Bill Quirk Assembly District 20, Democrat


Term limit: 2024


Personal data

Capitol office
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 319-2020
Fax: (916) 319-2120

Assembly Floor

District voter registration
Democrat: 47%
Republican: 24%
Other: 29%

District makeup
Eighty-four percent of the district falls within Alameda County, encompassing the cities of Fremont, Newark, Union City and a portion (25%) of Pleasanton; and a small portion (4%) of Santa Clara County encompassing Milpitas and a sliver of the city of San Jose.

Source: California Target Book


402 manufacturers in AD 20. CMTA members are highlighted

3Dconnexion Inc., Fremont

5 B's Engraving, Castro Valley

A & M Pallet Recyclers, Hayward

AA Rotating Apparatus Corp., Hayward

Abaxis, Inc., Union City

ABCO Wire & Metal Products, Castro Valley

ACF Components & Fasteners, Inc., Hayward

Action Laminates, LLC, Hayward

Acutherm, Inc., Hayward

Admail Express, Inc., Hayward

Advance Carbon Products, Inc., Hayward

Advanced Fabrication Tech, Inc., Hayward

Advanced Transit Dynamics, Inc., Hayward

Aesthera Corporation, Hayward

Air Bearing Technology, Inc., Hayward

Air Liquide Industrial U.S. LP, Union City

Airgas, Inc., Hayward

Ajax - United Patterns & Molds, Inc., Union City

AKMI Corporation, Hayward

Alameda County Community Development Agency, Hayward

Alameda County Workforce Investment Board, Hayward

Alameda Electrical Distributors, Inc., Hayward

Alexander Rubber Products, Hayward

Allstate Plastics, LLC, Hayward

Allure Cosmetic, Inc., Hayward

Alpha Magnetics, Inc., Hayward

Alpha Scientific Electronics, Hayward

Alpine Awards, Inc., Union City

Alvarado Dye & Knitting Mill Inc., Union City

American Bath Enterprises, Inc., Hayward

American Blinds & Draperies, Inc., Hayward

American Food Equipment Co., Inc., Hayward

American Licorice Co., Inc., Union City

American Poly-Foam Co., Hayward

American Portable Welding, Hayward

American Radiator Works, Hayward

American West Labels, Hayward

Anatech USA, Union City

Andersen Bakery, Inc., Hayward

Anheuser-Busch Recycling, Hayward

Annabelle Candy Co., Inc., Hayward

Applied Industrial Technologies, Inc., Union City

Applied Photon Technology, Inc., Hayward

Aradigm Corp., Hayward

Arbon Equipment Corp., Hayward

Armanino Foods Of Distinction, Inc., Hayward

Arrow Wire & Cable, Inc., Hayward

Art Monument Co., Inc., Hayward

Associated Screw Machine Products, Hayward

Atalanta Corp., Union City

ATDynamics, Inc., Hayward

Aurora Algae, Inc., Hayward

Automatic Control Engineering Corporation, Hayward

AXL Musical Instruments Ltd., Hayward

Axygen, Inc., Union City

Azuma Foods International, Inc. U.S.A., Hayward

B & H Distributors, Hayward

B. C. Song International, Inc., Hayward

Bakemark USA, LLC, Union City

Baxter International Inc., Hayward

Bay Area & Keva Mattress Co., San Leandro

Bay Area Green Printing, Hayward

Bay Central Printing, Union City

Bay Signs, Inc., San Leandro

Bayline Paper Supply Co., Union City

Bell Plastics, Hayward

Berkeley Farms, Inc., Hayward

Best Express Foods, Inc, Hayward

Best Label Company, Inc., Union City

Biolog, Inc., Hayward

Blommer Chocolate Co., Inc., Union City

Boehringer Ingelheim Fremont, Inc., Fremont

Bras & Mattos Monument Co., Hayward

Brechtel Mfg., Inc., Hayward

Caliber Cabinets, Hayward

California Accessories, Inc., Hayward

California Work Trucks, Inc., Union City

Calsak Plastics Corp., Hayward

Cargotrol Corp., Hayward

Carlene's T-Shirt Corner, San Leandro

Carmel Food Group, Inc., Hayward

Castro Valley/Eden Area Chamber of Commerce, Castro Valley

CEC Print Solutions, Inc., Hayward

CG Industries, Inc., Union City

Chase Co., Inc., R. J., Union City

China Tofu, Hayward

Choate Tables, Hayward

Chouinard Vineyards, Inc., Castro Valley

Cinema Development Co., Hayward

City of Hayward, Hayward

City of Union City - Economic Development, Union City

Clark Spring & Mfg., Hayward

Coast Aluminum & Architectural, Inc., Hayward

Cognex Corp., Hayward

Columbus Manufacturing, Inc., Hayward

Commex Corp., Hayward

Composicon Composite Systems & Structures, Hayward

Compro Packaging LLC, Union City

Computer Plastics, Inc., Hayward

Conklin & Conklin, Inc., Union City

Continental Tool Co., Hayward

Conversion Products, Inc., Hayward

Copy Pacific, Inc., Hayward

Corad, Hayward

Cordeiro's Welding Service, Hayward

Corrugated Packaging Products, Hayward

CREAGRI, Inc., Burlingame

Crown Equipment Corp., Hayward

Curry Graphics, Hayward

Custom Label & Decal Co., LLC, Hayward

Cypress Furniture, Inc., Hayward

Dandy Food Products, San Lorenzo

Danworth Manufacturing Co, Hayward

Davis Instruments Corporation, Hayward

Dawn Food Products, Inc., Union City

DDS Custom Mfg. & Construction Services, Inc., Hayward

Deep Foods, Inc., Union City

Delnetics, Inc., Hayward

Delphon Industries, LLC, Hayward

Delta Pacific Products, Union City

Dupont Co. Stonetech Professional, Inc., Hayward

Dynamic Network Factory, Inc., Hayward

E D M Exotics, Hayward

Earle M. Jorgensen Co., Hayward

Earthquake Sound Corporation, Hayward

EBM Construction, Inc., Hayward

EG Systems, LLC, Hayward

EKC Technology, Inc., Hayward

Electro Plating Specialties, Inc., Hayward

Electrochem Solutions, LLC, Union City

Electronic Waste Management, Hayward

Electronics For Imaging, Inc., Fremont

Elegant Marble & Granite, Union City

Emerald Packaging, Inc., Union City

EnerSys, Inc., Union City

Eoff Mfg., Union City

Fabrique Delices, Inc., Hayward

Fastenal Co., Hayward

Finelite, Inc., Union City

First Impressions Printing, Hayward

Florence & New Italian Art Company, Inc., Hayward

Folgergraphics, Inc., Hayward

For Rent Media Solutions, Union City

Forderer Cornice Works, Hayward

Foster Mantels, Hayward

Four Dimensions, Inc., Hayward

Free-Flow Packaging International, Inc., Fremont

Freund Baking Co., Hayward

Fricke-Parks Press, Union City

FUJIFILM Graphic Systems U.S.A., Inc., Hayward

Gans Ink & Supply Co., Inc., Hayward

Gillig, LLC, Hayward

Glimmerglass Networks, Inc., Hayward

Gold Shield Distributors, Inc., Hayward

Golden Oaks Printing, Hayward

Golden West Paper Converting, San Lorenzo

Goodview Industries Co., Inc., Hayward

Granite Digital, Union City

Graphic Communicators, Hayward

Graphic Equipment Co., Hayward

Graphic Sciences, Inc., San Leandro

Great Western Conveyor, Hayward

Grundfos CBS, Inc., Hayward

Halco USA, Hayward

Hantel Technologies, Inc., Hayward

Harvest Food Products Co., Inc., Hayward

Hayward Chamber of Commerce, Hayward

Hayward Fishing Supplies, Hayward

Hayward Pipe & Supply Co., Hayward

Hayward Rubber Stamp, Inc., Hayward

Heat And Control, Inc., Hayward

Heco Pacific Mfg., Inc., Union City

Hernandez Silver Products, Hayward

Howard Wire Cloth Co., Hayward

Hubbard's Machine Shop, Al, Hayward

Ideality Contract Furniture, Hayward

ILM Tool, Inc., Hayward

IMPAX Laboratories, Inc., Hayward

IMT Precision, Inc., Hayward

Induspac California, Inc., Hayward

Industrial Boxboard Corp., Hayward

Infrared Industries, Hayward

Inland Marine Industries, Inc., Hayward

International Mfg. Co., Hayward

International Window Co., Hayward

J W Done Corp., Hayward

Jatco, Inc., Union City

Jerong Products, Inc., Hayward

Johnson & Johnson, Fremont

Jupiter Systems, Hayward

K S Avionics, Inc., Hayward

Kat's Screen Printing & Embroidery, Fremont

Keeco, LLC, Hayward

Kem-Mil Co., Hayward

Kensington Laboratories, LLC, Hayward

Kerrock Countertops, Inc., Union City

Kerry Ingredients, Union City

Kim's Kustom, Hayward

Kinetic Ceramics, Inc., Hayward

Kordon, LLC, Hayward

Kortick Manufacturing Company, Hayward

Krisalis, Inc., Hayward

Krug Bixby & Long Assocs., Hayward

La Mexicana Tortilla Factory, Hayward

La Terra Fina USA, LLC, Union City

LAMA Books, Hayward

Laser Custom Designs, LLC, Hayward

Lau's Packaging, Hayward

Linchen, Inc., Hayward

Longevity Global, Inc., Hayward

Lowry's, Inc., Hayward

M & L Metals, Hayward

M and W Systems, Inc., Hayward

Maier Racing Enterprises, Inc., Hayward

Marchi Thermal Systems, Hayward

Marelich Mechanical Co., Hayward

McKinney Assocs., Inc., Lloyd F., Hayward

MDC Vacuum Products, LLC, Hayward

Melrose Nameplate & Label Co., Hayward

Menches Tool & Die, Inc., Hayward

Merchandising Systems, Inc., Hayward

Metal Masters, Hayward

Metal Supermarkets, Hayward

Metals USA, Inc., Hayward

Micro Connectors, Inc., Hayward

Midwest Sign & Screen Printing Supply Co., Hayward

Mission Tool & Mfg. Co., Inc., Hayward

Mizuho Orthopedic Systems, Inc., Union City

Moderne Drapery, Inc., Hayward

Morgan Technical Ceramics, Inc., Hayward

Moss Precision Machining, Hayward

Motion Industries, Inc., Hayward

Moyers Paint Co., Inc., San Lorenzo

Mygrant Glass Co., Hayward

National Fabtronix, Inc., Hayward

National Metal Fabricators, Hayward

Natural Formulas, LLC, Hayward

Naylor Steel, Inc., Hayward

Nor-Cal Steel, Inc., Union City

Norton Industries, Inc., Hayward

Norton Packaging, Inc., Hayward

O D Signs, Hayward

Oakland Pallet Company, Inc., San Lorenzo

Omni Cable Corp., Union City

Omron Scientific Technologies, Inc., Fremont

On Time Signs, LLC, Hayward

ORCON Aerospace, Union City

P & K Tool & Precision, Hayward

P & S Sales, Inc., Hayward

P T R Mfg., Inc., Union City

Pacific Cheese Co., Inc., Hayward

Pacific Die Cut Industries, Hayward

Pacific East Co., Hayward

Pacific Home Products, Inc., Hayward

Pacific Materials Handling Solutions, Inc., Hayward

Pacific Roller Die Co., Inc., Hayward

Pacific States Felt & Mfg. Co., Inc., Hayward

Pacific Welding & Machine, Hayward

Pacmold, Hayward

Pan Pacific Plastic Manufacturing, Inc., Hayward

Pars Lighting Products Co., Union City

Perry Tool & Research, Inc., Hayward

Pharmedix, Union City

Planter Technology, Inc., Hayward

Plastikon Industries, Hayward

Platron Co., Hayward

Polybus International, Inc., San Lorenzo

Porteous Fastener Co., Inc., Hayward

Precision Plastic LLC, Union City

Primus Power Corporation, Hayward

Prince Of Peace Enterprises, Inc., Hayward

Pro Colorflex Ink Corp., Hayward

Pro Tech Materials, Hayward

Process Engineers, Inc., Hayward

Prozyme, Inc., Hayward

Qantel Technologies, Inc., Hayward

Quattro Mfg. Co., Pleasanton

Quintronix, Hayward

R & S Erection Of Southern Alameda County, Inc., Hayward

R & S Manufacturing, Inc., Union City

Rago Neon, Inc., Hayward

Rainbow Electronics & Fasteners, Union City

Rapak, Inc., Union City

Rapid Displays, Inc., Union City

Ras-Co Mfg. Co., Hayward

Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co., Union City

Richmond Optical Co., Hayward

Ricman Mfg., Inc., Hayward

Right Away Redy Mix, Union City

RKI Instruments, Inc., Union City

Rodak Plastics Co., Inc., Hayward

Rodrick Packaging Co., Union City

Rohm & Haas, Hayward

Roll-Rite Corp., Hayward

Ronson Shower Glass & Mirror, Inc., Hayward

Royal Chemical Company, Ltd., Hayward

RSM Products, Inc., Hayward

Sakura Of America, Inc., Hayward

Sam's Signs, San Leandro

Samuel Son and Co., Inc., Hayward

Samuel, Son & Co., Inc., Hayward

San Francisco Bath Salt Co., Union City

Sanfrancisco Pipe & Tube Ending, Inc., Hayward

Santini Foods, Inc., San Lorenzo

Satco Products, Inc., Hayward

SchmartBoard, Inc., Fremont

Segale Bros. Wood Products, Hayward

Selway Machine Tool Co., Inc., Union City

Semano, Inc., Hayward

Serra Corp., Golden Gate Div., Hayward

Servin Co./Fence, Gate & Steel Fabricators, Hayward

SharkRack, Inc., Hayward

Shasta Beverages, Inc., Hayward

Shed Shop, The, Fremont

Shrader Vacuum Services, Inc., Union City

Sierra Packaging, Hayward

Sigmatron International, Inc., Union City

Sign-A-Rama, Union City

Signworks, Hayward

Silkscreen Plastics, Hayward

Solonics, Inc., Hayward

Solta Medical, Inc., Hayward

Soraa, Inc., Fremont

South Bay Solutions, Inc., Fremont

Southbay Sportswear, Hayward

Spectrum Label Corp., Hayward

Spirit Of Stone Gallery, Inc., Hayward

Spraytec (Sprayer Sales Co. LLC), Hayward

Star Pacific, Inc., Union City

Star Stainless Screw Co., Inc., Union City

Steadfast Screws & SEMS Mfg., Hayward

Stiles Paint Mfg., Hayward

Streivor, Inc., Hayward

Studio 1204, Inc., Union City

Suburban Press, Inc., Hayward

Sun Deep, Inc., Hayward

Sun Marble, Inc., Hayward

Sunny Design, Inc., Hayward

Sunpower Technology Corp., Union City

T C I Aluminum North, Inc., Hayward

T N B Enterprises, Inc., Hayward

Tamco Rexeim USA, Hayward

Tarps & Tie Downs, Inc., Hayward

Technichem, Inc., Hayward

Techstyles Sportswear, Hayward

Techtron Products, Inc., Hayward

Tecno Display, Inc., Hayward

Tegrant Corporation, Protexic Brands, Hayward

Test Equipment Sales, Leasing & Acquisition, Inc., Hayward

Tharco Container, Inc., San Lorenzo

The Chefs' Warehouse, Hayward

The Hillshire Brands Company, San Lorenzo

The International Group Inc., Richmond

The Montague Co., Hayward

Therm-X Of California, Hayward

Thermionics Laboratory, Inc., Hayward

Thermionics Metal Processing, Inc. (TMPI), Hayward

ThermoFusion, Inc., Hayward

Too Good Gourmet, San Lorenzo

Total Filtration Services, Inc., Hayward

Tri Vantage, LLC, Hayward

Tri-City Engravers, Hayward

Tridecs Corporation, Hayward

Trimetric Specialties, Inc., Union City

Tung Fei Plastics, Inc., Hayward

U C Plastics Mfg., Inc., Hayward

U S K Mfg., Inc., Union City

U. S. Fabrications, Hayward

U.S. Pipe & Foundry Company, LLC, Union City

Ultra Clean Technology Systems and Service, Inc., Hayward

Ultrasil Corp., Hayward

Union Door Co., Inc., Hayward

Unistrut International Corp., Union City

United Food International, Hayward

United Mechanical & Metal Fabrication, Hayward

United Miscellanous & Ornamental Steel, Inc., Hayward

United Precision, LLC, Hayward

Universal Metal Spinning, Inc., Hayward

V S International, Inc., Fremont

Valdor Fiber Optics, Inc., Hayward

Van-Mulder Sheet Metal, Inc., Hayward

Varni & Lite Coatings Assocs., Inc., Hayward

Vicolo Wholesale, Hayward

Vulcan, Inc., Hayward

W. W. Grainger, Inc., Hayward

WaferGen Biosystems, Inc., Fremont

Wah Yet, Inc., Hayward

West-Lite Supply Co., Inc., Hayward

Westchem Equipment Co., Fremont

Western Hydro Corp., Hayward

Western Truck Fabrication, Hayward

WHCI Plumbing Supply Co., Union City

Wilson Bicycle Sales, Inc., Hayward

Wilsonart International, Inc., Hayward

Wing Nien Foods Co., Hayward

Wohler Technologies, Inc., Hayward

Woodbox Specialties, Inc., Hayward

Worleys Home Design Center, Inc., Castro Valley

XIA, LLC, Hayward

xpedx, Hayward

Zemarc Corporation, Hayward

Zypcom, Inc., Union City