Chris Holden Assembly District 41, Democrat


Term limit: 2024


Personal data

Capitol office
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 319-2041
Fax: (916) 319-2141

Assembly Floor

District voter registration
Democrat: 48%
Republican: 29%
Other: 23%

District makeup
North coastal Los Angeles County and adjoining southern coastal Ventura County. The Los Angeles County portion encompasses Santa Monica, the Los Angeles community of Pacific Palisades, the southwest San Fernando Valley community of Tarzana and portions of Woodland Hills, Encino and Sherman Oaks, the small gated city of Hidden Hills (population 1875), Calabasas, Agoura Hills, Malibu and Westlake Village. The Ventura County portion encompasses Oak Park, and the coastal cities of Port Hueneme and almost half (47%) of Oxnard.

Source: California Target Book


285 manufacturers in AD 41. CMTA members are highlighted

3M Cogent, Inc., Pasadena

3M Oral Care, Monrovia

Addmaster Corp., Monrovia

Advanced Color Graphics, Inc., Claremont

Advanced Materials Joining Corp., Pasadena

AERO-Classics, Inc., La Verne

Air Logistics Corporation, Monrovia

Alta Fire Equipment Co., Alta Loma

American Instant Signs, Pasadena

American Reprographics Co., LLC, Pasadena

American Rotary Tools Co., Monrovia

American Technical Molding, Inc., Upland

American Thermoform Corp., La Verne

An Tool & Die, Pasadena

Apollo Safety & Industrial, Inc., Upland

Aremac Associates, Inc., Monrovia

Arga Controls, Inc., Monrovia

Arga Para-Line, Monrovia

Argon Masking, Inc., Monrovia

Arrowhead Press, Monrovia

Arrowhead Research Corp., Pasadena

B & H Signs, Inc., Monrovia

Badeau Machine, Inc., J., Upland

Balloon Emporium and Party Store Inc., Pasadena

Baughman Printing Co., Pasadena

Baumann Engineering, Inc., Claremont

Belco Packaging Systems, Inc., Monrovia

Benson Metal Polishing, Upland

Beonca Machine Co., La Verne

Bickley Printing Co., Pasadena

Birdi & Associates, Inc., Pasadena

Bloss, Inc., Monrovia

Bluebeam, Inc., Pasadena

Bolide Technology Group, San Dimas

Bolton & Company Insurance Brokers, Pasadena

Bond Furs, Inc., Monrovia

Bronzery, Inc., The, San Dimas

Bulldog Sheet Metal & Roofing, Upland

Burnett & Son Meat Co., Inc., Monrovia

Bursch Exhaust, Pasadena

Calgard Associates, San Dimas

California Design, Printing & Marketing, San Dimas

California Flameproofing & Processing Co., Inc., Pasadena

Cantu Graphics, South Pasadena

Car Cover Co., Monrovia

Carlson Engineering & Mfg., San Dimas

Cathay International, San Dimas

CCL Label, Inc., Upland

Centennial Spring Co., Upland

Central Blueprint, Upland

Chadwick Co., J., Monrovia

Chandeller Wire Products, La Verne

Charles Meisner, Inc., Upland

Chem-Mat Technologies, Inc., San Dimas

City of South Pasadena, South Pasadena

Claremont Chamber of Commerce, Claremont

Claremont Print & Copy Center, Claremont

Clary Corporation, Monrovia

Color Dots Printing & Graphics, Pasadena

Compliance Poster Co., Monrovia

Coney Island Tropical Ice Cream, San Dimas

Consolidated Services Container & Display, San Dimas

Conveyor Mfg. & Service, Claremont

Courier Graphics, Inc., Claremont

Courier Printing, Inc., La Verne

Craftsman Brewing Co., Pasadena

CRAIC Technologies, Inc., San Dimas

Creative Carvings, Upland

Creative Play Enterprises, Inc., Pasadena

Customline, San Dimas

Cybertech Medical, La Verne

D & M Draperies, Inc., Monrovia

Day-Ray, South Pasadena

DECCO US Post-Harvest, Inc., Monrovia

Denram Corp., Monrovia

Denver Daily Journal, Monrovia

Dimic Steel Tech, Upland

Double D Precision, San Dimas

Dow Hydraulic Systems, Inc., La Verne

DP Machining, Inc., La Verne

DPI Labs, La Verne

Ducommun AeroStructures, Monrovia

Dura Art Stone, Pasadena

Durston Mfg. Co., Inc., La Verne

E J K, Inc., Upland

ECI Metal Fabrication, Mira Loma

Econoprint, Inc., Pasadena

Electro-Mechanisms, Inc., San Dimas

Ellen's Silkscreening, Inc., South Pasadena

Encompass Therapeutic Support, Pasadena

Foothill Window Center , Upland

Forplax Los Angeles, LLC, San Dimas

Fortress, Inc., La Verne

Future Concepts, San Dimas

G & M Mattress & Foam Corp., La Verne

Galatea, San Dimas

Gammalux Systems, Inc., San Dimas

Garhauer Marine Corporation, Upland

George L. Throop Co., Pasadena

Gilead Sciences, Inc., San Dimas

GMS Elevator Services Inc., San Dimas

Golden Eagle Mfg., San Dimas

Golden Source International, Rancho Cucamonga

Green Spot Packaging, Inc., Claremont

H & S Enterprises, Inc., Monrovia

H Q Printers, Upland

Hall's Sign Co., La Verne

Hamilton Metalcraft, Inc., Pasadena

Harbor Seal, Inc., Monrovia

Headwinds, Inc., Monrovia

Henderson's, Monrovia

HI REL Connectors, Inc., Claremont

Hilton & Co., P. J., San Dimas

Hollywood Machine Shop, Inc., Pasadena

Hutchins Mfg., Inc., Pasadena

HVAC Performance Products, Inc., Pasadena

Ideal Graphics, Alta Loma

Inkspots, Monrovia

Inland Valley News, Inc., Upland

Inland Valley Stairs, Inc., Upland

Inman Marine Corp., San Dimas

InnovativeTek, Inc., Upland

Integrity Sheet Metal, Inc., Upland

Integro USA Inc., Pasadena

International Glass & Bead Co., Claremont

ISU Curry Insurance Agency, Pasadena

J A-V Industries, Upland

J. G. Boswell Co., LLC, Pasadena

Jacksen International Ltd., Monrovia

Jamieson Furniture & Lighting, Marian, Sierra Madre

Joker Machine, Inc., La Verne

K Short, Inc., Monrovia

KAP Manufacturing, San Dimas

Kappa optronics Inc., Monrovia

Keck-Craig, Inc., Pasadena

Kengraphics Print & Lithography, Upland

Kenney Industrial Tool Co., San Dimas

King Cheese Corporation, Monrovia

King Precision Glass, Claremont

Konigsberg Instruments, Inc., Monrovia

Kruse & Son, Inc., Monrovia

L.A. Steelcraft Products, Inc., Pasadena

Layton Printing & Mailing, Inc., La Verne

Legend Packaging Group, Inc., La Verne

Lemco Precision, Inc., Upland

Lewis Unique Wrought Iron, Pasadena

Lifesource Water Systems, Inc., Pasadena

Linear Industries Ltd., Monrovia

Louis Vuitton U.S. Manufacturing, Inc., San Dimas

Lucas, Horsfall & Pindroh, LLC, Pasadena

M & S Screw Products, Inc., Upland

M R H Mold Co., Monrovia

Magor Mold, LLC, San Dimas

Manning Old Town Press, Altadena

Marman Industries, Inc., La Verne

Martin Silk Screen Co., Rex, San Dimas

Mask-Off Co., Inc., Monrovia

Master Sign, Upland

Materia, Inc., Pasadena

Max Leon, Inc., Pasadena

Maxwell Adhesives, LLC, Pasadena

Mectec Molds, Inc., Upland

Mesa Rubber Co., Monrovia

Metro Construction, Pasadena

Micro Analog Inc., La Verne

Miyachi America Corp., Monrovia

Mohawk Western Plastics, Inc., La Verne

Monrovia Chamber of Commerce, Monrovia

Monrovia Reproduction, Monrovia

Mulgrew Aircraft Components, Inc., Monrovia

National Scientific Supply Co., Inc., Claremont

New Bedford Panoramex Corp., Claremont

New Helvetia Brewing Company, Inc., Sacramento

New Spirit Naturals, Inc., San Dimas

Nightsun Performance Lighting, Inc., Pasadena

Organic Milling Company, LLC, San Dimas

Orleans International, La Verne

P F Plastics, Inc., La Verne

Pacific Precision, Inc., La Verne

Paper-Pak Industries, La Verne

Paradigm Packaging, LLC, Upland

Pasadena Graphic Arts, Pasadena

Pasadena Print Stop, Pasadena

Pasadena Sign Studios, Pasadena

Patticakes The Dessert Co., Altadena

Perfect Impressions, Pasadena

Performance Printing, La Verne

Permeco, La Verne

Pertronix, Inc., San Dimas

Phillips Draperies, Pasadena

Photo Chemical Products, Inc., San Dimas

Plastech Specialties, Inc., Monrovia

Plastifab / Leed Plastics, La Verne

PMX Print & Copy Center, Pasadena

Precision Components Mfg., Pasadena

Precision Molded Plastics, Inc., Upland

Precision Optical Deburring, La Verne

Prima Royale Enterprises Ltd., Pasadena

Printing & Copy Store, Pasadena

Printing Resources Of Southern California, Upland

Pro Medical Supplies, San Dimas

Pro-One Performance Mfg., Inc., La Verne

Production Lapping Co., Inc., Monrovia

Project Planet Corp., Upland

Quality Crafts, Monrovia

Radcal Corp., Monrovia

Radnoti Glass Technology, Inc., Monrovia

Ramco Roller Products, San Dimas

Rayco B Products, Inc., Monrovia

Richter Tool & Die, Inc., Monrovia

Richwell Enterprises, Inc., Pasadena

Roberts Metal Enclosures, Upland

Rogerson Kratos, Pasadena

Roncelli Plastics, Inc., Monrovia

S & S Bindery, La Verne

Sabrin Corp., Pasadena

Salas Draperies, Monrovia

San Dimas Chamber of Commerce, San Dimas

Santana Cycles, Inc., La Verne

Schlanser Design Studio, Pasadena

Security Ticketing, LLC, South Pasadena

Sentinel, Inc., Upland

Sentron Windoware, Inc., La Verne

Serco Mold, Inc., La Verne

Sergios Machine Co., Inc., San Dimas

Servtech Plastics, Monrovia

Shafer Awards, Monrovia

Sharp Rite Tool Co., Alta Loma

Shippo.Biz, Rancho Cucamonga

Shore Western Manufacturing Inc., Monrovia

Signgraphix, Pasadena

Signs & Designs, Upland

Sigtronics Corp., San Dimas

Sir Speedy, Inc., Monrovia

SoCal Machine, Upland

South Pasadena Chamber of Commerce, South Pasadena

Southland Publishing, Pasadena

Special Tees, Upland

Sport Pins International, Inc., Upland

STAAR Surgical Company, Monrovia

Stainless Mfg., San Dimas

Stewart Shutters, Inc., Upland

SullivanCurtisMonroe Insurance Services, LLC, Pasadena

Sunrise Electronics, Inc., La Verne

Superior Radiant Insulation, San Dimas

Synedgen, Inc., Claremont

Synergetic Technologies Group, San Dimas

T-Zigns Etc., San Dimas

T.Z. Case International Corp., La Verne

TAH Handcrafted Jewelry, Upland

Tanner Research, Inc., Monrovia

Test Equipment Distributors, LLC, Upland

Tetra Tech, Inc., Pasadena

Tex Shoemaker & Son, Inc., San Dimas

Therapak Corporation, Claremont

Thunderbird Industries, San Dimas

Trimatic, Pasadena

Typecraft, Inc., Pasadena

U.S. Enclosure Co., Upland

USTI, Pasadena

UVP, LLC, Upland

V. A. Bindery, Pasadena

Vertex Diamond Tool Company, Inc., San Dimas

Vinyl Technology, Inc., Monrovia

Vioski Mfg., LLC, Monrovia

Vital Signs, Pasadena

Vortox Air Technology Co., Claremont

Wallis & Assocs., John, Sierra Madre

Walters Wholesale Electric Co., Pasadena

Walton Fabrication, Upland

Ward & Son, E. Waldo, Sierra Madre

Wavestream Corp., San Dimas

WBT Industries, Inc., Monrovia

Weatherford International, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Westcoast Elevator Pads, Pasadena

Westcott Press, Altadena

Western Fence Co., Altadena

Western Pacific Storage Solutions, San Dimas

Western Quarry Tile, Inc., Monrovia

Westin Automotive Products, Inc., San Dimas

Willson Scientific Glass, Inc., Monrovia

X Metal Finishing, Inc., Upland

Young Engineering & Manufacturing, Inc., San Dimas

Z Mfg., Inc., La Verne

Zimmer Intermed, Inc., La Verne