Tom Daly Assembly District 69, Democrat


Term limit: 2024


Personal data

Capitol office
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 319-2069
Fax: (916) 319-2169

Assembly Floor

District voter registration
Democrat: 46%
Republican: 34%
Other: 20%

District makeup
Central Orange County district encompassing a portion (13%) of Anaheim encompassing Disneyland and Anaheim Stadium, a portion (25%) of Garden Grove and all of the city of Santa Ana, where 80 percent of the district's population resides.

Source: California Target Book


676 manufacturers in AD 69. CMTA members are highlighted

A & M Dental Laboratories Inc., Santa Ana

A & M Marble, Inc., Anaheim

A & W Electric Motors, Santa Ana

A and G, Inc., Anaheim

A B Graphics, Anaheim

A F M Engineering, Inc., Santa Ana

A G A Precision Systems, Inc., Santa Ana

Aardvark Clay & Supplies, Inc., Santa Ana

Abbott Medical Optics, Inc., Santa Ana

Above & Beyond Balloons, Santa Ana

Accelerated Memory Production, Inc., Santa Ana

Accent Awnings Co., Santa Ana

Accurate Circuit Engineering, Inc., Santa Ana

Accurate Performance Machining, Inc., Santa Ana

ACD, LLC, Santa Ana

Ace Stainless Supply, Santa Ana

Acra Aerospace, Inc., Anaheim

Action Assembly, Inc., Anaheim

Action Innovations, Inc., Anaheim

Active Grinding, Inc., Anaheim

Adams Iron Co., Inc, Santa Ana

Adapt Automation, Inc., Santa Ana

Advanced Fabrication & Machine, Anaheim

Advanced Power & Controls, LLC, Santa Ana

AEC Group Inc., Santa Ana

Aegean Stoneworks, Anaheim

AFTCO Mfg. Co., Inc., Santa Ana

Aggressive Dies & Cuttings, Anaheim

Agility Fuel Systems, Inc., Santa Ana

Airborne Systems North America, Santa Ana

AL Industries, Inc., Santa Ana

Alco Manufacturing Inc., Santa Ana

Alco Metal Fabrication, Inc., Santa Ana

All American Pipe & Steel Distributors, Fontana

All American Racers, Inc., Santa Ana

Allied Building Products Corp., Santa Ana

Allied Electronic Services, Inc., Santa Ana

Alloy Tech Electropolishing, Inc., Santa Ana

Almanon Inc., Santa Ana

Almatron Electronics, Inc., Santa Ana

AlpineFresh USA, Santa Ana

Aluminum Precision Products, Inc., Santa Ana

Ambrit Engineering Corp., Santa Ana

American Breakers, Santa Ana

American Crating, Anaheim

American International Metals, Anaheim

American Lead Fabricators, Anaheim

American Seal & Packing, Santa Ana

American Sportbags, Inc., Santa Ana

American Universal Corp., Santa Ana

Amerimax Building Products, Inc., Anaheim

Amfab, Anaheim

Amron Manufacturing, Inc., Anaheim

Amy Braun Architect, Anaheim

Anacom General Corp., Anaheim

Anaheim Automation, Inc., Anaheim

Anaheim Chamber of Commerce, Anaheim

Anaheim Embroidery, Inc., Anaheim

Anaheim Foam & Fabrics, Anaheim

Anaheim Millwork, Inc., Anaheim

Anaheim Plating & Polishing, Inc., Anaheim

Anaheim Stone Works, Inc., Anaheim

Anaheim Welding & Fabrication, Anaheim

Anaheim Wire, Inc., Anaheim

Anodyne, Inc., Santa Ana

AOCC Fabrication & Installation, Inc., Anaheim

Architectural Response, Santa Ana

Arlon Graphics, LLC, Placentia

Armstrong Printing, Santa Ana

Art Mfg., Inc., Santa Ana

Ascent Integration & Automation Group LLC, Santa Ana

Assa Abloy Entrance Systems US Inc., Anaheim

Assembly Technology Co., LLC, Santa Ana

Audio Power Industries, Santa Ana

AutoCrib, Inc., Santa Ana

Automation West, Inc., Santa Ana

Awards By Paul, Anaheim

AWFS (The Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers), Anaheim

B & M Cabinets, Anaheim

B & Z Printing, Santa Ana

B Smart Printers, Santa Ana

B. J. Bindery, Santa Ana

Balboa Dessert Co., Santa Ana

Bambeck Systems, Inc., Santa Ana

Baxter Healthcare/Cardiovasclr, Santa Ana

Bearings & Drives, Inc., Anaheim

Bechler Cams, Inc., Anaheim

Behr Process Corp., Santa Ana

Benavente, Inc., Santa Ana

Benchmark Clothing, Inc., Santa Ana

Bentley Printing & Graphics, Garden Grove

BEO-MAG Plating, Santa Ana

Berlin Packaging, LLC, Santa Ana

Best Sign Products, Inc., Santa Ana

Birchwood Lighting, Inc., Tustin

Black Oxide Industries, Inc., Anaheim

Bleeker Bros., Inc., Santa Ana

Block Tops, Inc., Anaheim

Blower-Dempsay Corporation, Santa Ana

Bob Siemon Designs, Inc., Santa Ana

Boeing North American, Anaheim

Bonert's Slice Of Pie, Santa Ana

Bradfield Mfg., Santa Ana

Brasstech, Inc., Santa Ana

Bread Artisan Bakery, LLC, Santa Ana

Bridgford Foods Corp., Anaheim

Brixen & Sons, Inc., Santa Ana

Broadband Telcom Power, Inc., Santa Ana

Bryant Racing, Inc., Anaheim

Bullfrog Printing, Santa Ana

Butler Box & Stake, Santa Ana

C P C Fabrication, Inc., Santa Ana

C. E. Cox Co., Santa Ana

Cable Exchange, Santa Ana

Cal Quality Electronics, Inc., Santa Ana

Cal Tech Precision, Inc., Anaheim

Cal Trend Automotive Products, Santa Ana

Cal-Tronic's Circuit, Inc., Santa Ana

California Stage & Lighting, inc., Santa Ana

California Swiss Machines, Santa Ana

California Systems, Santa Ana

California Vibratory Feeders, Inc., Anaheim

California Wire EDM, Santa Ana

Calmont Wire & Cable, Santa Ana

Canyon Composites, Inc., Anaheim

Capitol Machine Corp., Santa Ana

Carbide Tools For Industry, Inc., Santa Ana

Cascade Optical Coating, Inc., Santa Ana

Cash Register Systems, Inc., Santa Ana

Cashmere House, Inc., Santa Ana

CB Manufacturing & Engineering, Inc., Santa Ana

CB Technologies, Inc., Orange

CBC Machine, Anaheim

CCDI Composites, Inc., Santa Ana

CD Alexander, LLC, Santa Ana

CD Video Manufacturing, Inc., Santa Ana

Cemtek Environmental, Inc., Santa Ana

Centent Company, Santa Ana

Century Custom Upholstery, Anaheim

CHAD Industries, Inc., Anaheim

Chapala Screen Printing, Anaheim

Chapman Engineering, Inc., Santa Ana

Choose Manufacturing Company, LLC, Santa Ana

Christes Engraving Co., H. W., Anaheim

Christopher Associates, Inc., Santa Ana

Chrome Tech, Inc., Santa Ana

Circuit Board Assembly Services, Santa Ana

City of Santa Ana, Santa Ana

Clama Products, Inc., Santa Ana

Classic Components, Inc., Santa Ana

Coast Magazine, Santa Ana

Coca-Cola Company, Anaheim

CODAN US Corporation, Santa Ana

Cole Instrument Corporation, Santa Ana

Colgan Custom Mfg., Santa Ana

Color Science, Inc., Santa Ana

Colorstitch, Inc., Santa Ana

Columbia Screw Products, Inc., Santa Ana

Commerce Printers, Santa Ana

Commercial Enameling Co., Inc., Santa Ana

Compu-Signs, Inc., Garden Grove

CompWest Insurance, Santa Ana

Comstar Industries, Inc., Santa Ana

Concept Millwork, Santa Ana

Connelly Machine Works, Inc., Santa Ana

Connerton Co., Inc., Santa Ana

Consolidated Container Company LP, Santa Ana

Consolidated Container Company, LLC, Anaheim

Controlled Motion Solutions, Inc., Santa Ana

Conveyant Systems, Inc., Santa Ana

Copy U. S., Inc, Anaheim

Corbin-Hill, Inc., Santa Ana

Corporate Color Printing, Inc., Santa Ana

Corporate Printing & Graphics, Santa Ana

Cosentino USA, Inc., Anaheim

Cotton Age, Santa Ana

Cotton Tale Designs, Inc., Santa Ana

Craftsman Cutting Dies, Inc., Anaheim

Cresco Manufacturing, Inc., Anaheim

Crest Coating, Inc., Anaheim

Crestline Mfg. Co., Santa Ana

Crown Label Co., Santa Ana

Cryogenic Deflashing Systems, Inc., Santa Ana

D'best Beverages, Anaheim

Dacon Systems, Inc., Corona

Dana Creath Designs Ltd., Santa Ana

Danchuk Mfg., Inc., Santa Ana

Danco Metal Surfacing, Santa Ana

Danvo Machining Co., Santa Ana

Data Electronic Services, Santa Ana

Davco Enterprises, Inc., Santa Ana

David U. Annala dba Weld Design, Santa Ana

Davidson & Chung Sign Co., Santa Ana

Deaver Spring, Inc., Santa Ana

DEC, LLC, Santa Ana

Deken Power, Inc., Santa Ana

Delru/Rigidflex, Inc., Anaheim

Delta Pacific Activewear, Inc., Santa Ana

Deltronic Corporation, Santa Ana

Deschner Corp., Santa Ana

Diana Industries International, Inc., Santa Ana

Dispensing Solutions, Inc., Santa Ana

Distribution West, Inc., Santa Ana

Diversified Foam Products, Inc., Santa Ana

Divetek, Inc., Santa Ana

DLC Machine, Santa Ana

DMS Metal Finishing-Plating Co., LLC, Santa Ana

Dochor Engineering, Inc., Santa Ana

Duval Precision Grinding, Santa Ana

Dynamic Air Engineering, Inc., Santa Ana

Dynamic Fabrication, Inc., Santa Ana

Dynamic Sea Fashions, Inc., Santa Ana

ECB Corp., Anaheim

El Indio Tortilleria, Inc., Santa Ana

Electron Beam Engineering Services LLC, Anaheim

Electron Plating III, Garden Grove

Elly's Letter Press, Anaheim

Elwell Farms, Santa Ana

Embee Performance, LLC, Santa Ana

EMPI, Inc., Anaheim

Enduro Products, Inc., Anaheim

Engine & Performance Warehouse, Inc., Anaheim

Enterprise Company, Santa Ana

Enviroblind, Anaheim

Epic Products, Inc., Santa Ana

Equipment Co. Of Los Angeles, Anaheim

Eteco, Inc., Santa Ana

Express Graphics & Printing, LLC, Santa Ana

Express Manufacturing, Inc., Santa Ana

Extron Electronics, Anaheim

FABCON, Santa Ana

Fabrica International, Inc., Santa Ana

FabWright, Inc., Garden Grove

Falcon Enterprises, Santa Ana

Farr's Custom Carbide Tooling, Inc., Santa Ana

Fast Forward Video, Santa Ana

Fast-Ad, Inc., Santa Ana

Fastenal Co., Santa Ana

Fastenal Co., Anaheim

Fence Menders, Santa Ana

Ferguson Waterworks, Santa Ana

Fieldpiece Instruments, Inc., Anaheim

Firmenich, Anaheim

Fitzgerald Formliners, Santa Ana

Fivestar Rubber Stamp Etc., Inc., Anaheim

Fixture Design & Mfg. Co., Anaheim

Flare Group, Costa Mesa

Flathers Precision, Inc., Santa Ana

FM Systems, Inc., Santa Ana

Ford Customer Service, Anaheim

Foreseeson Custom Displays, Inc., Anaheim

Formula Consultants, Inc., Anaheim

Foster Printing Co., Inc., Santa Ana

Foster's Screenprint, Santa Ana

Freedom Communications, Inc., Santa Ana

Freeway Machine & Welding, Santa Ana

Frontier Equipment Design, Santa Ana

Full Service Graphics, Santa Ana

Funny Bunny, Inc., Santa Ana

FXC Corporation, Santa Ana

G B F Enterprises, Inc., Santa Ana

G T Fabrications, Anaheim

Galaxy International Connection, Inc., Anaheim

Ganahl Lumber Company, Anaheim

Garrison Manufacturing, Inc., Santa Ana

Gemini Industries, Inc., Santa Ana

Gemini Manufacturing & Engineering, Inc., Anaheim

George T. Hall Co., Inc., Anaheim

GKN Aerospace Transparency Systems, Inc., Santa Ana

Glacier Corp., Santa Ana

Globe Dynamics International, Santa Ana

Gold Coast Baking Company, Inc., Santa Ana

Golden Coast Sportswear, Inc., Anaheim

Graham Packaging Company, L.P., Santa Ana

Graphical Dimensions, Santa Ana

Greenball Corp., Anaheim

Gutierrez Mfg., Inc., Santa Ana

H Q Machine Tech, Inc., Anaheim

Hannah Industries, Inc., Santa Ana

Hard Rock Tool, Inc., Anaheim

Harflex International, Santa Ana

Harry's Dye & Wash, Inc., Anaheim

Harveys Industries Inc., Santa Ana

Headmaster, Inc., Santa Ana

Helfer Tool Co., Santa Ana

HI Nimble Corp., Anaheim

High End Seating Solutions, Santa Ana

High-Tech Coatings, Inc., Santa Ana

Highland Lumber Sales, Inc., Anaheim

Hitech Metal Fabrication Corp., Anaheim

Hitt Marking Devices, Inc., Santa Ana

Home Environment Systems, Santa Ana

Hood Manufacturing, Inc., Santa Ana

I Lite 4U, Santa Ana

I/O Interconnect, Santa Ana

Identiv, Inc., Fremont

IJ Research, Inc., Santa Ana

IMPCO Technologies, Inc., Santa Ana

Industrial Plastic Supply, Inc., Anaheim

Industrial Tool & Die, Inc., Santa Ana

Innovative Nitrogen Systems, LLC, Santa Ana

InsulTech, LLC, Santa Ana

Integral Aerospace, LLC, Santa Ana

International Component Technology, Inc., Santa Ana

International Paper Co., Anaheim

International Seal, Inc., Santa Ana

Interstate Electronics Corporation, Anaheim

IPMobileNet, Inc., Santa Ana

Iron Grip Barbell Co., Santa Ana

Irvine Scientific Sales Co., Inc., Santa Ana

Iteris, Inc., Santa Ana

ITT Corp., Santa Ana

J & S Electronic, Inc., Garden Grove

J P Plastics, Santa Ana

J W C Carbide, Inc., Santa Ana

J-D Cabinets, Inc., Santa Ana

Jaco Engineering, Anaheim

Jake's Printing, Santa Ana

JB Plastics, Inc., Santa Ana

Jenson Custom Furniture, Inc., Anaheim

JL Design Enterprises, Inc., Santa Ana

Jolo Industries, Inc., Garden Grove

Jorgenson Metal Rolling & Forming, Inc., Santa Ana

JRV Products, Inc., Santa Ana

Junk Food Co., Santa Ana

K L Electronics, Inc., Santa Ana

K. P. Engineering Corp, Santa Ana

Kaelite Corp., Anaheim

Kaga U.S.A., Inc., Santa Ana

Kanstul Musical Instruments Inc., Anaheim

Kevin Erion Racing Inc., Anaheim

KidsBlanks By Zoey, Santa Ana

Kilgore Machine Co., Inc., Santa Ana

Kingspan Light & Air LLC, Santa Ana

Kinsbursky Bros., Inc., Anaheim

Kirby Industries, Inc., Santa Ana

Knorr Systems, Inc., Santa Ana

KTI Hydraulics, Inc., Santa Ana

L & R White Co., Santa Ana

L & S Embroidery, Inc., Santa Ana

L J O Engineering, Santa Ana

La Perla Spice Co., Inc., Santa Ana

Lacasse & Ledesma Ltd., Santa Ana

Laguna Cookie Co., Santa Ana

Laminating Technologies, Anaheim

Led Concepts, Inc., Santa Ana

Letter Perfect Signs, Inc., Anaheim

Lewis, Inc., Alan, Santa Ana

Linco Casters, Santa Ana

Line-X, Santa Ana

Linn's Turret Products, Inc., Santa Ana

Little Firefighter Corp., Santa Ana

Littlefield Blower Services, Anaheim

Lunada Bay, Anaheim

Lynde-Ordway Co., Inc., Santa Ana

M & P Machine Precision, Santa Ana

M C R Furniture Mfg., Anaheim

M. L. Kishigo Mfg., Santa Ana

Magnetic Design Labs, Inc., Santa Ana

Major Mfg., Inc., Anaheim

Mammoth Products, Inc., Santa Ana

Mapson Engineering, Inc., Santa Ana

Marble Yard, Inc., Anaheim

Marbolis, Inc., Anaheim

Marc Enterprises, Santa Ana

Mark Optics, Inc., Santa Ana

Markland Industries, Inc., Santa Ana

Markzware, Santa Ana

Martin & Chapman Co., Anaheim

Marway Power Solutions, Santa Ana

Mask Technology, Inc., Santa Ana

Master Industries, Inc., Santa Ana

Maul Mfg., Inc., Santa Ana

Maxtrol Corp., Santa Ana

McGuff Co., Inc., Santa Ana

McLogan Supply, Inc., Anaheim

Medtronic, Inc., Santa Ana

Mega Plus PCB, Inc., Santa Ana

MegaMex Foods, LLC, Orange

Melmarc Products, Inc., Santa Ana

Memory Experts International, Santa Ana

Menu Printers, Inc., Anaheim

Merit Cables, Inc., Santa Ana

Metal Improvement Co., LLC, Santa Ana

Metro Digital Printing, Santa Ana

Mettler Electronics Corp., Anaheim

MHC Coating & Finishing, Inc., Santa Ana

Micro Trim, Inc., Santa Ana

MIE Solutions, Inc., Garden Grove

Miller & Ridskalny Custom Wood, Santa Ana

Miller Foundry Co., Inc., Santa Ana

Mirage Custom Picture Framing, Santa Ana

MK Battery Co., Anaheim

Mobil Chemical Company, Santa Ana

Modified Plastics, Inc., Santa Ana

Moeller Manufacturing & Supply, Inc., Anaheim

Monarch Precision Deburring Co., Santa Ana

MP Biomedicals, LLC, Santa Ana

MSI Office Furniture, LLC, Santa Ana

N B S Systems, Inc., Anaheim

N K Precision Machining, Santa Ana

Naddour's Ornamental Iron, Santa Ana

National Balloon, Santa Ana

National Casein Of California, Inc., Santa Ana

Nationwide Printing Services, Inc., Santa Ana

New Year Metal Finishing, Inc., Santa Ana

Newark Electronics, Anaheim

Newhouse Specialty Co., Inc., Santa Ana

Newmar, Santa Ana

Newport Laminates, Inc., Santa Ana

Newport Metal Finishing, Inc., Santa Ana

Newport Pack & Crate, Santa Ana

Newport Plastics, LLC, Santa Ana

Nixsys, Santa Ana

NNC, LLC, Orange

Nor-Cal Beverage Co., Inc., Anaheim

Norotos, Inc., Santa Ana

Norstan Electronics, Inc., Santa Ana

Oasis Metal Works, Anaheim

Ocean Technology Systems, Santa Ana

Old Fashioned Natural Products, Inc., Santa Ana

Omega Engineering, Santa Ana

OMNIPrint, Inc., Santa Ana

ONYX Power, Inc., Santa Ana

Optosigma Corporation, Santa Ana

Orange County Adult Achievement Center (OCAAC), Anaheim

Orange County Brake Supply & Service, Anaheim

Orange County Ice, Santa Ana

Orange County Register Communications, Inc., Santa Ana

Orange County WIB, Santa Ana

Orange County Windustrial Co., Anaheim

Orange Precision Metal Fab, Santa Ana

Orchid Santa Ana, Santa Ana

Otis Elevator Co., Anaheim

Outlaw Offroad, LLC, Santa Ana

Pacific Accessory Corp., Santa Ana

Pacific Athletic Wear, Costa Mesa

Pacific Conveyor Systems, Santa Ana

Pacific Haven Convalescent Home, Garden Grove

Pacific Industrial Supply, Santa Ana

Pacific Quartz, Inc., Santa Ana

Pacific Screen Print International, Santa Ana

Pacific Stone Design, Inc., Santa Ana

Pacific Tek, Inc., Santa Ana

Pacific Western Container, Santa Ana

Pacifica T-Shirts, Inc., Santa Ana

Paragon Sheet Metal, Santa Ana

Parcorp, Inc., Garden Grove

Patio Guys, Inc., Santa Ana

PC Molding, Inc., Santa Ana

Pelican Rope Works, Santa Ana

Pendarvis Manufacturing Inc., Anaheim

Peterson Holding Company, San Leandro

PG Drives Technology, Inc., Anaheim

Phenix Co. Of California, Santa Ana

Pinsco, Inc., Santa Ana

Pioneer Circuits, Inc., Santa Ana

Pioneer Packing, Inc., Santa Ana

Plastic Technology Group, Inc., Santa Ana

Polycycling Of California, Santa Ana

Porter Powder Coating, Inc., Anaheim

Power Paragon, Anaheim

Powerplus Professional Cleaning Solutions, Inc., Anaheim

Powertron Battery Co., Santa Ana

Praxair Distribution, Inc., Santa Ana

Pre-Fab Crate Co., Santa Ana

Precious Metal Plating Co., Santa Ana

Precision Circuits West, Inc., Santa Ana

Precision Glass & Optics, Santa Ana

Precision Powder Coating, Inc., Santa Ana

Principal Stone, Anaheim

Print N Save, Anaheim

Print Plus Manufacturing Inc., Santa Ana

Print Techniques, Santa Ana

Printed Circuits Solutions, Inc., Santa Ana

Priority Metals, Inc., Anaheim

Pro-Tech Fabrication, Santa Ana

Profile Planing Mill, Santa Ana

Progressive Die & Stamping Co., Anaheim

Project Machining & Mfg., Santa Ana

Protect All, Inc., Anaheim

Prototype Express, LLC, Santa Ana

Pure Aqua, Inc., Santa Ana

Q E D, Inc., Santa Ana

Q-Flex, Inc., Santa Ana

Quality First Woodworks, Anaheim

R & D Quality Finishing, Santa Ana

R T Industries, Santa Ana

R&B Wire Products, Inc., Santa Ana

R-S Precision, Santa Ana

R. A. Industries, LLC, Santa Ana

RBC Transport Dynamics Corporation, Santa Ana

Reflex Packaging, Inc., Santa Ana

Reid Metal Finishing, Santa Ana

Reliable Mfg. Co., Anaheim

Rhombus Industries, Inc., Santa Ana

Ricaurte Precision & Machining, Santa Ana

Richards Co., G. E., Santa Ana

Rickenbacker International Corp., Santa Ana

Ricmay Industries, Santa Ana

Ricoh Electronics, Inc., Santa Ana

Rigid Flex, International, Anaheim

Robert's Precision Engineering, Inc., Anaheim

Rockwell Automation, Inc., Anaheim

Rollem Corp. Of America, Anaheim

Roofing Supply Group, LLC, Santa Ana

Rooke Mfg. Co., Santa Ana

Royal Manufacturing Industries, Inc., Santa Ana

Royal Metal, Inc., Santa Ana

RSI Home Products, Inc., Anaheim

RTI Electronics, Anaheim

Rubberite Corporation, Santa Ana

Rubicon Gear, Corona

Ryvec, Inc., Anaheim

S & J Machining, Inc., Santa Ana

S & S Precision Mfg., Inc., Santa Ana

S I Manufacturing, Inc., Anaheim

S M I Architectural Millwork, Inc., Santa Ana

S M T Electronics, Santa Ana

S. A. E., Inc., Santa Ana

SABINA Motors & Controls, Anaheim

Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc., Santa Ana

Sanie Mfg Co., Santa Ana

Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce, Santa Ana

Santos Precision, Inc., Santa Ana

Sara Lee California, Anaheim

Scientific Components Systems, Santa Ana

Screen Works, Santa Ana

Secure Communication Systems, Santa Ana

Senga Engineering, Inc., Santa Ana

Sensor Development, Inc., Santa Ana

Serra Laser & Waterjet, Anaheim

Sev-Cal Tool, Inc., Santa Ana

SG Wholesale Roofing Supply, Inc., Santa Ana

Shannon Luminous Materials, Inc., Santa Ana

Sheet Metal Service, Anaheim

Showcard Sign, Anaheim

Shrin Corporation, Anaheim

SigmaTronix, Inc., Santa Ana

Signage Solutions Corporation, Anaheim

Signdesign Engravers & Designers, Anaheim

Simonds Machinery Co., Santa Ana

Simply Sewing Accessories, Inc., Santa Ana

Sims-Orange Welding Supply, Santa Ana

Sioux Honey Assn., Anaheim

Skyco Shading Systems, Inc., Santa Ana

Smith's Action Plastic, Inc., Santa Ana

Smithco Plastics, Inc., Santa Ana

SMT Mfg., Inc., Anaheim

South Coast Circuits, Santa Ana

South Coast Mfg., Inc., Santa Ana

Southern California Edison, Santa Ana

Southern California Plastics, Santa Ana

Southern California Precision Machining, Inc., Anaheim

Southland Windows, Inc., Santa Ana

Spec Formliners, Inc., Santa Ana

Spec-Elite, Anaheim

Specialty Equipment Co., Santa Ana

Spectrum Paint & Powder, Anaheim

Speedway Polishing & Coating, Santa Ana

spinTOUCH, Santa Ana

Sprinter C T P, Inc., Santa Ana

SPS Technologies, LLC, Santa Ana

STACKED Wines, Anaheim

Stancil Corp., Santa Ana

Stanco Signage Systems, Inc., Santa Ana

Steady Clothing, Inc., Santa Ana

STEC, Inc., Santa Ana

Stepan Co., Anaheim

StratoFlight, Santa Ana

Sumax Industries, Santa Ana

Summit West Mfg., Santa Ana

Superior Gasket & Seal, Inc., Anaheim

Superior Jig, Inc., Anaheim

Superior Plating, Anaheim

Superior Sheet Metal & Duct, Anaheim

Superior Spring Co., Anaheim

Swiss Pattern, Santa Ana

Symbolic Displays, Inc., Santa Ana

Synchronous Aerospace Group, Santa Ana

T D I 2 Custom Packaging, Inc., Santa Ana

T K Molds, Santa Ana

T M X Engineering & Mfg., Santa Ana

Taber Co., Inc., Santa Ana

Tailgate Printing, Inc., Santa Ana

Take Two Sportswear Accessories, Santa Ana

Talimar Systems, Inc., Santa Ana

Tammy Taylor Nails, Inc., Santa Ana

Tay Ho Food Corp., Santa Ana

Tech Craft, Inc., Santa Ana

Tech-Systems, Santa Ana

Technical Screen Printing, Inc., Santa Ana

TechPlate, Inc., Anaheim

Techserve Industries, Inc., Santa Ana

Tenacore Holdings, Inc., Santa Ana

Tere's Fashion, Anaheim

Textured Design Furniture, Inc., Anaheim

The Boeing Company, Anaheim

The Data Workers, Santa Ana

The Label Co., Santa Ana

The Plumbers Warehouse, Santa Ana

Thompson Enterprises, Orange

Tibbetts Newport Corp., Santa Ana

TNR Technical, Inc., Santa Ana

Tobin Steel Co., Inc., Santa Ana

Tokistar Lighting, Inc., Anaheim

Tomi Engineering, Inc., Santa Ana

Toxco, Inc., Anaheim

Trail-Rite, Inc., Santa Ana

Trailers Unlimited, Anaheim

Transline Technology, Inc., Anaheim

Tri-Star Plastics & Molding Inc., Anaheim

Trigon Electronics, Inc., Anaheim

Triple Dot Corp., Santa Ana

Triumph Processing - Embee Division, Inc., Santa Ana

True Position Machining, Inc., Santa Ana

TTM Technologies, Inc., Santa Ana

Tuffer Manufacturing Co., Inc., Anaheim

Turret Lathe Specialists, Inc., Anaheim

Twed-Dell's, Inc., Santa Ana

U S Shop Tools, Anaheim

U. S. A. Extruded Plastics, Inc., Anaheim

U. S. Rigging Supply Corp., Santa Ana

Ultra Tec Mfg., Inc., Santa Ana

Unilever Bestfoods, Santa Ana

Unit Industries, Inc., Santa Ana

United States Energy Corp., Anaheim

United Weltec, Anaheim

Unitrol, Anaheim

Universal Auto Frames, Anaheim

Universal Electronics, Inc., Santa Ana

Universal Punch Corp., Santa Ana

Universe Industries, Anaheim

University Business Printing, Santa Ana

Unocal Corporation, Santa Ana

UOP, LLC, Anaheim

Urbana Furniture Inc., Santa Ana

Uremet Corp., Santa Ana

Val Circuits, Inc., Santa Ana

Velectron Corp., Anaheim

Veros Software, Inc., Santa Ana

VersaClimber, Heart Rate Inc., Santa Ana

Versatile Building Products, Inc., Anaheim

Visibility Solutions, Inc., Santa Ana

Vision Marking Devices, Santa Ana

W. R. Grace & Co. Construction, Santa Ana

W.Y. Mfg., Inc., Santa Ana

Wage's Silversmiths & Engravers, Anaheim

Wahlco, Inc., Santa Ana

Walters Wholesale Electric Co., Santa Ana

Warman Industries, Inc., W., Santa Ana

Webb Foodservice Design Consultants, Inc., Anaheim

Weber Precision Graphics, Santa Ana

Weldtek, Inc., Santa Ana

WESCO Distribution, Inc., Anaheim

West Bond, Inc., Anaheim

Westates Marking Devices & Rubber Stamps Co., Santa Ana

Westerly Marine, Inc., Santa Ana

Western Methods Machinery Corporation, Santa Ana

Westridge Laboratories, Inc., Santa Ana

Wesval, Inc., Anaheim

Wild Wallets, Santa Ana

Willdan Group, Inc., Anaheim

Wilschur Design & Mfg., Inc., Santa Ana

Wizard Products, Inc., Santa Ana

Work Precision Machining, Santa Ana

Workstation Industries, Inc., Santa Ana

Wright Capacitors, Inc., Santa Ana

Wright Lithography, Inc., Anaheim

Wyvern Technologies, Inc., Santa Ana

X S Scuba, Inc., Santa Ana

Xerox Corporation, Santa Ana

XL Fire Protection, Inc., Santa Ana

Xtreme Woodworking, Inc., Santa Ana

Young Nails, Inc., Anaheim

Zinc Nation, Inc., Anaheim