Jim Frazier Assembly District 11, Democrat


Term limit: 2024


Personal data

Capitol office
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 319-2011
Fax: (916) 319-2111

Assembly Floor

District voter registration
Democrat: 53%
Republican: 26%
Other: 21%

District makeup
Northern portion (45%) of Contra Costa County encompassing the communities of Antioch, Clayton, Concord, Hercules, Martinez, Pinole and Pittsburg.

Source: California Target Book


157 manufacturers in AD 11. CMTA members are highlighted

Abbott Nutrition Manufacturing Inc., Fairfield

ABC Window Contractors, Inc., Vacaville

ABCO Laboratories Inc., Fairfield

Acosta Welding Inc., Suisun City

Agra Tech, Inc., Pittsburg

All Weather Architectural Aluminum, Vacaville

All Weather Insulated Panels, Vacaville

Allied Container Systems, Incorporated, Antioch

Allied Solano Printing, Fairfield

ALZA Corp., Vacaville

Amada Miyachi America, Inc., 1820 S Myrtle Ave

Amcor Rigid Plastics, Fairfield

American Trophies, Awards & Promotions, Antioch

Andrew A. Woods & Associates, Antioch

Anheuser-Busch Cos., Inc., Fairfield

Applied Industrial Technologies, Inc., Fairfield

Ardagh Glass, Inc., Fairfield

ASL Inc., Fairfield

Automatic Bar Controls, Inc., Vacaville

Autonnic Manufacturing, Inc., Fairfield

Axiom Technologies LLC, Vacaville

Ball Metal Beverage Container Corp., Fairfield

Bay Standard, Inc., Brentwood

Beta LAYOUT USA, Vacaville

Big D Products, Fairfield

BioZone Laboratories, Inc., Pittsburg

Bishop-Wisecarver Corp., Pittsburgh

BP, Fairfield

Brentwood Auto Parts, Inc., Brentwood

Brentwood Chamber of Commerce, Brentwood

Caliber WinePak, A Div. Of TricorBraun, Fairfield

California Ensight, Inc., Fairfield

Canvas Factory, Oakley

CBA Site Services, Oakley

Chadlen Industries, Inc., Suisun City

Champion Spray Systems Inc., Pittsburg

Chancellor Printing & Graphics, Vacaville

City of Antioch - Economic Development Dept, Antioch

City of Brentwood - Community Development, Brentwood

City of Fairfield Community Development, Fairfield

City of Oakley - Economic Development, Oakley

City of Vacaville, Vacaville

Clipper Spa Mfg., Inc., Walnut Grove

Clorox Products Manufacturing Company, Fairfield

Component Finishing, Fairfield

Concord Iron Works, Inc., Pittsburg

Corteva Agriscience, Agricultural Divison of DowDuPont, Pittsburg

Court Galvanizing, Inc., Vacaville

Crystal Clear Logos, Inc., Antioch

D & D Jewelers, Antioch

Delta Scrap & Salvage, Oakley

Dependable Plastics, Inc., Fairfield

Diablo Valley Packaging, Inc., Fairfield

Drive Line Service Of Concord, Pittsburg

E. B. Stone & Son, Suisun City

Eagle Eye Engraving, Vacaville

Emerson Process Management, Fairfield

Fabricated Glass Specialties, Fairfield

Fairfield-Suisun Chamber of Commerce, Fairfield

Fastenal Co., Fairfield

Fastenal Co., Vacaville

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc., Pittsburg

Flo-Dor Mfg., Antioch

Genentech, Vacaville

Georgia-Pacific, LLC, Antioch

Gomez Metal, Vacaville

Halabi, Inc., Fairfield

Halt Medical, Inc., Brentwood

Hammond Enterprises, Inc., Pittsburg

Heretic Brewing, Fairfield

Hirtzer & Assocs., Inc., H. J., Brentwood

Hospital Systems, Inc., Pittsburg

Hybridge, Redwood City

Hytek Computer Solutions, Fairfield

Insight Designs, Rio Vista

J & B Aviation Services, Vacaville

J S J Electrical Display Corp., Fairfield

Jelly Belly Candy Co., Fairfield

Just Panmaco, Inc., Vernon

Kie-Con Structural Precast, Antioch

Kio Kables, Inc., Antioch

Klamath Boat Company, Fairfield

Kwik-Engraving, Antioch

Ledgewood Creek Winery, Fairfield

Lee Display West, Inc., Fairfield

Lindsay Transportation Solutions, Inc., Rio Vista

M&G Duravent, Inc., Vacaville

Macro Plastics, Inc., Fairfield

Marble Shop, Inc., Pittsburg

Mariani Packing Co., Inc., Vacaville

Marin Food Specialties, Inc., Byron

Master Plastics, Inc., Vacaville

Matamoros Welding, Oakley

Material Handling Equipment Co., Fairfield

Matheson, Vacaville

Merit USA, Inc., Pittsburg

Milligan Spika Company, Brentwood

Morgan Fencing & Awnings, Fairfield

New Homes Magazine, Vacaville

Nickerson Sign Co., Pittsburg

O'Hara Metal Products Co., Fairfield

Ocean Vendors, Brentwood

Offco Offset Printing Co., Fairfield

Olsen, Jr. Welding, Norman P., Antioch

Omega Industrial Supply, Inc., Fairfield

Papyrus, Inc., Fairfield

Paul Graham Drilling, Rio Vista

Pauli Systems, Inc., Fairfield

Pittsburg Processing, Antioch

Quick Deck, Inc., Byron

Ready Print, Inc., Pittsburg

Reliance Sheet & Strip Co., Antioch

Rexam Beverage Can Company, Fairfield

RichMar Cabinets, Inc., Vacaville

Ritter Mfg. Co., Inc., Antioch

S.J. Electro Systems, Inc., Vacaville

Sanderson's Welding, Fairfield

Scott Lamp Co., Inc., Fairfield

Screen Guys/Sweet Guys, Fairfield

Sequoia Cabinetry, Fairfield

Silva's Storage, Antioch

Simonton Building Products, Inc., Vacaville

Simpson Dura-Vent Co. Inc., Vacaville

Sir Speedy Printing, Fairfield

Skip's Copier & Fax Repair, Antioch

Solano Community College, Fairfield

Solano Economic Development Corporation, Fairfield

Solano Signs, Fairfield

ST Johnson Company, LLC, Fairfield

Sunpol Resins & Polymers, Inc., Fairfield

Super Store Industries, Fairfield

Synder Filtration, Inc., Vacaville

Tactical Command Industries, Inc., Brentwood

Tasco Valves Unlimited, Brentwood

Tharco-Fairfield, Fairfield

The Reporter, Vacaville

Trans Pacific Distributors, Fairfield

Travis Auto Parts, Fairfield

Tronex Technology, Inc., Fairfield

Tulkoff Food Products West, Inc., Pittsburg

Unlimited Graphic & Sign Network, Antioch

V S C Press-Printing & Publishing, Fairfield

Vacaville Chamber of Commerce, Vacaville

Vacaville Fruit Co., Inc., Vacaville

Verco Decking, Inc., Antioch

Walker Bay Boats, Inc., Fairfield

Webb's Welding Shop, Vacaville

West-Com Nurse Call Systems, Inc., Fairfield

Wilcox Brotheres, Inc., Walnut Grove

Wireless Alchemy, Inc., Vacaville

Wood Group Field Services, Inc., Fairfield

Wooden Valley Winery, Fairfield

Woodline Partners, Inc., Fairfield

Wright Printing Co., Fairfield

Wunder Mold, Inc., Vacaville

YLA, Inc., Fairfield

Young Products, Fairfield