Eloise Gomez Reyes Assembly District 47, Democrat


Term limit: 2028


Personal data

Capitol office
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 319-2047
Fax: (916) 319-2147

District voter registration
Democrat: 65%
Republican: 13%
Other: 22%

District makeup
Los Angeles areas of Westwood (including UCLA), Sawtelle, Cheviot Hills, Mid City, Palms, Crenshaw and Hyde Park, the unincorporated communities of View Park-Wind Hills and Ladera Heights (Baldwin Hills) and all of Culver City.

Source: California Target Book


237 manufacturers in AD 47. CMTA members are highlighted

101 Vertical Fabrication, Inc., Fontana

Advantage Business Forms, Inc., Rialto

AEP Span, Fontana

Allied West Paper Corp., Fontana

Alu-Forge, Inc., Rialto

Aluminite South, Inc., Fontana

American Bolt & Screw Mfg. Corp., Fontana

American Security Products Co., Fontana

American Wire Inc., San Bernardino

AMICO, Fontana

ANCO International, Inc., San Bernardino

Anfinson Lumber Sales, Inc., Fontana

AR Industries, Fontana

Argon Asphalt & Emulsion, Inc., Fontana

ASC Profiles, Inc., Fontana

Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc., Colton

Ashtel Studios, Inc., Fontana

Atlas Pacific Corp., Bloomington

Ballard's Saddle Tack Sale & Mfg., Bloomington

Banner Mattress, Inc., Colton

Biscomerica Corp., Rialto

Blase Signs, Rialto

Boral Roofing, Rialto

Borrmann Metal Center, Riverside

Brithinee Electric, Inc., Colton

Bull Outdoor Products, Inc., Rialto

Burlingame Industries, Inc., Rialto

Business Solutions, San Bernardino

BWAY Corporation, Fontana

Cal Craft Corp., Rialto

California Churros Corp., Colton

California Steel Services, San Bernardino

California Turbo, Inc., Fontana

CalPortland Company, Colton

Camco Machine, Inc., Fontana

Candy Man Cylinder Heads, Bloomington

Cannon Gasket, Inc., Fontana

Capital Business Forms, San Bernardino

Carbide Saw & Tool, Inc., San Bernardino

Card Meter Systems, Inc., San Bernardino

Castle Importing, Inc., Fontana

Clark-Pacific Corporation, Fontana

Colton Truck Supply, San Bernardino

Columbia Steel, Inc., Rialto

Compressor Component Part Co., Rialto

Continental Coatings, Inc., Fontana

Cooper Lighting, LLC - Eaton, Bloomington

Corona Coatings Corp., Colton

Coronado Stone Products, Fontana

Craigs Custom Design, Colton

Creative Stone Manufacturing Inc., Fontana

Crown Technical Systems, Fontana

Custom Design Uniforms, San Bernardino

Cutting Edge Supply Co., Colton

CVC Technologies USA, Inc., Fontana

D&W Fine Pack, LLC, San Bernardino

David Michael & Co., San Bernardino

Dayton Supeior Corp., Bloomington

Demag Cranes & Components Corp., San Bernardino

Dion & Sons, Inc., Colton

DK Ovens, Rialto

Door Components, Inc., Fontana

DSMT Co., Fontana

Duncan Bros., Inc., Bloomington

Dynamic Bindery, Inc., San Bernardino

Eaton Corp., Fontana

Eco Building Products, Inc., Colton

Ecoplast Corporation, Inc., Fontana

Eight Point Trailer Corp., Fontana

Electric Motor & Actuator Technologies, LLC, Fontana

Elizabeth Shutters, Inc., Colton

Elliott Precision Block Co., San Bernardino

Excellent Coatings International, Fontana

Farmdale Creamery, Inc., San Bernardino

Fastenal, Fontana

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc., San Bernardino

Fiore Stone, Inc., Corona

Fontana Chamber of Commerce, Fontana

Fontana Herald News Publishing Co., Inc., Fontana

Fontana Recycling Center, Fontana

Fontana Rock Company, Fontana

Fontana Wood Products, Inc., Fontana

Forest River, Inc., Rialto

Forged Metals, Inc., Fontana

Funco Motorsports Inc., Rialto

G & F Horse Trailers & Repair, Bloomington

G & G Metal Works, Fontana

GAF Materials Corp., Fontana

General Warehouse Products, Rialto

Gerard Daniel Worldwide, Fontana

Geri's Screenprinting, San Bernardino

Global West Suspension Components, San Bernardino

Green Fiber International Inc., Fontana

Grejor Co., Inc., San Bernardino

Harbor Metal Products, Fontana

Heater Designs, Inc., Bloomington

Hogan Co., Inc., Bloomington

Hub Construction Specialties, Inc., San Bernardino

Hub Fabrication, San Bernardino

I N D Pallet Co., Fontana

ICO Polymers North America, Inc., Fontana

Imperial Pipe Services, LLC, Riverside

Industrial Insulations, Inc., Fontana

Inland Valley Optical, San Bernardino

Ipec Global, Inc., Rialto

J Enterprises, San Bernardino

J-M Manufacturing Company Inc., Fontana

JM Eagle, Fontana

Juan's Metal Polishing, Rialto

K D Assocs., Fontana

Kern Sheet Metal Fabrication, Colton

Kretzschmar Steel, Colton

L. B. Swift Mfg., Inc., Bloomington

L.B. Swift Mfg. Inc., Bloomington

La Carreta Food Products, Colton

Laymon Candy Co., Inc., San Bernardino

Leemco, Colton

Lippert Components, Inc., Rialto

Lopez Pallets, Inc., Fontana

Loveday Lumber Co., Inc., Fontana

LRB Millwork & Casework, Inc., Colton

Luster-Cote, Inc., Fontana

Lyco Machining, Colton

Lynam Industries, Inc., Fontana

Mac Industries, Fontana

MacroAir Technologies, Inc., San Bernardino

Mars Pet Care, San Bernardino

Martin Tools, San Bernardino

Martinez & Turek, Inc., Rialto

Material Supply, Inc., Fontana

Matich Corp., Rialto

McCain Foods USA, Inc., Colton

McNeilus Truck & Mfg., Inc., Colton

Microdyne Plastics, Inc., Colton

Miller Fabrication, Emil, Grand Terrace

Mitco Industries, Inc., Bloomington

Mobile Mini, Inc., Rialto

Morin West Corp., Fontana

Morris Co., Inc., C. H., Fontana

Motion Industries, Inc., Fontana

Mrs. Redd's Pie Co., Inc., Colton

Muhlhauser Steel, Inc., Bloomington

New Age Printing & Design, Inc., Fontana

Nick's Pallet Repair, Fontana

Oldcastle Precast, Inc., Fontana

Olson Precast Company, Rialto

Omega Tool, Die & Machine, San Bernardino

Organize It All, Inc., Fontana

Pacific Corrugated Pipe Co., Fontana

Pacific Forge, Inc., Fontana

Pacific Marble, San Bernardino

Panadent Corp., Colton

Panel Jack Co., Bloomington

Paramount Acme Duplex, Inc., San Bernardino

Paramount Window & Doors, San Bernardino

Parker, Medical Systems Div., Fontana

Patrick Industries, Inc. dba AIA Countertops, Fontana

Patrick's Cabinets, Fontana

Penco Precision, Inc., Fontana

Perfect Fit Industries, Fontana

Perfect T, Bloomington

Peterman Lumber, Inc., Fontana

Plano Mfg., Inc., Fontana

Plasticraft Countertops, Colton

Precision Powder Coating, San Bernardino

Preferred Pallet, Inc., Bloomington

Prestige Marble & Granite, Grand Terrace

Printing & Promotion Plus, Inc., Colton

Products Techniques, Inc., Bloomington

Pyramid Precast Co., Inc., Rialto

Pyro Spectaculars, Inc., Rialto

Quiel Bros. Electric Sign Service Co., Inc., San Bernardino

R & R Machine Products, Inc., San Bernardino

R P Publications, Inc., Colton

Rancho Ready Mix Products L.P., Colton

REMCO Machine & Fab, Inc., Bloomington

Republic Machine & Fabrication, Colton

Rialto Concrete Products, Rialto

Ricardo's Glass & Windows, San Bernardino

Right Angle Construction, San Bernardino

Ring Container Technologies, Inc., Fontana

Rinker Material, Inc., Colton

Riverside Bindery Specialties, Colton

RND Contractors, Inc., Fontana

Rudolph Foods Co., Inc., Beaumont

S & B Filters, Inc., Fontana

S & H Cabinets & Mfg., Fontana

Sales Unlimited, Inc., Rialto

San Bernardino County Economic Development Agency, San Bernardino

Sheet Metal Works, Colton

Shipley Rebar, Inc., San Bernardino

Show Offs Co., Colton

Sierra Building Products, Fontana

Sierra Screen Print Graphics, Rialto

Simplex Strip Doors, LLC, Fontana

Simpson Strong-Tie Co., Inc., Riverside

So-Cal Structural Steel Fabrication, Inc., Rialto

Solomon Colors, Inc., Rialto

Source West, Colton

Southland Pipe Corp., Rialto

Specialized Milling, Inc., Fontana

Spolar Power Load, Inc., Bloomington

Sports Co., San Bernardino

Spray-Tech/Junair, Rialto

Star Foods Snack, Rialto

State Pipe & Supply, Inc., Rialto

STL Fabrication Inc, Fontana

Sundown Foods USA, Inc., Fontana

Sunearth, Inc., Fontana

Thompson Building Materials, Fontana

Tombyll Plastics, Inc., San Bernardino

Traditional Baking Co., Bloomington

Tri-County Bulletin Newspaper, San Bernardino

Tri-Net, Inc., Fontana

Turret Punch Co., Inc., Fontana

U.S. Rubber Recycling, Inc., Colton

UCISCO, Fontana

Ulmer Industries, Inc., Fontana

Ultra Printing, Colton

United Packaging Group, LLC, Colton

United States Mineral Products Company, San Bernardino

United Uniform Mfg., Inc., San Bernardino

Urethane Polymer International, Fontana

V S C, Inc., Bloomington

Vista Printing, Fontana

VPET USA Inc., Fontana

Vulcan Engineering, Bloomington

W. F. Taylor Co., Inc., Fontana

Wadco Industries, Bloomington

Walter & Son, Fred G., San Bernardino

West Coast Pipe, Rialto

Western Metal Service, Inc., Bloomington

Wilden Pump & Engineering Co., Grand Terrace

Williams Furnace Co., Colton

Winpak Lane, Inc., San Bernardino

Wirz & Co., Colton

Z Graphics, Grand Terrace