Rudy Salas Assembly District 32, Democrat


Term limit: 2024


Personal data

Capitol office
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 319-2032
Fax: (916) 319-2132

Assembly Floor

District voter registration
Democrat: 30%
Republican: 54%
Other: 16%

District makeup
Two thirds (64%) of Kern County encompassing Maricopa, Ridgecrest, Taft, Tehachapi and most (85%) of the city of Bakerfield; a sliver of San Bernardino County (1,885 people).

Source: California Target Book


145 manufacturers in AD 32. CMTA members are highlighted

Acw Wrought Iron, Bakersfield

Agusa, Inc., Lemoore

Alder & Co., Bakersfield

All Valley Printing, Hanford

Alpha Designs, Hanford

American Pacific Rubber, Inc., Bakersfield

Anthony Welded Products, Inc., Delano

APTCO, LLC, McFarland

Argo Chemical, Shafter

Armor Glaze, Shafter

Artistic Surfaces Countertops, Bakersfield

Asphalt Coatings Engineering, Wasco

ASV Wines, Inc., McFarland

B W Implement Co., Buttonwillow

Baker Commodities, Inc., Hanford

Bakersfield Plastics, Inc., Bakersfield

Beco Dairy Automation, Inc., Hanford

Berchtold Equipment Co., Bakersfield

Bolthouse Farms, Bakersfield

California Bio-Productex, Inc., Hanford

California Industrial Rubber Co., Bakersfield Branch, Bakersfield

Camfil USA, Inc., Corcoran

Carlos Shower Doors, Inc., Bakersfield

Cencal Machine, Bakersfield

Center Neon Co., Inc., Bakersfield

Central California Power, Inc., Shafter

Central Valley Cabinet Mfg. Co., Armona

Century Rubber Co., Inc., Bakersfield

City of Avenal, Avenal

City of Corcoran, Corcoran

City of Hanford, Handford

City of Shafter, Shafter

City of Wasco, Wasco

Code Precast Products, Inc., Shafter

Controlco, Pleasant Hill

Controlled Motion Solutions, Inc., Bakersfield

Corcoran Chamber of Commerce, Corcoran

Corcoran Machine Works, Inc., Corcoran

Corcoran Sawtelle & Rosprim, Corcoran

County Line Gin, Inc., Hanford

Coveris Flexibles US LLC, Hanford

Cummins Pacific, Bakersfield

D-J Mfg., Inc., Bakersfield

Delano Growers Grape Products, Delano

Domino Plastics Mfg., Inc., Bakersfield

Electric Motor Works, Inc., Bakersfield

Eliminator Mfg., Bakersfield

Energy Link, Bakersfield

Ennis-Flint, Bakersfield

Ennis-Flint, Bakersfield

Ernst Mfg., Bakersfield

Fagundes Agribusiness, Hanford

Fastenal Co., Delano

Fastenal Co., Hanford

Fastenal Co., Bakersfield

Franzia-McFarland Winery, McFarland

Frito-Lay North America, Inc., Bakersfield

GAF, Shafter

GeoGuidance Drilling Services, Inc., Bakersfield

Gibson Enterprises, Lemoore

Global Fabricators, Shafter

Grimmway Enterprises, Inc., Arvin

H. M. Holloway, Inc., Lost Hills

H. M. Holloway, Inc., Wasco

Halliburton Energy Services, Inc., Bakersfield

Hanford Glass, Inc., Hanford

Hanford Sentinel, Inc., Hanford

Heck Cellars, Arvin

Interstate AG Plastics West, LLC, Buttonwillow

Interstate Equipment & Mfg. Corp., Bakersfield

J & E Restaurant Supply, Inc., Bakersfield

J. G. Boswell, Inc., Buttonwillow

JF Manufacturing, Delano

JTS Modular, Inc., Bakersfield

K D Rubbish Bin, Bakersfield

Kern Glass & Aluminum Co., Bakersfield

Kern Oil & Refining Co., Bakersfield

Kern Steel Fabrication, Inc., Bakersfield

Kerndelta Delinting, McFarland

Kernpareil, Inc., Wasco

King's Cabinet Systems, Hanford

Kings County EDC, Hanford

Kisco Sales, Inc., Bakersfield

Lacey Milling Co., Inc., Hanford

Leiser U. S. A., Inc., Bakersfield

Lemoore District Chamber of Commerce, Lemoore

Leprino Foods Company, Lemoore

Liberty Composting, Inc., Lost Hills

Maple Dairy Farms, Bakersfield

Marquez Brothers International, Inc., San Jose

Mazzei Injector Corp., Bakersfield

McLellan Equipment, Inc., Hanford

Millwood Cabinet Co., Inc., Bakersfield

Morrisons' Silkscreen & Embroidery, Hanford

Newby Rubber, Inc., Bakersfield

North of the River Chamber of Commerce, Bakersfield

Northland Process Piping, Inc., Lemoore

Paramount Farms, Inc., Lost Hills

PCL Industrial Services, Bakersfield

Perfection Stainless Fab, Inc., Bakersfield

Performance Food Group, Inc., Shafter

Primex Farms, LLC, Wasco

Printer, The, Corcoran

ProBuild Co., LLC, Shafter

Pyramid Systems, Inc., Hanford

Pyrenees French Bakery, Inc., Bakersfield

R N R Welding, Hanford

RA-White, Inc., Delano

Raven Brand Products, Armona

Reeves Extruded Products, Inc., Arvin

Russell, Inc., Frank, Shafter

SA Recycling, Bakersfield

Salter Labs, Inc., Arvin

San Joaquin Helicopters, Delano

School Lunch Products, Inc., Shafter

ServiceMaster at Bakersfield, Bakersfield

Shafter-Wasco Ginning Co., Shafter

Sierra International Machinery, LLC, Bakersfield

Signmaster, Delano

SignWorks, Hanford

Simplot Co., Hanford

Simplot Grower Solutions, LLC, Bakersfield

Smith, Inc., Karl M., Corcoran

South Valley Materials, Fresno

Spalinger Enterprises, Inc., Bakersfield

Specialty Trim & Awning, Inc., Bakersfield

Spicer Wireline, Inc., Bakersfield

Stratford Growers, Inc., Stratford

Sunny Gem, LLC, Wasco

Superior Dairy Products Co., Hanford

Swaim & Sons Mfg., Bakersfield

Tiger Tanks, Inc., Bakersfield

Triple A Meat Sales Inc., Bakersfield

Tryad Service Corp., Shafter

Valley Oak Cabinet Mfg., Hanford

Vandersteen Audio, Inc., Hanford

Verdegaal Bros., Inc., Hanford

Wall St. Imprintables Co., Bakersfield

Weatherford Completion Systems, Bakersfield

Western Fiber Co., Inc., Arvin

Western Milling, LLC, McFarland

Western Valve, Inc., Bakersfield

Windtamer Tarps, Hanford

Wonderful Citrus LLC, Delano

World Wide Aquatics Co., Arvin