Ed Hernandez Senate District 22, Democrat


Term limit: 2018


Personal data

Capitol office
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4022
Fax: (916) 651-4922

Chief of staff:

Senate Floor

District voter registration
Democrat: 58%
Republican: 17%
Other: 25%

District makeup
San Gabriel Valley cities of San Marino, South Pasadena and Alhambra; then moves south into Los Angeles - following the Pasadena Freeway - to encompass the Los Angeles communities of Mt. Washington and Cypress Park; moving further south to encompass Chinatown, downtown, the civic center, Boyle Heights and a sliver of East Los Angeles; an arm follows the Hollywood Freeway (101) north to take in eastern portions of Hollywood; the southeastern portion of the district encompasses Maywood and the industrial city of Vernon (population 91).

Source: California Target Book


878 manufacturers in SD 22. CMTA members are highlighted

3M Unitek Corp., Monrovia

888 Food Company, South El Monte

A & B Aerospace, Inc., Azusa

A & B Brush Mfg. Corp., Duarte

A & M Engineering, Inc., Irwindale

A A A Engineering & Mfg Co., Arcadi

A B C Instant Printing, Rosemead

Abacus Powder Coating, South El Monte

Able Card Corporation, Azusa

Above All Co Forearm Forklift, Baldwin Park

Abrasive Wheels, Inc., City Of Industry

Ace Specialty Manufacturing Co Inc., Rosemead

Acme Portable Machines, Inc., Azusa

Acromil Corp., City of Industry

Actek Manufacturing & Engineering, City Of Industry

Adamant Enterprises, Inc., City Of Industry

Adams-Campbell Co. Ltd., City Of Industry

Adtech Optics Inc., City of Industry

Aero Powder Coating, Inc., Monterey Park

Aero-K, Inc., El Monte

AFP, Inc., City of Industry

Air Blast, Inc., Alhambra

Air Dreams Mattresses, El Monte

Aircraft Stamping Co., Inc., South El Monte

Airey-Thompson Co., Inc., Irwindale

Airmark Plastics Corporation, Azusa

Airsoft Megastore, Irwindale

Al-Mag Heat Treat, South El Monte

Alcraft, Inc., Irwindale

Alhambra Foundry Co. Ltd., Alhambra

All New Stamping Co., El Monte

All Star Automotive Products Inc., Baldwin Park

All State Plastics Corporation, City of Industry

Allfast Fastening Systems, Inc., City Of Industry

Allstrong Restaurant Equipment, South El Monte

Alpha Printing Graphics, Inc., Irwindale

Alu-Mont Furniture Co., Irwindale

Amco Metal Industrial Corp., City Of Industry

Ameba Technology, Inc., Temple City

American Aerospace Materials, Alhambra

American Apparel Accessories, El Monte

American Concepts Corp., Azusa

American Foam, Fiber & Supplies, Inc., City of Industry

American Healthcare Products, Alhambra

American International Electric, Inc., City Of Industry

American Paper & Plastics, Inc., City of Industry

American Precast Concrete, Inc., El Monte

American Screen & Window Coverings, South El Monte

Amertex International, Inc., Alhambra

Ametek Ameron, LLC, Baldwin Park

Amex Die Cutting Service, Inc., South El Monte

Amity Mfg. Co., Azusa

Ampaco, Inc., La Puente

AMRO Fabricating Corp., South El Monte

Amtrade Products, City Of Industry

Amtrail, Inc., City Of Industry

Amwan Inc., dba L.A. Baby, City of Industry

An Company, El Monte

An Tai Chinese Noodles Inc., El Monte

Ancra International, LLC, Azusa

Andari Fashion, Inc., El Monte

Andrews Hi-Tec Corp., South El Monte

Ano-Lume, South El Monte

Antaeus Fashions Group Inc., South El Monte

Anura Plastic Engineering Corp., Baldwin Park

Anvil Cases, Inc., City Of Industry

Applied Coatings & Linings, Inc., El Monte

Aqua Aquarium, Alhambra

Arcadia Chamber of Commerce, Arcadia

Arcapco, Inc., Covina

Architectural Area Lighting Inc., City of Industry

Architectural Woodworking Co., Monterey Park

Arconic Fastening Systems and Rings, City Of Industry

Aremac Heat Treating, Inc., City Of Industry

Arminak & Associates LLC, Azusa

Arrow Engineering, Baldwin Park

Arroyo Craftsman, Baldwin Park

Arroyo Insurance Services, Inc., Arcadia

Art Tech Corp., El Monte

Artisan Screen Printing, Inc., Azusa

Asia Plastics, Inc., South El Monte

Associated Gear, Inc., South El Monte

Associated Spot Welding Inc., City of Industry

Atckison Co., Inc., R. E., Azusa

ATI Chen-Tech, El Monte

Atlas Energy Systems Inc., City of Industry

Atlas Woodwork Co., Inc., South El Monte

Automatic Fire Control, LLC, South El Monte

Award Metals, Inc., Baldwin Park

Aztec Chemical, Inc., Irwindale

Azusa Chamber of Commerce, Azusa

Azusa Engineering, Inc., Covina

Azusa Pipe & Tube Bending, Azusa

Azusa Sandblasting & Powder Coating, Azusa

B & G Sheet Metal, Inc., Temple City

B & P Fashions, South El Monte

Bachmann Precision Machine Products Corp., South El Monte

Bagcraft Papercon, Inc., City Of Industry

Baker Machine & Tool, Inc., R. M., Covina

Bao Tong USA, Inc., Alhambra

Barney's Precision Products, Inc., Covina

Bartley Optical Sales, Inc., Irwindale

Base Line Imaging, Inc., Azusa

Battery Technology, Inc., City of Industry

Bearings & Drives, Inc., South El Monte

Bendick Precision, Inc., Arcadia

Bentley Mills, Inc., City of Industry

BEPC Ltd., Irwindale

Best Industrial Plastic & Fabrication, Baldwin Park

Best Of Chums, Inc., Alhambra

Bielle Cosmetics, Inc., Baldwin Park

Bimeda, Inc., Irwindale

Bind Rite & Artex, Inc., San Gabriel

Blake Mfg Co., City Of Industry

Blue Pacific Flavors, City Of Industry

Blue Sky Cabinet & Marble Co., Rosemead

Bojer, Inc., Azusa

Bolt Products, Inc., City Of Industry

Bomark, Inc., La Puente

Bore-Max Corp., El Monte

Boss Litho, City Of Industry

Branson Sash & Door Co., Covina

Brass Unique Metal Products, South El Monte

Brassco Marketing Corp., South El Monte

Broadax Systems, Inc., City Of Industry

Brown Jordan Company Limited Partnership, El Monte

Bryan Press, City Of Industry

BSI Electronic Recyclers, Azusa

Buccola Manufacturing Inc., City Of Industry

Buchanan's Spoke & Rim, Azusa

Bursch Exhaust, Pasadena

Burton James, Inc., City of Industry

C & C Canvas Co., South El Monte

C A T Specialties, Inc., Irwindale

C D L Spring Co., Inc., El Monte

C K Printing, Alhambra

C N C Electric Wholesales, South El Monte

C S Bearings, Inc., La Puente

C. W. Cole & Co., Inc., South El Monte

Cacique, Inc., City Of Industry

Caco-Pacific Corp., Covina

Cactus Mat Manufacturing Company, Azusa

Cal-Disc Grinding Co., Inc., South El Monte

Cal-Lift, Inc., La Puente

California Amforge Corp., Azusa

California Custom Fruits & Flavors, Inc., Irwindale

California Expanded Metal Products Company, City Of Industry

California Hobby Distributors, Alhambra

California Hydroforming Co., Rowland Heights

California Master Printers Ltd., Azusa

California Merchandise, Inc., El Monte

California Snack Foods, Inc., South El Monte

California Steel & Tube, LLC, City Of Industry

California Tool & Die, Azusa

CalPortland Company, Baldwin Park

CalPortland Company, Irwindale

Calwax, LLC, Irwindale

Cameo Cosmetics Trading Co., Arcadia

Canyon Swiss, Inc., City Of Industry

Cardinal Church Furniture, Azusa

Carl's Auto Electric, El Monte

Carpet King, Inc., La Puente

CARQUEST Corp., Baldwin Park

Carrara Marble Company Of America, Inc., City Of Industry

Carrie Amber Intimates, Inc., El Monte

Carroll, Inc., Thomas W., Azusa

Carter's Metal Fabricators, Azusa

Case Parts Co., Monterey Park

Casella Aluminum Extrusions, Inc., Azusa

CEC Vibration Products, Inc., Covina

Cedarwood-Young Company, Baldwin Park

Central Blower Co., City Of Industry

Central Garden & Pet Company, Irwindale

Century Iron Craft, Baldwin Park

Century Sewing Co., Alhambra

Ceres Products Corp., Azusa

Chair Choice, La Puente

ChemEOR, Inc., Covina

Chiang's Frames, El Monte

Chronomite Labs, Inc., City Of Industry

City of Arcadia, Arcadia

City of El Monte, El Monte

City of Industry, City of Industry

City of Monterey Park, Monterey Park

City of San Gabriel, San Gabriel

City of West Covina, West Covina

Citywide Sheet Metal, Azusa

Cladding Co., Inc., South El Monte

Clamp Mfg. Co., Inc., South El Monte

Classic Roller, Inc., Baldwin Park

Clayton Manufacturing Company, City Of Industry

Clo Systems, LLC, La Puente

Closet World, Inc., Whittier

Closets By Design, Whittier

CNC Masters, Inc., Irwindale

CNI Mfg., Inc., Irwindale

Coast Appliance Parts Co., South El Monte

Coast Cutters Co., Inc., South El Monte

Coast To Coast Metal Finishing, Inc., Alhambra

Cobel Technologies, Inc., Covina

Coherent Communications, Inc., Irwindale

Combined Graphics, Covina

Commercial Lumber & Pallet Co., In.c, City of Industry

Composites Horizons, Inc., Covina

Concord Bindery, Monterey Park

Concorde Battery Corp., West Covina

Condor Outdoor Products, Inc., Irwindale

Consolidated Container Company, LLC, City Of Industry

Consolidated Electrical Distributors, Inc., City Of Industry

Contempo Signs, South El Monte

Cook's Screw Products, El Monte

COP-USA, Inc., La Puente

Cory Plastics Co., Inc., El Monte

Country Oak Manufacturing, Inc., Irwindale

Covina Chamber of Commerce, Covina

Covina Screen & Patio Co., Covina

Covina Welding & Sheet Metal, Inc., Covina

Craftsman Lighting Design, La Puente

Craneveyor Corp., El Monte

Creative Mill Works, San Gabriel

Creftcon Industries, City of Industry

Crown Precision, Irwindale

Crowner Sheet Metal Products, Baldwin Park

Curtis 1000, Inc., Baldwin Park

Curtiss-Wright Flow Control Corporation, City Of Industry

Curve Line Metal Corp., South El Monte

Custom Alloy Sales, Inc., City of Industry

Custom Signs, Inc., Azusa

Cutter Biological - Miles Inc., Covina

CyberPower, Inc., City of industry

D C Sheet Metal Mfg., South El Monte

D. D. Wire Co., Inc., Temple City

D. W. Mack Co., Inc., Azusa

Dacor, City Of Industry

Danco Anodizing, Inc., Arcadia

Darnell-Rose, City Of Industry

Datex Instruments, Inc., Baldwin Park

Dauntless Industries, Inc., Covina

Davidson Optronics, Inc., Rancho Cucamonga

Davis Restraint Systems, Inc., Alhambra

Davis Wire Corp., Irwindale

Davler, Inc., Jon, City Of Industry

Decor Solution Enterprises, Inc., Arcadia

Decore-Ative Specialties, Inc., Monrovia

Decore-Ative Specialties, Inc., Irwindale

Del Mar Meat Co., Inc., San Gabriel

Delight By SPJ Lighting, South El Monte

Delori Products, Inc., City Of Industry

Denovo Dental, Baldwin Park

Desco Tools, San Gabriel

Design Shapes In Steel, Inc., El Monte

Diamond EDM Wire Cutting, Inc., Covina

Digital Printing Systems, Inc., Azusa

Dillingham Ticket Co., LLC, Azusa

Disc Works, Inc., Baldwin Park

Dispensing Dynamics International, City Of Industry

Ditty Container, Inc., South El Monte

Dolphin Spas, Azusa

DP Insurance Agency Inc., San Gabriel

Dreher Machining, Arcadia

Driftwood Dairy, Inc., El Monte

Duncan Printing Co., Alhambra

Dunhill Chemical Co., Azusa

Dyanco, Inc., South El Monte

Dynametric, Inc., Arcadia

Dynavox Electronics, Inc., City Of Industry

E Focus Inc., City Of Industry

E M A Plastics, Rowland Heights

E-Z-Hook, Arcadia

E. Sam Jones Distributor, Inc., Whittier

Eastman Security, City Of Industry

Eaton Corporation, City Of Industry

Eemus Mfg. Corp., South El Monte

El Burrito Mexican Food Products Corporation, City Of Industry

El Monte Plating Co., El Monte

El Monte Printing, Inc., South El Monte

El Monte/South El Monte Chamber of Commerce, El Monte

El Pavo Bakery, San Gabriel

Electro-Mech Components, Inc., South El Monte

Electronic Auto Systems, Inc., South El Monte

Electroplate Rack Co., South El Monte

Elena's Fashion, Monterey Park

Eletech Electronics, Inc., City Of Industry

Elite Orthopedics, Inc., South El Monte

Emdin International Corp., Irwindale

Emond Mfg., Azusa

Emperor Printing, Inc., South El Monte

Emtek Products, Inc., City Of Industry

Enas Media, Inc., Azusa

EnCal Specialties, Inc., Irwindale

Engine Clean Solutions, Inc., Baldwin Park

Engineered Lighting Products, El Monte

Engineering Design Industries, Inc., South El Monte

Entreprise Arms, Inc., Irwindale

Environmental Lighting For Architecture, City Of Industry

Envision Computer Design, City of Industry

Esslinger Engineering, Inc., South El Monte

Eunice, Inc., South El Monte

Evans Speed Equipment, South El Monte

Evergreen Cultural Center, Monterey Park

Excel Pattern, El Monte

Excelife Technology, Inc., City Of Industry

Excelitas Technologies Corp., Covina

EZ Dupe, Inc., Rowland Heights

Fabricast, Inc., South El Monte

Fabtronics, Inc., Baldwin Park

Fadco Metal Products, Inc., Temple City

Falcon Electric, Inc., Irwindale

Fay & Quartermaine Machining Corp., El Monte

Fellyr International, Inc., Baldwin Park

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc., City Of Industry

Ferguson Heating & Cooling, Inc., Azusa

Fiberfab Designs, Azusa

Fiebe's Tool & Die, Monterey Park

Finepitch Electronic Assembly, Irwindale

Finish Kare Products, Inc., South El Monte

Fire Pro Nozzles & Monitors, City Of Industry

Five Star Gas & Gear, Inc., El Monte

Flanders Co., Inc., Duarte

Flexfirm Products, Inc., South El Monte

Flint Group, City Of Industry

Flint Group, Inc., City Of Industry

Fluorochem, Inc., Azusa

Fong's Graphics & Printing, Rosemead

Foria International, Inc., City Of Industry

Fremarc Designs, Inc., City Of Industry

FreshPoint Southern California, Inc., City Of Industry

Freudenberg Medical, LLC, Baldwin Park

Frey Engineering Co., C. E., Duarte

Fu Kong, Inc., South El Monte

Fu Wei International, Inc., El Monte

Furniture Frames Masters, Azusa

Fusecote Co., Inc., South El Monte

Futon Pillow Design, South El Monte

G & D Industries, Inc., Covina

G & I Islas Industries, Inc., Baldwin Park

G & K Machine Co., Inc., Covina

G & M Precision Ltd., Covina

G & S Custom Designs, Covina

G W & G Industrial Sprockets, Inc., City Of Industry

Gammill Electric, Inc., Azusa

General Metal Engraving, South El Monte

General Sealants, Inc., City Of Industry

Gentherm Inc., Azusa

Geo A. Diack, Inc., City of Industry

Geometric Machining, Inc., Irwindale

Georg Fischer Signet LLC, El Monte

GFF, Inc., City Of Industry

Gilbert Metal Products, El Monte

Gioia Cheese Co., Inc., South El Monte

GKN Aerospace Transparency Systems, Inc., Dallas

Go Green Solar, West Covina

Golden Color Printing, Inc., South El Monte

Golden State Foods Corp., City Of Industry

Gourmet Electronics Ltd., Covina

Grand Printing, Covina

Graphic Color Systems, Inc., Monterey Park

Graphic Marketing, Azusa

Graphics United, Covina

Grattan & Sons, Inc., Dave, Irwindale

Gregory's Pallets Co., La Puente

Guzzy's Services, Inc., Tim, Baldwin Park

GWC Technologies, Inc., Baldwin Park

H & H Specialties Inc., South El Monte

Haemonetics Manufacturing, Inc., Covina

Halcyon Microelectronics, Inc., Irwindale

Hallett Boats, Irwindale

Harrison Beverage, Inc., Walnut

Harvard Label, City of Industry

HCC Industries, Inc., Rosemead

Heateflex Corp., Arcadia

Hermetic Seal Corporation, Rosemead

Hill Bros. Chemical Co., City Of Industry

Hillcor Distribution, Inc., Baldwin Park

Hireko Trading Co., City Of Industry

Hoefner Corp., South El Monte

Hong Kong Denim Design, Inc., South El Monte

Hooter Bros. Enameling, Inc., South El Monte

Hose Power USA, Granberry USA, City Of Industry

Hostmann-Steinberg, Inc., City Of Industry

House Of Graphics, South El Monte

HT Window Fashions Corporation, Rowland Heights

Hubbell Lighting, Inc., Rowland Heights

Hugo Specialties, Inc., Baldwin Park

Hutchins Mfg., Inc., Pasadena

Huttner Lithography, Inc., G. R., South El Monte

Huy Fong Foods, Inc., Rosemead

Hydro Extrusions North America, LLC, City Of Industry

Hydro Fitting Manufacturing Corporation, Covina

I C B Mfg., Alhambra

I/O Controls Corp., Azusa

Icy Dock Cremax USA Corp., City Of Industry

Ideal Machining & Supply, Inc., El Monte

Ideal Printing Co., La Puente

Ideal Wire Works, Inc., Alhambra

Image Designer, Alhambra

Image Watches, Inc., Monterey Park

In Colour Cutting, Inc., Alhambra

Industrial Lead Construction, Inc., South El Monte

Industrial Machine & Mfg. Co., Inc., El Monte

Industry Color Printing, Inc., City Of Industry

Industry Manufacturers Council, City of Industry

Inertech Supply Inc., Monterey Park

Infinity Watch Corp., Monterey Park

Inflatable 2000, Inc., Azusa

Inline Industries, Inc., Rosemead

Innerspace Corp., Covina

Integral Engineering & Fabrication, Inc., City Of Industry

Inter Color Printing, South El Monte

International Medication Systems, Ltd., South El Monte

Inwesco, Inc., Azusa

Irwindale Chamber of Commerce, Irwindale

Island Coating, LLC, South El Monte

ITT LLC, City Of Industry

J & A General Designs, South El Monte

J & L Custom Plastic Extrusions, Inc., South El Monte

J B Imprints, South El Monte

J C S Volks Machine, Irwindale

J J Mauget, Arcadia

J J Quality Printing, Monterey Park

J N L Creations, Covina

J T & T Mfg., Inc., San Gabriel

J.J. Bakery, City of Industry

J.T. Posey Company, Arcadia

Jackco Transnational, Inc., South El Monte

Jade Precision, Inc., Azusa

Janmar Lighting, Covina

Jansen Ornamental Supply Co., El Monte

Java Star, Azusa

Johnson Lift Hyster, City Of Industry

Johnson Products, Inc., Arcadia

JOINTS, El Monte

Jolie Belts & Fashions, Alhambra

Jonell Oil Corp., Irwindale

Josephine's Interiors, Inc., South El Monte

Jowett Garments Factory, Inc., South El Monte

K & P Mfg., Azusa

K T Lucky Co., El Monte

K-1 Packaging Group, City Of Industry

K. M. Printing Production, Inc., Baldwin Park

Kal-Cameron Manufacturing Corp., Baldwin Park

Kaman Industrial Technologies Corp., La Puente

Kashu Sales International, Inc., South El Monte

Keck & Schmidt Tool & Die Corp., South El Monte

Kelly Tool & Mfg. Co., Inc., Alhambra

Kemac Technology, Inc., Azusa

Kenny Sandblasting, Inc., South El Monte

KGS Electronics, Inc., Arcadia

King Midas Enterprises, Inc., Azusa

Krallcast, Inc., Hacienda Heights

Kustom Graphix, South El Monte

Kustomer Kinetics, Inc., Arcadia

L & M Metal Products, Inc., Baldwin Park

L & N Fixtures, Inc., South El Monte

L 2 T, Inc., Alhambra

L A Web Offset Printing, Inc., El Monte

La Colonial Tortilla Products, Monterey Park

La Glo-Roberta, Inc., South El Monte

Laguna Clay Co., City Of Industry

Laiko International, City Of Industry

Lamasi Iron Works, El Monte

Lancer Medical Services, Inc., Azusa

Langer Juice Co., Inc., City Of Industry

Lanstreet.com, Inc., City Of Industry

Las Marias Pallets, South El Monte

Lasting Impressions Printing, San Gabriel

Lawrence Equipment, Inc., El Monte

Lawrence Roll-Up Doors, Inc., Baldwin Park

Leader Industries, Inc., South El Monte

Lee Kum Kee (U.S.A.), Inc., City Of Industry

Lee Machine Products, Irwindale

Lee's Batteries, Baldwin Park

Leggett & Platt, Inc., City of Industry

Leticia Fashions, South El Monte

Lewis Engraving, Inc., Covina

Ley Grand Food Corp., City Of Industry

Leyen Foods, Inc., City Of Industry

Lin Li Enterprises, Inc., Azusa

Linde Gas North America, LLC, City Of Industry

Lindsey & Hall, Inc., El Monte

Lindsey Manufacturing Co., Azusa

Lippo Binding, Inc., South El Monte

Lisi Aerospace North America, Inc., City of Industry

Lith-O-Roll Corp., El Monte

Lokwerkz Fabrication, El Monte

Lorenzo Machines, James, South El Monte

Los Altos Food Products, Inc., City Of Industry

Los Angeles County Community Development Commission, Alhambra

Los Angeles Lighting Manufacturing Company Inc., El Monte

Los Angeles Salad Co., City Of Industry

Los Angeles Window Display Co., Alhambra

Lotus Graphics & Printing, Rosemead

Lucky & Happy, Inc., San Gabriel

Lusida Rubber Products, Inc., Alhambra

M G Engineering, LLC, City Of Industry

M. Argueso & Co., Inc., Rosemead

M.Y118 Fashion, Inc., South El Monte

Mac's Printing, El Monte

MacDonald Carbide Co., Baldwin Park

Maestro Tool, Hacienda Heights

Mag-Tran Equipment Corp., South El Monte

Magparts, Azusa

Maha Communications & Electronics, Inc., City of Industry

Maintex, Inc., City Of Industry

Mako, Inc., Monterey Park

Malcolite Corp., Monterey Park

Mancilla's Quality Printing, La Puente

Mansfield Furniture Mfg., Baldwin Park

Manufacturer's Service, Inc., South El Monte

Marking Methods, Inc., Alhambra

Marples Gears, Inc., San Gabriel

Martin Baron, Inc., Irwindale

Martin Silk Screen, Rex, Azusa

Martinsound, Inc., Alhambra

Masis Engineering Co., South El Monte

Master Designs Sofa, Inc., El Monte

Master Enterprises, Inc., South El Monte

Master Metal Works, Inc., South El Monte

Max Custom Screw Products, Inc., Baldwin Park

Maxim Lighting International, Inc., City of Industry

Maxxon U. S. A., City of Industry

McGuire Industries, Temple City

McKeever & Danlee Confectionery Co., Azusa

Meada Corp., El Monte

Medi-Nuclear Corporation, Inc., Baldwin Park

Medi/Nuclear Corporation, Inc., Baldwin Park

MEE Industries, Inc., Irwindale

Meixinyi LLC dba D.K. Bakery, Alhambra

Melco Steel, Inc., Azusa

Melkes Machine, Inc., South El Monte

Mercury Plastics, Inc., City Of Industry

Metal Engineering & Mfg., Azusa

Metro Sheet Metal, Inc., Azusa

Meyer Co., Fran W., Azusa

Micro-Aide, Inc., Covina

Micro-Tig Welding, Covina

MicroPrint, Inc., City Of Industry

Mike's Micro Parts, Inc., South El Monte

Mikelson Machine Shop, Inc., South El Monte

Mil-Spec Plating Corp., South El Monte

Miller Brewing/Irwindale, Irwindale

Miller Co., LC, Monterey Park

Milli-Fab, Inc., Covina

Miracle Bedding Corp., City Of Industry

Miracle Sealants Company, LLC, Arcadia

Mission Clay Products Corp., Baldwin Park

Mission Fence & Patio Builders, Rosemead

Miyako Oriental Foods, Inc., Baldwin Park

Modulex, Irwindale

Molded Case Circuit Breakers, Temple City

Monterey Machine Products, Inc., Covina

Monterey Printing, Monterey Park

Moore's Ideal Products, Covina

Morehouse Foods, Inc., City Of Industry

Morris Group International, City Of Industry

Morris National, Inc., Azusa

Mortech Manufacturing Company, Inc., Azusa

Motek Industries, Baldwin Park

Mountain Gear Corporation, Irwindale

Mr. Washerman, South El Monte

Mueller Gages Co., San Gabriel

Multi W Systems, Inc., South El Monte

Murdock-Super Secur Mfg. Co., City Of Industry

Murphy, Inc., W. A., El Monte

My-Long Sewing Machine Co., Alhambra

National Buff Co., Inc., South El Monte

National Envelope Corp., City Of Industry

National Ready Mixed Concrete Co., Duarte

National Stabilizers, Inc., Azusa

Natural Feather & Textile Co., City Of Industry

Neff Instruments LLC, Monterey Park

Nellson Nutraceutical, Inc., Irwindale

Neo Stone International Corp., South El Monte

New Win Publishing, Inc., El Monte

New York Frozen Foods, Inc., Baldwin Park

Ngy Stones Enterprise, Inc., City Of Industry

Nichols Lumber & Hardware Co., Inc., Baldwin Park

Nissen & Co., Inc., South El Monte

Norac Pharma, Azusa

Norco Technologies, Inc., City Of Industry

Norlaine, Inc., Covina

Norman, Fox & Co., City of Industry

Northrop Grumman Corp., I.S.R.N.T., Azusa

NSD Industries, Inc., Baldwin Park

O'Tasty Foods, Inc., City Of Industry

Odyssey Innovative Designs Co., San Gabriel

Old Town Sign Co., LLC, Irwindale

Optel-Matic, Inc., South El Monte

Optic Arts, Inc., Monterey Park

Optics Laboratory, Inc., El Monte

Orchid Anzon, Arcadia

Orgatech Omegalux, Orange

Orora North America, Alhambra

P & T Jewelry, Inc., South El Monte

P H I, City Of Industry

P T Hutchins Co., City Of Industry

Pabco Steel, Inc., City Of Industry

Pace Lithographers, Inc., City Of Industry

Pachmayr, Irwindale

Pacico, Inc., Rowland Heights

Pacific Award Metals, Inc., Baldwin Park

Pacific Brake Bond, Inc., Monterey Park

Pacific Coast Spring Co., South El Monte

Pacific Eagle USA., Inc., South El Monte

Pacific Hardware Mfg. Co., South El Monte

Pacific LA Sales Inc., Monterey Park

Pacific Marine Systems, South El Monte

Pacific Panel Products Corporation, Irwindale

Pacific Times, Rosemead

Pacific West Furniture, Covin

Pack West Machinery Co., Irwindale

Pacon, Inc., Baldwin Park

Palladium Technical Academy, Temple City

Paradise Steel, South El Monte

Partybake Insighters, Inc., South El Monte

Paste Up Supply, Temple City

Payne Magnetics Corp., Covina

PDU LAD Corporation, South El Monte

Peery Brothers Lumber Co., Inc., City Of Industry

Pemaco Metal Processing Corp., Alhambra

PGI - Pacific Graphics, Inc., City Of Industry

PGM Pro, Inc., Baldwin Park

Phaostron Instrument & Electronics Co., Inc., Azusa

Philips Electronics North America Corporation, Baldwin Park

Phillips Machine & Welding Co., City Of Industry

Phu Huong Inc., Alhambra

Picture Source / Hotelart, El Monte

Pilot Automotive, City of Industry

Planit Enterprises, Alhambra

Plasmatech Co., South El Monte

Plastic Dress-Up Co., Inc., South El Monte

Platt Quilting, L., El Monte

Pneumatic Tube Carrier Repair Parts Co., Irwindale

Pocino Foods Co., City Of Industry

PolyCycle Solutions, LLC, Irwindale

Polysew, Inc., South El Monte

Potter Roemer, LLC, City Of Industry

Praxair, Inc., Irwindale

Prebco Bushing Co., Baldwin Park

Precision & Commercial Tool, Baldwin Park

Precision Coil Spring Co., El Monte

Precision Color & Graphics, Inc., City Of Industry

Precision Manufacturing Insurance Services (PMIS), Covina

Premier Inlays, LLC, Azusa

Premio, Inc., City Of Industry

Pride Metal Polishing Co., El Monte

Primus Lighting, Inc., El Monte

Print Spot, The, Monterey Park

Printers Parts Of Los Angeles, Arcadia

Private Label PC, Inc., City of Industry

Prizm Imaging, Inc., City Of Industry

PRL Glass Systems, Inc., City of Industry

Pro Auto Truck Electric, Inc., Azusa

Prographics, Inc., Rosemead

Promotional Design Group, South El Monte

Pronto Products Co., Arcadia

Proto Space Engineering, Inc., South El Monte

PSG, Inc., South El Monte

PTB Sales, Azusa

Puente Ready Mix, Inc., City Of Industry

Q & B Foods, Inc., Irwindale

Quality Computers, Inc., San Gabriel

Quality Food Equipment Co., South El Monte

Quality Label Crafters, Inc., Whittier

Quality Material Handling, Azusa

Quality Naturally Foods, Inc., City Of Industry

Quon Yick Noodle Company, Inc., El Monte

R & R Hardwood, Inc., Azusa

R & R Identification Co., Covina

R & R Printing & Graphics Corp., Temple City

R & R Rubber Molding, Inc., South El Monte

R G Costumes & Accessories, Covina

R K Industries, Inc., Baldwin Park

R P M Printing, Temple City

R S R Metal Spinning, Covina

R T M Machining, Covina

Rain Bird Corporation, Azusa

Ramar Material Handling, Inc., South El Monte

Ratigan, Inc., J. P., Monterey Park

Raul Tool & Die, South El Monte

Ray-Bar Engineering Corp., Azusa

RBC Southwest Products, Inc., Baldwin Park

RBI Bearing, Inc., Baldwin Park

RC Furniture, Inc., City Of Industry

Ready Pac Foods, Inc., Irwindale

Red Shell Foods, City Of Industry

Reichhold, Inc., Azusa

Relton Corporation, Arcadia

Renaissance Graphixs, El Monte

Republic Iron Works, South El Monte

Reuland Electric Co., City Of Industry

RH Peterson Co., City Of Industry

Ria Design, Monterey Park

Riedon, Inc., Alhambra

Rigoli Pacific Co. Inc., Monterey Park

Robert's Iron Works, Inc., Azusa

Rods Unfinished Furniture, Inc., Alhambra

Roofmaster Products Co., Monterey Park

Roselm Industries, Inc., South El Monte

Ross Name Plate Company, Monterey Park

Royal Custom Design, Inc., Chino

Royal Industrial Cover Mfg, South El Monte

Royal Mattress Co., Inc., Covina

Rstype Product, La Puente

Rubio Machinery, Baldwin Park

Ruby Mfg., Inc., South El Monte

Rush Printing, Covina

S & S Supplies Corp., City Of Industry

S H Precision Products, Inc., Covina

Safe Plating, Inc., City Of Industry

Sal's Steel Rule Die, Covina

Sanchez & Sons Cabinets, Inc., San Gabriel

Sanders Candy, Inc., Baldwin Park

Santa Fe Pallet, La Puente

Santoshi Corp., South El Monte

Sari Art & Printing, Inc., Azusa

Scelzi Equipment, Inc, Azusa

Sceptre, Inc., Hacienda Heights

Screwmatic, Inc., Azusa

Seaboard Envelope Co., Inc., Irwindale

Seaboard Industries, Inc., Monterey Park

Seal-Seat Co., Inc., City Of Industry

Seating Resource, Inc., Azusa

Seaward Products, Inc., Whittier

Semco Enterprises, Inc., City Of Industry

Seng Cheang Mong Food Co., El Monte

Sense Fashion Corp., South El Monte

Servo Products Co., City of Industry

Shantel Medical Supply, Arcadia

Shield Chemicals, Inc., South El Monte

Shinhan Diamond America, City of Industry

Short Run Swiss, Inc., Covina

Shoung Hou International, Inc., City Of Industry

Shurco Tool Co., Inc., Covina

Shuttle Computer, City Of Industry

Siam Media, Inc., Rosemead

Sierra Alloys Co., Irwindale

Sigma Plastic, Inc., La Puente

Silao Tortilleria, Inc., City Of Industry

Sincere Orient Food Co., City Of Industry

Sing Kung Corp., Arcadia

Sinicrope & Sons, Inc., Alhambra

Size Control Plating Co., La Puente

Skylock Industries, Inc., Azusa

Skymaster, Inc., La Puente

Smardan Supply Co., South El Monte

Smith Bros. Custom Metal, South El Monte

Smurfit Kappa Group, City of Industry

Smurfit Kappa North America LLC, City of Industry

Snak King Corporation, City of Industry

Sol-Effect, Arcadia

Solo Enterprise Corp., City Of Industry

Sonoco Products Co., City Of Industry

Sorensen's Custom Metal Polishing, El Monte

South Alliance Industrial Machine, Inc., South El Monte

Southeast Construction Products, South El Monte

Southern California Edison, Irwindale

Southern California Edison, Rosemead

Southern California Edison, Azusa

Southern California Edison, Rosemead

Spanish Galleon, San Gabriel

Sparling Instruments, Inc., El Monte

Special Signs, San Gabriel

Spragues Ready Mix, Irwindale

SRCO, Inc., South El Monte

Stabile Plating Co., Inc., Covina

Steve's Import Auto Center, Azusa

Stoughton Printing Co., Inc., City Of Industry

Stratus, LLC, Azusa

Street Printworks, Covina

Stud Bolt Mfg Co, La Puente

Stud Welding Systems, Inc., City Of Industry

Success Printing & Graphic, Inc., San Gabriel

Sun Hing Trading Co., Inc., Hacienda Heights

Sunset Designs, Inc., South El Monte

Sunset Ladder Co., South El Monte

Super Nature, Inc., El Monte

Superior Grounding Systems, Inc., Irwindale

Superior Profiles, Inc., City Of Industry

Supreme Steel Treating, Inc., South El Monte

Swat-Fame, Inc., City Of Industry

Sweda Company, LLC, City Of Industry

Sweety Novelty Co., Monterey Park

T I C, Inc., City Of Industry

T.S. MicroTech, Inc., City Of Industry

Tady Lure Corp., La Puente

Tandex Test Labs, Inc., Irwindale

Tape Turn Specialties, South El Monte

Target Molds & Plastics, Irwindale

Ted Levine Drum Co., Inc., South El Monte

Tee Top Of California, Inc., Arcadia

Teknor Apex Company, City Of Industry

Teledyne Instruments/Analytical Instruments, City Of Industry

Temple City Chamber of Commerce, Temple City

Terra Furniture, Inc., City Of Industry

The Gill Corporation, El Monte

The Plumbers Warehouse, San Gabriel

The Processors Mailing, Inc., Irwindale

Therm-O-Finishing, Inc., El Monte

THHC Lighting, City Of Industry

Thread Specialties, Inc., South El Monte

Thrifty Ice Cream, El Monte

Time Laboratories, Alhambra

Todd Street, Inc., Azusa

Tools & Production Co., Temple City

Torrid Merchandising, Inc., City of Industry

Totten Tubes, Inc., Azusa

Touchdown Technologies, Inc., Baldwin Park

Transgo, South El Monte

Treasure Garden, Inc., Baldwin Park

Trend Manor Furniture Manufacturing Co., Inc., City Of Industry

Tri-Dim Filter Corp., City Of Industry

Tri-Fitting Mfg. Co., South El Monte

Trio Metal Stamping, Inc., City Of Industry

Triple A Coating, South El Monte

Tristar Global, City Of Industry

Triumph Structures-Los Angeles, Inc., City of Industry

Trivantage, Inc., City Of Industry

TRLA Group, Inc., Baldwin Park

Tropicana Products, Inc., City Of Industry

Troy-CSL Lighting, Inc., City Of Industry

Tryview Glass Industries, City Of Industry

TST Corp., La Puente

Tulip Corp., City Of Industry

Tur-Bo-Jet Products Co., Inc., Rosemead

Tuttle's Parts Exchange, Baldwin Park

U. S. Lasers, Inc., Baldwin Park

Ultimate Formulations, Inc., City Of Industry

Uncle Lee's Tea, Inc., South El Monte

Union Technology Corp., Monterey Park

Unique Medical Supplies, Inc., Alhambra

United Diesel Service, Inc., South El Monte

United Pacific Distributors Supply, Inc., Rowland Heights

United Rock Products Corp., Irwindale

Unity Clothing, Inc., El Monte

Universal Metal Plating, Irwindale

UPM, Inc., Baldwin Park

US Air Conditioning Distributors, LLC, City Of Industry

US Webbing, Inc., El Monte

V & V Mfg., Inc., City Of Industry

V Corp., Covina

V L Electronics, Inc., City Of Industry

Vacco Industries, South El Monte

Vaga Industries, South El Monte

Valley Forge Acquisition Corp., Azusa

Valley Monument Co., San Gabriel

Valley Power Systems, Inc., City Of Industry

Vanode Co., Inc., La Puente

Venus Foods, Inc., City of Industry

Very Special Chocolates, Inc., Azusa

Virginia Hardwood Co., Azusa

Vita-Pakt Citrus Products Co., Covina

Vividstar International, Inc., La Puente

Vulcan Industries, South El Monte

Waddington North America, Inc., City of Industry

Waltco Lift Corp., Gardena

WCL Co., City Of Industry

Wells Mfg. USA, Inc., El Monte

West Coast Envelope Co., Baldwin Park

Westbag, Inc., Monterey Park

Western Summit Manufacturing, City Of Industry

Westside Accessories, Covina

Westwood Laboratories, Azusa

Whitehall Mfg., City Of Industry

Win Fat Food, LLC, Monterey Park

WNA Comet West, Inc., City Of Industry

Wonder Toys Co., Inc., City Of Industry

World Journal LA, LLC, Monterey Park

WSS, Irwindale

WWF Operating Company, City Of Industry

X J Group USA, City Of Industry

Yale/Chase Equipment & Services, Inc., City Of Industry

Yang's Screen Printing, South El Monte

Yaquis Metal Fabricators, City Of Industry

Youbar, Inc., Monterey Park

YTC Summit International, Inc., Arcadia

Zeeni, Inc., Temple City

Zenith Specialty Bag Co., Inc., City Of Industry