Cristina Garcia Assembly District 58, Democrat


Term limit: 2024


Personal data

Capitol office
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 319-2058
Fax: (916) 319-2158

Assembly Floor

District voter registration
Democrat: 53%
Republican: 27%
Other: 20%

District makeup
Most (63%) of East Los Angeles, all of Montebello and Pico Rivera, most (66%) of Downey, eastern portion (46%) of Whittier, half of the commercial city of Industry (population 413), and the unincorporated suburban communities of Hacienda Heights, South San Jose Hills and almost half (41%) of Rowland Heights.

Source: California Target Book


550 manufacturers in AD 58. CMTA members are highlighted

A & H Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc., Cerritos

A&R Lighting Co., Bell

A-1 Engraving Co., Inc., Downey

A.R.I. Industries, Inc., Cerritos

Academy Awning, Inc., Montebello

Accudyne Engineering & Equipment Co., Bell

Achem Industry America, Inc., Cerritos

Acme Graphic Arts Finishing, Commerce

Activar, Inc., Commerce

Ad-De-Pro, Inc., Downey

ADCO Industries, Downey

Advanced Laser Dies, Inc., Pico Rivera

Advanced Process Services, Inc., Commerce

Advanced UV, Inc., Cerritos

AEI Components, Inc., Cerritos

Aerotec Alloys, Inc., Norwalk

Aggregate Products, Inc., Pico Rivera

Agrashell, Inc., Los Angeles

AICO, Pico Rivera

Alamcor Flexibles, Los Angeles

Alarin Aircraft Hinge, Inc., Los Angeles

Aline Heat Seal Corp., Cerritos

All Access Apparel, Inc., Montebello

All Knits, Commerce

All Source Container, Inc., Pico Rivera

Allegheny Ludlum, LLC, Pico Rivera

Allied Feather & Down Corp., Montebello

Alloy Machining Services, Los Angeles

Allstate Floral & Craft, Inc., Cerritos

Alpha Grinding, Inc., Downey

Alpha Orthopedic Appliance Co., City of Commerce

Alpha-Omega Services, Inc., Bellflower

Alpine Paper, Inc., Bell Gardens

AMBayArea (Association of Manufacturers Bay Area),

American & Efird LLC, Los Angeles

American DJ Supply Inc., Los Angeles

American Graphic Board, Inc., Commerce

American International Industries, Los Angeles

American Powder Coating & Painting, Inc., Downey

American Renolit Corp., L.A., Commerce

American Scale Co., Inc., Los Angeles

American Shower Door Corp., Los Angeles

Amplifier Technologies, Inc., Montebello

Amvac Chemical Corporation, Newport Beach

Amy's Pastry Inc., Montebello

Apperson, Inc., Cerritos

Arevalo Tortilleria, Inc., Montebello

Aroma Naturals, Cerritos

Arrow Abrasive Co., Inc., Downey

Arrowhead Syrup Sales, Inc., Cerritos

Artcraft Bedspreads Mfg., Commerce

Arte Printing, Montebello

Arthurmade Plastics, Inc., Los Angeles

Aruvil International, Inc., Downey

ASCO Sintering Co., Commerce

Ashland Chemical Company, Los Angeles

Astrotel Communications Corp., Cerritos

Atlas Carpet Mills, Inc., Commerce

Aurora World, Inc., Pico Rivera

Autographic Business Forms, Los Angeles

Automatic Specialty Co., Inc., Pico Rivera

Awad Mfg., Montebello

Award Packaging Specialties Corp., Cerritos

AZ-Tech Machine & Service Co., Downey

BakeMark USA, LLC, Pico Rivera

Baker Bearing Co., Los Angeles

Bakker's Printing, Inc., Artesia

Bangma Machine Works, Bell Gardens

Barhena Inc., City of Commerce

Barreras Meat Co., Inc., Los Angeles

Bay Cities Container Corp, Pico Rivera

Best Label Company, Inc., Cerritos

Better Beverages, Inc., Cerritos

Better Box Co., A, Pico Rivera

Better Impressions, Los Angeles

Big 5 Electronics, Inc., Cerritos

Bimbo Bakeries USA, Inc., Montebello

Bishop Electronics Corp., Pico Rivera

Biz Fed Central Valley, Commerce

Blair's Metal Polishing & Plating Co., Inc., Cerritos

Blisterpak, Inc., Commerce

Bottlemate Inc., Los Angeles

Bradley's Plastic Bag Co., Downey

Bread Los Angeles, Montebello

Buda Precision, Inc., Cerritos

Bus Services Corporation, Bell Gardens

C & D Tool Co., Downey

C & M Glass Co., Los Angeles

C & O Mfg. Co., Pico Rivera

C D Container, Pico Rivera

C Quest, Inc., Los Angeles

C T E C, Downey

C Team, Inc., Bellflower

Cabinets 2000, Inc., Norwalk

Cal Creations, Inc., Montebello

Cal Plate, Artesia

California Dairies, Inc., Artesia

California Jig Grinding Co., Pico Rivera

Calnetix, Inc., Cerritos

Calstrip Industries, Inc., Mira Loma

Camely Furniture Mfg., Inc., Pico Rivera

Can Lines Engineering, Inc., Downey

Canvas Specialty, Inc., Los Angeles

Cappac Plastic Products, Los Angeles

Captek Softgel International, Inc., Cerritos

Cardinal Shower, Inc., Cerritos

Carmi Flavor & Fragrance Co., Inc., Commerce

Carol Wior, Inc., Bell Gardens

Carolina Rolling Co., Inc., Bellflower

Castle Lithograph, Inc., Los Angeles

Celluphone, Los Angeles

Century Pattern Co., Inc., Cerritos

Century Wire & Cable, Commerce

Cerritos College- Technology, Norwalk

Cerritos Regional Chamber of Commerce, Cerritos

Certified Industrial Fabricators, Inc., Montebello

Chase Brass & Copper Co., Inc., Los Angeles

Chemco Industries, Inc., Los Angeles

Christina's Uniforms, Bellflower

City of Artesia, Artesia

City of Bell Gardens, Bell Gardens

City of Bellflower Economic Development Department, Bellflower

City of Cerritos, Cerritos

City of Downey, Downey

Clayton Metals, Inc., Cerritos

CleanSource, Inc., Commerce

Coast Machine Tool Co., Los Angeles

Coastal Container, Inc., Pico Rivera

Coastwide Tag & Label Co., Pico Rivera

Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Downey

Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Montebello

Colonial Dames Co. Ltd., City of Commerce

Color Image Apparel, Inc., Commerce

Columbia Aluminum Products, LLC, Los Angeles

Commerce Iron Works, Los Angeles

Commercial Truck Equipment Company, LLC, Downey

Company Week California, Denver

Competitive Trailers, Inc., Bellflower

Compliments Accessories, Inc., Montebello

Comptes, Inc., Pico Rivera

Conroy & Knowlton, Inc., Montebello

Consolidated Electrical Distributors, Inc., Los Angeles

Construction Tool & Threading, Bell Gardens

Contessa Premium Foods, Inc., Commerce

Contract Resources, Cerritos

Corelis, Inc., Cerritos

Cortez Co., Vincente, Pico Rivera

Creative Signs & Graphics, Pico Rivera

Cross Brothers, Inc., Commerce

Crucial Power Products, Los Angeles

Custom Brands Group, Cerritos

Custom Interiors Design Fixture, Pico Rivera

Cytek Mfg., Inc., Cerritos

D & T Mfg., Cerritos

D'lacey, Inc., Los Angeles

Danco Valve Company, Bellflower

Daniel's Western Meat Packers, Inc., Pico Rivera

Deamco Corporation, Los Angeles

DECO Enterprises, Inc., Commerce

Delgado & Son Glass & Mirror, Los Angeles

Deskmakers, Inc., Commerce

Diamond Oil Service, Montebello

Diana's Mexican Food Products, Inc., Norwalk

Diecraft Corp., Los Angeles

Differential Brands Group Inc., Commerce

DirecTex, Los Angeles

Dixie, Los Angeles

DKS Steel Door & Frame Systems, Inc., Commerce

Docupak, Inc., Cerritos

Dodge Wasmund, Pico Rivera

Downey Chamber of Commerce, Downey

Downey Grinding Co., Inc., Downey

Downey Mfg., Inc., Downey

Downey Quick Print, Downey

Ductilic, Inc., Cerritos

Dynaflex Products, Los Angeles

E-Z Plastic Packaging Corp., Los Angeles

Ebus, Inc., Downey

Echo Lighting, Inc., Los Angeles

Eddie Kane Steel Products, Inc., Commerce

Eide Industries, Inc., Cerritos

Electra-Bond, Downey

Element Controls Corp., Commerce

Elite Lighting, Los Angeles

Elkay Plastics Co., Inc., Commerce

Endpak Packaging, Inc., Pico Rivera

Enriquez Materials & Quilting, Inc., Commerce

Entenmann-Rovin Co., Los Angeles

Eureka Lithograph Co., Commerce

Eurocraft Architectural Metal, Inc., Bell Gardens

Excel Metal Sales, Los Angeles

Fairmont Seating, Cerritos

Fam, LLC, Bell

Fastenal Co., Montebello

Faustino's Chair Factory, Inc., Commerce

Feit Electric Company, Inc., Pico Rivera

Fleischmann's Vinegar Co., Inc., Cerritos

Fleming Metal Fabricators, Los Angeles

Flexco, Inc., Bell Gardens

Foam Molders & Specialties, Cerritos

Foam-N-Fabrics, Inc., Bellflower

Foremost Spring Co., Inc., Downey

Forey, Montebello

Forklift Parts Mfg. Co., Inc., Los Angeles

Franklin Truck Parts, Inc., Commerce

Freund Baking Co., Commerce

FTG, Inc., Cerritos

Fung's Village Noodle, Inc., Los Angeles

Future Metals, Inc., Cerritos

G & S Precision & Fences, Inc., Bell Gardens

Galaxy Enterprises, Inc., Los Angeles

Galaxy Laminating, Bellflower

Gann Products Co., Inc., Downey

Gateway Mattress Co., Montebello

Gehr Industries, Inc., Commerce

General Industrial Repair, Los Angeles

General Mills, Inc., Commerce

General Truck Body, Inc., Montebello

General Woods & Veneers Ltd., Pico Rivera

Gibson Overseas, Inc., Commerce

Global Water & Energy Ltd., Bell Gardens

Globe Iron Foundry, Inc., City of Commerce

Golden Mattress Co., Inc., Commerce

Golden West Pipe & Supply Co., Downey

Golden West, Inc., Los Angeles

Gordon Brush Mfg. Co., Inc., Commerce

Grand Textile, Cerritos

Graphics World, Pico Rivera

Grover Manufacturing Corporation, Montebello

Guardian Fence Co., Artesia

Gulf-Pacific Packaging Corp., Vernon

Guy L. Warden & Sons, Cerritos

GWI Products, Inc., Cerritos

H & H Mfg. & Engineering, Bell Gardens

H L M Printing & Labeling, Montebello

Haldeman, Inc., Los Angeles

Hampton Lane, Division Of T & H Store Fixtures, Los Angeles

Heeger, Inc., LMB, Los Angeles

Hi-Tech Iron Works, Commerce

Hickory Springs Of California, Inc., Los Angeles

Hip Hop Hosiery & Design, Downey

HiTHERM, LLC, Cerritos

HKF Industries, Inc., Los Angeles

Hollinger Metal Edge, Inc., Los Angeles

Hollywood Bed & Spring Mfg. Co., Commerce

Hong Jin Crown, Cerritos

Hose-Man, Inc., Montebello

Hospitality Wood Products, Inc., City of Commerce

Hufcor-Airwall, Inc., Bellflower

Huhtamaki, Inc., Los Angeles

I Bakeum, Inc., Pico Rivera

Idiaz Label, Inc., Cerritos

Independent Foundry Supply Co., Los Angeles

Indio Products, Inc., Commerce

Ingalls Conveyors, Inc., Montebello

Ink Makers, Inc., Los Angeles

Ink Master, Inc., Cerritos

Inksolutions, LLC, Commerce

Insta Graphic Systems, Cerritos

Insul-Therm International, Commerce

Integrated Turbo Machinery, Inc., Montebello

International Coatings Co., Inc., Cerritos

International Ironworks, Inc., Los Angeles

International Paper Co., Cerritos

Interstate Meat & Provision, Commerce

ISC America, Inc., Los Angeles

J & R Bottling & Distributing, Inc., Montebello

J C Bookcase Mfg., Inc., Pico Rivera

J C M & Associates, Inc., Los Angeles

J. B. Bag & Supply, Inc., Pico Rivera

J. F. Duncan Industries, Inc., Downey

Jade Apparel, Inc., Montebello

Jantex Inks & Beyond, Pico Rivera

JC Trimming Company, Inc., Montebello

JJ Printing, Cerritos

Joe's Jeans, Inc., Los Angeles

JRM Industries, Inc., Los Angeles

Just For Wraps, Inc., City of Commerce

Justman Packaging & Display, Los Angeles

JVS Wines Import, Inc., Los Angeles

K F Fiberglass, Inc., Downey

K-Deer Los Angeles, Inc., Pico Rivera

Kamashian Engineering, Inc., Bellflower

Kaslen Textiles, Commerce

Kassir Import-Export Co., Inc., Los Angeles

Keith Company, Pico Rivera

Kelly Paper Company, Cerritos

Kerry Ingredients & Flavours, Commerce

Keun Yuan Hong, Inc., Cerritos

KGM Industries Co., Inc., Los Angeles

Kirkhill Manufacturing Company, Downey

Klein Printers & Lithographers, Robert, Montebello

Kolcraft Of California, Los Angeles

Kupo Industrial Corp., Pico Rivera

L & M Printing, Bellflower

L & W Supply, Pico Rivera

L. H. Dottie Company, Commerce

L. M. Scofield Company, Los Angeles

L.A. Envelope, Inc., Montebello

LA Signs & Banners, Downey

Laundry By Shelli Segal, Commerce

Laural Packaging Group, Inc., City of Commerce

Laurence Furniture Mfg. Co., John, Downey

Le Chef Bakery, Inc., Montebello

Leach Grain & Milling Co., Inc., Downey

Leader Mattress, Inc., Los Angeles

Leadway Plastics Corp., Downey

Liberty Film & Packaging, Inc., Commerce

Linesman Clothing, Inc., Los Angeles

Lingle Bros. Coffee, Inc., Bell Gardens

Lockheed Martin Energy Services, Los Angeles

Lombard Graphics, Pico Rivera

Lord & Sons, Inc., Bellflower

Los Angeles Board Mills, Inc., Commerce

Los Angeles Die Casting Co., City of Commerce

Los Angeles Dye & Wash Co., Los Angeles

Los Angeles Paper Box & Board Mills, City of Commerce

Lubricating Specialties Co., Pico Rivera

Lucasini Classic, Inc., Commerce

Lumux Lighting, Inc., Pico Rivera

Lynco Grinding Co., Inc., Bell Gardens

Lynx Grills Inc., Downey

M & R Of Long Beach, Downey

M K Tool & Abrasives, Inc., Pico Rivera

M M Z Printing & Graphics Corp., Cerritos

Mace Metal Sales, Inc., Los Angeles

Magorien Honing & Hydraulics Co., Montebello

Mainetti USA, Inc., Commerce

Malibu Design Group, Commerce

Marbella Designs, Bell

Market Fixtures Unlimited, Inc., Downey

Mars Printing, Cerritos

Martin Sprocket & Gear, Inc., Los Angeles

Mascorro Leather, Inc., Los Angeles

Master Knits U. S. A., Inc., Commerce

McDonald Mfg., Inc., Artesia

McNICHOLS Co., Cerritos

Melcast Litho, Cerritos

Metal Surfaces, Inc., Bell Gardens

Metal Tite Products, Pico Rivera

Metalmart International, Inc., Commerce

Metis International, Inc., Cerritos

MFS Supply, LLC, Cerritos

MGM Transformer Co., Inc., Los Angeles

Mid West Mold, Inc., Downey

Midway International, Inc., Cerritos

Milestones Products, Inc., Los Angeles

Minson Corporation, Montebello

Mojave Foods Corporation, Commerce

Monarch Litho, Inc., Montebello

MONECO Machine Company, Inc., Cerritos

Monogram Aerospace Fasteners, Inc., Commerce

Montebello Chamber of Commerce, Montebello

Motion Industries, Inc., Los Angeles

Mr. Hose, Inc., Commerce

Murtex Fiber Systems, Pico Rivera

Nameplate, Inc., Cerritos

National Conveyor Corp., Commerce

National Packaging Products, Commerce

NCLA, Inc., Cerritos

Nelson-Dunn, Inc., Cerritos

Newark Pacific Paperboard Corp., Commerce

NICA Corp., Bell Gardens

Niitakaya U. S. A., Inc., Montebello

Noel's Lighting, Inc., Pico Rivera

Non-Stop Label Corp., Cerritos

Nora Lighting, Inc., City of Commerce

Norstar Office Products, Inc., Los Angeles

Northrop Grumman, Pico Rivera

Nu Way Mattress Corp., Bellflower

Nuvision Windows & Doors, Pico Rivera

NYX, Los Angeles, Inc., El Segundo

Oldcastle Buildingenvelope, Inc., Los Angeles

Olympic Fabricating, Commerce

Olympic Metal Cutting Co., Montebello

Omni-Lite Industries California, Inc., Cerritos

Omniteam, Inc., Downey

On-Line Power, Inc., Los Angeles

Orbital ATK Space Commerce, Commerce

P C G Industries, Downey

Pacific Coast Feather Co., Pico Rivera

Pacific Coast Feather Cushion Co., Pico Rivera

Pacific Coast Home Furnishings, Commerce

Pacific Die Casting Corp., Commerce

Pacific Hospitality Design, Inc., City of Commerce

Pacific Spice Company, Inc., Commerce

Palfinger Liftgates, Cerritos

Pankl Aerospace Systems, Cerritos

Par-Way Mfg. Co., Commerce

Para Plate, Inc., Cerritos

Paragon Steel, Commerce

Parker Boiler Co., Los Angeles

Pearl Abrasive Co., Commerce

Performance Forged Products, Montebello

Performance Papers, Inc., Los Angeles

Petersen Molding Corp., Norwalk

Pharmekal Health Products, LLC, Cerritos

Pico Rivera Plating, Inc., Pico Rivera

Pioneer Broach Company, Los Angeles

Plast Techs Enterprises, Los Angeles

Poly-Tech Dental Studio, Inc., Montebello

Powers Bros. Machine, Inc., Montebello

Practical Data Processing, Inc., Artesia

Precision Wire Products, Inc., Commerce

Printco Graphics, Inc., Los Angeles

Pro Action Radiator Service, Artesia

Pro Precision Metal Fabricating, Downey

Progress Printers, Montebello

Progressive Label, Inc., Los Angeles

Progressive Produce Corp., Los Angeles

Property Tax Assistance Co., Inc., Bellflower

PWS, Inc., South Gate

Quad/Graphics, Inc., Cerritos

Quality Compressor, Inc., Bell Gardens

R P R, Inc., Pico Rivera

R. K. Controls, Los Angeles

Ramcar Batteries, Inc., Los Angeles

Razor USA, LLC, Cerritos

Reeve Store Equipment Co., Pico Rivera

Reliable Powder Coating, Downey

Richline Textile, Inc., Pico Rivera

Riley Printing Co., Bellflower

Rite Engineering & Mfg. Corp., Commerce

Rob, Inc., Bell

Roland Corporation U.S., Los Angeles

Romac Supply Co., Inc., Los Angeles

ROS Electrical, LLC, Pico Rivera

Royal Paper Box Co. Of California, Inc., Montebello

S. Bravo Systems, Inc., Los Angeles

Samson Products, Inc., Commerce

Satellite Cutting Service, Inc., Commerce

SAVV Corp., Cerritos

Schaffer Grinding Co., Inc., Montebello

Seco Industries, Commerce

Service Steel Aerospace Corp., Pico Rivera

Sew Forth, Inc., Montebello

SF Technology, Inc., Cerritos

Shelton Fluid Technology, Downey

Shunt Electric Motor Corp., Los Angeles

Sierra Industrial Engineering Co., Los Angeles

Sign Factory, The, Cerritos

Signature Flexible Packaging, Inc., Commerce

Silk Screening By Classic Graphix, Downey

Simple Container Solutions, Inc., Los Angeles

Sir Speedy Printing Center, Los Angeles

Sleep Air Mattress, Inc., Commerce

Smith-Cooper International, Commerce

Soffa Electric, Inc., Los Angeles

Soft Gel Technologies, Inc., Los Angeles

Sonoma Industries, Inc., Bell Gardens

Soundstream Technologies Corp., Montebello

Southeast Los Angeles Workforce Investment Board, Cerritos

Southern California Braiding, Bell Gardens

Southern California Gas Company, Downey

Southern California Material Handling, Pico Rivera

Southern California Safe Co., Montebello

Southern California Soap Co., Inc., Commerce

Southern Wine & Spirits Of America, Inc., Cerritos

Specialty Enterprises Co., Commerce

Spiral Paper Tube & Core Co., Pico Rivera

Spirit Food Service, Inc., Commerce

Springfield Industries, Inc., Commerce

Springs Basic Bedding, Commerce

Spyke, Inc., Downey

SST International, Downey

Standard Crystal Corp., Artesia

Stanton Calprints, Inc., Montebello

Storopack, Inc., Downey

Stud Welding Products, Inc., Downey

Sugar Foods Corp., Los Angeles

Summitt Forest Products, Cerritos

Sun Plastics, Inc., Los Angeles

Sundry Metal Craft, Pico Rivera

SunOpta Fruit Group, Cerritos

Sunrise Luxury Living Rooms, Inc., Downey

Sunset Industrial Parts, Inc., Cerritos

Sunshine Plastics Corp., Montebello

Super Garment Supplies, Inc., Cerritos

Super Secure Packaging & Supplies, Los Angeles

Superior Bearing Co., Inc., Los Angeles

Superior Printing Ink Co., Inc., City of Commerce

Superior Printing, Inc., Commerce

Superior Studio Specialties, Commerce

T & H Store Fixtures, Los Angeles

T. Hasegawa USA, Inc., Cerritos

Taniguchi Ink Corp. Of America, Cerritos

Tasman Group, Pico Rivera

Taylor Freezers Of Southern California, Commerce

TEAC America, Inc., Montebello

Tengco, Inc., Cerritos

The Commerce Industrial Council - Chamber of Commerce, Commerce

The Elite Collision Centers, Downey

Theta Digital Corp., Montebello

Thistle Roller Co., Inc., Montebello

Thompson Tank, Inc., Downey

Three Sons, Inc., Pico Rivera

Titan Heaters, Inc., Pico Rivera

Tool Shack, Commerce

Tool-Matic Co., Inc., Los Angeles

Tower-Lee Co., Inc., Los Angeles

Transdigm, Inc., Los Angeles

Tricorbraun Inc., Cerritos

Trihub, LLC, Montebello

Trinity Worldwide Reprographics, Inc., Cerritos

Triple A Container, Cerritos

Troy Sheet Metal Works, Inc., Montebello

Tube Bending, LLC, Pico Rivera

Turgeon & Sons, Inc., J. P., Bell Gardens

Turner Fiberfill, Inc., Montebello

TW Graphics Group Company, Commerce

Twin Eagles, Inc., Cerritos

U. S. A. Rags, Commerce

Ultra Pro International LLC, City of Commerce

Unibright Foods, Inc., Bell Gardens

Unified Grocers, Inc., Commerce

United California Corporation, Downey

United Desk Mfg., Inc., Cerritos

United Drill Bushing Corporation, Downey

United Exchange Corp., Cerritos

Universal Cushion Co., Inc., Torrance

Universal Molding Co., Downey

Universal Neon, Commerce

Valley Plating Works, Inc., City of Commerce

Valtra, Inc., Santa Fe Springs

Van Grace Quality Injection Molding, Inc., Bell Gardens

Vandenberg Mfg. Co., Inc., Artesia

Varad International, Inc., Commerce

VFT, Inc., Montebello

Villa Furniture Manufacturing Co., Cerritos

Vons Bakery, Commerce

Vycon, Inc., Cerritos

Walters Wholesale Electric Co., Cerritos

Weber Auto Parts, Montebello

Wei-Chuan USA, Inc., Bell Gardens

Weld-It Industries, Inc., Commerce

Welding Warehouse Inc., The, Los Angeles

West Bay Imports, Inc., Los Angeles

West Coast Switchgear, Inc., Cerritos

West-Lite Supply Co., Inc., Cerritos

Western Mold Engineering, Inc., Artesia

Western Pacific Pulp & Paper, Downey

Western Strategic Materials, Los Angeles

Whittier Fertilizer Co., Pico Rivera

Wilcox Machine Co., Bell Gardens

Williams Printing, Inc., Bellflower

WireTech, Inc., Commerce

Worldwide Aeros Corp., Montebello

Z. Cavaricci, Inc., Laguna Hills

Zemarc Corporation, Commerce

Zoo Printing, Inc., Bell