Mike Gipson Assembly District 64, Democrat


Term limit: 2026


Personal data

Capitol office
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 319-2064
Fax: (916) 319-2164

District voter registration
Democrat: 34%
Republican: 47%
Other: 19%

District makeup
Sothern Riverside County encompassing the high-income desert communities of Palm Desert, Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells; moving west to Interstate Highway 15 to encompass small portions of Temecula (13%), Wildomar (33%), and Lake Elsinore (8%); moving north to encompass Woodcrest, over half (56%) of Moreno Valley and most (67%) of the city of Riverside.

Source: California Target Book


646 manufacturers in AD 64. CMTA members are highlighted

A & A Ready Mixed Concrete, Inc., Gardena

A & V Engineering, Inc., Compton

A A Abbett Manufacturing Inc., Compton

A J C Sandblasting, Wilmington

A M Cabinets, Inc., Gardena

A O E International Inc., Carson

AAA Plating & Inspection, Inc., Compton

AAR Manufacturing, Inc., Anaheim

Abrasive Finishing Co., Inc., Gardena

ABS Puratos Bakery Supply, Inc., Compton

Accu Chrome Plating Co., Inc., Gardena

Accurate Anodizing, Inc., Compton

Ace Clearwater Enterprises, Torrance

Ace Soft Tooling Co., Inc., Carson

Acquisition Technology Corp, Long Beach

Acrylicore, Inc., Gardena

ADF, Inc., Rancho Dominguez

Advance Aqua Tanks, Los Angeles

Advance Finishing, Los Angeles

Advanced Fresh Concepts Corp., Rancho Dominguez

Aero Arc, Inc., Gardena

Aero Products Co., Los Angeles

Aerol Co., Inc., Rancho Dominguez

Aircoat, Inc., Los Angeles

Airgas USA, LLC, Los Angeles

Akiyama Tsukemono California, Compton

ALCO Designs, Gardena

All Seas Marine, Inc., Torrance

All-Ways Metal, Inc., Gardena

Alliance Dynamic Group, Inc., Gardena

Alpha Source, Inc., Gardena

Alpha Technics, Inc., Oceanside

Altam Manufacturing, Inc., Compton

Alteco U. S. A., Inc., Gardena

Altena Machine Builders, Gardena

American Aircraft Products, Inc., Gardena

American Dawn, Inc., Compton

American Print Media, Inc., Compton

American Stainless Pumps, Inc., Los Angeles

Americhip, Inc., Gardena

Amfoam, Inc., Gardena

Ammco Acquisition, LLC, Gardena

Andeavor, Los Angeles Refinery, Carson

Andrew Alexander, Inc., Compton

Anemostat Products, Carson

Anoroc Precision Sheet Metal, Compton

Aquajet Corp., Wilmington

Aquatx Distribution/Cobra Kayaks USA, Gardena

Ar-Ce, Inc., Gardena

Artboxx Framing, Inc., Compton

Arto Brick & Tile, Gardena

Arto Brick Veneer Mfg. Co., Gardena

Artwear, Inc., Los Angeles

Audio Video Color Corporation, Compton

Audrey Magazine, Gardena

Austin Plastics, Inc., Gardena

AutoCom, Inc., Carson

Autumn Milling Co., Inc., Long Beach

Avalon Glass & Mirror Company, Carson

Avalon Laboratories, LLC, Huntington Beach

Axiom Label Group, Compton

B & B Pallet Co., Inc., Compton

B S T Enterprises, Inc., Compton

Baker & Bros., Inc., H. J., Wilmington

Bakkavor Foods USA, Inc., Carson

Barco Uniforms, Gardena

Barken's Hardchrome Co., Compton

Barnes Plastics, Inc., Gardena

Bay Cities Metal Products, Gardena

BDS Natural Products, Carson

Beauchamp Distributing Co., Compton

Becker Woodworking, Los Angeles

Benetti's Italia, Inc., Rancho Dominguez

Bennethum & Bailey, Los Angeles

Best Carbide Cutting Tools, Inc., Rancho Dominguez

Bestway Products Co., Gardena

Bi Nutraceuticals, Inc., Rancho Dominguez

Big Tree Furniture & Industries, Inc., Montebello

Binder Metal Products, Inc., Gardena

Bio-Metics International, Gardena

Blue Daisy Cement Products, Inc., Gardena

BP, Carson

BP America, Inc., Carson

BP West Coast Products, LLC, Carson

Brent-Wood Products, Inc., Los Angeles

Brentwood Originals, Carson

Breville, Torrance

Buff & Shine Manufacturing, Inc., Rancho Dominguez

Built Rite Industries, LLC, Compton

Business Printing & Imaging, Inc., Carson

C D Machine Products, Gardena

C R M Co., LLC, Rancho Dominguez

C.R. Laurence Co., Inc., Gardena

CABI, Rancho Dominguez

Cactus Fashion, Inc., Los Angeles

Caitac Garment Processing Inc., Gardena

Cal-Ga-Crete Industries, Inc., Rancho Dominguez

Cal-State Steel Corp., Compton

Cali-Fame Of Los Angeles, Inc., Carson

California Carbon Co., Inc., Wilmington

California Fence & Supply, Gardena

California Glass Bending Corp., Gardena

California Manufacturing Technology Consulting (CMTC), Torrance

California Pak, Inc., Compton

California Plasticor, Los Angeles

California Surface Hardening, Inc., Compton

Calpis Co. USA, Torrance

Cando Industries, Carson

Capsa Solutions, Los Angeles

Capstan California, Inc., Gardena

Carbon Activated Corp., Compton

Cardic Machine Products, Inc., Carson

Carson Chamber of Commerce, Carson

Cast-Rite International, Inc., Gardena

Catalina Tempering LA, Inc., Los Angeles

CCL Tube, Inc., Carson

CDS Moving Equipment, Inc., Compton

Cedarlane Natural Foods, Inc., Carson

CEMEX Construction Materials, L. P., Compton

Centerless Blade Mfg. Co., Wilmington

Centron Industries, Inc., Gardena

Century Shower Door Co., Inc., Torrance

Certi-Fresh Foods, Inc., Wilmington

Chagall Design Ltd., Carson

Chase Industries, Inc., Carson

Cheil Grinding Wheel USA, Inc., Carson

Chem-Tainer Industries, Inc., Compton

Chief Sign Co., Gardena

Circle Industrial Manufacturing Corp., Compton

City of Carson, Carson

Classic Tents, Compton

Clayton Chemical Co., Torrance

Clean Water Technology, Inc., Los Angeles

Clegg Industries, Inc., Gardena

Cliff Digital, Gardena

Coast Wire & Plastic Tech, LLC, Carson

Color Ad, Inc., Compton

Colter & Peterson Pacific, Gardena

Concepts By J, Los Angeles

Concord Equipment Co., Gardena

Concrete Tie Industries, Inc., Compton

ConGlobal Industries, Inc., Wilmington

Connector Plating Corp., Los Angeles

Consolidated Container Company, LLC, Carson

Continental Forge Company, Compton

Cook Machine Shop, Jim, Carson

Coordinated Wire Rope & Rigging, Wilmington

Coronet Mfg. Co., Inc., Gardena

Cosway Co., Inc., Carson

Cosway Company, Inc., Gardena

Cotton Knit Trading, Inc., Compton

Coy Industries, Inc., El Rancho Domingo

CPD Enterprises, Inc., Compton

CRD Machining, Los Angeles

Crestec USA, Inc., Torrance

Crossfield Products Corp., Compton

Crown Crafts Infant Products, Inc., Compton

CST Power and Construction, Inc., Gardena

Custom Displays, Inc., Gardena

CWD, LLC, Carson

D & D Plastics Inc., Gardena

D-1280-X, Inc., Wilmington

Da Rue Of California, Inc., Gardena

Dameron Alloy Foundries, Inc., Compton

Dan's Machine Works Inc., Compton

DCX-CHOL Enterprises, Inc., Los Angeles

Decor Plating, Inc., Gardena

Delta Packaging Products, Los Angeles

Dermalogica, LLC, Carson

Designed Metal Connections, Inc., Gardena

Di Paolo Wire & Steelcraft, Compton

Diagnolab, Inc., Torrance

Diamond Mattress, Inc., Rancho Dominguez

Dieform Engineering, LLC, Los Angeles

Diema, Gardena

Diversified Crating and Packaging, Inc., Gardena

DJM Suspension, Gardena

DMC Power, Inc., Carson

DNA Specialty, Inc., Compton

Doringer Mfg. Co., Gardena

Ducommun AeroStructures, Inc., Gardena

Ducommun Incorporated, Santa Ana

Duro-Sense Corporation, Carson

Dynamex Corp., Carson

E & A Pallet Co., Gardena

E & A Pallet Co., Gardena

E R A Products, Inc., Gardena

E R C Co., Compton

E. V. Roberts, Carson

Ed Iskenderian Racing Cams, Gardena

Eda Metal Supply, Inc., Carson

Edmund Kim International, Inc., Compton

Electronic Balancing Co., Wilmington

Electronic Stamping Corporation, Rancho Dominguez

Electronic Systems Packaging, LLC, Rancho Dominguez

ELRO Manufacturing Company, Gardena

EME, Inc., Compton

Empire Packaging & Displays, Carson

En Pointe Technologies, Inc, Gardena

Epsilon Plastics, Inc., Compton

Essilor Laboratories of America, Inc., Compton

Eternal Star Corp., Los Angeles

Excalibur Fine Furniture Mfg., Los Angeles

Excellon Automation Co., Rancho Dominguez

Expanded Rubber and Plastics Corporation, Rancho Dominguez

Express Graphics, Gardena

F.C. Kingston Co., Torrance

Farlight LLC, Wilmington

Farmer Bros. Co., Torrance

Fastenal Co., Los Angeles

Fastener Innovation Technology, Inc., Compton

Fitzmark, Inc., Compton

Fleetwood Continental, Inc., Compton

Flo-Kem, Inc., Compton

Florence Filter Corporation, Compton

Flowserve Corp., Compton

FMF Racing, Compton

Foam Fabricators, Inc., Compton

Foil Place, Gardena

Forming Specialties, Inc., Compton

Foster Poultry Farms, Compton

Franjean's Flag Specialty, Gardena

Fresh Start Vitamin Co., Carson

Frontier Technologies, Gardena

FS - Precision Tech Co., LLC, Compton

Fujimoto's Aquarium & Stands, Inc., Gardena

G C Aero Flexible Circuitry, Carson

G P Assocs., Inc., Compton

G V M R, Inc., Wilmington

Gardena Specialized Processing, Inc., Gardena

Gasket Manufacturing Co., Gardena

General Imaging Co., Gardnea

General Mills, Inc., Carson

Genexus International, Inc., Torrance

German Machined Products, Inc., Gardena

Giovanni Cosmetics, Inc., Rancho Dominguez

Global Billiard Mfg. Co., Inc., Carson

Global Fitness, Inc., Gardena

Gloria Lance, Inc., Gardena

GMB North America, Inc., Carson

Golf Apparel Brands, Inc., Los Angeles

Gordon Laboratories, Inc., Carson

Gourmet Foods, Inc., Rancho Dominguez

GP Design Inc., Compton

Grand General Accessories Manufacturing Inc., Rancho Dominguez

Graphic Prints, Inc., Compton

Great Lakes Material Mfg. Co., Gardena

Grid Controls, Inc., Los Angeles

Grow More, Inc., Gardena

H & C Headwear, Inc., Carson

H & L Marine Woodwork, Inc., Compton

H V B Machine Service, Gardena

Hamilton Iron Works, Inc., Torrance

Hamilton Technology Corp., Gardena

Hammond Power Solutions, Inc., Compton

Hands Electronic Assembly, LLC, Gardena

HannahMax Baking, Inc., Gardena

Hansen Iron Works, Inc., Karel, Gardena

Hansen's Welding, Inc., Gardena

Harbil Industries, Inc., Compton

Hawaiian Host Candies of L.A. Inc., Gardena

Headwest, Inc., Compton

Health Care Integrated School Based Health, Compton

Helicopter Technology Co., Los Angeles

Henkel Corp., Compton

Henkel Corp., Compton

Heritage International (USA) Inc., Compton

Herron Grinding, Inc., Gardena

HF Group, Inc., Compton

Hi-Craft Metal Products, Gardena

His Life Woodworks, Gardena

Holdridge Mfg. Co., Inc., Gardena

Hollywood Engineering, Inc., Los Angeles

Howard Engineering Corp., Los Angeles

Howard's Aluminum Rods, Los Angeles

Hubbard Casting Co., Inc., Gardena

Hydroform USA Incorporated, Carson

I L C O Industries, Compton

I. Shay Cosmetics, Inc., Gardena

Idea Tooling & Engineering, Inc., Carson

Ideal Thread & Gage Co., Inc., Dominguez Hills

IDX System Technology, Inc., Torrance

ILCO Tube Bending, Inc., Compton

Image Solutions Apparel, Inc., Torrance

Impak Corp., Los Angeles

Impresa Aerospace, LLC, Gardena

Industrial Precision Grinding, Carson

Industrial Tectonics Bearings Corporation, Compton

Industrial Valco, Inc., Compton

Infratech, LLC, Gardena

Innovative Systems, Compton

International Composites Technologies, Inc., Compton

International Die Casting, Inc., Gardena

International Paper Co., Carson

International Steel Service Corp., Los Angeles

IPS Corporation, Compton

Ital Art Design, Rancho Dominguez

J & A Shoe Co., Gardena

J & S, Inc., Gardena

J K Star Corp., Los Angeles

J T Designs, LLC, Compton

J. L. Furnishings LLC, Compton

Jarden Corporation, Carson

Jayne Products, Inc., Carson

JBI, LLC., Long Beach

JCI Jones Chemicals, Inc., Torrance

Jimway, Inc., Compton

John Tillman & Co., Compton

Johnson Laminating & Coating, Carson

Jonathan Louis International, Gardena

Juanita's Foods, Wilmington

JVC Kenwood USA Corp., Long Beach

K Source, Inc., Compton

K T's Kitchens, Inc., Carson

Karrior Electric Vehicles, Inc., Gardena

Kawai America Corp., Rancho Dominguez

Kellogg Supply, Inc., Carson

Ken's Spray Equipment, Inc., Compton

Kik Wear Industries, Inc., Gardena

Kim & Sung Apparel Resources, Inc., Gardena

King's Hawaiian Holding Company, Inc., Torrance

Kingsbury Uniforms, Inc., Torrance

KMR Label LLC, Compton

Koam Knitech, Inc., Gardena

Kraco Enterprises, LLC, Compton

KW International, Inc., Carson

Kwik Cutting & Grinding, Inc., Compton

L & L Tool & Die, Gardena

L G V Coupling, Compton

L J R Grinding Corp., Gardena

L P J Aerospace, LLC, Carson

Label Service, Inc., Torrance

Laclede, Inc., Rancho Dominguez

Lance Mfg. Co., Inc., Gardena

Lane-Aire Mfg. Corp., Long Beach

Lean 5S Products LLC, Carson

Lee Bros. Truck Body, Inc., Gardena

Lekos Dye & Finishing, Rancho Dominguez

LeMeur Mfg. Co., Wilmington

Leos Vision Graphics, Inc., Gardena

Lets Do Lunch, Gardena

Letterhead Factory & Printing Press, The, Carson

Library Reproduction Service (LRS), Los Angeles

Lipoco Enterprises, Inc., Gardena

Lite Extrusions Manufacturing Inc., Gardena

Little Brothers Bakery, LLC, Gardena

Lobostar, Inc., Gardena

Long Beach Shavings Co., Inc., Long Beach

Long-Lok Fasteners Corporation, Carson

Lonseal, Inc., Carson

Los Angeles Plastics Corp., Compton

Luggage America, Inc., Carson

Lynwood Pattern Service, Inc., Compton

M & M Book Bindery, Torrance

M N M Mfg., Inc., Compton

Machine Dynamics Precision Machining, Gardena

Magnadyne Corp., Compton

Magnesium Alloy Products Co., Compton

Major Brass Foundry, Inc., Gardena

Malco Mfg. Corp., Los Angeles

Mariak Industries, Inc., Rancho Dominguez

Marine Fenders International, Inc., Wilmington

Marine Printing, Wilmington

Marine Technical Services Inc., Wilmington

Mark IV Metal Products, Inc., Gardena

Mark-Costello Co., Carson

Marroquin Industries, Los Angeles

Mars Air Systems, Gardena

Martin-Chandler, Inc., Gardena

Maruso USA, Inc., Compton

Matel Mfg., Inc., Gardena

Matterhorn Filter Corp., Gardena

Maverick Desk, Inc., Gardena

Max Moulding, Inc., Los Angeles

Maya Steel Fabrication, Inc., Gardena

Mazak Corporation, Gardena

McKenna Engineering & Equipment Co., Inc., Carson

Mechanical Metal Finishing Co., Inc., Gardena

Metalfab, Compton

Metco Manufacturing, Inc., Gardena

Metro Truck Body, Inc., Torrance

MGT Industries, Inc., Los Angeles

Midmark Corp., Torrance

Millennium Industrial Tire, Gardena

Mills Iron Works, Inc., Gardena

Moa Moa, Inc., Compton

Modern Concepts, Inc., Compton

Montage Mfg., Gardena

Moonlight Molds, Inc., Gardena

Moretti's Design Collection, Inc., Carson

Morrell's Electro-Plating, Inc., Compton

Motion Industries, Inc., Gardena

Mountain Water Ice Co., Carson

MPS Industries, Inc., Gardena

Mr. Hose, Inc., Carson

Multiquip, Inc., Carson

Murrey International, Los Angeles

Mutual Liquid Gas & Equipment Co., Inc., Gardena

Nalco Co., Long Beach

Narayan Corporation, Gardena

Nasco Aircraft Brake, Inc., Gardena

NBTY, Inc., Carson

Nefab Packaging North East, LLC, Compton

New Fashion Productions, Los Angeles

New Fishall Bait Co., Gardena

Newport Apparel Corp., Compton

Nissan North America, Inc., Torrance

Noratel Power Engineering, Carson

Norco Industries, Inc., Compton

Northrop Grumman Mission Systems, Carson

Nova Distinctive Floors, Carson

Nova Ortho Medical, Inc., Carson

O.T.Y., Inc., Gardena

Oberthur Technologies Of America Corp., Compton

OP Products, Inc., Carson

Optex Incorporated, Compton

Optodyne, Inc., Rancho Dominguez

Oriental Motor U.S.A. Corp., Torrance

Owens Corning, Compton

P & B Mfg., Gardena

P V C Tech Corp., Compton

Pacific Artglass Corp., Gardena

Pacific Continental Textiles, Inc., Compton

Pacific Fibre & Rope Co., Inc., Wilmington

Pacific Seafood, Wilmington

Pacific Toll Processing, Inc., Carson

Pacifica Chemical, Inc., Carson

Paco Steel & Engineering, Compton

PacParts Inc., Torrance

Palo Verde Footwear, Carson

Pan Pacific Yarn, Inc., Rancho Dominguez

Panoramic Mfg. Co., Inc., Compton

Paradigm Industries, Inc., Los Angeles

Paramount Forge, Inc., Wilmington

Park Steel Co., Compton

Parker-Hannifin Corporation, Long Beach

Parrish's Cake Decorating Supplies, Inc., Gardena

Parter Medical Products, Inc., Carson

Pepsi-Cola Metropolitan Bottling Company, Inc., Carson

Performance Composites, Inc., Compton

Permalite, Inc., Gardena

Pervan Industries, Compton

Peter Pepper Products, Inc., Compton

Peterson Spinning & Stamping, Inc., Los Angeles

Phillips Hosiery Co., Gardena

Phototron, Gardena

Pioneer Electronics (USA), Inc., Long Beach

Plaskolite West, Inc., Compton

Plastiglide, Rancho Dominguez

Plex-Art, Inc., Los Angeles

Polar Power, Inc., Carson

Potential Industries, Inc., Wilmington

Pottery Manufacturing & Distributing, Inc., Gardena

Power Engineering & Equipment, Rancho Dominguez

Praxair, Inc., Wilmington

Praxair, Inc., Compton

Premiere Printing Graphics, Gardena

Prime Wheel Corporation, Gardena

Pro-Com Sheet Metal, Inc., Gardena

Progressive Tool & Die, Inc., Gardena

Proma, Inc., Carson

PSM Industries, Inc., Los Angeles

Pulse Research Lab, Torrance

Puratos Corporation, Compton

Puritan Bakery, Inc., Carson

Qual-Pro Corporation, Gardena

Quality Magnetics Corporation, Carson

Qualy Pak Specialty Foods, Inc., Wilmington

R & M Pallets Inc., Los Angeles

R C A Fiberglass Mfg., Compton

R N J Printing Corp., Compton

R O A Tool, Inc., Los Angeles

R S K Tool, Inc., Compton

R. R. Donnelley & Sons Co., Torrance

Radiology Support Devices, Inc., Long Beach

RDS Wire & Cable, Inc., Gardena

Ready Welder Corp., Wilmington

Redman Equipment & Manufacturing Company, Torrance

Related Metal Fabrication, Inc., Los Angeles

Research Tool & Die Works, Carson

Rhinotek Digital Imaging Supplies,Inc., Compton

Richwell Steel Co., Inc., Gardena

Richwood Surface Technologies, Gardena

Robert Kaufman Co., Los Angeles

Roberts & Son, Inc., J. J., Gardena

Robertson Equipment, Wilmington

Robinson Textiles, Inc., Gardena

Robinson/Kirshbaum Industries, Inc., Gardena

Robize Tires, Compton

Room Service Mfg., Gardena

Rotary Technologies Corp., Compton

Rotational Molding, Inc., Gardena

Royal-Pedic Mattress Mfg., Wilmington

Rubin & Sons, Inc., Jack, Compton

Ruggeri Marble & Granite, Inc., Wilmington

S & K Plating, Inc., Compton

S & W Diesel, Inc., Wilmington

S K Graphics Printing, Carson

S L Vitamin Mfr., Gardena

S. L. Fusco, Inc., Rancho Dominguez

San Pedro Electric Sign Co., Wilmington

Santa Monica Seafood, Rancho Dominguez

Santhon Co., Tino, Los Angeles

Sardo Bus & Coach Upholstery, Gardena

SCB Distributors, Inc., Gardena

Scepko Tube Swaging Machining, Rancho Dominguez

Schlobohm Co., Inc., Rancho Dominguez

Scigen Scientific, Inc., Gardena

SCORE American Soccer Co., Inc., Wilmington

Scotch Paint Corp., Gardena

Scottex Inc., Los Angeles

Seachrome Corporation, Long Beach

Sepor, Inc., Wilmington

Serra Manufacturing Corporation, Compton

Servexo Protective Services, Gardena

Severn Trent Services, Inc., Torrance

Shahrooz, Inc., Gardena

Shalon Drum Co., Inc., Los Angeles

Shark Corp., Carson

Shell Los Angeles Refinery, Wilmington

Shercon, Inc., Rancho Dominguez

Shoprider Healthcare, Inc., Carson

Sierra Cheese Mfg. Co., Inc., Compton

Sigla Furniture Corp., Los Angeles

Signature Flexible Packaging, Inc., Carson

Silla Import & Export, Inc., Compton

Simso-Tex, LLC, East Rancho Dominguez

Skeels & Co., Robert, Carson

Skulsky Machinery Sales, Inc., Gardena

Smittybilt Automotive Group, Inc., Compton

Solid Scope Machining Co., Carson

Sonora Mills Foods, Inc., East Rancho Dominguez

South Bay Designs, Wilmington

Southend Janitorial Supply, Inc., Los Angeles

Southwestern Industries, Inc., Rancho Dominguez

Specialty Surface Grinding, Inc., Los Angeles

Spectrum Laboratory Products, Inc., Gardena

Spectrum Plating Co., Los Angeles

Spectrum, Inc., Rancho Dominguez

Spring Pedic Mattress Manufacturer, Compton

SPS Technologies, LLC, Gardena

SSB Manufacturing Company, Compton

St. Louis Bearing, Inc., Wilmington

Standard Homeopathic Co., Los Angeles

Standard Metals Recycling, Long Beach

Standard Wire & Cable Co., Rancho Dominguez

Stanford Mu Corporation, Carson

Star Fisheries, Inc., Wilmington

Starled, Inc., Carson

Starr Enterprise, Carson

Statement Shirts, Gardena

Steel Products International, Los Angeles

Stellar Products, Inc., Los Angeles

Stepstone, Inc., Gardena

Stop Technologies, LLC, Compton

StopTech, LLC, Compton

Studio Moulding, Inc., Carson

Sunset Printing Co., Inc., Gardena

Surco Products, Inc., Los Angeles

Swan Fence, Inc., Compton

Swift Fab, Gardena

Swisstex California, Inc., Los Angeles

System Supply Stationery Corp., Carson

Systems Wire & Cable Ltd., Los Angeles

T & F Sheet Metal Fabrication & Machining, Inc., Gardena

T M W Engineering, Inc., Gardena

Tabletops Unlimited, Inc., Carson

Tag Toys, Compton

Tajima America Corp., Rancho Dominguez

Tatung Co. Of America, Inc., Long Beach

TCI Precision Metals, Gardena

TDA Magnetics LLC, Rancho Dominguez

Team Mfg., Inc., Rancho Dominguez

Techmer PM, Inc., Rancho Dominguez

Tekma, Compton

Tenneco Automotive Operating Company Inc., Long Beach

Texollini, Inc., Long Beach

The Boeing Company, Carson

The Closet Factory, Los Angeles

The Foam Factory, Inc., Compton

The Plumbers Warehouse, Carson

The Pro Design Group, Inc., Gardena

The Young American Bindery, Rancho Dominguez

Thermally Engineered Manufactured Products, Inc., Gardena

Thorock Metals, Inc., Compton

Tnemec Company, Inc., Compton

Toro Aire, Compton

Total Apparel, Inc., Los Angeles

Tower Steel Corp., Compton

Trackstar Printing, Inc., Rancho Dominguez

Trans World Alloys, Gardena

Transamerican Auto Parts, Compton

Tridus International, Inc., Compton

Tru-Cut, Inc., Gardena

Tubular Specialties Mfg., Inc., Los Angeles

Turner Precision, Gardena

U. S. Air Tool Co., Inc., Compton

U.S. Auto Parts Network, Inc., Carson

UFP Technologies, Inc., Compton

UltraSonic Cleaning, Inc., Carson

Unisource Distribution Division, Los Angeles

United Bakery Equipment Co., Inc., Rancho Dominguez

United Pacific Industries, Inc., Carson

Universal Surface Technology, Inc., Los Angeles

V & M Plating Co., Los Angeles

Valero Refining Co., Wilmington

Valmont Coatings, Inc., Long Beach

Vandenberg Printing, Wilmington

Vanitas Manufacturers, Inc., Carson

Vermeer Pacific, LLC, Compton

Versa Products, Los Angeles

Versafab Corp., Gardena

Victory Display & Store Fixture Mfg. Co., Gardena

Vinotemp International Corporation, Compton

Vision Envelope & Printing Co., Inc., Los Angeles

Vision Industries Corp., Torrance

Vista Coatings, Inc., Compton

W L S Coatings, Inc., Los Angeles

Wallstrong Trailers, Inc., Gardena

Walters Wholesale Electric Co., Compton

Washington Ornamental Iron Works, Inc., Gardena

Watson Land Company, Carson

Wavenet, Inc., Rancho Dominguez

Weber Printing Co., Inc., Carson

Weckerle Cosmetics USA, Carson

WendySue & Tobey's, Gardena

West Basin Municipal Water District, Carson

West Coast Aerospace, Inc., Wilmington

West Coast Laboratories, Inc., Gardena

West Wood Products, Inc., Compton

Westcoast Rotor, Inc., Gardena

Western Combustion Engineering, Inc., Carson

Western Shield Acquisitions LLC, Rancho Dominguez

Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA), Torrance

Western Tube & Conduit Corp., Long Beach

Western Wood Turning, Inc., Compton

Wetzel Moreau Engineering Co., Carson

Whaling Packaging Co., Carson

Wilmington Instrument Co., Wilmington

Wilmington Iron Works, Wilmington

Wilmington Woodworks, Wilmington

Wilson Supply Co., Compton

Windline Marine, Gardena

Wyrefab, Inc., Gardena

Zada Graphics, Inc., Los Angeles

Zurn Industries, LLC, Gardena