machining, Canoga Park

H B Distributors, Chatsworth

Hallmark Lighting, Inc., Chatsworth

Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc., Encino

Harbor Freight Tools USA, Inc., Calabasas

Harman International Industries, Inc., Northridge

Hart Electronic Assembly, Inc., Chatsworth

Hartt Engraving, Inc., Chatsworth

Heartland Fasteners Co., Chatsworth

HiTech Plastics & Molds, Chatsworth

Hugo Naturals Body Care, Chatsworth

Hydraulics International, Inc., Chatsworth

Hydromach, Inc., Chatsworth

I I T C, Inc., Woodland Hills

Ideal Meat & Provisions, Northridge

Imperial Tool Co., Inc., Chatsworth

Impress Communications, Inc., Chatsworth

Infinity Stamps, Inc., Canoga Park

Ink 2000 Corp., Northridge

Innovative Cosmetic Labs. Inc., Northridge

Instrumentation Technology Systems, Northridge

Intelligent Computer Solutions, Inc., Chatsworth

Interamerican Motor Corp., Canoga Park

International Copier Exchange, Inc., Chatsworth

International Precision, Inc., Chatsworth

International Security Products, West Hills

Invelop, Inc., Chatsworth

IRIS International, Inc., Chatsworth

Iron Designs By Art, Northridge

Iron Knob Corp., North Hills

J & P Precision Deburring, Inc., Chatsworth

J B L Cal Apparel, Inc., Northridge

J H Precision Machining, Inc., Chatsworth

J M R Electronics, Inc., Chatsworth

J N Mfg., Canoga Park

J T Windows, Inc., Chatsworth

J.M. Precision, Chatsworth

Jackson Engineering Company, Chatsworth

Jacon Fasteners & Electronics, Chatsworth

Jaytech Welding & Fabrication, Chatsworth

Jensen Transformers, Inc., Chatsworth

Jessie's Machine Shop Service, Northridge

Jim James Enterprises, Inc., Chatsworth

JMAR Precision Systems, Inc., Chatsworth

John List Corp., Chatsworth

John Paul Richard, Agoura Hills

Jonathan Neil & Associates, Inc., Tarzana

JOT Engineering, Inc., Canoga Park

K-Bros. Industries, Inc., Canoga Park

Kama Interconect, Inc., Canoga Park

Kari Stef, Inc., Tarzana

Keene Engineering Co., Inc., Chatsworth

Keepers International, Chatsworth

Kennedy Printing & Graphics, Northridge

Kerning Data Systems, Inc., Chatsworth

Kinetic Traction System, Inc., Chatsworth

King Nutronics Corp., Woodland Hills

King Tut Printing, Inc., Canoga Park

Kiss Me In The Garden Products, Northridge

Kouzouian's Fine Custom Furniture, Inc., Northridge

Kristal Graphics Printing, Canoga Park

Ktech Telecommunications, Inc., Chatsworth

KulchinRoss Insurance Services, LLC/Fred Glaser Insurance Associates Inc., Tarzana

L B Custom Designs, Tarzana

L T Industries, Chatsworth

Lamps Plus, Inc., Chatsworth

Lasco Diamond Products, Inc., Chatsworth

Lasertec Engraving, Inc., Canoga Park

LBI USA, Chatsworth

Lee's Enterprises, Chatsworth

Leon's Transmission Service, Inc., Reseda

Letterpress Instant Printing Service, Chatsworth

Levlad, LLC, Chatsworth

Life Tech Resources, Chatsworth

Lighting Control & Design, Chatsworth

Line 6, Inc., Calabasas

Line One Laboratory, Inc., Chatsworth

Lloyd Design Corporation, Northridge

LMP Software LLC, Woodland Hills

Logicube, Inc., Chatsworth

Los Angeles Copy & Print Center, Northridge

Lynx Photonic Networks, Inc., Woodland Hills

Machinery Exchange, Chatsworth

Main Electric Supply Co., Chatsworth

Manning Holoff Co., Canoga Park

Maroney Co., Northridge

Marshall Tool & Supply Corp., Chatsworth

Masonry Club, Canoga Park

Masters Of Printing, Chatsworth

Materials Development Corp., Chatsworth

Maxwell Alarm Screen Mfg., Inc., Chatsworth

MBK Tape Solutions, Chatsworth

McClave Jewelers, Northridge

Measurement Specialties, Chatsworth

Mediterranean Artists Co., Tarzana

Medtronic Diabetes, Northridge

Meissner Mfg. Co., Inc., Chatsworth

Mercury Magnetics, Chatsworth

Metal Chem Powder Coating, Chatsworth

Metal Related Services, Inc., Chatsworth

Micro Matic USA, Inc., Northridge

Micro Medical Devices, Inc., Calabasas

Micro-Steel, Inc., Canoga Park

Micro-Tec, Inc., Chatsworth

Mil-Spec Supply, Inc., Chatsworth

Milante, Inc., Chatsworth

Mist, Inc., Chatsworth

Mono Engineering Corp., Chatsworth

Monte's Screw Machine Co., Inc., Chatsworth

Moog, Inc., Chatsworth

Mooney Industries Precision Machining, Inc., Canoga Park

Moulin Rouge Bakery, Chatsworth

Mr. Video, Chatsworth

MRV Communications, Inc., Chatsworth

My Way Jewelry Co., Inc., Chatsworth

N & P Precision Machine, Inc., Canoga Park

Natel Engineering Co., Inc., Chatsworth

National Cement Co. Of California, Encino

National Diversified Sales, Inc., Woodland Hills

National Papers, Canoga Park

National Ready Mixed Concrete Co., Canoga Park

Natrol LLC, Chatsworth

Neon Sign Shop, Inc., Reseda

Neutraderm, Inc., Chatsworth

New Hampshire Ball Bearings, Inc., Chatsworth

New Providence Designs, Chatsworth

NMB Technologies Corp., Chatsworth

Noel Welding Center, Inc., Chatsworth

Norsal Printing, Inc., Northridge

Northridge Chamber of Commerce, Northridge

Northridge Lumber Co., Inc., Northridge

Northrop Grumman Corp., Woodland Hills

Northrop Grumman Navigation Systems Div., Woodland Hills

Nova-One Diagnostics, LLC, Calabasas

Nu Design, Inc., Canoga Park

Nuts Landing, Encino

Nuuvo Haircare/Salon Nuuvo, Calabasas

O & S Precision, Inc., Chatsworth

Odette Christiane, Canoga Park

Omikron Engineering, Northridge

One Lambda, Inc., Canoga Park

Ontic Engineering and Manufacturing, Inc., Chatsworth

Ortiz Deburring, Canoga Park

P A K Industries, Inc., Northridge

P.T.M., Inc., Canoga Park

Pacific Coast Lighting, Inc., Chatworth

Pacific Controls, Inc., Encino

Pacific Exchange Parts Rebuilder, Inc., Canoga Park

Pacific Precision Laboratories, Inc., Chatsworth

Pacific Shore Holdings, Inc., Chatsworth

Pan, Inc., Woodland Hills

Panavision, Inc., Woodland Hills

Papco Parts, Chatsworth

Paradise Signs, Canoga Park

Partain Co., Ron, Canoga Park

Penta Laboratories, Chatsworth

Perfect Mold, Inc., Chatsworth

Pharmavite, LLC, Northridge

Picasso Press, Chatsworth

Pioneer Photo Albums, Inc., Chatsworth

PIP Printing And Marketing Services, Encino

Pipedream Products, Inc., Chatsworth

Planet Green Cartridges Inc., Chatsworth

Plascap Corp., Canoga Park

Plastic Zone, Inc., Tarzana

Plateronics Processing, Chatsworth

Pope Plastics, Inc., Chatsworth

Praxair, Inc., Chatsworth

Precision Molds & Molding, Chatsworth

Prescription Vending Machines, Inc., West Hills

Prestige Medical, Northridge

Primary Instruments, Inc., Chatsworth

Print Tech West, Northridge

Print Tek Printing, Canoga Park

Printing House, The, Encino

Printing Technology, Inc., Chatsworth

Printing Zone, Inc., Woodland Hills

Prisha Cosmetics, Inc., Chatsworth

Pro Media, Sherman Oaks

Proline Wraps, Canoga Park

Promatic Industries, Inc., Canoga Park

Prompt Machine Products, Inc., Chatsworth

Pyramid Sheet Metal, Canoga Park

Quality Fabrication, Inc., Chatsworth

Quantum Dynamics Co., Inc., Woodland Hills

R & G Fine Foods, Inc., Northridge

R & R Printing, Chatsworth

Racaar Circuit Industries, Inc., Chatsworth

Rainbo Records, Canoga Park

Ray Ev, Inc., Woodland Hills

Red Peacock International, Inc., Northridge

Remle Musical Products, Inc., Northridge

Renau Electronic Laboratories, Chatsworth

Replacement Parts Industries, Inc., Chatsworth

Reseda Printing Service, Reseda

ResMed Motor Technologies, Chatsworth

Resonance Technology Inc., Northridge

Rexam Beverage Can Chatsworth, Chatsworth

Ripa Engineering Corp., Chatsworth

Roberts Tool Co., Inc., Chatsworth

Rojas Communications Group, Inc., Tarzana

Romakk Engineering, Northridge

Rotating Precision Mechanisms, Inc., Northridge

Roy & Val Tool Grinding, Inc., Chatsworth

Royal Hydraulics, Northridge

RPM Plating, Inc., Northridge

RPS Performance Products, Chatsworth

S & S Numerical Control, Inc., Northridge

S A R R Industries, Inc., Chatsworth

S. & S. Precision Sheet Metal, Canoga Park

S2K Graphics, Inc., Chatsworth

San Fernando Valley Pallet Co., Chatsworth

Sara J. Pastries & Cakes, Canoga Park

Screen-Tec, Chatsworth

Secura Coin Locker, Chatsworth

Secura Key, Chatsworth

Sensor Systems, Inc., Chatsworth

Sexy Hair Concepts, Chatsworth

Shear Tech, Chatsworth

Sheet Metal Prototype & Production, Northridge

Sigma Precision, Inc., Chatsworth

Sign-A-Rama, Chatsworth

SignGroup/Karman, Chatsworth

Silgan Containers, LLC, Woodland Hills

Silver King, Chatsworth

Sir Speedy Instant Printing, Canoga Park

SK Products, Canoga Park

Skydancers International, Inc., Calabasas

Smart Sonic Corp., Canoga Park

Smith Co., Wayne, Chatsworth

Solid State Electronic Corp., Northridge

Source Photonics, Inc., West Hills

Space Maintainers Laboratory, Chatsworth

Space Vector Corp., Chatsworth

Specialty Concepts, Inc., Chatsworth

Spencer Laboratories, Inc., Chatsworth

Star Steel, Inc., Chatsworth

Steele Tech Inc., Northridge

Sto-Kar Enterprises, Inc., Northridge

Strategic Distribution, L.P., Chatsworth

Sun Laboratories, Inc., Chatsworth

Sun-Mate Corp., Chatsworth

Superior Container Corp., Northridge

Sway-A-Way, Inc., Chatsworth

Sylvan Designs, Inc., Chatsworth

Talon International, Woodland Hills

Tampa Glass, Inc., Reseda

Tamrac, Inc., Chatsworth

Tavco, Inc., Chatsworth

Technical Assocs., Canoga Park

Teledyne Electronic Safety Products, Chatsworth

Temptron Engineering, Inc., Canoga Park

The Boeing Company, Canoga Park

The Cheesecake Factory, Inc., Calabasas Hills

The Original California Car Duster, Chatsworth

Thermometrics Corp., Northridge

Thibiant International, Inc., Chatsworth

Thomas Aaron & Associates Inc., Chatsworth

Timothy Gaspar Insurance Services, Inc., Woodland Hills

Topanga Technologies, Inc., Canoga Park

Torrance Precision Products, Chatsworth

Tri-Star, Northridge

Tricore Printng & Graphics, Woodland Hills

Trophy Emporium, Northridge

True Position, Inc., Chatsworth

Ultimatte Corporation, Chatsworth

UltraGlas, Inc., Chatsworth

Unitech Deco, Inc., Northridge

United States Pumice Co., Chatsworth

Universal Awning, Inc., Northridge

USI Insurance Services of Southern California, Woodland Hills

Validyne Engineering Corporation, Northridge

Valley Plastics, Woodland Hills

Valley Seal Co., Inc., Woodland Hills

Vartco Printing, Tarzana

Verdugo Tool & Engineering Co., Chatsworth

Victory Custom Athletic, Inc., Chatsworth

Vision Imaging Supplies, Inc., Canoga Park

Visual Matrix Corp., Chatsworth

Vitamin Classics, Inc., Calabasas

Vomar Products, Inc., Canoga Park

W C Industries, Chatsworth

Wastech Controls & Engineering, Inc., Chatsworth

We Imagine, Inc., Chatsworth

Wefco Rubber Mfg. Co., Inc., Canoga Park

Weider Publications, LLC, Woodland Hills

Weiser Creative Group, Canoga Park

Wesco Tool, Chatsworth

West Coast Cosmetics, Inc., Chatsworth

West Coast Tag & Label Co., West Hills

West Hills Blue Print, Woodland Hills

West Valley Grinding, Inc., Chatsworth

West Valley Milling, Inc., Chatsworth

West Valley Plating, Inc., Chatsworth

Western Bagel 2, Woodland Hills

Western Graphic Imaging Corp., Hidden Hills

Western Water Purifier Co., Woodland Hills

What Kids Want, Inc., Northridge

Wholesale Furniture & Home Supply, Encino

Williams Engineering & Mfg., Inc., Chatsworth

Wilshire Book Co., Inc., Chatsworth

Winco International/Emblem Mfg. Co., Chatsworth

Wire Pro EDM, Inc., Chatsworth

Wonder Works Inc., Canoga Park

Woodland Hills - Warner Center Chamber of Commerce, Woodland Hills

Woodland Hills Printing, Woodland Hills

Woodland Printing & Copy Center, Canoga Park

Works Performance Products, Inc., Canoga Park

X. L. Printing, Chatsworth

Xceliron Corp., Chatsworth

Yafa Pen Co., Canoga Park

ZProducts, Inc., Woodland Hills