Richard Roth Senate District 31, Democrat


Term limit: 2024


Personal data

Capitol office
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4031
Fax: (916) 651-4931

Senate Floor

District voter registration
Democrat: 35%
Republican: 47%
Other: 18%

District makeup
San Bernardino County cities of Upland, Rancho Cucamonga, Redlands, Highland, Yucaipa, Grand Terrace, Loma Linda, small part of Colton (11% of population), northern portions (20%) of the city of San Bernardino (plus an additional sliver adjoining Colton), Yucca Valley, the mountain communities of Crestline, Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear lake; moving south into Riverside County to encompass all of the city of Riverside and the neighboring unincorporated communities of Glen Avon, Highgrove, Mira Loma, Pedley, Rubidoux, Sunnyslopse and most (96%) of Woodcrest.

Source: California Target Book


619 manufacturers in SD 31. CMTA members are highlighted

2nd Gen Productions, Inc., Corona

3-V Fastener Co., Inc., Corona

3M Co., Corona

A & D Forge Die Co., Inc., Riverside

A A A Tool & Die, Perris

A M A Plastics, Riverside

A-1 Grit Co., Riverside

A. J. Torsion Spring Manufacturing Co., Inc., Corona

A.M.A. Plastics, Riverside

AAA Pallet Recycling & Mfg., Inc., Riverside

Aaron's Signs & Printing, Riverside

ABC School Equipment, Inc., Corona

Absolute Graphic Technologies USA, Inc., Corona

Academy Concrete Products, Riverside

Accent Plastics, Inc., Corona

Accracutt Cabinets, Inc., Riverside

Accurate Grinding & Mfg. Corp., Corona

Accurate Index, Riverside

Accuturn Corporation, Moreno Valley

ACM Technologies, Inc., Corona

Acro-Spec Grinding Co., Inc., Riverside

Actron Manufacturing Inc., Corona

Adam Nutrition, Inc., Mira Loma

Advanced Aquaduck Systems, Riverside

Advanced Engineering & Molding Technology, Inc., Riverside

Advanced Flow Engineering, Inc., Corona

Advanced Paper Forming, LLC, Corona

Advanced Technology, Corona

Aeromatics Automotive, Inc., Perris

Affinity Flavors, Inc., Corona

Air Duct, Corona

Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co., Corona

Aleph Group Inc., Riverside

Alexanders Textile Products, Moreno Valley

All Manufacturers, Inc., Corona

Allied Steel Co., Inc., Riverside

Aluminex, Inc., Riverside

Aluminum Die Casting Co., Inc., Mira Loma

Amazon Environmental, Inc., Riverside

American Coffee Urn Mfg. Co., Perris

American Eagle Wine Making Co., Riverside

American Fasteners Company Ltd., Jurupa Valley

American National Manufacturing, Inc., Corona

American Quality Tool, Inc., Riverside

Ameriflex, Inc., Corona

AMF Support Surfaces, Inc., Corona

Amlon Industries, Inc., Corona

Anaco Inc., Corona

Anatomic Global Inc., Corona

Anderson Bros. Artistic Iron, Inc., Corona

AOC, LLC, Perris

Aqua Performance, Inc., Corona

Architectural Design & Signs, Inc., Corona

Arika Metals, Inc., Corona

Arms Precision, Inc., Corona

Artech Industries, Inc., Riverside

Arvinyl Laminates LP, Corona

Aseptic Solutions Ventures USA, Corona

Astro Seal, Inc., Riverside

Asturies Mfg. Co., Inc., Corona

Atlantic Pacific Automotive, LLC, Mira Loma

ATS Precision Machining, Norco

Auto-Chlor System, Inc., Riverside

Avalon Manufacturing Company, Inc., Corona

Avalon Shutters, Inc., Perris

Avid Identification Systems, Inc., Norco

Axxis Corporation, Perris

B A S Recycling, Inc., Moreno Valley

B B & M Airconditioning, Corona

B J Mfg., Riverside

B/E Aerospace, Inc., Corona

Baker Synthetic, Perris

Band-It Rubber Co., Corona

Barry Direct, Riverside

Basic L Corporation, Corona

Bell Bros. Steel, Inc., Riverside

Bernell Hydraulics, Inc., Riverside

Bills Pipes, Corona

Black Voice News, Riverside

Blacoh Fluid Control, Inc., Riverside

Blanchard Signs, Riverside

Blow Molded Products, Riverside

Boral Roofing, Corona

Boral Roofing, Corona

Bourns, Inc., Riverside

Bredfeldt, Odukoya & Susarez, LLP, Corona

Brenner-Fiedler & Associates, Inc., Riverside

Brite Sheet Metal, Riverside

Brookhurst Mill, Inc., Riverside

Brunton-Tillman Optical, Inc., Riverside

BTL Machine, Corona

Busler's Machine & Repair, L. C., Corona

Byson Mfg., Inc., Corona

C & D Typesetting Plus, Riverside

C & H Molding, Inc., Mira Loma

C-Thru Industries, Corona

Caddock Electronics, Inc., Riverside

CAI Safety Systems, Corona

Cal-Draulics, Inc., Corona

Caliber One Power Boats, LLC, Corona

California Composite Corp., Perris

California Precast Stone Mfg., Inc., Hemet

California Super Trucks, Inc., Moreno Valley

California Tool & Engineering, Inc., Riverside

California Tool & Welding Supply, LLC, Riverside

California Truss Company, Perris

California Wire Products Corp., Corona

Canidae Natural Pet Food Co., Norco

Canine Caviar Pet Foods, Inc., Riverside

Cannon Fabrication, Inc., Corona

Carbonlite Industries LLC, Riverside

Cardinal Glass Industries, Inc., Moreno Valley

Cardinal Sheet Metal, Inc., Riverside

Carmeli Signs & Graphics, Corona

Carpenter Co., Riverside

Case Automation Corp., Corona

Central Wire, Inc., Perris

Century Blinds, Inc., Corona

Certified Metal Services, Riverside

CFabrication LLC, Mira Loma

CGPC America Corp., Mira Loma

Chemical Consultants, Inc., Corona

CIMC Reefer Trailer, Inc, Moreno Valley

Circor Aerospace Products Group, Corona

City of Eastvale, Eastvale

City of Perris, Perris

City of Riverside, Riverside

CLARCOR Air Filtration Products, Inc., Corona

Clarkwestern Dietrich Building Systems LLC, Riverside

Clearpack Engineering, Inc., Corona

Clow Valve Company, Corona

CMC Converting, Inc., Riverside

CNC Machining Solutions, Inc., Riverside

Coastal Offset Preparation, Inc., Corona

Cobb Co., T. M., Riverside

Colours'n Motion, Inc., Corona

Combustion Associates, Inc., Corona

Complete Coach Works, Riverside

CompuTrus, Inc., Corona

Contract Manufacturing Services, Inc., Riverside

Copyco Printing, Los Angeles

Coreslab Structures LA, Inc., Perris

Corona Aluminum Co., Riverside

Corona BBQ Islands, Corona

Corona Centerless Grinding, Inc., Corona

Corona Chamber of Commerce, Corona

Corona Magnetics, Inc., Corona

Creative Plastic Products, Riverside

Creative Printing, Perris

Crescent Woodworking Ltd., Corona

Crest Steel Corporation, Riverside

CTA Manufacturing, Inc., Corona

Cummings West Sign Co., Riverside

Currie Enterprises, Corona

D & B Fabrication Plus, Corona

D & M Drum Co., Riverside

D G A Machine Shop, Inc., Riverside

D G Engineering, Riverside

D. E. Spartak Enterprises, Inc., Mira Loma

D. Mills Grinding & Machining Co., Inc, Riverside

Daisy Trudeau Insurance Services, Riverside

Dart Container Corporation of California, Corona

Datatel Wiring Products, Inc., Riverside

David Engineering & Mfg., Corona

Dawco Products, Inc., Corona

Dayco Industries, LLC, Mira Loma

De Anza Tool & Mfg., Riverside

Deco-Pac Corp., Corona

DECRA Roofing System, Inc., Corona

Deep Skin Corp., Corona

Del Real Foods, Mira Loma

Delgau Spring, Inc., Corona

Delta-Sigma, Inc., Riverside

Des Pac, Riverside

Designer Plastics, Inc., Corona

Designer Sash & Door Systems, Inc., Perris

DeveloPlus, Corona

Diecraft, Corona

Display Pack, Inc., Riverside

Domtar, Riverside

Douglas Tank Sales, Corona

Dubach Racing Development, Inc., Norco

Duct-O-Wire Co., Corona

Dura Coat Products, Inc., Riverside

Duralum Products, Inc., Corona

Duratech Industries, Inc., Riverside

Eagle Machine Co., Riverside

Eastvale Chamber of Commerce, Eastvale

Eclipse Recreational Vehicles, Inc., Riverside

Edge Mfg., Inc., Corona

Edge Plastics, Inc., Riverside

Eibach Springs, Inc., Corona

Ejay Filtration, Inc., Riverside

El Dorado National, Inc., Riverside

Electrasem, LLC, Corona

Eliminator Boats, Mira Loma

Elite Products, Corona

Emerson Process Management Power & Water Solutions, Inc., Riverside

Environmental Molding Concepts, LLC, Moreno Valley

ESL Power Systems, Inc., Corona

ETI Roltec Elastomer Technologies, Inc., Corona

Ever-Pac, Inc., Riverside

Exacta Plastics, Inc., Corona

Excel Cabinets, Inc., Corona

Experienced Tractor Parts, Inc., Riverside

F & L Tools Corp., Corona

Fastenal Co., Riverside

Fastenal Co., March Air Force Base

FASTSIGNS, Moreno Valley

Fata Hunter, Inc., Riverside

Fender Musical Instruments Corp., Corona

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc., Riverside

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc., Riverside

Ferguson Fire & Fabrication, Inc., Corona

Ferguson Fire & Fabrication, Inc., Riverside

Fireblast 451, Inc., Corona

Fischer Mold, Inc., Corona

Fleetwood Aluminum Products, Inc., Corona

Fleetwood Homes, Inc., Riverside

Flexsteel Industries, Inc., Riverside

Food For Life Baking Co., Inc., Corona

Foothill Engineering and Dewatering Inc., Riverside

Forum Info-Tech, Corona

Four Slide Engineering, Inc., Perris

Fredlov, Inc., Perris

Frontier Aluminum Corporation, Corona

Frutarom, Corona

G S Polymers, Mira Loma

Galleano Winery, Mira Loma

General Conveyor, Inc., Corona

Georgia-Pacific LLC, Riverside

Gexco Enterprises, Norco

Gibson Performance Corporation, Corona

Glasnapp Tool & Die Corp., Corona

Glassman Shim & Stamping, Corona

Global Circuit Solutions, Inc., Riverside

Global Metal Components Corp., Norco

GM Enterprises, Corona

Golden West Homes, Perris

Graphic Expressions Group, Riverside

Greater Riverside Chamber of Commerce, Riverside

Griswold Industries, Perris

H N Tool & Die Co., Inc., Corona

Hanigan Co., Inc., The, Riverside

Hannan Products Corp., Corona

Hanson Aggregates West, Inc., Corona

Harbor Guard Boats, Corona

Henry Glass Screen & Mirror, Riverside

Heritage Container, Riverside

Hexis USA, LLC, Corona

Hi Look, Inc., Riverside

Hieter Industries, Riverside

Highland Plastics, Mira Loma

Hoosier Plastic Fabrication, Inc., Corona

House Of Packaging, Inc., Riverside

Husk-ITT Corp., Norco

Husqvarna Construction Products, Corona

HydraBaths, Riverside

Hydraforce, Riverside

Hydro-Quip, Corona

Hytorc, Corona

Industrial Process Equipment, Inc., Norco

Industrial Tube Co., LLC, Perris

Inland Empire Magazine, Riverside

Inland Empire Truss, Riverside

Inland Metal Crafts, Riverside

Inland Printworks, Riverside

Integrated Plastics Machinery, Inc., Corona

International E-Z UP, Inc., Norco

International Vitamin Corporation, Mira Loma

Interstate Cabinet, Inc., Corona

Irrometer Co., Inc., Riverside

ISU-The Willingham, Combs & Starkey Agency, Corona

IVR Home Health Equipment, Riverside

J & J Tape & Label, Inc., Perris

J & R Concrete Products, Inc., Perris

J C L Co. Ltd., Riverside

J D Tool & Machine Co., Inc., Riverside

J E B Associates, Corona

Jaffa Precision Engineering, Inc., Riverside

Janda Co., Inc., Corona

Jayco Interface Technology, Inc., Corona

JBS USA, LLC, Riverside

JBT FoodTech, Riverside

Jet Manufacturing, Inc., Corona

Jiffy Mixer Co., Inc., Corona

JL's Seaquist & Co., Riverside

JM Eagle, Perris

Joa Corp., Riverside

Johnson Lift Hyster, Riverside

Johnson Tractor Company, Riverside

Joor Bros. Welding, Inc., Corona

K & N Engineering Inc., Riverside

K.P. Gaming Supplies, Inc., Riverside


Kobelco Compressors America, Inc., Corona

Koch Filter Corp., Mira Loma

Konex Corp., Corona

Kowal Enterprises, Inc. dba Stylistics Specialty Mattress, Riverside

L.J. Smith Leepers, Corona

La Mina De Oro, Inc., Corona

Lakeshore Glass & Metal, Inc., Riverside

Laminated Shim Co., Inc., Corona

Langlois Co., Mira Loma

Laser Tech, Riverside

Lavey Craft Performance Boats, Inc., Corona

Le Elegant Bath, Inc., Corona

Legion Iron, Inc., Norco

Leisure Enterprises, Moreno Valley

Lord Signs, Riverside

Lucas Oil Products, Inc., Corona

Luminex Software, Riverside

Luxfer, Inc., Riverside

Lyons P & A Industries, Riverside

M & O Perry Industries, Inc., Corona

M V I Engineering & Mfg., Mira Loma

M. P. D. Racing, LLC, Riverside

MacFam, Inc., Riverside

Mackie International, Inc., Riverside

Main Steel Polishing Co., Inc., Riverside

Majestic Print, Inc., Riverside

Manasco Interiors, Riverside

Mark Plastics, Corona

Maruhachi Ceramics Of America, Inc., Corona

Max Racks, Inc., Norco

McKay Tooling Co., Riverside

McLane Foodservice, Inc., Riverside

MCP Industries, Inc., Corona

Meadowbrook Meat Co., Inc., Riverside

Mega Machinery, Inc., Riverside

Meggitt Airdynamics, Inc., Corona

Melendez Insurance Agency, Riverside

Merchants Metals, Riverside

Meridian Moulding, Inc., Corona

Merrick Engineering, Inc., Corona

Metal Container Corp., Mira Loma

Metal Container Corp. Riverside, Riverside

Metal Film Coatings, Inc., Corona

Meteor, Inc., Perris

Micromold, Inc., Riverside

Micron Engineering, Riverside

Millenium Diversified Technologies Inc., Riverside

Miller's Fab & Weld Corp., Riverside

Minka Lighting Inc., Corona

Mission Rubber Company, LLC, Corona

Mitchell Rubber Products, Inc., Mira Loma

Mitchellweiler Law Corporation, Corona

MJB Wood Group, Inc., Mira Loma

ML1 Electronics Warehouse, Inc., Riverside

Modular Metal Fabricators, Inc., Moreno Valley

Molded Devices, Inc., Riverside

Monster Beverage Corporation, Corona

Moon International, Inc., Corona

Moreno Valley Chamber of Commerce, Moreno Valley

Moreno Valley Collision, Inc., Moreno Valley

Mortan Industries, Inc., Riverside

Motivational Systems, Inc., Riverside

Multimedia LED, Corona

Mygrant Glass Co., Riverside

Navigator Yachts and Products Inc., Perris

NB GRoup Corporation dba Project 14, Riverside

New Solutions, Riverside

Newbasis West LLC, Riverside

Norco Area Chamber of Commerce, Norco

North American Products, Inc., Corona

Northwestern Converting Co., Corona

NPG, Inc., Perris

Nycanco, Inc., Riverside

O G Supply, Inc., Corona

Oldcastle Precast, Inc., Perris

Olivet International, Inc., Mira Loma

Omega Products International, Inc., Corona

OMF Performance Products, Inc., Riverside

Orbital Holdings, Inc., Mira Loma

Orion Risk Management Insurance Services, Inc., Corona

Owen Trailers, Inc., Riverside

P I P Printing, Riverside

P I P Printing, Corona

Pacific Coachworks, Inc., Perris

Pacific Consolidated Industries, Riverside

Pacific Environmental Tech, Inc., Corona

Pacific Kiln & Insulations Co., Inc., Moreno Valley

Pacific Mobile Structures, Inc., Riverside

Pacific Molding, Inc., Riverside

Pan-Tech Enterprises, Inc., Mira Loma

Paradigm Label, Inc., Mira Loma

Paragon Building Products, Inc., Norco

Paragon Tactical, Inc., Corona

Parker Pumper Helmet Co., Mira Loma

Parker-Hannifin Corporation, Corona

Pavement Coatings Co, Mira Loma

PCI Holding Company, Inc., Riverside

Peak Seasons, Inc., Riverside

Penn Emblem Manufacturing Facility, Mira Loma

Pentair Valves & Controls, Corona

Pepsi Beverages Company, Riverside

Perfect Impressions, Riverside

Perris Valley Chamber of Commerce, Perris

Phenix Technology Corp., Riverside

Phoenix Unlimited, LLC, Corona

Pixel Touch, Inc., Corona

Plascor, Inc., Riverside

Plastic Products Mfg., Norco

Ply Gem Pacific Window Corporation, Corona

Poly-Fiber, Inc., Riverside

Polyair Corp., Corona

Polynetics, Inc., Corona

Porvene Doors, Inc., Moreno Valley

Powers Neon, Corona

Praxair, Inc., Corona

Precise Aero Products, Inc., Riverside

Precise Aerospace Manufacturing, Inc., Corona

Precision Injection Molding Co., Corona

Precision Molded Products, Inc., Riverside

Precision Scale, Corona

Premier Gear & Machining, Inc., Corona

Premier Laminating Services, Inc., Perris

Preproduction Plastics, Inc., Corona

Price Mfg., Inc., Corona

Primetech Silicones, Inc., Riverside

Printing Connection, Inc., Riverside

Printing Today, Corona

Prism Aerospace, Corona

Pro Circuit Racing Products, Inc., Corona

Pro Mold, Inc., Riverside

Product Flow In Control, Inc., Riverside

Proformance Mfg., Inc., Corona

Puri Tech, Inc., Mira Loma

PVA Tepla America, Inc., Corona

Quick Crete Products Corp., Norco

R & J Leathercraft, Riverside

R & M Deese, Inc., Corona

R & V Sheet Metal, Inc., Mira Loma

R K L Technologies, Inc., Corona

R O Systems International, Inc., Riverside

R S A Soil Products, Inc., Riverside

R. S. Hughes Co., Inc., Riverside

Rama World, Inc., Riverside

Rancho Sheet Metal, Inc., Riverside

Rankin-Delux, Inc., Mira Loma

Ray's Precision Deburring, Riverside

RCS Custom Stoneworks, Corona

Reasonable Cabinets, Riverside

Red's Pro-Series Hydraulics, Riverside

Reliable Wholesale Lumber, Inc., Riverside

Reliable Workplace Solutions, Riverside

Renfro Enterprises, Inc., Riverside

Republic Bag Inc., Corona

RGF Enterprises, Inc., Corona

Riverside Business Journal, Riverside

Riverside Machine Works, Inc., Riverside

Riverside Rubber Stamp & Engraving, Riverside

Riverside Scrap Iron & Metal Corp., Riverside

Riverside Stone Veneer Co., Riverside

Riverside Tent & Awning Co., Inc., Riverside

Riverside Tileworks, Inc., Riverside

Robertson's Ready Mix, LTD., A California Limited Partnership, Corona

Rochester Midland Corp., Riverside

Rolenn Mfg., Inc., Riverside

Roll-A-Shade, Inc., Riverside

Ronpak, Inc., Mira Loma

Roorda, Piquet & Bessee, Inc., Riverside

Royal Range Of California, Inc., Mira Loma

RPM Centerless Grinding Co., Norco

Ruiz Mexican Foods, Inc., Riverside

Ruskin Company, Mira Loma

Rust-Oleum Corp., Riverside

RYKO Plastic Products, Inc., Riverside

Sabert Corporation, Riverside

Same Day Signs, Riverside

Sammons Equipment Mfg. Corp., Corona

San Joaquin Window, Inc., Riverside

SAS Manufacturing, Inc., Corona

Sawmaster Diamond Tools, Inc., Riverside

Schaeffer Industries, Mira Loma

Scott-Marrin, Inc., Riverside

SCR Molding, Inc., Corona

SE-GI Products, Inc., Norco

Select Fabrications Co., Corona

Sheldon Precision Grinding, Inc., Corona

Shim-It Corp., Corona

Siemens Energy, Inc., TurboCare, Inc., Perris

Sierra Aluminum Corp., Riverside

Sierra Assembly Technology, Inc., Riverside

Sierra Lighting, Inc., Riverside

Sigma Stretch Film, Riverside

Silcot Inc., dba Advanced Finishing Systems, Riverside

Simtec, Inc., Norco

Skyspares Parts, Inc., Riverside

SMS Fabrications, Inc., Riverside

Snapware Corp., Mira Loma

Soil Retention Products, Inc., Perris

Soligent, LLC, Corona

Sora Power, Inc., Corona

Southland CNC, Inc., Corona

Southwest Sign Co., Corona

Space Design & Display, Inc., Corona

Spares, Riverside

Spaulding Equipment Co., Perris

Specialty Motions, Inc., Corona

Spenuzza, Inc., Corona

Spirol West, Inc., Corona

Sprite Industries, Inc., Corona

SR Machining, Inc., Norco

Standard Lime Products Company, LLC, Riverside

Stang Industries, Inc., Corona

Star Milling Co., Perris

Starr Sign Design, Corona

Stearns Product Development Corporation, Perris

Steel-Tech Industrial Corp., Corona

Steelcraft Group, Corona

Stella Industries, Inc., Norco

Stewart Handling Systems, Inc., Riverside

Storm Machining, Moreno Valley

Stretch Forming Corp., Perris

Sumitomo Machinery Corp. Of America, Corona

Summertree Interiors, Inc., Riverside

Summit Door, Inc., Corona

Summit Industries, Inc., Corona

Summit Steel Fabricators, Inc., Mira Loma

Sun Precision, Inc., Corona

Sunset SignDesigns, Corona

Superform USA, Inc., Riverside

Superior Metal Fabricators, Inc., Riverside

Supreme Corporation, Moreno Valley

Suss Microtec Inc., Corona

Sweet Nick's Dessertory, Corona

Swiss Dairy Corp., Riverside

Systems Electronics, Riverside

T M P Services, Inc., Riverside

T-Rex Truck Products, Inc., Corona

Tahiti Trader Co., Riverside

Talco Plastics, Inc., Corona

Tamarack Scientific Co., Inc., Corona

Tamshell Corp., Corona

TexLabels, Corona

Thalasinos & Thalasinos, Inc., Corona

The QUIKRETE Cos., Inc., Corona

The Toro Company, Riverside

Thermal Structures, Inc., Corona

Thorley Headers, Doug, Corona

Thoro-Packaging, Corona

Tim Hoover Enterprises, Riverside

Timmons Wood Products, Inc., Perris

Tiocco Filtration Solutions, Inc., Corona

TMI Products Inc., Corona

Tolar Mfg. Co., Inc., Corona

Tomark Sports, Inc., Corona

Topmaster/Krp Mfg., Inc., Corona

Torrance Aluminium, Redlands

Total Chaos Fabrication, Corona

Total Transportation Logistics, Inc., Mira Loma

Trademark Cosmetic Laboratories, Inc., Riverside

Trademark Plastics, Inc., Riverside

Traffic Control Service, Inc., Riverside

Tree House Pad & Paper, Inc., Corona

Tri City Pipe & Supply, Riverside

Tri-Star Electronics International, Inc., Riverside

Trimquick, Norco

Triple H Food Processors, Inc., Riverside

TRM Manufacturing Inc., Corona

Tumaro's Gourmet Tortillas, Moreno Valley

TVH Parts Co., Mira Loma

Twirl Jet Spas, Moreno Valley

TXI Riverside Cement, Riverside

U-n-Ur's Custom Lettering, Norco

U. S. Rubber Roller Co., Inc., Riverside

U.S. Battery Mfg. Co., Corona

U.S. Continental Marketing, Inc., Corona

U.S. Precision Sheet Metal, Inc., Riverside

UBS Printing Group, Corona

UFP Riverside, LLC, Riverside

Ultra Dent Tools Inc., Riverside

Unilever Bestfoods, Corona

Unique Carpets Ltd., Riverside

Unique Lighting Systems, Inc., Riverside

Universal Specialty Vehicles Inc., Perris

Universal Trailers, Inc., Riverside

Uniweb, Inc., Corona

Uribe Printing, Riverside

US Foods, Inc., Corona

UTC Aerospace Systems, Aerostructures, Riverside

Valley Cities/Gonzales Fence Co., Inc., Norco

Vesta, Inc., Corona

Viking Fabrication, Riverside

Vision Copy & Print, Riverside

Vita Key Packaging, Inc., Riverside

Vizualogic LLC, Corona

Vlach Industries, Inc., Corona

Von Schweikert Audio Corp., Riverside

Von Zabern Surgical, Riverside

Vortex Whirlpool Systems, Inc., Perris

W B Powell, Inc., Corona

W K Machine Co., Inc., Corona

Waggin Train, LLC, Corona

Walker Evans Enterprises, Riverside

Walters Wholesale Electric Co., Riverside

Walton Enterprises, Inc., W. B., Riverside

Waterdam Enclosures, Inc., Riverside

Watson Laboratories, Inc., Corona

Web-Cam, Inc., Riverside

Wedcon Systems, Inc., Riverside

Weinkauf Equipment Repair, Corona

Wellington Foods, Inc., Corona

West Coast Porcelain, Inc., Corona

Westcorp Engineering, Riverside

Western Hydrostatics, Inc., Riverside

Western Metal Spinning & Mfg., Perris

WestRock Co., Corona

White Cap Construction Supply, Riverside

White Mountain Imaging, Corona

Williams Lowbuck Tools, Inc., Norco

Winship Stake & Lath, Inc., Riverside

Yardney Water Management Systems, Riverside

Yorba Canvas Corp, Corona

Youcare Pharma (USA), Inc., Corona

Young Electric Sign Company, Mira Loma

Zabala Custom, Inc., Riverside

Zap Printing, Corona