Bill Monning Senate District 17, Democrat


Term limit: 2020


Personal data

Capitol office
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4017
Fax: (916) 651-4917

Senate Floor

District voter registration
Democrat: 36%
Republican: 45%
Other: 19%

District makeup
Lightly populated northern Ventua County encompassing the cities of Fillmore and Santa Paula; moving east into northern Los Angeles County encompassing the Antelope Valley desert cities of Lancaster and Palmdale; moving south to include most (73%) of the suburban city of Santa Clarita and further south into the city of Los Angeles to encompass the San Fernando Valley communities of Granada Hills, Chatsworth, Sunland, Shadow Hills and La Tuna Canyon; stretching east into San Bernardino County to encompass the communities of Wrightwood, Mountain View and the cities of Apple Valley, Hesperia and Victorville.

Source: California Target Book


669 manufacturers in SD 17. CMTA members are highlighted

A & J Machining Inc., Morgan Hill

A & S Metals, Castroville

A & T Precision Machining, Inc., San Jose

A H K Electronic Sheet Metal, Inc., Morgan Hill

A S A P Reprographics, Morro Bay

Accent Manufacturing, Inc., Gilroy

Acme Vial & Glass Co., Inc., Paso Robles

ACS Co., Ltd., San Jose

Adelaida Cellars, Inc., Paso Robles

Advance Adapters, Inc., Paso Robles

Advance Fabrication, Inc., Morgan Hill

Advanced Machining Techniques, Inc., Morgan Hill

Aer-Dan Precision, Inc., Morgan Hill

Aera Energy, Sacramento

Aera Energy, LLC, Bakersfield

Ahead Magnetics, Inc., San Jose

Air Vol Block, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Airaya Corp., Morgan Hill

Akros Silicon, San Jose

Alien Technology, LLC, San Jose

Allocco's Food Products/ ITALIAN BAKERY, Cambria

Alltec Integrated Manufacturing, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Alpha Machine Co., Inc., Capitola

Altanova Manufacturing, Inc., Morgan Hill

Alternative Office Solutions, Inc., Morgan Hill

AMCS, Inc., Gilroy

American Medical Design, Atascadero

American Steel & Stairways, Inc., Gilroy

Ampro Computers, Inc., San Jose

Amtech Microelectronics, Inc., San Jose

Anaerobe Systems, Inc., Morgan Hill

Anderson Taxidermy & Guide Service, Inc., Atascadero

Annieglass, Inc., Watsonville

Anritsu Co., Morgan Hill

Applied Industrial Technologies, Inc., Watsonville

Applied Technologies Associates, Inc., Paso Robles

Applied Wireless Identifications Group, Inc., Morgan Hill

Arabian Horse World Ag, Cambria

Arbiter Systems, Inc., Paso Robles

Architectural Facades Unlimited, Gilroy

Architectural Iron Works Co. Inc., San Luis Obispo

Arroyo Grande Grover Beach Chamber of Commerce, Arroyo Grande

Arroyo Instruments, LLC, San Luis Obispo

Art Store, Scotts Valley

Asign Co., Grover Beach

Assembly Tek, Inc., Scotts Valley

Atascadero Chamber of Commerce, Atascadero

Athletic Screenprint Promotions, Atascadero

AverLogic Technologies, Inc., San Jose

B & J Precision Sheet Metal, Morgan Hill

B&L Matrix, Inc., Felton

Bailey Medical Engineering, Los Osos

Banners & Flags Unlimited, Arroyo Grande

Bare Wood Works, Watsonville

Bay Sheets, Gilroy

Beamco, Inc., San Jose

Beckmann's Old World Bakery Ltd., Santa Cruz

Bernardus Winery, Carmel Valley

BFP Fire Protection, Inc., Scotts Valley

Bianchi Winery & Tasting Room, Paso Robles

Big Creek Lumber Co., Inc., Paso Robles

Bill's Precision Machining, Santa Clara

Bimbo Bakeries USA, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Blossom Valley Foods Inc., Gilroy

Blue Print Express Of Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz

Blueprint Express, Arroyo Grande

Bogart Engineering, Inc., Boulder Creek

Bonny Doon Winery, Inc., Santa Cruz

Borah's Awards, San Luis Obispo

Borden Precision Products, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Boyd Bilt Custom Cabinets, Morgan Hill

BRG Sports, Inc., Scotts Valley

Brigham Printing, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Brinks Awards & Signs, Santa Cruz

Burrell School Vineyards, Los Gatos

Byington Winery & Vineyards, Inc., Los Gatos

C & J Engineering, Inc., San Martin

California Fine Wire Co., Grover Beach

California Kitchen Cabinet Door Corporation, Morgan Hill

California Mining Journal, Aptos

California Silk Screening Co., Gilroy

California Standoff, Inc., Paso Robles

Caliza Winery, Paso Robles

Calzyme Laboratories, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Canary Communications, Inc., San Jose

Capitola Gayle's Inc., Capitola

Capitola-Soquel Chamber of Commerce, Capitola

Care Wise Medical Products, Morgan Hill

Carmel Pine Cone, Pacific Grove

Carmel Print & Copy, Carmel

Carmel Valley Ironworks, Inc., Carmel Valley

Carr Parts, Santa Cruz

Cass Vineyards & Winery, Paso Robles

Castoro Cellars, Templeton

Cattaneo Bros., Inc., San Luis Obispo

Central Coast Books, San Luis Obispo

Central Coast Powder Coating, San Luis Obispo

Central Coast Silkscreen, Pacific Grove

Central Machine & Tool, Paso Robles

Central Valley Model Works, Inc., Oceano

Chalgren Enterprises, Inc., Gilroy

Chameleon Books & Journals, Inc., Gilroy

Chamisal Vineyard, San Luis Obispo

Chaparral Signs, Morgan Hill

Chase V P, Morgan Hill

Chateau Julien Wine Estate, Carmel

City of Atascadero, Atascadero

City of Grover Beach, Grover Beach

City of Marina, Marina

City of Morgan Hill, Morgan Hill

City of Pacific Grove, Pacific Grove

City of Pismo Beach, Pismo Beach

City of San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo

City of Sand City, Sand City

City of Santa Cruz EDC, Santa Cruz

City of Seaside Economic Development Dept, Seaside

Claiborne & Churchill Vintners, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Classic Glass Co., Santa Cruz

Clautiere Vineyard, LLC, Paso Robles

ClearBlu Environmental, Watsonville

Clos La Chance Wines, Inc., San Martin

Cloud Company, San Luis Obispo

CNR Machining, Gilroy

Community Printers, Inc., Santa Cruz

Concepts 2 Industries, Inc., Soquel

Container Consulting Service, Inc., Gilroy

Cooper Mfg., Bradley

Coretest Systems, Inc., Morgan Hill

Cornucopia Tool & Plastics, Inc., Paso Robles

Corralitos Market & Sausage Co., Watsonville

Courtside Cellars, LLC, San Luis Obispo

Courtside Cellars, LLC, San Miguel

Craftsmen Printing, San Jose

Creative Labels, Inc., Gilroy

Creative Metal Products Corp., San Jose

Creative Ribbon Of California, Paso Robles

Crescent Mfg. Co., LLC, Watsonville

Crestmark Machine And Design, Santa Cruz

Crestor, Inc., Santa Cruz

Crills Salt Water Taffy, Morro Bay

Crosno Construction Inc., Arroyo Grande

Crown Millwork, San Martin

Crystal Engineering Corp., San Luis Obispo

Crystal Springs Water, Inc., Santa Cruz

CT International, San Luis Obispo

Custom Chrome, Inc., Morgan Hill

Custom Made Neon, Santa Cruz

Custom Marine Covers, Moss Landing

Custom Metal Products, Inc., Gilroy

Cyberdata Corporation, Monterey

Cypress Press, Monterey

D & A Engineering, San Martin

D K D Instruments, Nipomo

D.P. Industries, Inc., Templeton

Dakota Ultrasonics Corp., Scotts Valley

Dallas Electronics, Inc., Santa Cruz

David Bruce Winery, Inc., Los Gatos

Davis Boats, Paso Robles

Davis Machine Products, Santa Cruz

Day One Precision Prosthetics, Marina

Del Industries, San Luis Obispo

Del Mar Food Products Corp., Watsonville

Del Mar Seafoods, Inc., Watsonville

Delta Ironworks, Salinas

Delta-V Ceramic Technology, Inc., Morgan Hill

Demille, Inc., Malcolm, Nipomo

Depallo & Sons, Pismo Beach

Desert Star Systems, LLC, Marina

Diamond Metal Tech, Inc., Grover Beach

Digital Dynamics, Inc., Scotts Valley

Digital Sun, Inc., San Jose

Digital View, Inc., Morgan Hill

Discount Screenprinting, Seaside

DiverseyLever, Inc., Santa Cruz

Doerksen Precision Products, Inc., Santa Cruz

Dole Fresh Vegetables, Inc., Monterey

Dolphin Natural Chocolates, Watsonville

Dolphin Shirt Co., San Luis Obispo

Donati Family Vineyard, Inc., Templeton

Douglas Environmental Co., Monterey

Dove Systems, San Luis Obispo

Duke Empirical, Inc., Santa Cruz

Eagle Medical, Inc., Paso Robles

Eberle Winery Ltd., Paso Robles

Economic Vitality Corp. of San Luis Obispo County, San Luis Obispo

Edna Valley Vineyard, San Luis Obispo

Edward R. Bacon Co., Inc., San Martin

Eighteen Ninety House, Paso Robles

Elco Machine Co., San Luis Obispo

Eldridge Products, Inc., Monterey

Elecraft, LLC, Watsonville

Elements, San Luis Obispo

Elements Manufacturing, Inc., Santa Cruz

English Ales Brewers, Inc., Marina

Ernie Ball, Inc., San Luis Obispo

European Rolling Shutters, San Jose

Excelligence Learning Corp., Monterey

Expertech, Inc., Scotts Valley

Express Metals, Inc., Gilroy

Eyasco, Inc., Watsonville

Falcon Nest Vineyard & Winery, Paso Robles

Farr West Fashions, Watsonville

Fastenal Co., San Luis Obispo

Fastenal Co., Paso Robles

Fastenal Co., Seaside

Fastenal Co., Santa Cruz

Fastenal Co., Watsonville

Federico's Imprints, Monterey

Ferguson Engineering, Atascadero

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc., Gilroy

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc., Santa Cruz

Ferguson Heating & Cooling, Inc., San Luis Obispo

FETtest, Inc., Morgan Hill

Fiber Systems, Inc., Scotts Valley

Figueroa Machining & Mfg., Paso Robles

Finesse Mills, LLC, Watsonville

Fintool International, Paso Robles

Firestone Walker Brewing Company, Paso Robles

Fluid Industrial Mfg., Inc., Morgan Hill

Forden's, San Luis Obispo

Fortino Winery, Inc., Gilroy

Fox Factory, Inc., Watsonville

Fox Thermal Instruments, Inc., Marina

Ful-Flav-R Food Products Co., Inc., Morgan Hill

Full Spectrum Machining, Inc., Gilroy

G E Forge & Tool, Inc., Grover Beach

Galante Family Winery, Carmel Valley

Gannett Healthcare Group, San Jose

Garland Precision, Soquel

Gateworks Corp., San Luis Obispo

GE Mobile Water & Process Technologies, San Jose

George Chiala Farms, Morgan Hill

GH Sports, San Luis Obispo

Gianna's Baking Co., Castroville

Gilroy Chamber of Commerce, Gilroy

Gilroy EDC, Gilroy

Gilroy Generators, Gilroy

Gilroy Screen Printing Co., Gilroy

Gino Rinaldi, Inc., Watsonville

Glacier Ice Company, San Luis Obispo

Global Navigation & Engineering, Big Sur

Golden Sheaf Bread Co., Watsonville

Good Times, Santa Cruz

Goofy Graphics, Morro Bay

Grand Awards, Pismo Beach

Granite Construction, Inc., Watsonville

Granite Rock Co., Watsonville

Greif, Inc., Morgan Hill

Grey Wolf Cellars, Paso Robles

GS Medical USA, LLC, Soquel

Guglielmo Winery, Emilio, Morgan Hill

Gutter Clamps By Al, Nipomo

H C S I, Morgan Hill

H. A. Rider & Sons, Watsonville

Haanah Co., Inc., Paso Robles

Hahn Estate, Soledad

Hallcrest Vineyards, Felton

Hanger Orthopedic & Prosthetic Services, San Luis Obispo

Hanger Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc., Santa Cruz

Harmony Cellars, Harmony

Harmony Foods Corp., Santa Cruz

Harmony Glassworks, Harmony

Harmony Machine & Fabrication, Inc., Atascadero

Harris Corporation, Morgan Hill

Hast Solutions, Santa Cruz

Head'N Home, Inc., Watsonville

Heartwood Cabinets, Gilroy

Heatwave Labs, Inc., Watsonville

Hecker Pass Winery, Gilroy

Heinzen Mfg., Gilroy

Heller Estates, Inc., Carmel Valley

Highlander Musical Audio Products, San Luis Obispo

Holbrook's Precision Machining, Paso Robles

Hotlix Candy, Grover Beach

Howard Products, Inc., Paso Robles

Hubbell Machine Co., Inc., Paso Robles

IBM, San Jose

Ideal Environmental Products, Gilroy

Independent Electric Supply, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Indtec Corporation, Marina

Innerstep, Scotts Valley

Inovonics, Inc., Felton

Integrated Device Technology, Inc., San Jose

Inter City Mfg., Inc., Seaside

International Aquatic Trades, Inc., Santa Cruz

Interphase Technologies, Inc., Soquel

Island Ceramic Grinding, Gilroy

J & R Machining, San Jose

Jabil Circuit, Inc., San Jose

JACO Machine Works, Santa Cruz

Jada Vineyard & Winery, Paso Robles

James Cellars, Tobin, Paso Robles

Jefsen Co., W. L., Watsonville

Jenike & Johanson, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Jet Tec, LLC, Marina

Jongbloed Racing, Inc., Morgan Hill

Joslyn Sunbank Co., LLC, Paso Robles

Journal Plus Magazine, San Luis Obispo

K J S Corp., Seaside

K N B Advertising Specialties, San Luis Obispo

Kalman Mfg., Inc., Morgan Hill

Kan Herb Co., Inc., Santa Cruz

Kelly's French Pastry, Santa Cruz

Kelsey See Canyon Vineyards, San Luis Obispo

Kendall Farms LLC, Atascadero

Keurig Green Mountain, Inc., Castroville

King Precision, Inc., Santa Cruz

Knapp Mill Cabinet Co., Monterey

Knecht's Plumbing & Heating, San Luis Obispo

Knowlton Bros., Inc., Grover Beach

Kristich Monterey Pipe Co., Inc., Watsonville

Kurz Instruments, Inc., Monterey

Kynsi Winery, Arroyo Grande

L'Aventure Winery, Paso Robles

L. R. Baggs Co., Nipomo

La Ganga Especial, Watsonville

Laetitia Vineyard & Winery, Arroyo Grande

Lander Mfg., David, Gilroy

Lansco Engineering, Atascadero

Lansmont Corp., Monterey

Large's Metal Fabrication, Inc., Watsonville

Larkin Precision Machining, Inc., Scotts Valley

Larsens, Inc., Santa Cruz

Larson Steel, Inc., Gilroy

Lartech, Inc., Morgan Hill

Las Animas Concrete & Building Supply, Santa Cruz

Laser Reference, Inc., San Jose

Le Vigne Winery, Paso Robles

Lease Wholesale Plumbing, Inc., A. L., Watsonville

Lehigh Hanson, Inc., Nipomo

Lemons Headers, Paso Robles

Lesco Automotive Industries, San Luis Obispo

LetterBank, Oceano

Lifeline Food Co., Inc., Seaside

Lighthouse Litho & Specialty, Cambria

Lime Engineering, Inc., Morgan Hill

Lin Engineering, Morgan Hill

Lindamar Industries Inc., Paso Robles

Linson Signs, San Luis Obispo

Lipton Company, Santa Cruz

Lochhead Mfg. Co., Paso Robles

Logos Systems International, Scotts Valley

Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc., Paso Robles

Lucas Signatone Corp., Gilroy

Lula Lund's Chocolates, LLC, Monterey

Lundberg Studios, Inc./Art Glass, Davenport

M & J Precision, Morgan Hill

M & L Precision Machine, Inc., Morgan Hill

M D R Machine, Inc., Morgan Hill

M S B Technology Corp., Aptos

Magnetic Reference Laboratory, Inc., San Jose

Mainland Machine, San Luis Obispo

Mainstreet Media Group, LLC, Gilroy

Make-It Mfg., Inc., Paso Robles

Makplate LLC, Gilroy

Mama Ganache Artisan Chocolates, Inc, San Luis Obispo

Marianne's Ice Cream, Santa Cruz

Marino's Automotive Machine Shop, Freedom

Marki Microwave, Inc., Morgan Hill

Matthews Metal Products, Gilroy

Maximum Motorsports, Inc., San Luis Obispo

McCarthy Steel, San Luis Obispo

McCarty's Window Fashions, Santa Cruz

McKenzie Machining, Santa Clara

Meridian Vineyards, Paso Robles

Metacrylics Energy Efficient Coatings, Gilroy

Metal Specialties Inc., Monterey

Metech Recycling, Gilroy

Mets Tec, Inc., Monterey

Midnight Cellars Vineyard, Paso Robles

Midstate Precision, Inc., Grover Beach

Milestone Communications, Inc., Seaside

Miracle Embroidery, San Luis Obispo

Miranda Wine, Gilroy

Mission Bell Mfg., Inc., Morgan Hill

Mission Controls Company, Inc, Gilroy

Mission Country Disposal, San Luis Obispo

Mission Powder Coating, Inc., Gilroy

Mitchella Vineyards, Paso Robles

Modutek Corp., San Jose

Monolithic Power Systems, Inc., San Jose

Monterey Bay Rebar, Watsonville

Monterey County Business Council, Marina

Monterey Mattress Co., Inc., Monterey

Monterey Mushrooms, Inc., Watsonville

Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, Monterey

Monterey Sculpture Center, Sand City

Morgan Hill Chamber of Commerce, Morgan Hill

Morgan Hill Plastics, Inc., Gilroy

Morgan Hill Precision, Inc., Morgan Hill

Morgan Hill Supply, Inc., Morgan Hill

Morgan Hill Times, Morgan Hill

Morro Bay Cabinets, Inc., Paso Robles

Moss Landing Chamber of Commerce, Moss Landing

Motion Industries, Inc., Gilroy

Motive System, Inc., Paso Robles

n&k Technology, Inc., San Jose

Nanometer Technologies, Inc., Paso Robles

National Reso-Phonic Guitars, San Luis Obispo

National Stock Sign Co., Santa Cruz

Nature Quality Co., Hollister

Nautilus Forge & Metal Works, Carmel

Navajo Concrete, Inc., Paso Robles

NDS Surgical Imaging, San Jose

Next Day Signs, Pismo Beach

Next Intent, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Nextest Systems Corporation, San Jose

NHS, Inc., Santa Cruz

Nisene Technology Group, Inc., Watsonville

Noll, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Nordic Naturals, Watsonville

North Coast Medical, Inc., Gilroy

North Monterey County Chamber of Commerce, Castroville

North, East, West & South Magnetic Corp., Morgan Hill

Northwest Signs, Santa Cruz

Nunno Corp. Ltd., Paso Robles

O'Brien Olson, Inc., Morgan Hill

O'Neill Wetsuits, LLC, Santa Cruz

OCZ Store Solutions, San Jose

OML, Inc., Morgan Hill

Opolo Vineyards, LLC, Paso Robles

Optico Glass Fabrication, Inc., Atascadero

Orange Guard, Inc., Marina

Oxford Instruments X-Ray Technology, Inc., Scotts Valley

P & M Staiger Vineyard, Boulder Creek

Pacific Cookie Company, Inc., Santa Cruz

Pacific Designs, Santa Cruz

Pacific Diversified Insurance Services Inc., Gilroy

Pacific Industrial, Grover Beach

Pacific Metal & Manufacturing Inc., Paso Robles

Pacific States Industries, Inc., Morgan Hill

Pajaro Valley Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture, Watsonville

Palermo Bakery, Seaside

Paraiso Vineyards, Soledad

Paramit Corporation, Morgan Hill

Paso Printers, Paso Robles

Paso Robles Chamber of Commerce, Paso Robles

Paso Robles Press, Atascadero

Patio Pacific, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Peachy Canyon Winery, Paso Robles

Pega Precision, Inc., Morgan Hill

Peninsula Biomedical, Inc., Scotts Valley

Pepper Mill Imports, Inc., Seaside

Peralta's Machine Shop, Watsonville

Performance Apparel Corp., San Luis Obispo

Perin-Mowen, Inc., Santa Cruz

Peterson Tractor Co., San Martin

Phoenix Musical Instruments, Aptos

Photoflex Products, Inc., Watsonville

Photon Dynamics, Inc., San Jose

Pierce Manifolds, Inc., Gilroy

Piranha Plastics, Inc., Gilroy

Pismo Beach Chamber of Commerce, Pismo Beach

Plantronics, Inc., Santa Cruz

Poly Performance, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Poor Richard's Press, San Luis Obispo

Powder Coating USA, Paso Robles

Power Integrations, Inc., San Jose

Power-Save Energy Corp., San Luis Obispo

Praxair, Inc., Watsonville

Precision Dynamic Machining, Inc., Freedom

Precision Machine, San Luis Obispo

Precision Sheet Metal Products, Inc., Gilroy

Pressure-Tek, Inc., Paso Robles

Print Shop, The, Morgan Hill

Print Smith, Inc., Aptos

Printing Spot, The, Gilroy

Pro Document Solutions, Paso Robles

ProBuild Co., LLC, Felton

Promega Biosciences, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Prunella Machine, Santa Cruz

Pryor Industries, Inc., Grover Beach

PTC Corp., Morgan Hill

Quadrant Technology L.P., Morgan Hill

Quantar Technology, Inc., Santa Cruz

Quantum3D, Inc., Milpitas

Quest Microwave, Inc., Morgan Hill

Quintana Forge, Morro Bay

R & T Embroidery, Inc., Grover Beach

R E M Mfg., Inc., Gilroy

Rainbow Fin Co., LLC, Watsonville

Rainbow Printing, Paso Robles

Ranchita Canyon Vineyard, San Miguel

Rancho de Solis Winery, Gilroy

Rantec Power Systems, Inc., Los Osos

Rapid Printers Of Monterey, Monterey

RCR Fabrication & Design, Santa Cruz

Recognition Works, Atascadero

Register Pajaronian, Watsonville

Rifle Fairing, Atascadero

Riva Marble & Granite, Watsonville

Rivers Del Rey, Inc., Gilroy

RMC Engineering Co., Inc., Gilroy

RMC Pacific Materials, Inc., Davenport

Robert Talbott, Inc., Monterey

Robinson's Ornamental Iron, Atascadero

Robson Technologies, Inc., Morgan Hill

Rosilez Winery, J. Paul, Paso Robles

Rossi's Engine & Drive Train, Inc., Gilroy

Rotta Winery, Inc., Templeton

Royal Pacific Foods/The Ginger People, Marina

Royal Riders, Morgan Hill

S V P Winery, LLC, Shandon

S. Martinelli & Co., Watsonville

Saccullos Shower Door Mfg., Gilroy

SAES Pure Gas, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Safranek Enterprises, Inc., Atascadero

Sage Metering, Inc., Monterey

Sakata Seed America, Inc., Morgan Hill

Sambrailo Packaging, Inc., Aromas

Sambrailo Packaging, Inc., Watsonville

San Luis Machine Co., San Luis Obispo

San Luis Marble & Granite, San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce, San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo County Workforce Investment Board, San Luis Obispo

San Luis Obispo Tribune, LLC, San Luis Obispo

San Luis Print & Copy, San Luis Obispo

San Marcos Creek Vineyard, Paso Robles

Sanders Racing, Eddie, Grover Beach

Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz County Workforce Investment Board, Watsonville

Santa Cruz Guitar Co., Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Millwork, Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard, Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Sails, Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Sentinel, Scotts Valley

Santa Rosa Bakery, Watsonville

Sarah's Vineyard A California Ltd. Partner, Gilroy

Scheid Vineyards, Inc., Salinas

Schmid Thermal Systems Inc., Watsonville

Scotts Valley Magnetics, Inc., Scotts Valley

SCS Wire, Grover Beach

Sea Berg Metal Fabricators, Inc., Santa Cruz

Sea Mist Farms, Castroville

Sea-Tek Precision Machined Products, Morgan Hill

Seagull Solutions, Inc., Morgan Hill

Semiconductor Tooling Service, Inc., San Jose

Semifab, Inc., San Jose

Sessions, LLC, Santa Cruz

Shelton Pipe & Drainage, John S., Morgan Hill

Shinko Of America, Inc., Aptos

Shoreline Press, Soquel

SIGNWorks, Monterey

Silicon Exhibits, Gilroy

Silva Sausage Co., Inc., Gilroy

Silver Mountain Vineyards, Santa Cruz

Sincerely Yours, Boulder Creek

Sir Speedy Printing, Morgan Hill

Sligh Cabinets, Inc., Paso Robles

Slime, San Luis Obispo

SLO Brewing Co., San Luis Obispo

SLOCO Data, Inc., Grover Beach

Smart Products, Inc., Morgan Hill

Smith & Vandiver Corp, Watsonville

SMP Tech, Inc., Morgan Hill

Snap-On Diagnostics, San Jose

Snider Precision, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Soleil & Terroir, Paso Robles

SoloPower, Inc., San Jose

South Valley Manufacturing, Inc., Gilroy

Soy Vay Enterprise, Inc., Felton

Spanish Bay Galleries, Pacific Grove

Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc., Morgan Hill

Specialty Silicone Fabricators, LLC, Paso Robles

Spectra-Mat, Inc., Watsonville

Stainless Works Mfg. Co., Watsonville

Starks Welding, Gilroy

Statewide Safety & Signs, Inc., Nipomo

Stion Corp., San Jose

Stokes Signs, Santa Cruz

Storrs Winery, Santa Cruz

Strader Creative Products, Paso Robles

Straight Down Clothing Co., San Luis Obispo

Strasbaugh, San Luis Obispo

Stryker Endoscopy, San Jose

Summerwood Winery & Inn, Inc., Paso Robles

Suncoast Awning, Inc., Santa Cruz

Sunflower Mfg., Inc., San Luis Obispo

Sunopta Global Organic Ingredients, Inc., Santa Cruz

Sunridge Farms, Inc., Royal Oaks

Superior Foods Companies, Watsonville

Surfboards By Haut, Santa Cruz

Surfside Signs, Soquel

Sweet Earth Inc, Moss Landing

Swintek Enterprises, Inc., San Jose

Synergetics Co., Monterey

System Studies Incorporated, Santa Cruz

Szalay Winery, Carmel Valley

T & J Industries, Inc., Paso Robles

Tablas Creek Vineyard, Paso Robles

Taco Works, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Talamo Food Service, Inc., Morgan Hill

Talley Vineyards, Arroyo Grande

Tapemation Machining, Inc., Scotts Valley

Target Electronics, Inc., Morgan Hill

Taztech Steel, Inc., Gilroy

TecHarmonic, Inc., San Jose

Temple-Inland, Inc., Gilroy

Templeton Feed & Grain, Templeton

Templeton Steel Fabrication, Inc., Paso Robles

TenCate Advanced Composites USA, Inc., Morgan Hill

Terrasat Communications, Inc., Morgan Hill

TFD Group, Monterey

The Coast Distribution System, Inc., Morgan Hill

The Don Chapin Co., Inc., Salinas

The Spice Hunter, Inc., San Luis Obispo

The Thomas Kinkade Co., Morgan Hill

Threshold Enterprises Ltd., Scotts Valley

Times Publishing Group, Aptos

Tolosa Press, San Luis Obispo

Toobs, Inc., Morro Bay

Top Shop & Imprinted Sportswear, The, Arroyo Grande

Topco, Inc., Grover Beach

TOTLCOM Inc., Watsonville

Town & Country Fencing, San Luis Obispo

TR Engineering, Inc., Scotts Valley

True Tube, Inc., Paso Robles

Trufocus Corp., Watsonville

Turley Wine Cellars, Templeton

U-C Components, Inc., Morgan Hill

Ueberrhein Cabinets, Inc., Watsonville

UFI Inc., Morro Bay

Ultra Pure Solutions, Inc., Castroville

Ultra Stereo Labs, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Universal Audio, Inc., Scotts Valley

Universal Carbide, Inc., Santa Cruz

University Graphic Systems, San Luis Obispo

US Technical Ceramic, Inc., Morgan Hill

V R S Marking, Arroyo Grande

Valentine Backhoe Service, Templeton

Valley Services Electronics, San Jose

Velodyne Acoustics, Inc., Morgan Hill

Vena Engineering Corp., Watsonville

Ventana Vineyards Winery, Inc., Monterey

Veris Cellars, Templeton

Versaco Mfg., Inc., Gilroy

Virtual Research Systems, Inc., Aptos

Von Giese & Son, Morgan Hill

Walker Street Pallets, LLC, Watsonville

Warmboard, Inc., Aptos

Waste Management, Inc., Castroville

Water Store, The, Santa Cruz

Watsonville Coast Produce, Inc., Watsonville

Weatherby, Inc., Paso Robles

Weir Enterprises, Santa Cruz

Well Seen Signs, Atascadero

Wells Wood Turner, John, Boulder Creek

Wes-Der Wood Products, San Martin

West Marine, Inc., Watsonville

Westek Electronics, Inc., Watsonville

Western Quartz Products, Inc., Paso Robles

Wet Dog Designs, Grover Beach

WeWrite, LLC, Ben Lomond

Whalebone Winery, Paso Robles

Wilkins Action Graphic, Atascadero

Williams Dental Lab, Inc., Gilroy

Wilmoth Enterprises, Inc., Santa Cruz

Wint Corporation, San Jose

With The Grain Woodcraft, San Luis Obispo

Woodtech Cabinet Specialists Inc., San Luis Obispo

Worth Data, Inc., Santa Cruz

WPG Americas, Inc., San Jose

WristOffice, Inc., Aptos

WS Packaging Group, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Yesterday's Sportswear, Paso Robles

ZCO Liquidating Corporation, San Jose

Zero Motorcycles, Inc., Scotts Valley

Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc., San Luis Obispo

Zurn Industries, LLC, Paso Robles