Kevin Kiley Assembly District 6, Republican


Term limit: 2028


Personal data

Capitol office
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 319-2006
Fax: (916) 319-2106

District voter registration
Democrat: 51%
Republican: 24%
Other: 25%

District makeup
All of Marin County and southwestern portion (38%) of Sonoma County encompassing the communities of Cotati, Petaluma and Sonoma.

Source: California Target Book


192 manufacturers in AD 6. CMTA members are highlighted

3 Heads, Inc., El Dorado Hills

A to Z Window Screens & Chimney Sweep, Lincoln

A. B. Tools, Inc., Lincoln

Aerometals, Inc., El Dorado Hills

All Sales Manufacturing Inc., El Dorado Hills

Alpha Research & Technology, Inc., El Dorado Hills

Aqua Engineering Co., Inc., Rocklin

Bar Manufacturing, Inc., El Dorado Hills

Barnette Industries, Inc., Loomis

Bomanite Co., Granite Bay

Burrell Consulting Group, Inc., Roseville

Business Replication & Print, Inc., Rocklin

C-Tech Systems, Inc., Roseville

California Bottling Company Inc., Roseville

California Stairways, Inc., Roseville

California Surveying & Drafting Supply, Inc., El Dorado Hills

Cameo Crafts, Inc., El Dorado Hills

Cason Engineering, Inc., El Dorado Hills

Cell Marque Corp., Rocklin

Ceramics Unlimited, Roseville

Chemical Industry Council of California, Folsom

Christy Mfg. Corp., Rocklin

City of Folsom, Folsom

City of Lincoln, Lincoln

City of Rocklin, Rocklin

City of Roseville, Roseville

Clear Image, Inc., El Dorado Hills

Colledgewood, Inc., Lincoln

Constant Velocity Transmission Lines Inc., Rocklin

Derek's Design, Inc., Roseville

Diamond Tech, Inc., Rocklin

Dream Systems Dental Lab, Roseville

El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce, El Dorado Hills

EMED Technologies Corp., El Dorado Hills

Energy Absorption Systems, Inc., Rocklin

eTech Control, Corp., Rocklin

Fastenal Co., Rocklin

Fastenal Co., Roseville

FASTSIGNS, Roseville

Folsom Chamber of Commerce, Folsom

Folsom Economic Development Corporation, Folsom

Folsom Telegraph, Folsom

G. L. Anderson Insurance Services, Inc., Folsom

Galil Motion Control, Inc., Rocklin

Gallina LLP, Roseville

Garner Products, Inc., Roseville

Gary Doupnik Mfg., Inc., Loomis

GC Products, Inc., Lincoln

Gekkeikan Sake USA, Inc., Folsom

GoHealthNow, Folsom

Gold Country Advisors, Inc., Folsom

Golden Eagle Distributing Corp., Rocklin

Goldenomega, LLC, El Dorado Hills

Granite Business Printing, Rocklin

Greenheck Fan Corporation, Rocklin

Gutterdome, Inc., Lincoln

Gutterglove, Inc., Roseville

H.B. Fuller Co., Roseville

Hanson's Leather, Sheridan

Harris & Bruno International, Roseville

Harris Mfg., J. R., Folsom

Hewlett-Packard Co., Roseville

Holland Custom Iron Works, Inc., Roseville

Homewood Truss, Loomis

Hugin Components, Inc., Rocklin

Hydraulic Technology, Inc., Rocklin

Inch's Tooling & Machining, Loomis

Ingram Signs, Jim, Penryn

Intel Corporation, Folsom

Interloc Solutions, Inc., Folsom

ITW Rippey, El Dorado Hills

J & M Printing, Rocklin

JBR, Inc., Lincoln

JEI, Inc., Cameron Park

JLS Environmental Services, Inc., Loomis

Kenco Engineering, Inc., Roseville

Kikkoman Foods, Inc., Folsom

Lawton Industries, Inc., Rocklin

Lincoln Area Chamber of Commerce, Lincoln

Loomis Basin Chamber of Commerce, Loomis

Manex, San Ramon

Master Packaging Co., Roseville

Meridian Systems, Inc., Folsom

Millworks Products, Inc., Lincoln

Min Max Engineering, Inc., Rocklin

Mitchell Chadwick, Roseville

Monsanto Company, Woodland

MoorAgar, Inc., Rocklin

Narda Microwave-West, Folsom

New Star Lasers, Inc., Roseville

Nor-Cal Embroidery & Specialties, Granite Bay

Northern Video Systems, Inc., Rocklin

Northwest Classic Boats, Inc., Auburn

Ocean Shore Printing Co., Inc., Rocklin

Opti-Fit International, Inc., Folsom

Otto Tool, El Dorado Hills

PABCO Building Products, LLC, Lincoln

Pacific Coast Optics, Inc., Roseville

Pacific MDF Products, Inc., Rocklin

Pacific Research Solutions, Cameron Park

Paragon Products, LLC, El Dorado Hills

Parallax, Inc., Rocklin

Parker Brush Co., Inc., Rocklin

Pasco Scientific, Roseville

Paul Baker Printing, Inc., Roseville

Performance Polymer Technologies, LLC, Roseville

Phoenix Mfg. Co., Roseville

Platt Electric Supply, Inc., Roseville

Powder Craft, Rocklin

Powerschool Group LLC, Folsom

Pre-Pro Assembly, Inc., El Dorado Hills

Precision Contacts, Inc., El Dorado Hills

Premier Concrete Cutting, Inc., Roseville

Pride Industries, Roseville

Priority Printing, Roseville

Progressive Technology, Rocklin

Protolab, Cameron Park

R & R Group, LLC, Granite Bay

R & S Garage Door, Inc., Rocklin

R J W, Lincoln

R-Squared Circuits, Inc., Folsom

Ralph Chaffee Co., Inc., Rocklin

Reseco Corp., Lincoln

Retail Pro International, Folsom

Revolutions Naturopathic Medical Solutions, Inc., Folsom

Robb Jack Corporation, Lincoln

Robb-Jack Corporation, Lincoln

Rocklin Area Chamber of Commerce, Rocklin

Roseville Chamber of Commerce, Roseville

Roseville Engine Machine, Roseville

Roseville Precision, Inc., Rocklin

Royal Truck Body, Roseville

S & S Machine, Inc., Roseville

Sacramento Sign Source, Orangevale

Safari Morning-Cafenation, Rocklin

Safe-T-Rack Systems, Inc., Rocklin

Scheetz Welding Service, Inc., Folsom

Seale Signs, Inc., Rocklin

Shire, El Dorado Hills

Sierra Consulting Services, Cameron Park

Sierra Nevada Corp., Folsom

Sierra Pacific Industries, Lincoln

Sierra Stair Works, Inc., Loomis

SierraPine Ltd., Roseville

Sign Banner Print Express, Cameron Park

Sign Chef, Folsom

Signs Now, Folsom

Signs Of Our Times, Roseville

Sitek Process Solutions, Inc., Rocklin

SJS Products, A Jamcor Corp., Loomis

Slidebelts, Inc., El Dorado Hills

SMA America, LLC, Rocklin

Smith Machine Co., Logan, Rocklin

Solar Power, Inc., Roseville

Sondad Industries, Roseville

Spanos Custom Laminate, Rocklin

Swiss-Tech Machining, Roseville

Synvasive Technology, Inc., El Dorado Hills

T.R. Jacob & Associates, LLC., Roseville

Tech Alloy Assocs., Auburn

Techwire, Folsom

Tempo Software LLC, Folsom

The Smith Co., Inc., Roseville

Think Inc., El Dorado Hills

Thrillworks, Inc., Penryn

Tiffany Jorge Inc., Rocklin

TITANS of CNC, Rocklin

Total Excellence in Mfg Inc., Folsom

Town of Loomis, Loomis

TRAX Industrial Products Corp., Loomis

Tri-Pacific Supply, Inc., Rocklin

Triad, Inc., Rocklin

Tribex Corporation, Rocklin

Trod Fire Corp., Roseville

Trophy Case, Roseville

Trusted American Insurance Agency, Inc., Roseville

TSI Semiconductors, Roseville

Union Pacific Railroad, Roseville

United Natural Foods West, Inc., Rocklin

Unleashed Networks, LLC, Roseville

US Night Vision Corp., Roseville

Verus Insurance Services, LLC, Granite Bay

Video Products Distributors, Inc., Folsom

Warren G. Bender Company, Roseville

Webster Industries, El Dorado Hills

Weiss Products, Inc., Rocklin

West Coast Cabinets, Inc., Rocklin

West Coast Lumber & Building Material Association, Folsom

West Pacific Cabinets, Inc., Loomis

Wetsel-Oviatt Lumber Co, El Dorado Hills

Z Sport, Inc., Folsom

ZI Machine Mfg., El Dorado Hills