Laura Friedman Assembly District 43, Democrat


Term limit: 2028


Personal data

Capitol office
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 319-2043
Fax: (916) 319-2143

District voter registration
Democrat: 45%
Republican: 31%
Other: 24%

District makeup
All of Burbank, most (94%) of Glendale, the San Fernando Valley community of North Hollywood and the Los Angeles city areas of Atwater and Silver Lake.

Source: California Target Book


340 manufacturers in AD 43. CMTA members are highlighted

A & V Bindery, Inc., Glendale

A&I - Fine Art + Photography, North Hollywwod

A-H Plating, Inc., Valenica

Acco Engineered Systems, Inc., Glendale

Accratronics Seals Corp., Burbank

Accurate Dial & Nameplate, Inc., Glendale

Accurate Manufacturing Company, Glendale

Acsco Products, Inc., Burbank

Active Supply Co., Los Angeles

Active Window Products, Los Angeles

Aero Manufacturing & Plating Company, Glendale

Aesthetics Porcelain Studio, Los Angeles

Ajalat, Polley, Ayoob & Matarese A Partnership Incl. Professional Corp., Glendale

Alco Printing, Inc., Glendale

Aluminum Door & Screen, Burbank

Ambrit Industries, Inc., Glendale

American Direct Mail Co., Burbank

American Heating Technologies, Inc., Los Angeles

Ames Rubber Manufacturing Co., Inc., Los Angeles

Andrew's Signs, Los Angeles

Angelo & Son's Construction, Inc., Glendale

Aramark Uniform Services, Inc., Burbank

Ardjian Dental Ceramics, Los Angeles

Arecont Vision, LLC, Glendale

Armani International USA, Glendale

Armati Printing, Glendale

Arrow Diecasting, Inc., Los Angeles

Art Director, The, Burbank

Art Wave/Art Warehouse, Burbank

Arte De Mexico, Burbank

Asbarez Armenian Newspaper, Los Angeles

Asiaphile, Glendale

Astra Communications, Inc., Burbank

Atenti Fashion Accessories, Inc., La Crescenta

Athletica, Sun Valley

Automated Laundry Systems, Burbank

Automation Plating Corp., Glendale

Avalco, Inc., Montrose

Avery Dennison Corporation, Glendale

B J Grinding, Inc., Burbank

Bandel Mfg., Inc., Los Angeles

Baron Hats, Burbank

Barry Wright Corporation, Burbank

Baxter BioScience, Los Angeles

Beyond Image Graphics, Inc., Glendale

Bico, Inc., Burbank

Bittree, Inc., Glendale

Bob's Automotive Machine Shop, La Crescenta

Borrmann Metal Center, Burbank

Brady Sheet Metal, Inc., Burbank

Brey's Picture Frame Shop, Glendale

Brik-Art, Glendale

Bucy Die Casting Corp., Burbank

Burbank Machine Shop, Burbank

Burbank Steel Treating, Inc., Burbank

California Coast Color, Inc., Burbank

California Offset Printers, Inc., Glendale

California Paper Bag, Inc., Glendale

Calmat Co., Glendale

Caltron Co., Inc., Burbank

Camera Dynamics, Burbank

Cardona Manufacturing Corporation, Burbank

Carter Plating, Inc., Burbank

CBFS, Burbank

Celtic Construction, La Crescenta

Centerpoint Mfg. Co., Inc., Burbank

Central Screen Co., Glendale

Challenger Ornamental Iron Works, Inc., Glendale

Chromatic, Inc. Lithographers, Glendale

Cinema Secrets, Inc., Burbank

Cinemills Corp., Burbank

Cinnabar California, Inc., Los Angeles

City of Burbank, Burbank

City of Glendale EDC, Glendale

ClimateMinder, Inc., Glendale

Color Imaging Supply, Inc., Glendale

Color Me Mine Enterprises, Inc., Glendale

Color West, Inc., Burbank

Color, Inc., Glendale

Coloredge, Inc., Burbank

Coloron Jewelry, Inc., Burbank

Colors By Design, Montrose

Columbia Fabricating Co., Inc., Los Angeles

Comco, Inc., Burbank

Command Print & Graphics, Burbank

Commodity Resource & Environmental, Inc., Burbank

Comtel Promedia, Burbank

Connell Processing, Inc., Burbank

Continental Gourmet Sausage Co., Glendale

Copy Central, Burbank

Craft Precision Products, Inc., Burbank

Crescenta Valley Chamber of Commerce, La Crescenta

Crystal Like Plastics, Burbank

Crystal Mark, Inc., A Swan Technologies Corporation, Glendale

Custom Characters, Inc., Glendale

Custom Jig Grinding Co., Glendale

Custom-Fold Doors, Inc., Burbank

Cyber Fx Corp., Burbank

Cygnet Stamping & Fabricating, Inc., A Swan Technologies Corporation, Glendale

Deist Safety Equipment, Glendale

Delray Lighting, Inc., Burbank

Delta Carbide Cutting Tools, LLC, Glendale

Delta Plastics, Burbank

Dependable Computer Guys, Inc., Glendale

Distinct Indulgence, Inc., Glendale

Doremi Labs, Burbank

Drawstrings Of California, Glendale

DupliCat Printing, Burbank

DWC-Aphex, LLC, Burbank

Earthwise Bag Co., Inc., Burbank

Eaton Aerospace LLC, Los Angeles

Ednal Embossing, Inc., Glendale

Edwards Sheet Metal, Inc., Burbank

Electro Ease, Burbank

Elevator Equipment Corporation, Los Angeles

Elevator Sheet Metal Co., Burbank

Envelope Express, Burbank

Final Print, Los Angeles

Firewood Sales, Burbank

Five Ace Printing, North Hills

Fortner Accessory Service Corp., Glendale

Fortner Engineering & Mfg., Glendale

Frost Industrial Electric Co., Burbank

Fuller Manufacturing, Inc., Burbank

G & M Graphics, LLC, Los Angeles

G S P Precision, Inc., Burbank

G. R. McCormick Engineering Co., Burbank

Garlic Valley Farms, Inc., Glendale

GCG Precision Metal Finishing, Glendale

General Lighting Corp., Glendale

Gerhardt Gear Co., Inc., Burbank

Gerhart Stamping, Inc., Burbank

GEV Enterprises, Inc. - Pacific Food Mart, Glendale

Gilderfluke & Co., Inc., Burbank

GKN Aerospace Bandy Machining, Inc., Burbank

Glen Eagle Muffler Service, La Crescenta

Glendale Chamber of Commerce, Glendale

Glendale Iron, Inc., Los Angeles

Glendale Mill Co., Inc., Los Angeles

Glendale Quick Foil, Glendale

Global Entertainment Industries, Inc., Burbank

Golden Fleece Designs, Inc., Burbank

Graphic Accessory Products, Burbank

Graphic Arts Directory, Glendale

GSA Design, Inc., Glendale

Guldstrand Motorsports, Inc., Burbank

Hale Certified Welding, R. L., Glendale

Hamilton Tool & Engineering, LLC, La Crescenta

Happy Jump, Inc., Burbank

Haskel International, LLC, Burbank

Hayes & Co. Printing, Inc., Burbank

Heacock Welding Co., Inc., Glendale

Hehr International, Inc., Los Angeles

Hermann's Metal Spinning Co., Glendale

Hughes Steel Fabrication, Los Angeles

Huntsman Advanced Materials Americas LLC, Los Angeles

Hutchinson Aerospace & Industry, Inc., Burbank

Hydra-Electric Company, Burbank

Hydro-Aire, Inc., Burbank

Hydromek, Inc., Los Angeles

Ilona Draperies, Inc., Burbank

Image Design & Communications, Inc., Burbank

Imaging3, Inc., Burbank

Inline Translation Services, Inc., Glendale

International Desserts & Delicacies, Glendale

International Systems, Inc., Glendale

J & L Press, Inc., Glendale

J C Engraving, Burbank

J P Weaver & Co., Glendale

J. F. B. Technology, Glendale

J. L. Fisher, Inc., Burbank

Joseff-Hollywood, Burbank

K & K Jewelers, Glendale

K & L Anodizing Corp., Burbank

K.R. Nida Corp., La Crescenta

Karamof Chemical, Inc., Burbank

Karos Shoes, Inc., Glendale

Kegher Tool & Die, Inc., Burbank

Kenco Graphics, Glendale

Kim's Marble, Inc., Glendale

King's Custom Sheet Metal, Burbank

Kino Flo, Inc., Burbank

Korean Christian Press, The, Los Angeles

Kravco Tool Supply, Glendale

L & H Grinding, LLC, Burbank

L P Associates, Inc., Burbank

La Canada Flintridge Chamber of Commerce, La Canada

La Canada Valley Sun Newspaper, La Canada Flintridge

LA Parent Magazine, Burbank

LaDeau Manufacturing, Glendale

Laura Lee Designs, Inc., Burbank

Laya Printing, Burbank

LEDz, LLC, Burbank

Lefler Mfg. & Development, Burbank

Lily Designs, Inc., Glendale

Litho-Prep, Burbank

Luminar Creations, Inc., Burbank

M D I Mfg. Design, Burbank

Mader News, Inc., Glendale

Marcy Tool Co., Inc., Glendale

Maskell Graphics, Inc., Glendale

Mastercraft Metal Polishing, Burbank

Materials Technology Corp., La Canada Flintridge

Matthews Studio Equipment, Inc., Burbank

Matz Rubber Co., Inc., Burbank

Mechanical Concepts, Inc., Glendale

Medgraph, Inc., Los Angeles

Mel Bernie and Company, Inc., Burbank

Melton Printing Co., Los Angeles

Mfg. U. S. A. Enterprises, Glendale

Mica Lamps Co., Glendale

Micro/Sys, Inc., Montrose

Mid Valley Anodizing, Burbank

Miller Sherwood Printing Co., Burbank

Minarik Corp., Glendale

MixMor, Inc., Los Angeles

Modern Engine, Inc., Glendale

Multi-Lite International, Inc., Burbank

N B Industries, Inc., Glendale

National Diamond Lab Of California, Inc., Los Angeles

Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc., Burbank

Nestle USA, Inc., Glendale

Neurobrands, LLC, Sherman Oaks

North American Textile Company, LLC, Glendale

Notron Mfg., Inc., Glendale

Numeric Engineering, Inc., Burbank

O R U Inc., Burbank

O. H. Lynn Printing Co., Burbank

Omega Case Company, Burbank

Orbit Mfg., Inc., Glendale

Pace Technologies, Inc., Burbank

Pacific Sewer Equipment, Inc., Burbank

Paint Sundries Solutions, Burbank

Patterson Graphics Corp., Burbank

Pedal Extenders.Com, Glendale

Pennoyer-Dodge Co., Glendale

Person & Covey, Inc., Glendale

Philosophical Research Society, Los Angeles

Photo-Sonics, Inc., Burbank

Pico De Gallo's Seasonings & Spices Co., Glendale

Pin U. S. A., Glendale

Pioneer Diecasters, Inc., Los Angeles

Ponam Precision Gages, Glendale

PPG Aerospace/PRC-DeSoto International, Inc., Glendale

Precision Rodware, Glendale

Premac, Inc., Glendale

Primo Graphics, Inc., Burbank

Printefex, Glendale

Printing By Harvey, Glendale

Pro Power Products, Inc., Burbank

Process Control Lab, Burbank

Quality Heat Treating Co., Inc., Burbank

R C Provision, Inc., Burbank

Reliable Systems, Inc., La Canada Flintridge

Robatech USA West, Burbank

Robert Burger Furniture Inc., Glendale

Roma Costume Inc., Burbank

Ron Lee, Inc., Burbank

Rosco Labs, Glendale

Royer Labs, Burbank

Rubin & Sons, Inc., Jack, Burbank

Ryan Herco Products Corp., Burbank

S & H Machine Inc., Burbank

S K Production Ltd., Glendale

Sai Industries, Inc., Glendale

Sanitek Products, Inc., Los Angeles

Saturn Fasteners, Inc., Burbank

Saxton Industrial, Inc., Glendale

Schroeder, Inc., Burbank

Science of Skincare, LLC, Burbank

Seda's Printing, Inc., Los Angeles

Senior Operations LLC, Burbank

Serv-Ease Office Systems, Inc., Glendale

Sierra Sign Images, Montrose

Signs Unlimited, Burbank

Silvia's Costumes, Los Angeles

Simon G. Jewelry, Glendale

Solar Precision Products, Inc., Burbank

Solid Wood Closets, Inc., Glendale

South Coast Fibers, Inc., Los Angeles

Speaker City USA, Burbank

Specialty Seal Co., Burbank

Spindle Co., Inc., Montrose

Spring Gard'n Designs, Burbank

Steril-AIRE, Burbank

Steve's Electric, Los Angeles

Steve's Plating Corp., Burbank

Steven's Grinding Co., Burbank

Stock Building Supply, Burbank

Stock Building Supply, Milling Div., Burbank

Sun Dairy Co., Los Angeles

Sun Label, Inc., Burbank

Sun Valley Products, Inc., Los Angeles

Sunland Chemical & Research Corp., Los Angeles

Superior Packaging, Inc., Glendale

Superior Window Covering, Inc., Burbank

Swaner Hardwood Co., Burbank

Systems & Methods, Inc., Los Angeles

T & W Converters, Glendale

Technetics Group, Burbank

Technical Metal Finishing Co., Inc., Burbank

The Walt Disney Co., Burbank

Three D Plastics, Inc., Burbank

Tiger Products, Inc., Burbank

Transmed Network, Inc., Burbank

Triangle Mfg., Inc., Montrose

Triangle Scenery, Drapery & Lighting Co., Los Angeles

Triumph Instruments Burbank, Inc., Burbank

Trophy King & Gifts, Burbank

Tru-Cut Machine Co., Glendale

U. S. Gold Trading, Inc., Burbank

U. S. Label Corp., Burbank

Ultra Graphics, Burbank

Ultra Mitre, Inc., Burbank

Union Swiss Manufacturing Co., Inc., Glendale

Unique Equipment Corp., Montrose

United Sheet Metal Group, Glendale

V & V Sewing Contracting, Glendale

V J Provision, Inc., Burbank

V R Printing, Glendale

Valley Grinding Co., Inc., Burbank

Valley Rubber Stamp Co., Inc., Burbank

Vav Water, Inc., Burbank

Vege-Kurl, Inc., Glendale

Velocity Aerospace Group, Inc., Burbank

Vent Vue Window Products Co., Inc., Los Angeles

VER SALES, Inc., Burbank

Viktor Benes Continental Pastries, Inc., Irvine

Vitaminerals, Inc., Glendale

Vulcan Materials Co., West Region, Glendale

W & W Mfg. Co., Inc., Glendale

Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc., Burbank

Warner Bros. Metal Shop, Burbank

Westover Control Corp., Burbank

Westside Metal Recycling, Glendale

Williams Engineering, Inc., Burbank

Yerevan Printing, Glendale

Yerma Jewelry Mfg Inc., Glendale

Zada International Printing Co., Burbank

Zepco, Burbank