Vince Fong Assembly District 34, Republican


Term limit: 2028


Personal data

Capitol office
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 319-2034
Fax: (916) 319-2134

District voter registration
Democrat: 34%
Republican: 48%
Other: 18%

District makeup
Bordering Nevada and Arizona on the east, District 34 encompasses all of Inyo County, the desert area of San Bernadino, and parts of Kern and Tulare Counties. Nearly 80% of the population resides in Tulare County. The vast geographical area of the 34th District is mostly San Bernadino County, although only 4% of the population is from the areas of Needles and Barstow. Also included in the district are Edwards Air Force Base and the Twentynine Palms Marine Base.

Source: California Target Book


196 manufacturers in AD 34. CMTA members are highlighted

AB Automation Inc., Bakersfield

Ace Hydraulic Sales & Services, Inc., Bakersfield

Advanced Fabrication, Bakersfield

All Tool Repair, Bakersfield

Alley's Welding, Inc., Bakersfield

American Business Machines, Bakersfield

American Ready Mix, Inc., Ridgecrest

American Yeast, Inc., Bakersfield

Anderson's Printing, Bakersfield

Applied Industrial Technologies, Inc., Bakersfield

Arctic Glacier, Inc., Bakersfield

B & B Pipe & Tool Co., Bakersfield

B & G Machine Shop, Bakersfield

B G Promotions, Bakersfield

Baker Petrolite Corp., Bakersfield

Bakersfield Machine Company Inc., Bakersfield

Bakersfield Rubber Stamp, Bakersfield

Bakersfield Signs, Bakersfield

BMC Industries, Bakersfield

Bomar Machine, Scott, Tehachapi

Boyd & Boyd Industries, Bakersfield

Bryant Fuel Systems, Inc., Bakersfield

C & L Coatings, Inc., Bakersfield

C. Hall Guitars, Frazier Park

Calmini Products Inc., Bakersfield

CalPortland Company, Mojave

Cameron International Corp., Process Systems Div., Bakersfield

Carpenter Rigging Bakersfield, Bakersfield

Castle Printing, Bakersfield

Cavins Oil Well Tools, Inc., Taft

Central California Economic Development Corporation, Bakersfield

Chancellor Oil Tools, Inc., Bakersfield

Chevron Corp., Bakersfield

Chevron Production Co., McKittrick

City Neon Sign Systems, Bakersfield

City of Taft, Taft

City of Tehachapi, Tehachapi

Coast Crane Co., Bakersfield

Coastal Netting Company, Bakersfield

Coles Carbide Corp., Bakersfield

Commercial Coating Services International, Bakersfield

Containment Solutions, Inc., Bakersfield

Coretex Products, Bakersfield

Custom Building Products, Inc., Bakersfield

D. Krause Machine Specialty, Bakersfield

Data Manufacturing, Inc., Bakersfield

Delaney & Ahlf Diesel Service, Inc., Bakersfield

DHI Services, Inc., Bakersfield

DHV Industries, Inc., Bakersfield

Diamond Technologies, Inc., Bakersfield

Douglass Truck Bodies, Inc., Bakersfield

Downhole Stabilization, Inc., Bakersfield

Dwayne's Engineering & Construction, Inc., McKittrick

Elco Manufacturing, Inc., Bakersfield

EME Oil Tools, Bakersfield

Ensign United States Drilling (California), Inc., Bakersfield

Express Fabrication, Inc., Bakersfield

Fastenal Co., Bakersfield

Fastenal Co., Ridgecrest

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc., Bakersfield

Firequick Products, Inc., Inyokern

Floor Layers Emporium, Bakersfield

Fraver Co., Inc., Bakersfield

G W C Valve International, Inc., Bakersfield

GE Power & Water, Bakersfield

GE Wind Energy, LLC, Tehachapi

Gene Watson Construction, Taft

General Machine Works, Inc., Bakersfield

Genesis Machine & Fabrication, Inc., Bakersfield

GEO Drilling Fluids, Inc., Bakersfield

Giumarra Vineyards Corp., Bakersfield

Global Elastomeric Products, Inc., Bakersfield

Golden Empire Concrete, Inc., Bakersfield

Golden State Drilling, Inc., Bakersfield

Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce, Bakersfield

Greater Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce, Tehachapi

GRW Equipment-Bakersfield, Bakersfield

H & M Machine Shop, Inc., Taft

H & S & Supply, Inc., Bakersfield

Hall Letter Shop, Inc, Bakersfield

Hawleys Window Covering, Inc., Bakersfield

Hillcrest Sheet Metal, Inc., Bakersfield

Hoyle Products, Inc., Bakersfield

Hughes Christensen Co., Bakersfield

HyTech Energy, LLC, Bakersfield

Independent Pipe & Steel, Inc., Bakersfield

Indian Wells Brewing Co., Inyokern

JC Pallet & Crate & Bin Co., Bakersfield

Jim's Supply Co., Inc., Bakersfield

Johnson Printing, Tehachapi

K S Fabrication & Machine, Inc., Bakersfield

Kaman Industrial Technologies Corp., Bakersfield

Kelly Pipe Co., LLC, Bakersfield

Kern Economic Development Corporation, Bakersfield

Kern Print Services, Bakersfield

KS Industries, L. P., Bakersfield

KW Plastics Of California, Bakersfield

Kwik Signs, Inc., Bakersfield

Lamont Fence Company, Bakersfield

Lehigh Southwest Cement Co., Tehachapi

Lewis Nailing, Bakersfield

Lockheed Martin Corp., Ridgecrest

LPOD, Inc., Bakersfield

Lucas Fine Jewelry, Don, Bakersfield

M.D. Manufacturing, Inc., Bakersfield

Mackey Machine Co., Bakersfield

Marr Ironworks Inc., Bakersfield

Material Control Inc., Bakersfield

McCarthy Family Farms, Inc., Bakersfield

Melo's Gas & Gear, Inc., Bakersfield

Metal Tek Co., Bakersfield

MGL Crafters, Inc., Bakersfield

Michau Engineering & Mfg., Ridgecrest

Mid-Cal Fabrication, Bakersfield

MMI Services, Inc., Bakersfield

Mobil Chemical Company, Bakersfield

Mobile Equipment Co., Inc., Bakersfield

Moss Architectural Specialties, Robert B., Bakersfield

Motion Industries, Inc., Bakersfield

MTS Stimulation Services, Inc., Bakersfield

Neon Energy Corp., Bakersfield

Nestle Dreyer's Ice Cream Co., Bakersfield

Nestle Purina PetCare Co., Maricopa

New Image Enterprise, Inc., Bakersfield

Noise Blankets & More, Bakersfield

NuSil Technology, LLC, Bakersfield

Occidental Of Elk Hills, Inc., Bakersfield

Owen Fabrication, Inc., Mike, Bakersfield

Pacific Irrigation, Inc., Edison

Pacific Perforating Co., Fellows

Patco Grinding Corp., Tehachapi

Performance Truck & Diesel, Bakersfield

Phoenix Co., Bakersfield

PNA Construction Technologies, Inc., Bakersfield

Praxair, Inc., Bakersfield

Praxair, Inc., Ridgecrest

Process Equipment Co., Bakersfield

ProSoft Technology, Inc., Bakersfield

Quality Fabrics & Supply Co., Bakersfield

Quinn Pumps of California, Bakersfield

R & N Enterprises, Bakersfield

R & O Fishing Tools, Inc., Bakersfield

Rhino Valve USA, Inc., Bakersfield

Ridgecrest Chamber of Commerce, Ridgecrest

Robertsons Co., Ridgecrest

San Joaquin Facilities Management, Inc., Bakersfield

San Joaquin Refining Co., Inc., Bakersfield

Schilling Precision Engineering, Frazier Park

Schlumberger, Bakersfield

Schlumberger Oilfield Service, Bakersfield

Seaboard International, Bakersfield

Selecta Products, Inc., Tehachapi

Selectcrete Inc., Bakersfield

Shar-Craft, Inc., Bakersfield

Sierra Printers, Inc., Bakersfield

Sierra Valley Ag Supply, Bakersfield

Simplot South Valley, Edison

Sleep-N-Aire Mattress Co., Inc., Bakersfield

Snow Well Service, Inc., Taft

Soli-Bond, Inc., Bakersfield

South Valley Gins, Inc., Bakersfield

Spacetron, Inc., Bakersfield

Spartan, Inc., Bakersfield

Structure Cast, Bakersfield

Sunbelt Transformer, LLC, Bakersfield

Sunray Petroleum, Bakersfield

Surface Pumps, Inc., Bakersfield

Taffera Jewelers, Bakersfield

Taft District Chamber of Commerce, Taft

Taft Production Company, Taft

Telesensory Services, Bakersfield

Tender Cut Meats, Ridgecrest

Texaco Cogeneration Operations, Bakersfield

The Bakersfield Californian, Bakersfield

The Daily Report, Bakersfield

Townsend Design, Bakersfield

Tringen Corp., Bakersfield

U P F Corp., Bakersfield

U. S. Irrigation, Bakersfield

Upton's General Machine, Bakersfield

Valin Corp., Bakersfield

Valley Machine Shop, Bakersfield

Valley Perforating, LLC, Bakersfield

Victory Oil Co., Taft

Vintage Radials, Inc., Tehachapi

Viscon California, LLC, Bakersfield

Vital Signs Of Bakersfield, Bakersfield

Ward Auto Machine Products, Inc., Tehachapi

Well Analysis Corp., Inc., Bakersfield

WESCO Distribution, Inc., Fellows

WESCO Distribution, Inc., McKittrick

Western Fabrication & Equipment, Bakersfield

Western Graphics, Inc., Bakersfield

Western Hydro Corp., Bakersfield

Western Oilfields Supply Co., Bakersfield

World Wind & Solar, Tehachapi