Blanca Rubio Assembly District 48, Democrat


Term limit: 2028


Personal data

Capitol office
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 319-2048
Fax: (916) 319-2148

District voter registration
Democrat: 71%
Republican: 8%
Other: 21%

District makeup
A narrow central Los Angeles district starting at Beverly Blvd. and moving south with the Harbor Freeway (110) being its eastern boundary, encompassing the University of Southern California (USC), Exposition Park and the Los Angeles Coliseum, ending just south of the 105 Freeway and the unincorporated area of Westmont.

Source: California Target Book


365 manufacturers in AD 48. CMTA members are highlighted

3M Unitek Corp., Monrovia

A & B Aerospace, Inc., Azusa

A & B Brush Mfg. Corp., Duarte

A & C Plastic, Inc., Duarte

A & M Engineering, Inc., Irwindale

Able Card Corporation, Azusa

Above All Co Forearm Forklift, Baldwin Park

Accu-Sembly Inc., Duarte

Acme Portable Machines, Inc., Azusa

Action Stamping, Inc., Glendora

Airey-Thompson Co., Inc., Irwindale

Airmark Plastics Corporation, Azusa

Airsoft Megastore, Irwindale

Alcraft, Inc., Irwindale

All Star Automotive Products Inc., Baldwin Park

Alpha Printing Graphics, Inc., Irwindale

Alu-Mont Furniture Co., Irwindale

American Apparel Accessories, El Monte

American Concepts Corp., Azusa

American Precast Concrete, Inc., El Monte

Ametek Ameron, LLC, Baldwin Park

Amity Mfg. Co., Azusa

Ancra International, LLC, Azusa

Anura Plastic Engineering Corp., Baldwin Park

Arcapco, Inc., Covina

Arminak & Associates LLC, Azusa

Arrow Engineering, Baldwin Park

Arroyo Craftsman, Baldwin Park

Art Tech Corp., El Monte

Artisan Screen Printing, Inc., Azusa

Assembly Automation Industries, Duarte

Atckison Co., Inc., R. E., Azusa

Automated Switching & Controls, Inc., Duarte

Auxora, Inc., Duarte

Award Metals, Inc., Baldwin Park

Aztec Chemical, Inc., Irwindale

Azusa Chamber of Commerce, Azusa

Azusa Engineering, Inc., Covina

Azusa Pipe & Tube Bending, Azusa

Azusa Sandblasting & Powder Coating, Azusa

Baker Machine & Tool, Inc., R. M., Covina

Barney's Precision Products, Inc., Covina

Bartley Optical Sales, Inc., Irwindale

Base Line Imaging, Inc., Azusa

BEPC Ltd., Irwindale

Best Industrial Plastic & Fabrication, Baldwin Park

Bielle Cosmetics, Inc., Baldwin Park

Bimeda, Inc., Irwindale

Bojer, Inc., Azusa

Bore-Max Corp., El Monte

Branson Sash & Door Co., Covina

BSI Electronic Recyclers, Azusa

Buchanan's Spoke & Rim, Azusa

C A T Specialties, Inc., Irwindale

Caco-Pacific Corp., Covina

Cactus Mat Manufacturing Company, Azusa

California Amforge Corp., Azusa

California Custom Fruits & Flavors, Inc., Irwindale

California Expanded Metal Products Company, City Of Industry

California Master Printers Ltd., Azusa

California Merchandise, Inc., El Monte

California Tool & Die, Azusa

CalPortland Company, Glendora

CalPortland Company, Baldwin Park

CalPortland Company, Irwindale

Calwax, LLC, Irwindale

Cardinal Church Furniture, Azusa

CARQUEST Corp., Baldwin Park

Carroll, Inc., Thomas W., Azusa

Carter's Metal Fabricators, Azusa

Casella Aluminum Extrusions, Inc., Azusa

CEC Vibration Products, Inc., Covina

Cedarwood-Young Company, Baldwin Park

Central Garden & Pet Company, Irwindale

Century Iron Craft, Baldwin Park

Ceres Products Corp., Azusa

ChemEOR, Inc., Covina

City of El Monte, El Monte

City of Glendora, Glendora

City of West Covina, West Covina

Citywide Sheet Metal, Azusa

Classic Roller, Inc., Baldwin Park

CNC Masters, Inc., Irwindale

CNI Mfg., Inc., Irwindale

Cobel Technologies, Inc., Covina

Coherent Communications, Inc., Irwindale

Combined Graphics, Covina

Complete Metal Designs, Inc., Glendora

Composites Horizons, Inc., Covina

Concorde Battery Corp., West Covina

Condor Outdoor Products, Inc., Irwindale

Cook's Screw Products, El Monte

Country Oak Manufacturing, Inc., Irwindale

Covina Chamber of Commerce, Covina

Covina Screen & Patio Co., Covina

Covina Welding & Sheet Metal, Inc., Covina

CPC Services Inc., Glendora

Crown Precision, Irwindale

Crowner Sheet Metal Products, Baldwin Park

Curtis 1000, Inc., Baldwin Park

Custom Signs, Inc., Azusa

Cutter Biological - Miles Inc., Covina

CyberPower, Inc., City of industry

D. W. Mack Co., Inc., Azusa

Danalco, Inc., Duarte

Datex Instruments, Inc., Baldwin Park

Dauntless Industries, Inc., Covina

Davidson Optronics, Inc., Rancho Cucamonga

Davis Wire Corp., Irwindale

Deccofelt Corp., Glendora

Decore-Ative Specialties, Inc., Monrovia

Decore-Ative Specialties, Inc., Irwindale

Delafield Corporation, Duarte

Denovo Dental, Baldwin Park

Diamond EDM Wire Cutting, Inc., Covina

Digital Printing Systems, Inc., Azusa

Dillingham Ticket Co., LLC, Azusa

Disc Works, Inc., Baldwin Park

DMM Pipe Fitting & Supply, Duarte

Dolphin Spas, Azusa

Duarte Chamber of Commerce, Duarte

Dunhill Chemical Co., Azusa

Dynatek, Inc., Glendora

Edmark Graphics, Inc., Glendora

El Monte Plating Co., El Monte

El Monte/South El Monte Chamber of Commerce, El Monte

Electro-Tech Products, Glendora

Emdin International Corp., Irwindale

Emond Mfg., Azusa

Enas Media, Inc., Azusa

EnCal Specialties, Inc., Irwindale

Engine Clean Solutions, Inc., Baldwin Park

Entreprise Arms, Inc., Irwindale

EverFocus Electronics Corp., Duarte

Excel Pattern, El Monte

Excelitas Technologies Corp., Covina

Fabtronics, Inc., Baldwin Park

Falcon Electric, Inc., Irwindale

Fellyr International, Inc., Baldwin Park

Ferguson Heating & Cooling, Inc., Azusa

Fiberfab Designs, Azusa

Finepitch Electronic Assembly, Irwindale

Fink Printing, Inc., Dennis, Glendora

Flanders Co., Inc., Duarte

Flint Group, Inc., City Of Industry

Fluorochem, Inc., Azusa

Foundry Pattern Works, Duarte

Freudenberg Medical, LLC, Baldwin Park

Frey Engineering Co., C. E., Duarte

Fu Wei International, Inc., El Monte

Furniture Frames Masters, Azusa

G & D Industries, Inc., Covina

G & I Islas Industries, Inc., Baldwin Park

G & K Machine Co., Inc., Covina

G & M Precision Ltd., Covina

G & S Custom Designs, Covina

G H Wood Design LTD, Glendora

Gammill Electric, Inc., Azusa

Gentherm Inc., Azusa

Geometric Machining, Inc., Irwindale

Georg Fischer Signet LLC, El Monte

Gilbert Metal Products, El Monte

Glendora Chamber of Commerce, Glendora

Glendora Trophy & Engraving Co., Glendora

Go Green Solar, West Covina

Gourmet Electronics Ltd., Covina

Grand Printing, Covina

Grant Products International, Duarte

Graphic Marketing, Azusa

Graphic Roller Co., Glendora

Graphics United, Covina

Grattan & Sons, Inc., Dave, Irwindale

Guzzy's Services, Inc., Tim, Baldwin Park

GWC Technologies, Inc., Baldwin Park

Haemonetics Manufacturing, Inc., Covina

Halcyon Microelectronics, Inc., Irwindale

Hallett Boats, Irwindale

Hallmark Metals, Inc., Glendora

Hillcor Distribution, Inc., Baldwin Park

Hugo Specialties, Inc., Baldwin Park

Hydro Fitting Manufacturing Corporation, Covina

I/O Controls Corp., Azusa

Ideal Machining & Supply, Inc., El Monte

Inflatable 2000, Inc., Azusa

Inline Industries, Inc., Rosemead

Innerspace Corp., Covina

Inwesco, Inc., Azusa

IPP Plastics Products, Inc., Duarte

Ireland Engineering, Duarte

Irwindale Chamber of Commerce, Irwindale

J & D Printing, Glendora

J C S Volks Machine, Irwindale

J N L Creations, Covina

Jade Precision, Inc., Azusa

Janmar Lighting, Covina

Jansen Ornamental Supply Co., El Monte

Java Star, Azusa

Jonell Oil Corp., Irwindale

Justice Bros., Inc., Duarte

K & P Mfg., Azusa

K T Lucky Co., El Monte

K. M. Printing Production, Inc., Baldwin Park

Kal-Cameron Manufacturing Corp., Baldwin Park

Kemac Technology, Inc., Azusa

King Midas Enterprises, Inc., Azusa

L & M Metal Products, Inc., Baldwin Park

Lancer Medical Services, Inc., Azusa

Lans Co., Inc., Glendora

Lawrence Roll-Up Doors, Inc., Baldwin Park

LBI/Boyd Wallcovering, Glendora

Lee Machine Products, Irwindale

Lee's Batteries, Baldwin Park

Lewis Engraving, Inc., Covina

Lin Li Enterprises, Inc., Azusa

Lindsey Manufacturing Co., Azusa

Lokwerkz Fabrication, El Monte

Los Angeles Lighting Manufacturing Company Inc., El Monte

M. W. Design, Glendora

MacDonald Carbide Co., Baldwin Park

Mackenzie Laboratories, Inc., Glendora

Magparts, Azusa

Mansfield Furniture Mfg., Baldwin Park

Mariba International, Glendora

Martin Baron, Inc., Irwindale

Martin Silk Screen, Rex, Azusa

Max Custom Screw Products, Inc., Baldwin Park

McKeever & Danlee Confectionery Co., Azusa

Medi-Nuclear Corporation, Inc., Baldwin Park

Medi/Nuclear Corporation, Inc., Baldwin Park

MEE Industries, Inc., Irwindale

Melco Steel, Inc., Azusa

Metal Engineering & Mfg., Azusa

Metrex Valve Corp., Glendora

Metro Sheet Metal, Inc., Azusa

Meyer Co., Fran W., Azusa

Micro-Aide, Inc., Covina

Micro-Ohm Corp., Duarte

Micro-Tig Welding, Covina

Miller Brewing/Irwindale, Irwindale

Milli-Fab, Inc., Covina

Millipart, Inc., Glendora

Mission Clay Products Corp., Baldwin Park

Miyako Oriental Foods, Inc., Baldwin Park

Modulex, Irwindale

Monterey Machine Products, Inc., Covina

Moore's Ideal Products, Covina

Morris National, Inc., Azusa

Mortech Manufacturing Company, Inc., Azusa

Motek Industries, Baldwin Park

Mountain Gear Corporation, Irwindale

Murphy, Inc., W. A., El Monte

National Ready Mixed Concrete Co., Duarte

National Stabilizers, Inc., Azusa

Nellson Nutraceutical, Inc., Irwindale

New York Frozen Foods, Inc., Baldwin Park

Nichols Lumber & Hardware Co., Inc., Baldwin Park

Norac Pharma, Azusa

Norlaine, Inc., Covina

Northrop Grumman Corp., I.S.R.N.T., Azusa

NSD Industries, Inc., Baldwin Park

Oasis Medical, Inc., Glendora

Old Town Sign Co., LLC, Irwindale

Orgatech Omegalux, Orange

OsZ Technologies, Duarte

Pachmayr, Irwindale

Pacific Award Metals, Inc., Baldwin Park

Pacific Panel Products Corporation, Irwindale

Pacific West Furniture, Covin

Pack West Machinery Co., Irwindale

Pacon, Inc., Baldwin Park

Paper Mill Printers, Monrovia

Payne Magnetics Corp., Covina

PGM Pro, Inc., Baldwin Park

Phaostron Instrument & Electronics Co., Inc., Azusa

Philips Electronics North America Corporation, Baldwin Park

Pneumatic Tube Carrier Repair Parts Co., Irwindale

PolyCycle Solutions, LLC, Irwindale

Praxair, Inc., Irwindale

Prebco Bushing Co., Baldwin Park

Precision & Commercial Tool, Baldwin Park

Precision Coil Spring Co., El Monte

Precision Manufacturing Insurance Services (PMIS), Covina

Premier Inlays, LLC, Azusa

Pride Metal Polishing Co., El Monte

Primus Lighting, Inc., El Monte

Pro Auto Truck Electric, Inc., Azusa

PTB Sales, Azusa

Q & B Foods, Inc., Irwindale

Quality Material Handling, Azusa

R & R Hardwood, Inc., Azusa

R & R Identification Co., Covina

R G Costumes & Accessories, Covina

R K Industries, Inc., Baldwin Park

R S R Metal Spinning, Covina

R T M Machining, Covina

Rain Bird Corporation, Azusa

Ray-Bar Engineering Corp., Azusa

Raydon Co., Glendora

RBC Southwest Products, Inc., Baldwin Park

RBI Bearing, Inc., Baldwin Park

Ready America, Inc., Glendora

Ready Pac Foods, Inc., Irwindale

Reichhold, Inc., Azusa

Renaissance Graphixs, El Monte

Ro Gen Studio, Inc., Duarte

Robert's Iron Works, Inc., Azusa

Royal Custom Design, Inc., Chino

Royal Mattress Co., Inc., Covina

Rubio Machinery, Baldwin Park

Rush Printing, Covina

S H Precision Products, Inc., Covina

Sal's Steel Rule Die, Covina

Sanders Candy, Inc., Baldwin Park

Sari Art & Printing, Inc., Azusa

Scelzi Equipment, Inc, Azusa

Screwmatic, Inc., Azusa

Seaboard Envelope Co., Inc., Irwindale

Seating Resource, Inc., Azusa

Shelving Plus, Inc., Duarte

Short Run Swiss, Inc., Covina

Shurco Tool Co., Inc., Covina

Sierra Alloys Co., Irwindale

Size Control Plating Co., La Puente

Skylock Industries, Inc., Azusa

Southern California Edison, Irwindale

Southern California Edison, Azusa

Southwest Machine & Plastic Co., Glendora

Soyfoods of America, Duarte

Spragues Ready Mix, Irwindale

Sprint Graphics, Inc., Glendora

Stabile Plating Co., Inc., Covina

Stamp-Out, Glendora

Steve's Import Auto Center, Azusa

Stratus, LLC, Azusa

Street Printworks, Glendora

Street Printworks, Covina

Superior Grounding Systems, Inc., Irwindale

Swiss House, Inc., Glendora

Tandex Test Labs, Inc., Irwindale

Target Molds & Plastics, Irwindale

The Processors Mailing, Inc., Irwindale

Therm-O-Finishing, Inc., El Monte

Todd Street, Inc., Azusa

Tom Clark Confections, Glendora

Totten Tubes, Inc., Azusa

Touchdown Technologies, Inc., Baldwin Park

Treasure Garden, Inc., Baldwin Park

TRLA Group, Inc., Baldwin Park

Tuttle's Parts Exchange, Baldwin Park

U. S. Lasers, Inc., Baldwin Park

United Rock Products Corp., Irwindale

Unity Clothing, Inc., El Monte

Universal Metal Plating, Irwindale

UPM, Inc., Baldwin Park

V Corp., Covina

Valley Forge Acquisition Corp., Azusa

Very Special Chocolates, Inc., Azusa

Vida Cosmetics, Inc., Duarte

Virginia Hardwood Co., Azusa

Vita-Pakt Citrus Products Co., Covina

West Coast Envelope Co., Baldwin Park

Westside Accessories, Covina

Westwood Laboratories, Azusa

WSS, Irwindale

Zack Electronics, Duarte