Anthony Rendon Assembly District 63, Democrat


Term limit: 2024


Personal data

Capitol office
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 319-2063
Fax: (916) 319-2163

Assembly Floor

District voter registration
Democrat: 36%
Republican: 46%
Other: 18%

District makeup
San Bernardino County district which encompasses the cities of Upland and Rancho Cucamonga on the district's west side; and Redlands and a small (8%) portion of Yucaipa on the east; and a narrow corridor connecting the two sides running through portions (30%) of the city of San Bernardino; a sliver of Riverside County north of Moreno Valley.

Source: California Target Book


321 manufacturers in AD 63. CMTA members are highlighted

2 M Machining & Mfg., Inc., South Gate

A B C Battery, Inc., South Gate

Accurate Steel Treating, Inc., South Gate

Ace Machine Shop, Inc., Lynwood

ADM Furniture, Inc., Lynwood

Aerocraft Heat Treating Co., Inc., Paramount

After Hours, Parmount

Aircraft Metal Products Corp., Parmount

Airgas USA, LLC, Los Angeles

Allegro Mfg., South Gate

Alpha Pattern Co., Inc., Paramount

AlumaFab Corp., Paramount

American Pattern Co., South Gate

Amrex-Zetron, Paramount

AMSCO U.S., Inc., Paramount

Anaplex Corporation, Paramount

Anchor Danly, Paramount

Angelus Precision Grinding, South Gate

Apollo Metal Spinning Co., Inc., Paramount

Apptech, Paramount

Ariza Cheese Co., Paramount

Arnco, South Gate

ARS Enterprises, Parmount

Artsons Mfg. Co., Cudahy

Asphalt Management Inc., Paramount

Asphalt Products Oil Corp., Long Beach

Astro Aluminum Treating Co., South Gate

Astro Ornamentals Corp., Paramount

Atlantic Auto Center, Inc., Lynwood

Automotive Powder Coating, Long Beach

B & B Sales & Import, Paramount

B B Automatic, Inc., South Gate

Bandag Licensing Corporation, Long Beach

Banner Bros. Co., Long Beach

Barnhart Crane & Rigging Co., Long Beach

Bates Leathers, Lakewood

Beacon Power, Inc., Bell

Bell Foundry Co., South Gate

Benjamin Mfg. Co., Inc., Paramount

Bison Engineering Co., Long Beach

BKON Interior Solutions, Paramount

Blu Element, Inc., South Gate

Blue Circle Corp., Paramount

Blue Diamond Materials, South Gate

Blue Ribbon Draperies, Long Beach

Boggs Tool Processing & File Sharpening Co., Paramount

Bordo, Inc., South Gate

Boxx Systems, Inc., Paramount

BP, Long Beach

Break Time Snacks, LLC, Paramount

Brenntag Pacific, Inc., South Gate

Brent Paper Tube, Paramount

Brighton-Best International, Inc., Long Beach

Brookshire Tool & Mfg Co., Inc., South Gate

Buddy Bar Casting Corporation, South Gate

C & J Metal Products, Inc., Long Beach

C S Dash Cover, Inc., Paramount

Cad Manufacturing, Inc., Paramount

California Air Conveying Corp., Paramount

California Plastic Containers, Inc., Long Beach

California Polishing & Plating, Paramount

California Ribbon & Carbon Co., Los Angeles

California Screw Products Corp., Parmount

Capri Furniture Mfg. Co., Inc., South Gate

Care Tex Industries, South Gate

Cargill Corn Milling, Inc., Lynwood

Carl Fair Overhead Doors Mfg. Co., Bellflower

Carlson Machine & Sprocket Co., South Gate

Cel-Star, Inc., Paramount

Champion Equipment Co., Paramount

Chivon Enterprises, Inc., Lynwood

Chrome Nickel Plating, Inc., Lynwood

City Foam, Lynwood

City of Lakewood Community Development, Lakewood

City of South Gate, South Gate

CK 21 Textiles, Inc., Paramount

Commercial Grinding Co., Paramount

Concord Metal Polishing, Inc., Los Angeles

Connected Apparel, LLC, Los Angeles

Consolidated Color Corp., Hawaiian Gardens

Continental Metal Spinning, Long Beach

Cook Induction Heating Co., Inc., Maywood

Covert Iron Works, Huntington Park

Custom Aircraft Interiors, Inc., Lakewood

Custom Building Products, Inc., Bell

Custom Chrome, Long Beach

Custom Metal Spinning Corp., Paramount

D & B Foods, Inc., South Gate

Da-Ly Glass Corp., Maywood

Danrich Welding Co., Inc., Paramount

David H. Fell & Co. Inc., Los Angeles

DayGlo Color Corp., Cudahy

Del Steel Ornamental & Tube Supply Co., Inc., Lynwood

Delta Elevator, Inc., Paramount

Delta Pattern, Inc., South Gate

Delta Stag Mfg., South Gate

Denmac Industries, Inc., Paramount

Direct Chassis, LLC, South Gate

DLC Laboratories, Inc., Paramount

Drees Wood Products, Inc., Paramount

Dur-Red Products, Cudahy

Dynamic Wire, Lynwood

DYWIDAG-Systems International, USA, Inc., Long Beach

Elegant Style, LLC, Paramount

Elite Slides, Inc., Lynwood

Engle Racing Cams, Long Beach

Eppink Of California, Inc., South Gate

Excel Fabrication, Inc., Parmount

Express Powder Coating, Inc., Paramount

Extrude Hone Abrasive Flow Machining, Paramount

F P Printing, Bell

Faerie's Finest, Hawaiian Gardens

Fastenal Co., South Gate

Fenico Precision Castings, Inc., Paramount

Five Star French Doors and Windows, Paramount

Fortress Resources, LLC, Paramount

Four Star Meat Co., Inc., Long Beach

Frank J. Zamboni & Co., Inc., Paramount

Freeway Fasteners, Inc., Paramount

Funway Snack Foods, Maywood

G A S A Plastics, Inc., Lynwood

G E Shell Core Co., Cudahy

G.B. Remanufacturing, Inc., Long Beach

Gard Co., Inc., R., Paramount

Garfield Metal Finishing, South Gate

Gear Engineering & Mfg. Co., Inc., Lynwood

Gemini Plastic Enterprises, Inc., Maywood

General Veneer Manufacturing Co., South Gate

GlassWerks LA, Inc., South Gate

Golden State Engineering, Inc., Paramount

Gomen Furniture Mfg., Lynwood

Grace Machine Co., Inc., Cudahy

Graham Lee Assocs., Inc., South Gate

Grande Vista Steel Metal Supply, Cudahy

Grantize Products, Inc., South Gate

Graphic Trends, Paramount

Green's Metal Cut-Off, Long Beach

H & M Foundry, Inc., South Gate

Hapi Products, Inc., Bell

Harbor Products, Inc., Paramount

Heath Machine, Inc., Paramount

Helen Grace Chocolates, Inc, Lynwood

Hill Sportswear, Paramount

Hoffman Plastic Compounds, Inc., Paramount

Holly Cabinets, Inc., Paramount

Hughes Bros. Aircrafters, Inc., South Gate

Hydrolon Industrial Water, Inc., Paramount

I & R Enterprise, Los Angeles

Iden Cosmetics, Inc., Paramount

Imperial Conveyor & Engineering Co., Paramount

In-O-Vate Inc., South Gate

Industrial Furnace & Refractory, Cudahy

International Paper Co., Los Angeles

J & F Design, Inc., Bell

J & K Mfg., Inc., Paramount

Jayone Foods, Inc., Paramount

Jean Che Co., Jim, Paramount

Jones Lumber Company, Inc., Lynwood

K & L Precision Grinding Co., South Gate

Keith Black Racing Engines, Inc., South Gate

Kemp Hardware & Supply Co., Paramount

Key Container Co., South Gate

L. W. Reinhold Plastics, Inc., South Gate

Leo's Metal Polishing Works, Lynwood

Lindsay Lumber Co., Paramount

Linen Exchange, Inc., The, Lynwood

LMC Enterprises, Paramount

Lubeco, Inc., Long Beach

Lunday-Thagard Co., South Gate

M & M Corp., Paramount

Mac's Lift Gate, Inc., Long Beach

Magma Products, Inc., Lakewood

Marukan Vinegar (U.S.A.), Inc., Paramount

Marukan Vinegar (U.S.A.), Inc., Paramount

Mattco Forge, Inc., Paramount

McGregor Supply Co., South Gate

McLane Manufacturing, Inc., Paramount

Medway Plastics Corporation, Long Beach

Merlin-Alltec Mold Making, Inc., Paramount

Metal Supply, Inc., South Gate

Metal Works, Santa Ana

Metra Electronics L A, Long Beach

Mill-Mike Manufacturing, Paramount

Ming House Marine, Long Beach

Monarch Aluminum Casting, Inc., South Gate

Morgan Industries, Inc., Long Beach

N K B Bearing Units, Bell

National Ready Mixed Concrete Co., South Gate

NC Dynamics, Inc., Long Beach

New Century Industries, Paramount

New Dimension Furniture, Paramount

Nolan Co., J. P., Maywood

Omni Foods Manufacturer, Paramount

P & L Development, LLC, Lynwood

Pacific Alloy Castings, Inc., South Gate

Pacific Coast Installations, Inc., Paramount

Pacific Door & Frame, Paramount

Pacific Fruit Processors, Inc., South Gate

Pacific Lighting & Standards Co., Inc., Lynwood

Pacific Paper Box, Encino

Pacific States Supply Co., Lynwood

Packaging Corporation of America, South Gate

Palmquist Tooling, Inc., South Gate

Palomo's Steel, J J S, Long Beach

Papercutters, Inc., Los Angeles

Paramount Extrusion Co., Paramount

Paramount Grinding Service, Inc., Paramount

Paramount Laminates Inc., Paramount

Paramount Nursery Supply, Paramount

Paramount Petroleum Corp., Paramount

Paramount Petroleum Corp., Paramount

Paramount Petroleum Corp., Long Beach

Paramount Speed Print, Paramount

Paramount Tank, Inc., Paramount

Paratech, Inc., Paramount

Pasco Specialty & Mfg., Inc., Lynwood

PCCR USA, Inc., Lynwood

Plasidyne Engineering & Mfg. Inc., Long Beach

PLASTICS Industry Association, Lakewood

Potters Machine Shop, Paramount

Precision Babbitt Co., Inc., Paramount

Precision Forging Dies, Inc., South Gate

Premco Forge, Inc., South Gate

Premium Plastics Machine, Inc., Paramount

Press Forge Company, Paramount

Pretech Engineering, Inc., Paramount

Print Master, The, Long Beach

Private Label By G, Inc., Long Beach

Processes By Martin, Inc., Lynwood

Quality Image Inc., Paramount

R & S Processing Co., Inc., Paramount

R C Pallet, Inc., Lynwood

R.A.P. Security, Inc., Cudahy

Rainbow Powder Coating, Inc., South Gate

Ramp Engineering, Inc., Paramount

Rancho Los Amigos Orthotics, Downey

Rangers Die Casting Co., Lynwood

Ready Medical, Inc., Paramount

Regal Machine & Engineering, Inc., Maywood

Reliable Metallurgical Processes, Inc., South Gate

Reliable Steel Building Products, Inc., South Gate

Ressco Metal, Inc., Paramount

Riverton Steel Construction, Inc., South Gate

Rockview Dairies, Inc., Downey

Romberg Milling, Inc., Paramount

Sandee Plastic Extrusions, Paramount

Santa Fe Bending, Inc., Paramount

Saputo Cheese USA, Inc., South Gate

Sarris, Inc., Paramount

Sav-On Plating, Paramount

Savage Machine, Inc., Paramount

Schulz Industries, Paramount

Scot Gasket, Inc., Bell

Scott Craft Co., Bell

Scott's Food Products, Paramount

Sealy Mattress Manufacturing Company, Inc., South Gate

Sherwin, Inc., South Gate

Shultz Steel Co., South Gate

Sibyl Shepard, Inc., Paramount

SignResource, Maywood

Sonora Face Co., Maywood

South Street, Inc., Long Beach

Speed Precision Machine Shop, Paramount

Spinmex, Inc., South Gate

Sportsman Steel Safe Fabricating, Inc., Long Beach

Spray Sok, Inc., Paramount

Staub Metals Corp., Paramount

Strategic Materials Corp., South Gate

Stratford, Inc., Wm., Bell

Studio Dynamics, Paramount

Super Teck Machinery, Inc., Paramount

Supertec Machinery Inc., Paramount

Sure Grip International Co., South Gate

Surface Preparation Solutions, LLC, Paramount

T & T Precision Machining, Bell

Ta Chen International, Inc., Long Beach

TABC, Inc., Long Beach

Talco Plastics, Inc., Long Beach

Tamper-Pruf Screws, Inc., Paramount

Techni-Cast Corp., South Gate

Tee Enterprise, Lynwood

TFC Manufacturing Inc., Lakewood

The P.Q. Corporation, South Gate

Titan Metals, Inc., Long Beach

Top Line Manufacturing, Paramount

Trepanning Specialties, Inc., Paramount

Tri Dimension Engineering, Paramount

Tri-Process Co., Paramount

Triumph Processing, Inc., Lynwood

Triumph Signs-Electrical Neon Awnings, Lynwood

Truck Specialty Service, Inc., Maywood

Tu-K Industries, Inc., South Gate

Unique Lamps, Lakewood

United States Gypsum Company, Southgate

Universal Grinding Service, Paramount

Universal Marking Corp., Paramount

Universal Molding Co., Lynwood

US Hardware Tools, Paramount

Venco Engineering, Inc., Paramount

Venolia Pistons, Long Beach

Vi-Star Gear Co., Inc., Paramount

Vical-Screens, Inc., Lynwood

Vintage Speedsters Of California, Hawaiian Gardens

W.S. Dodge Oil Company, Inc., Maywood

Wagner Plate Works West, LLC, Paramount

Wasatch Co., Lynwood

Wavefront Technology, Inc., Paramount

Wavefront Technology, Inc., Paramount

Weber Metals, Inc., Paramount

Wedge Engineering, Long Beach

Westcoast Custom Fabricators, Inc., Lynwood

Western Fibre Products, Inc., South Gate

Western Integrated Materials, Long Beach

Win Soon, Inc., South Gate

Winders & Le Blanc, Inc., Cudahy

Woodland Bedrooms Inc., Paramount

World Oil Corp., South Gate

World Wide Hospitality Furniture, Paramount

Wyatt Precision Machine, Inc., Long Beach

Z-Tronix, Inc., Paramount

Zamir Sewing Machine, Inc., Bell