Matthew Harper Assembly District 74, Republican


Term limit: 2026


Personal data

Capitol office
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 319-2074
Fax: (916) 319-2174

District voter registration
Democrat: 29%
Republican: 46%
Other: 25%

District makeup
Encompasses the San Diego County coastal communities of Carlsbad, Encinitas, Solana Beach, Del Mar, a sliver (2%) of Oceanside and a piece (7,300 people) of San Diego; moving inland to encompass Vista, San Marcos and most (58%) of Escondido.

Source: California Target Book


489 manufacturers in AD 74. CMTA members are highlighted

3D Carbon, Newport Beach

3M ESPE, Irvine

3M Orthopedics Products, Irvine

3M/Dental Products Division, Irvine

A & S Printing & Copy, Costa Mesa

A-Z Mfg., Inc., Santa Ana

Action Gear & Broaching, Inc., Costa Mesa

Adaptive Digital Systems Inc., Newport Beach

Advanced Conservation Technology Distribution, Inc., Costa Mesa

Advanced Marketing & Distribution, Inc., Irvine

Advanced Thermal Products, Inc., Irvine

Advanced Visual Image Design, LLC, Irvine

Affiliations Unlimited, Inc., Irvine

Affinity Medical Technologies, LLC, Costa Mesa

Alcon Laboratories, Inc., Irvine

Allergan, Inc., Irvine

ALLREDY Products & Promotional Items, Costa Mesa

Aloha Printing, Costa Mesa

Alpha Graphics, Irvine

American International Trading, Costa Mesa

American Reprographics Co., Irvine

American Vanguard Corporation, Newport Beach

American Wire & Electronics, Costa Mesa

Ametek, Inc., Irvine

Amtex Mfg. & Supply Co., Inc., Costa Mesa

Anabolic Inc., Irvine

Anita G., Inc., Costa Mesa

Approved Aeronautics, LLC, Newport Beach

Aqua Tech Waterjet & Precision Fabrication, Costa Mesa

Aquatec International, Inc., Irvine

Argyle International, Inc., Irvine

Armada Skis, Inc., Costa Mesa

Armite Laboratories, Costa Mesa

Aspen Medical Products, Irvine

Associated Ready-Mix Concrete, Inc., Newport Beach

AtheroNova, Inc., Irvine

Audio Science, Inc., Costa Mesa

Audioquest, Irvine

Avaya Inc., Irvine

B & W Engineering Corp., Costa Mesa

B C Doering Co., Costa Mesa

Backward Circle, Irvine

Bacon Industries, Inc., Irvine

Baier Marine Company, Inc., Costa Mesa

Baird Printing, Newport Beach

Baker Cabinet Co., Costa Mesa

Barrot Corporation, Irvine

Basin Marine, Inc., Newport Beach

Baxter Healthcare Corp., Irvine

Bay Ornamental Iron, Inc., Costa Mesa

Bayhawk Ales, Inc., Irvine

Beach Diamond Blade, Inc., Huntington Beach

Beach Drapery Service, Inc., Irvine

Bien Air, Irvine

Bio-Medical Devices, Inc., Irvine

Biodot, Inc., Irvine

Biomedical Market Newsletter, Inc., Irvine

Biomerica, Inc., Irvine

Biosynthetic Technologies, Irvine

Blackman Ltd., Newport Beach

Blinn & Young Inc., Costa Mesa

Blue Sphere, Inc., Costa Mesa

Boral Roofing, Irvine

Bowman & Assocs., Inc., Mel, Costa Mesa

Braille Signs, Inc., Irvine

Brinderson L. P., Irvine

Brothers International Desserts, Inc., Irvine

Brower Systems, Inc., Costa Mesa

BSH Home Appliances Corporation, Irvine

Building Maintenance of Tomorrow, LLC, Costa Mesa

Busch & Associates, Ltd., Newport Beach

C & H Hydraulic, Newport Beach

C C I Industries, Costa Mesa

C M Common Ground, Inc., Newport Beach

C P Technologies, Inc., Irvine

C S S Laboratories, Inc., Irvine

C'est Si Bon Bakery, Newport Beach

C-Fab, Inc., Costa Mesa

C. Brewer Co., Irvine

C2 Imaging, Costa Mesa

California Blimps, Costa Mesa

California Film Extruders & Converters Association, Newport Beach

Calor Apparel Group International, Newport Beach

CALTEX Scientific, Irvine

Cam-Tech, Irvine

Caplee Corp., Irvine

Cartel Industries, LLC, Irvine

CDS Office Products, Costa Mesa

Ceradyne, Inc., Costa Mesa

Certance LLC, Irvine

Cheek Engineering and Stamping Inc., Irvine

Chromatic Labels, Irvine

City of Huntington Beach, Huntington Beach

City of Newport Beach, Newport Beach

Clean Energy Fuels Corp., Newport Beach

ClearWin Technologies, Irvine

Clinical Formula, LLC, Newport Beach

Cloud Star Corp., Newport Beach

Club Sportswear, Inc., Costa Mesa

CMS Products, Inc., Irvine

CMT Sheet Metal, Irvine

CNA Insurance, Irvine

Coast Sheet Metal, Inc., Costa Mesa

Coast To Coast Copy, Newport Beach

Coastline Micro, Inc., Irvine

Coiltech, Inc., Costa Mesa

ColorGraphics, Inc., Costa Mesa

Commerce Energy Group, Costa Mesa

Computer Assisted Manufacturing Technology Corporation, Irvine

CompuVac Industries, Inc., Fountain Valley

Conexant Systems, Inc., Irvine

Conrad Accounting, Irvine

Consumer Healthcare/Pfizer Inc, Irvine

Cooper Microelectronics, Inc., Irvine

Corporate Awards, Inc., Irvine

Corporate Motivators, Inc., Costa Mesa

Corsair Electrical Connectors, Inc., Irvine

Costa Mesa Chamber of Commerce, Costa Mesa

Coursen Coating Labs, Inc., Newport Beach

CP Carrillo, LLC, Irvine

CP Medical, Inc., Huntington Beach

Crossport MOCEAN, Inc., Costa Mesa

Crystaliner Corp., Costa Mesa

CS Electronics, Irvine

Curry Tool Co., Inc., Costa Mesa

Custom Tooling & Automation, Inc., Costa Mesa

Cyberspace Promo, Inc., Irvine

Da'kine Foods, Newport Beach

Dane-Elec Corp. USA, Irvine

Danmar Percussion Products, North Hollywood

Dart Container Corporation, Irvine

David B. Dimitruk, Attorney at Law, Irvine

DB Studios, Irvine

Dee Engineering, Inc., Costa Mesa

Del Mar Avionics, LLC, Irvine

Delphi Display Systems, Inc., Costa Mesa

Diamond Sign Co., Costa Mesa

Diamond Vantage, Irvine

Dina Meri, Costa Mesa

Dinsmore & Associates, Inc., Irvine

Displayit, Inc., Irvine

Doggie Walk Bags, Inc., Costa Mesa

Dow Diversified, Inc., Costa Mesa

E C Art Gallery, Huntington Beach

Earthrise Nutritionals, LLC, Irvine

East West Machinery Exporting, Inc., Costa Mesa

Ecliptek Corporation, Costa Mesa

Edwards Lifesciences Corp., Irvine

Electrolurgy, Inc., Irvine

Elite Assemblers, LLC, Costa Mesa

Ellie Mae, Inc., Irvine

Elliott Loft, LLC, Newport Beach

Elliott-Pattison Sailmakers, Inc., Newport Beach

Emulex Corporation, Costa Mesa

Endural, LLC, Costa Mesa

Engineered Precision, Inc., Costa Mesa

Entrepreneur Media, Inc., Irvine

EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants, Irvine

Epicor Software Corporation, Irvine

Equus Products, Inc., Irvine

Evergreen Oil, Inc., Irvine

F M H Corp., Irvine

Fastenal Company, Costa Mesa

Federal Custom Cable, LLC, Irvine

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc., Irvine

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc., Costa Mesa

Fisher & Paykel Appliances, Inc., Costa Mesa

Flame & Wax, Inc. dba Voluspa, Irvine

Foam Pro Mfg., Inc., Irvine

Foundation 9 Entertainment, Irvine

Freeform Research & Development, Newport Beach

Furling & Rigging Corp., Newport Beach

G S T, Inc., Newport Beach

Gateway, Inc., Irvine

General Tool, Inc., Irvine

GeneTex, Inc., Irvine

Genovation, Inc., Irvine

Gerard Signs & Graphics, Joe, Costa Mesa

Global Worldwide Traders, LLC, Newport Beach

Globe Technology Corp., Irvine

Golden State Foods Corp., Irvine

Goodwin-Robbins Packaging Co., Inc., Laguna Beach

Grams Engineering, Costa Mesa

Grant Thornton LLP, Irvine

Graphic Packaging International, Inc., Irvine

Graphtec America, Inc., Irvine

Greenlite Lighting Corp., Irvine

Greenshine New Energy, LLC, Irvine

Gregg Gift Co., Irvine

GS Manufacturing, Inc., Costa Mesa

GS Mfg., Costa Mesa

H. Co. Computer Products, Inc., Irvine

Halogen Valve Systems, Inc., Irvine

Handcraft Mattress Co., Costa Mesa

Hardin Graphics, Costa Mesa

Hartley Co., Costa Mesa

Hartman Fiber Glass, Inc., Costa Mesa

HDA Technology, Inc., Irvine

High Horse Sportswear, Inc., Newport Beach

HiLevel Technology, Inc., Irvine

Hixson Metal Finishing, Inc., Newport Beach

Home Buyers Guide, Irvine

Hoover Printing & Lithography, Inc., Costa Mesa

HORIBA Instruments, Inc., Irvine

HUB International Insurance Services Inc., Newport Beach

Huntington Beach Chamber of Commerce, Huntington Beach

Hurley International LLC, Costa Mesa

I-Flow Corporation, Irvine

Incipio Technologies, Inc., Irvine

Innovate! Technology, Inc., Irvine

Insta-Prints, Fountain Valley

Integrated Micro, Inc., Costa Mesa

Integrated Polymer Industry, Irvine

Integro, Ltd., Newport Beach

InteliSea, LLC, Irvine

Interlogic Technologies, Inc., Huntington Beach

Irvine Chamber of Commerce, Irvine

Irvine Electronics, Inc., Irvine

Irvine Printing, Irvine

ISC8, Costa Mesa

J. P. Instruments, Inc., Costa Mesa

J.G. Plastics Group, LLC, Costa Mesa

Jayco Engineering, Inc., Costa Mesa

Jazz Technologies, Inc., Newport Beach

JBZ, Inc., Costa Mesa

Jetec Corp., Costa Mesa

Just Food For Dogs, Newport Beach

JustEnough Software Corporation, Inc., Irvine

JWC Environmental, Santa Ana

Kelly Fluid Controls, Inc., Costa Mesa

Kentec Medical, Inc., Irvine

Kingsley Mfg. Co., Costa Mesa

Kofax Limited, Irvine

KoolKrafts, Irvine

Kotek America, Inc., Irvine

Kraft Heinz Foods Company, Irvine

Kratos-CTI, Irvine

Kronos, Inc., Irvine

Kyocera Tycom Corp., Costa Mesa

L & L Custom Shutters, Inc., Costa Mesa

L T Litho & Digital Co., Irvine

Label House, Inc., Irvine

Labworks, Inc., Costa Mesa

Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce, Laguna Beach

Laguna Graphic Arts, Irvine

Laguna Print, Laguna Beach

Laguna Tools, Inc., Irvine

Lambda Research Optics, Inc., Costa Mesa

Lantronix, Inc., Irvine

Lean Technology Corporation, Irvine

Leda Corporation, Huntington Beach

Letters Etc., Irvine

Lewco Electric, Inc., Costa Mesa

LH Precision, Inc., Irvine

Liberty Diamond Cutters, Inc., Irvine

Lifetime Memory Products, Irvine

Lighting Co., The, Irvine

Links Medical Products, Inc., Irvine

Littler Mendelson, Irvine

LPS Real Estate Group, Irvine

Lumeta, Inc., Irvine

M P C Industries, Irvine

M. K. Products, Inc., Irvine

MacFarlane Engineering, Costa Mesa

MacGregor Yacht Corporation, Costa Mesa

Macro International Co., Irvine

Marine Fabricators, Inc., Costa Mesa

Markimex, Inc., Irvine

Marko Foam Products, Inc., Irvine

Maruchan, Inc., Irvine

Marwit Capital Corp., Newport Beach

Matt Back Government Relations, Sacramento

Maurer Marine, Inc., Costa Mesa

Mazda Motor of America, Inc., Irvine

McIntosh Co., Inc., Duncan, Irvine

Meade Instruments Corp., Irvine

Meguiar's, Inc., Irvine

Membrane Switch & Panel, Inc., Costa Mesa

Mia Rose Products, Inc. , Newport Beach

Microwave Dynamics, Irvine

Miller's Woodworking, Costa Mesa

Min-E-Con, LLC, Irvine

Mina Product Development, Inc., Costa Mesa

MindFire Internet Solutions, Inc., Irvine

Mindspeed Technologies, Inc., Newport Beach

MMFX Steel Corp. Of America, Irvine

Moonlite Marine, Costa Mesa

MSO Technologies, Inc., Irvine

Multi-Fineline Electronix, Inc., Irvine

N H Research, Inc., Irvine

Netlist, Inc., Irvine

Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce, Newport Beach

Newport Corporation, Irvine

Newport Pacific Printing, Inc., Irvine

Newport Stationers, Irvine

NexGen Digital, Inc., Irvine

Nexgen Pharma, Irvine

Nexgen Pharma, Inc., Irvine

Next Gen Sphere, Inc., Irvine

Niagara Distributing, Irvine

Nikki's Flag Shoppe, Newport Beach

Nils, Inc., Costa Mesa

Nimmo Machine, Costa Mesa

nMetric, Costa Mesa

Nutrition International Enterprises Inc., Irvine

O.C. Components, Inc., Costa Mesa

Ocean Avenue Brewing Co., Laguna Beach

Omnitron Systems Technology, Inc., Irvine

Opus Solutions, Inc., Irvine

Orange Bakery, Inc., Irvine

Orange Coast Kommunications, Inc., Newport Beach

Orange Coast Winery, Newport Beach

Orange County Business Council, Irvine

Orange County Business Journal, Irvine

Orange County Fast Print, Inc., Costa Mesa

Orange County Hose Co., Costa Mesa

Orange County Printing, Irvine

OrthoXpress, Irvine

Oscilent Corp., Irvine

Pace Punches, Inc., Irvine

Pacific Corrugated Pipe Co., Newport Beach

Pacific Jig Grinding, Inc., Irvine

Pacific Power Source, Inc., Irvine

Palisade Metalcraft, Inc., Costa Mesa

Pankl Engine Systems, Inc., Irvine

Partners in Control Inc., Irvine

Passy-Muir, Inc., Irvine

Pasternack Enterprises, Inc., Irvine

Patternworks, Inc., Costa Mesa

Patterson, Inc., Mark, Corona Del Mar

PC Buzz, Inc., Irvine

PCC Rollmet, Irvine

Pegasus Research Corp., Costa Mesa

Performance Sealing, Inc., Irvine

Phiaro, Inc., Irvine

Pilot Communications USA, Irvine

Plastic Sales Southern, Inc., Costa Mesa

Polycycling Of California, Costa Mesa

Pool Water Products, Inc., Irvine

PowerPhysics Audio Electronics, Newport Beach

Powers Rx/Pfizer Inc, Irvine

PPG Aerospace Deft, Irvine

Pratt/Pfizer Inc, Irvine

Praxair, Inc., Costa Mesa

PRB Logics Corp., Costa Mesa

Precision Cable & Swaging, Newport Beach

Precision Flow Technologies, Irvine

Precision Optical, Costa Mesa

Preventive Dentistry Products, Inc., Costa Mesa

Princeton Technology, Inc., Irvine

Print Three, Irvine

Printers Litho, Inc., Costa Mesa

Printery, Inc., The, Irvine

Printmasters, Costa Mesa

Pro-Dex, Inc., Irvine

Pro-Mart Industries, Inc., Irvine

ProCrete Resources, Inc., Costa Mesa

Promax Nutrition Corp., Newport Beach

ProMax Systems, Irvine

Provue Development Corp., Huntington Beach

Q P E, Inc., Irvine

QSC, LLC, Costa Mesa

Quantum Signs, Newport Beach

Railmakers, Inc., Costa Mesa

Red Mountain, Inc., Irvine

Resinart West, Inc., Costa Mesa

Response Graphics In Print, Laguna Beach

Rip Curl, Inc., Costa Mesa

Rite-O-Lite Of California, Costa Mesa

Robert E. Harris Insurance Agency, Costa Mesa

Roerig/Pfizer Inc, Irvine

Rogerson Aircraft Corporation, Irvine

Ron Wood Racing, Costa Mesa

Rosedale Products Of California, Irvine

Royalty Carpet Mills, Inc., Irvine

RSI Holding, LLC, Newport Beach

RxCount Corp., Irvine

Sabritec, Costa Mesa

Saddleback Fence & Vinyl Products, Inc., Costa Mesa

Safeguard Business Systems, Inc., Costa Mesa

Sage Software, Inc., Irvine

Sagem Avionics, LLC, Costa Mesa

Sak Management, Irvine

San Diego Shutter Co., Inc., Irvine

Save International Auto Parts, Inc., Irvine

Sceberras Bedding, Inc., Costa Mesa

Sea-Pro Inc., Costa Mesa

Seal Science, Inc., Irvine

Seco-Larm USA, Inc., Irvine

Select Holding Corp., Costa Mesa

Semicoa, Costa Mesa

SEPE, Inc., Costa Mesa

Sequetor, Inc., Costa Mesa

Shelly Assocs., Inc., Irvine

Shur-Lok Company, Irvine

Sign Depot, Costa Mesa

Signature Awards, Newport Beach

Signature Control Systems, Inc., Irvine

Signet Marking Devices, Costa Mesa

Sir Speedy Printing Center, Irvine

Smart Planet Technologies, Inc., Newport Beach

Solution Finish, LLC, Huntington Beach

Sophtec International, Costa Mesa

Source One Medical, Irvine

South Coast Art Framing, Inc., Costa Mesa

South Coast Baking, LLC, Irvine

South Coast Mold, Irvine

South Coast Shipyard, Inc., Newport Beach

Sparton Irvine, LLC, Irvine

Specialty Interior Manufacturing Inc., Irvine

SS Infotek, Inc., Irvine

SS Metal Fabricators, Costa Mesa

St. John Knits International Incorporated, Irvine

St. John Knits International Incorporated, Irvine

Steve Millen Sports Parts, Costa Mesa

Straps Unlimited, Huntington Beach

Streamline Avionics, Inc., Irvine

Street Scene Mfg., Inc., Costa Mesa

Stress Relief Engineering Co., Costa Mesa

Stryker Medical, Inc., Irvine

Stussy, Inc., Irvine

Style Eyes, Inc., Costa Mesa

SullivanCurtisMonroe Insurance Services, LLC, Irvine

Sunflour Natural Bakery, Costa Mesa

Sunshine Semiconductor, Inc., Newport Beach

SunsOut, Inc., Costa Mesa

Super Color Digital, LLC, Irvine

Surgin, Inc., Irvine

Swiss Wire EDM, Costa Mesa

Synergistic Research, Inc., Irvine

T P C S Distributors, Inc., Irvine

T3 Motion, Inc., Costa Mesa

Takagi, Irvine

Taylor Graphics, Inc., Irvine

TC Cosmotronic, Inc., Irvine

Team Color Screen Printing, Costa Mesa

Technautics, Refrigeration, Inc., Costa Mesa

Techni-Pak Packaging Products, Irvine

Technical Cable Concepts Inc., Costa Mesa

Techserv Alliance So Cal Chapter, Irvine

TEECO Products, Inc., Irvine

Telcor Instruments, Inc., Irvine

Telecommunication Systems Corporation, Costa Mesa

Tempo Industries, Irvine

TGV Partners, LLC, Newport Beach

The Brokerage Commerical Insurance Services, Inc., Newport Beach

The Dot Printer, Inc., Irvine

The Drawer Shop, Costa Mesa

The Joseph Company International Inc., Irvine

The Quilting House, Inc., Irvine

The Soundcoat Co., Inc., Irvine

Think LLP, Costa Mesa

Thoreen Designs, Inc., Costa Mesa

TiaLinx, Inc., Newport Beach

TriZetto Group, Inc., Newport Beach

Troy Group, Inc., Costa Mesa

Tube Solutions, Costa Mesa

Tuppan Cabinets, Costa Mesa

Turn Luckily International, Irvine

TVCoverups, Costa Mesa

Unique Spectronix, Inc., Irvine

United Sport Surfacing Of America, Irvine

UTC Fire & Security, Costa Mesa

Vandal Alert, Costa Mesa

Viair Corp., Irvine

Victoria Skimboards, Laguna Beach

Viking Products, Inc., Irvine

Vincit California, Inc., Irvine

Vision Quest Industries Inc., Irvine

Vizio, Inc., Irvine

Vogue Enterprise, Inc., Irvine

VTI Instruments Corp., Irvine

Wamco Inc., Costa Mesa

Washbon Precision Metal, Reid, Newport Beach

Washbon Racing Exhausts, Reid, Newport Beach

WaterHealth International, Inc., Irvine

Westar Industries, Inc., Newport Beach

Westar Nutrition Corp., Costa Mesa

Western Digital Corporation, Irvine

Western Lithographics, Costa Mesa

Wet Okole Hawaii, Costa Mesa

White Cap Construction Supply, Inc., Costa Mesa

Whitener Graphics, Costa Mesa

Wholesale Roofing Supply, Costa Mesa

World Mfg., Inc., Costa Mesa

Xylem Inc., Irvine

Zee Medical, Inc., Irvine

Zomaya Group, Costa Mesa

Zumasys, Irvine