Patrick O'Donnell Assembly District 70, Democrat


Term limit: 2026


Personal data

Capitol office
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 319-2070
Fax: (916) 319-2170

District voter registration
Democrat: 28%
Republican: 49%
Other: 23%

District makeup
Central Orange County district encompassing the coastal communities of Laguna Beach, most (90%) of Newport Beach, and the inland cities of Irvine, Laguna Woods, Lake Forest and most (93%) of Tustin.

Source: California Target Book


225 manufacturers in AD 70. CMTA members are highlighted

Acme Headlining Co., Long Beach

Advanced Semiconductor Products, Long Beach

Advanced Technology Labs, Inc., Signal Hill

AECOM Environmental, Long Beach

AES Alamitos, L.L.C., Long Beach

Air Products & Chemicals, Inc., Wilmington

Air Source Industries, Long Beach

Al Larson Boat Shop, San Pedro

Allegra Print & Imaging, Long Beach

Allied Packing & Rubber, Inc., Long Beach

Alta Environmental, Long Beach

Amber Resources, Inc., Long Beach

American Reprographics Corp., Long Beach

American Technology Services, Signal Hill

Antique Metal Finishing, Long Beach

Ardagh Metal Packaging USA Inc., San Pedro

Art Decal Corp., Long Beach

Asphalt Fabric and Engineering, Inc., Signal Hill

Ausburn Oilwell Cementing Co., Signal Hill

Automotive Express, Signal Hill

B & B Pipe & Tool Co., Long Beach

Barton Machine Works, Long Beach

Basin Valve Co., Signal Hill

Berns Co., The, Long Beach

Beta Offshore, LLC, Long Beach

Biltmore Metal Fabricator, Inc., Long Beach

Blue Engravers, Long Beach

BMW Nationwide Security, Long Beach

Bond Consulting, Long Beach

BP America, Inc., Long Beach

BP West Coast, Wilmington

C J Precision Industries, Inc., Signal Hill

C. W. Services, Inc., Long Beach

California Banner & Sign, Harbor City

California Orthopedic Lab, Inc., Signal Hill

California Swaging & Cable Products, Long Beach

Catalina Curtain Co., Inc., Avalon

Catalina Island Chamber & Visitors Bureau, Avalon

Cavanaugh Machine Works, Inc., Long Beach

Certified Alloy Products, Inc., Long Beach

City of Long Beach, Long Beach

CMF Corp., Long Beach

CMI Rubber Company, Inc., Long Beach

Condor Metals, Inc., Signal Hill

Continental DataGraphics, Long Beach

Continental Graphics Corporation, Long Beach

Control Switches International, Inc. (CSII), Long Beach

Coppa Woodworking, Inc., San Pedro

Creger Machine & Tool, Signal Hill

Crescent Pipe Tongs, Inc., Signal Hill

Crosby & Overton, Inc., Long Beach

Crown Equipment Corporation, Long Beach

Crown Lift Trucks, Long Beach

D & G Mfg. Co., Inc., Signal Hill

D & R Grinding Service, Long Beach

Dawson Enterprises, Signal Hill

Denso International America, Inc., Long Beach

Designer Neon, Long Beach

Diamond-U Products, Inc., Long Beach

Dooley Lumber Co., Long Beach

Downtown Long Beach Associates, Long Beach

Eco-Tech, Inc., Signal Hill

Electro-Tech Machining, Inc., Long Beach

Embroidery Masters, Inc., Signal Hill

Encore Awards & Marking, Long Beach

Epson America, Inc., Long Beach

Everson Spice Co., Inc., Signal Hill

Evoqua Water Technologies, Signal Hill

F&L Petroleum Products, Long Beach

Fine Quality Metal Finishing, Inc., Long Beach

Firestone Fabricators, Inc., Long Beach

Flores Enterprises, Signal Hill

Floyd's Ornamental Iron Supply, San Pedro

Flynn & Enslow, Inc., Signal Hill

Flynn Signs & Graphics, Inc., Long Beach

Gambol Industries, Inc., Long Beach

Gazette Newspapers, Inc., Long Beach

Georgia-Pacific Gypsum, LLC, Long Beach

Georgia-Pacific LLC, Long Beach

GHI Systems, Inc., San Pedro

Glacier Pac, Signal Hill

Glass Act, The, San Pedro

GS Roofing Products, Wilmington

H & L Metals, Signal Hill

H & Y Rebar, Long Beach

Hamilton Standard, Long Beach

Harbor Custom Canvas, Long Beach

Harbor Diesel & Equipment, Inc., Long Beach

Hawk Industries, Inc., Signal Hill

Heritage Press, Signal Hill

Hi-Standard Mfg., Inc., Long Beach

Industrial Filtration, Inc., Long Beach

Intelligent Energy, Inc., Long Beach

Interior Workshop, Long Beach

Intex Recreation Corp., Long Beach

Intusoft, San Pedro

Isabel Garreton, Inc., San Pedro

JF Fixtures & Design, Long Beach

JFE Shoji Trade America, Inc., Long Beach

JiffySign, Signal Hill

K & E Mfg., Inc., Signal Hill

K & M Precision Machining, Inc., Signal Hill

Kalayjian Industries, Inc., Signal Hill

Kayline Enterprises, Inc., Long Beach

Ken Mason Tile, Inc., Gardena

Kenyon Press, Inc., Signal Hill

Keystone Engineering Company, Long Beach

Klampon Corp., Long Beach

Kuster Co., Inc., Long Beach

L.A. Custom Apparel & Promotions Inc., Long Beach

Lester Box & Mfg. Co., Long Beach

Lighthouse, Inc., The, San Pedro

Little Air Giant, Inc., San Pedro

Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, Long Beach

Long Beach Artificial Limb Co., Inc., Long Beach

Long Beach Hose & Coupling Co., Inc., Long Beach

Long Beach Pipe & Supply, Signal Hill

Long Beach Times Newspaper, Inc., Long Beach

M J M Graphics, San Pedro

Machan Sign Co. Inc., Long Beach

Macom Technology Solutions, Long Beach

Maine Printers, Inc., Long Beach

Maitlen & Benson, Inc., Long Beach

Marabella Vineyards, San Pedro

Maruhide Marine Products, Inc., Long Beach

Mathis Co., Inc., R. D., Signal Hill

MBS Industrial Service, Inc., Signal Hill

MCOA, LLC, Long Beach

Merit Steel & Supply, Long Beach

MG Industries, Inc., Long Beach

Microfirm, Inc., Signal Hill

National Emblem, Inc., Long Beach

Neill Aircraft Co., Long Beach

Nexcoil, Inc., Long Beach

Oxy Long Beach, Inc., Long Beach

P T Industries, Inc., Signal Hill

Pacific Data Forms, Inc., Long Beach

Pacific Gateway Workforce Investment Board, Long Beach

Pacific General Supply, Inc., Long Beach

Pacific Pallet Co., Long Beach

Packaging Co., Long Beach

Paragon Steel, Long Beach

Party Time Ice, Inc., San Pedro

PDF Print Communications Inc., Signal Hill

PEAR Strategies LLC, Long Beach

Pfanstiel Publishers & Printers, Inc., Long Beach

Phillips 66 Co., Wilmington

Plasti-Clad, Inc., Long Beach

Plastics Paint Production, Inc., Long Beach

Port of Los Angeles, San Pedro

Posca Bros. Dental Laboratory, Long Beach

Praxair, Inc., Signal Hill

Press Telegram Inc., Long Beach

PrintMaster, Long Beach

Pristine Systems, Inc., San Pedro

Prosthetic & Orthotic Group, Inc., Signal Hill

Pure Planet Products, Inc., Long Beach

Queen Beach Printers, Inc., Long Beach

R. S. Miles & Son Corp., Signal Hill

Radio Holland USA, Inc., Long Beach

Random Lengths News, San Pedro

Rapid Screen Repair Co., Long Beach

Red Eye Printing, Long Beach

Reldom Corporation, Signal Hill

Rio Tinto Minerals, Wilmington

RSG/Aames Security, Inc., Signal Hill

Rubbercraft Corporation of California Ltd., Long Beach

S D S American Printing Center, Long Beach

S. J. Controls, Inc., Signal Hill

SA Recycling, LLC, Long Beach

San Pedro Sheet Metal Works, Inc., San Pedro

Sanders Industries, Inc., Long Beach

Santa Fe Importers Inc., Long Beach

Sar-LB, Inc., Long Beach

SAS Safety Corporation, Long Beach

Sav-On Signs, Long Beach

Schneider Design Studio, Long Beach

SCS Engineers, Long Beach

Seaborn Canvas, San Pedro

Seaside Political Printing & Direct Mail, Long Beach

Seaside Printing Co., Inc., Long Beach

Ship & Shore Environmental, Signal Hill

Sierra Pacific Engineering and Products, Long Beach

Sign Methods, Inc., Signal Hill

Signal Hill Petroleum, Inc., Signal Hill

Sir Speedy Printing Center, Long Beach

Software Consulting & Accounting Systems, Inc., San Pedro

Solutions Exhibits, Long Beach

South Coast Publishing, Inc., Signal Hill

Sparrevohn Engineering, Long Beach

Spun Products M L Z, Inc., Long Beach

Sta-Slim Products Inc., San Pedro

Stapleton Technologies, Long Beach

Star Fisheries, Inc., San Pedro

State Fish Co., Inc., San Pedro

SteamX, LLC, Signal Hill

Strike Technology, Inc., Long Beach

Superior Electrical Advertising, Inc., Long Beach

Superior Metal Company, LLC, Long Beach

Superior Truck Supply, Long Beach

Synergistic Leadership, LLC, Long Beach

T & D Supply, Inc., Long Beach

T & J Printing, Signal Hill

T & J Signs, Inc., Signal Hill

Tell Steel, Inc., Long Beach

The Boeing Co., Long Beach

The Boeing Company, Long Beach

TMW Enterprises, Signal Hill

TNT Electric Sign, Inc., Long Beach

Tokyo Printing Ink Corp. U.S.A., Signal Hill

Tri-Marine Fish Co., San Pedro

Trinity Diversified, Inc., Long Beach

Trophies, Inc., Long Beach

Victory Group, The, San Pedro

Vilden Associates, Inc., Signal Hill

Wallboard Tool Co., Long Beach

Walters Wholesale Electric Co., Signal Hill

Walters Wholesale Electric Co., Long Beach

Weber & Sons, Inc., Signal Hill

Weco Products, Inc., Long Beach

West Coast Sandblasting, Inc., Long Beach

West Coast Ship Repair, Long Beach

Weston Industries, Inc., San Pedro

Wille's Tin Shop, Signal Hill

Xerographix, Long Beach