Lorena Gonzalez Assembly District 80, Democrat


Term limit: 2024


Personal data

Capitol office
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 319-2080
Fax: (916) 319-2180

District voter registration
Democrat: 46%
Republican: 39%
Other: 15%

District makeup
The Mexican border on the south and the Arizona border on the east, encompassing all of Imperial County; the lightly populated eastern portion of Riverside County beginning at Blythe, and moving west along Interstate Highway 10 through Joshua Tree National Park and into the desert communities of Coachella, Indio, La Quinta, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, Cathedral City, Desert Hot Springs and Cabazon.

Source: California Target Book


261 manufacturers in AD 80. CMTA members are highlighted

3D Robotics Inc., Berkeley

A & E Textile Recovery, Inc., San Ysidro

Activewear Garment Manufacturing Inc., Chula Vista

Adept Process Services, Inc., National City

Advance Plastics, National City

Advanced Machining Solutions, Inc., Chula Vista

Advanced Metal Forming, San Diego

AKER International, Inc., Chula Vista

All American Plastic & Packing, National City

Alliance Air Products, LLC, San Diego

Allied Piping & Welding, Inc., National City

American Biologics, Chula Vista

American Design, Inc., Chula Vista

American Frame Mfg. Co., San Diego

American Metal Filter Co., Chula Vista

American Rigging & Supply, Inc., San Diego

Anytime Signs Solutions, Inc., Chula Vista

AP Precision Metals, Inc., San Diego

Appliance Parts Center, Inc., National City

Aqualarm, Chula Vista

Artifacts International, Inc., Chula Vista

Atlas Chemical, Inc., San Diego

Autoliv ASP, Inc., San Diego

Aztec Printing, National City

B & I Fender Trims, Inc., San Diego

Back Bay USA Inc., Chula Vista

BAE Systems San Diego Ship Repair Inc., San Diego

Baja Onyx International, San Ysidro

Banian Trading Co. (USA), Chula Vista

Barrett Engineering, Inc., San Diego

Bastan Corp., Chula Vista

Bay City Marine, Inc., National City

Bellama Custom Metal Fabricators, Inc., Chula Vista

Box Express, Inc., San Diego

C N C Mfg., Inc., San Diego

Cabinetry Design, Chula Vista

Cal Plastics & Metals, Chula Vista

California Air Compressor Co., National City

California Golden Signs & Banners, Chula Vista

California Industrial Fabrics, San Diego

California Plating, Inc., Chula Vista

Canvas Concepts, Inc., Chula Vista

Carlson & Beauloye Air Power, Inc., San Diego

Carlson & Beauloye Machine Shop, Inc., San Diego

Carrol Metal Works, Inc., National City

Century Wheel & Rim, San Ysidro

Cerama-Tech International, San Ysidro

Champion Wood Specialties, San Diego

Chandler Enterprises, San Diego

Chick's Electric Motor Service, San Diego

Coca-Cola Bottling-San Diego, San Diego

Continental Leather Fashions, San Diego

Continental Maritime Industries, Inc., San Diego

Courington Woodworks, Chula Vista

CP Kelco, San Diego

CP Manufacturing, Inc., San Diego

CPP Printing & Direct Mail Marketing, National City

Creative Kitchen Specialty Food, Inc., National City

Crest Offset Printing Co., National City

Crower Engineering & Sales Co. Inc., San Diego

Crydom, Inc., San Diego

Cuban Cigar Factory, Inc., San Diego

Custom Cabs, Inc., San Diego

De France Printing Co., National City

Delphinus Engineering, Inc., Chula Vista

Denrich Press, Inc., San Diego

Diego & Son Printing, Inc., San Diego

Dima-Tech, Inc., National City

Dimensional Silk Screen, Inc., San Diego

Downtown Copy & Print, Chula Vista

Drapery Mfr., National City

Ehmcke Sheet Metal Corp., National City

El Dorado Sandblasting Co., San Diego

El Latino Newspaper, Chula Vista

Eldema Products, San Diego

Electronic Assembly Center, Inc., Chula Vista

Energy Labs, Inc., San Diego

Fabrication Technologies Industries, Inc., National City

Family Loompya Corp., National City

Fastenal Co., Chula Vista

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc., San Diego

Franco Whole Foods, San Diego

Fraser's Boiler Service, Inc., National City

Friedheim Tool Co., National City

G V Industries, Inc., National City

G. V. Industries, Inc., National City

Gary Manufacturing, Inc., National City

General Dynamics - NASSCO, San Diego

General Dynamics Corp., San Diego

George G. Sharp, Inc., Chula Vista

Georgia-Pacific LLC, National City

Gold Belt Line, Inc., Chula Vista

Golden Image Window Coverings, National City

Graphix Signs & Banners, Chula Vista

H & M Wrought Iron Factory, Inc., Chula Vista

Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc., Chula Vista

Harcon Precision Metals, Inc., San Diego

Harvest Meat Co., Inc., National City

Hayes Bolt & Supply, Inc., San Diego

Health Advances USA, Chula Vista

Heartland Meat Co., Inc., Chula Vista

Heating & Cooling Supply, LLC, San Diego

Hector's Print Shop, Chula Vista

Holiday Foliage, Inc., San Diego

Honeywell Safety Products, San Diego

Huyky Co., Dieu, San Diego

Hyperbaric Technologies, Inc., National City

Identity Plus, National City

IMS Recycling Services, Inc., San Diego

Indu Fashions, National City

Industrial Polishing Services, Inc., San Diego

Inspec Testing, Inc., National City

Integrated Marine Services, Inc., Chula Vista

International Sign Co., Inc., Chula Vista

Interra Energy, Inc., National City

Jacobs Engine Rebuilding, National City

Jensen Meat Co., Inc., San Diego

Johnson Matthey, Inc., San Diego

Kaman Industrial Technologies Corp., San Diego

Kieran Label Corp., San Diego

Knight & Carver Yacht Center, Inc., National City

Kojima America, Inc., San Diego

L G B, Inc., San Diego

L. C. Turbo, Inc., Chula Vista

La Prensa San Diego, Chula Vista

Lamar Space, Inc., San Diego

Lamkin Corp., San Diego

Lee Cabinet, Chula Vista

Legacy Digital Graphics, Chula Vista

Legendary Holdings, Inc., San Diego

Leon Office Products, Inc., San Diego

Lil Bitty Tester, Inc., San Diego

Lyon Technologies, Inc., Chula Vista

Major Scientific Industries, San Diego

Marine & Restaurant Fabricators, San Diego

Maritime Solutions, LLC, San Diego

Mask U. S., Inc., Chula Vista

MI Technologies Inc., San Diego

Microwave Solutions, Inc., National City

Miteject, Inc., National City

Montbleau & Associates, Inc., San Diego

Motivational Systems, Inc., National City

Motor Works, Inc., National City

Mr. Neon, Inc., San Diego

Mylyn Fashion, National City

National City Chamber of Commerce, National City

National Steel & Metals, Inc., San Diego

New Century Press, Chula Vista

Next Day Printed Tees, Inc., Chula Vista

NLP Furniture Industries, Inc., San Diego

No Second Thoughts, Inc., San Diego

Noble Environmental Technologies Corp., San Diego

Norman Mfg., R. S., San Diego

Northwest Circuits, San Diego

Nypro San Diego, Inc., Chula Vista

O & S California, Inc., San Diego

Oceans West Marine & Industrial Supply, Inc., San Diego

Oldcastle Precast, Inc., San Diego

One Source Automation, Inc., Chula Vista

Pacific Marine Propellers, San Diego

Pacific Maritime Industries Corp., San Diego

Pacific Mfg., Inc., San Diego

Pacific Ship Repair & Fabrication, Inc., San Diego

Pacific Yacht Refitters, Inc., San Diego

Packing & Seals, Inc., National City

Panasonic Corp. Of North America, San Diego

Panda Golf, Inc., Bonita

Parker-Hannifin Corporation, San Diego

Pars Industries, Inc., San Diego

Pauter Machine Co., Inc., Chula Vista

PDQ Precision, Inc., National City

Pec Of America Corp., San Diego

Performance Label International, Inc., San Diego

Performance Plastics, Inc., San Diego

PK Industries, Inc., San Diego

Plenums Plus, Chula Vista

Power Printing Corp., San Diego

Power-Sonic Corp., San Diego

Praxair Distribution, Inc., San Diego

Premium Nut, Inc., Chula Vista

Prestige Stone, San Diego

Prochem Specialty Products, Inc., National City

Quality Cabinets & Fixture Co., Inc., San Diego

Reid & Clark Screen Arts Co., Inc., San Diego

Reliable Pipe Supply Co., San Diego

Reliance Metal Center, National City

Remcor Technical Industries, San Diego

Respiratory Support Products, San Diego

Rivas Mfg., Chula Vista

Rock West Composites, Inc., San Diego

Romaine Electric Corp., Chula Vista

Romla Co., San Diego

Rossin Steel, Inc., San Diego

RPM Welding, Inc., San Diego

S & S Bakery, Inc., San Diego

SA Recycling, LLC, San Diego

Sams Electronic Technologies, Chula Vista

SAMWHA USA, Inc., San Diego

San Diego Aircraft Interiors, Inc., National City

San Diego Frame Mfg. Co., Inc., Chula Vista

San Diego Galvanizing, Inc., San Diego

San Diego Neighborhood Newspapers, Inc., Chula Vista

San Diego Plastics, Inc., National City

San Diego Stage & Lighting Supply, Inc., San Diego

San Diego Vista Steel Service, San Diego

San Diego Wood Preserving, National City

Sandpiper Of California, Inc., Chula Vista

SANYO North America Corp., San Diego

SCOPe Orthotics & Prosthetics, Inc., Chula Vista

Screen Machine, Inc., San Diego

Seiton California Corp., San Diego

Signtech Electrical Advertising, Inc., San Diego

SMK Electronics Corporation, U.S.A., Chula Vista

South Bay Salt Works, Chula Vista

South County Economic Development Council, Chula Vista

Southern California Plating Co., San Diego

Southland Clutch, Inc., National City

Southland Laundry Systems, National City

Southwest Products LLC, San Diego

Spec-Built Systems, Inc., San Diego

Squires-Belt Material Co., San Diego

SSCO Mfg., Inc., San Diego

StainEraser, Inc., San Diego

Stanford Sign & Awning, Inc., Chula Vista

Stark Mfg. Co., Chula Vista

Steelcase Inc., San Diego

Stoody Industrial & Welding Supply, Inc., San Diego

Superior Blinds & More, Chula Vista

Syd's Signs, Chula Vista

T Bird Muffler Shop, National City

Tarantino Wholesale Food Distributors, San Diego

TDK-Lambda Americas, Inc., National City

Tecnico Corp., National City

The Box Company, Inc., San Diego

Tijuana Economic Development Corporation, San Diego

Tipsy Elves LLC, San Diego

Tod Tool, Inc., National City

Toleeto Fasteners International, Inc., Chula Vista

Tortilleria Santa Fe, Inc., Chula Vista

Tracks Publishing, Chula Vista

Triple K Mfg. Co., San Diego

Truitt Machine & Fabrication, Chula Vista

Universal Steel Fabrication, Inc., National City

US Joiner LLC, San Diego

US/Mex Mfg. Corp., National City

UTC Aerospace Systems, Aerostructures, Chula Vista

Va-Tran Systems, Inc., Chula Vista

Vantage Associates Inc., National City

Vcella Kilns, Inc., Chula Vista

Videotel Inc., Chula Vista

Visual Pak Co., San Diego

Walashek Industrial & Marine, Chula Vista

Watson Laminates, LLC, San Diego

West C N C, Inc., Jack, Chula Vista

WestAir Gases & Equipment, Inc., San Diego

Westech Metal Fabrication, Inc., San Diego

Western Bay Sheet Metal & Marine, Inc., El Cajon

Western Hoist, Inc., National City

Whalen LLC, San Diego

Woodcrafters, Chula Vista

Zahava Group, Inc., San Diego