Marie Waldron Assembly District 75, Republican


Term limit: 2024


Personal data

Capitol office
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 319-2075
Fax: (916) 319-2175

Assembly Floor

District voter registration
Democrat: 29%
Republican: 44%
Other: 27%

District makeup
Over seventy percent of the district's population falls within the city of San Diego, including the coastal community of La Jolla, moving inland to the urban north side of the city, then moving northeast to encompass the city of Poway and a large portion (42%) of the city of Escondido.

Source: California Target Book


341 manufacturers in AD 75. CMTA members are highlighted

A & D Plating, Inc., Escondido

A & G Industries, Inc., San Marcos

A C Manufacturing Inc., Escondido

AA United EDM, LLC, San Marcos

AARD Industries, Inc., Temecula

Abbott Laboratories, Vascular Div., Temecula

Accu-Seal Corp., San Marcos

ACI Medical, LLC, San Marcos

Acropolis Engineering Inc., Temecula

Action Precision, LLC, San Marcos

Advanced Honeycomb Technologies Corp., San Marcos

Airgas USA, LLC, San Marcos

Aloha Printing, San Marcos

Amcor Sunclipse, San Marcos

American Innotek, Inc., Escondido

American Laser Fabrication, Inc., Escondido

American Stove Parts Co., Temecula

Americover, Inc., Escondido

Ameriwest Technology, Inc., Escondido

Anderson Woodworks, Inc., San Marcos

Anesthesia Assocs., Inc., San Marcos

Antrin Miniature Specialties, Fallbrook

Applied Mfg., Temecula

Applied Thermal Technologies, Inc., San Marcos

Architectural Millwork Solutions, Inc., Vista

Archive Arts, Fallbrook

ArcMate Mfg. Corp., Escondido

Argosy Industries, Inc., Escondido

Automation Technologies, Inc., Escondido

Axelgaard Manufacturing Co., LTD., Fallbrook

AXEON Water Technologies, Temecula

Aztec Perlite Co., Inc., Escondido

Aztec Tooling, Valley Center

Baja Designs, Inc., San Marcos

Bajek Woodwork, Vista

Banister Ironworks, Inc., Escondido

Bare Back Skateboards, San Marcos

BBK Performance, Inc., Temecula

Big Fogg, Inc., Temecula

Black Oxide Service, Inc., San Marcos

Bob's Gem Shop, Escondido

Bostik, Inc., Temecula

Bree Engineering, San Marcos

Brooks Laundry Equipment, San Marcos

Bumper 2 Bumper, San Marcos

C & H Machine, Escondido

C N C Mfg., Temecula

C. J. Redwood, Inc., Escondido

Cabinets By Charron, Escondido

Cactus Corrugated Containers, Inc., San Marcos

California Metal Services, Inc., Escondido

Californian, The, Temecula

Candamar Designs, Inc., Bonsall

Carr Inc, Temecula

Cart Mart, Inc., San Marcos

CBR Bearings Co., Fallbrook

Ceramag Corp., Escondido

Channell Commercial Corp., Temecula

Chester & Herod Auto Carpet M.F.G., Escondido

Cimarron Technologies Corp., Escondido

City of Escondido, Escondido

City of San Marcos, San Marcos

City of Temecula, Temecula

Clear Sign & Design, Inc., San Marcos

Cliniqa Corp., San Marcos

Club Display, Inc., Temecula

Coburn Topiary, Escondido

Conklin Equipment Co., Fallbrook

Consolidated Electrical Distributors, Inc., Escondido

Contech Systems, Inc., San Marcos

Control Products Systems Group, Escondido

Copycare Of San Diego, Inc., Escondido

Cord Industries, Fallbrook

Count Machinery Co., Escondido

Creative Electron, Inc., San Marcos

Creative Fence Co., Inc., Escondido

Creative Printing, San Marcos

Crowder Machine & Tool, Temecula

Crown Products, Inc., San Marcos

Crystal Optics Research, Escondido

CTS, Inc., Valley Center

Culinary Specialties, Inc., San Marcos

Custom Blowmolding, Inc., Escondido

Custom Scale, Escondido

Cycleport, San Marcos

Datrix LLC, Escondido

Davis Stone Co., Inc., Escondido

DecraTek, Inc., Escondido

Delst, Inc., Temecula

Delta T Solutions, Inc., San Marcos

Design Fabrication, Inc., San Marcos

Drapery Shop, Inc., The, Vista

Dynamic Display Systems, Inc., Escondido

Eagle Screw Machine Co., Escondido

Eclipse Industries, Escondido

Edwards Ornamental, Escondido

Eldorado Stone, LLC, San Marcos

Electro Coatings Co., Temecula

Electro Tech Coatings, Inc., San Marcos

Electro-Numerics, Inc., Temecula

EMD Millipore Corporation, Temecula

Emerging Forms, Escondido

Epic Boats, LLC, Escondido

Escondido Chamber of Commerce, Escondido

Escondido Metal Supply, Escondido

Escondido Plating Co., Escondido

Estco Enterprises, Inc., Escondido

Executive Business Services, Temecula

Fabwest Mfg., Temecula

Fallbrook Industries, Inc., Fallbrook

Fallbrook Printing Corp., Fallbrook

Falmat, Inc., San Marcos

Farrow Mfg., Inc., San Marcos

FASTSIGNS, Escondido


Ferguson Enterprises, Inc., Escondido

FFF Enterprises, Inc., Temecula

Fiber Link Webbing Products, Inc., Temecula

Fire Garden Metal Works, Bonsall

Five Star Enterprises, Escondido

Flowserve Corporation, Temecula

Fluid Components International, LLC, San Marcos

Fluid Tech Products, Valley Center

Flux Power Holdings, Inc., Escondido

FoxFury, LLC, Vista

Frank's Welding, Escondido

Freeberg Industrial Fabrication, Escondido

G M Tool Co., Inc., Fallbrook

Genco Printers, Fallbrook

George & Krogh Welding, Inc., Escondido

Gilbert Machine & Mfg., San Marcos

Glaser Bailey Awards, Inc., Escondido

GM Homes, San Marcos

Goddard Rotary Tool Co., Inc., Escondido

Golden Rule Bindery, San Marcos

Golden State Graphics, LLC, San Marcos

Golden West Biologicals, Inc., Temecula

Gould Studios, Fallbrook

GR Labels, San Marcos

Greider Precision, Escondido

Hidden Valley Harps, Inc., Escondido

Hocking International Laboratories, San Marcos

Hollandia Dairy, Inc., San Marcos

Hues Metal Finishing, Inc., San Marcos

Hughes Circuits, Inc., San Marcos

Hunter Industries, Inc., San Marcos

Hybond, Inc., Escondido

Imeb, Inc., San Marcos

Industrial Skylights, Inc., San Marcos

Inkwell Printing Co., Escondido

Inland Empire Community Newspapers, San Bernardino

Innovative Natural Products, Escondido

Intense Cycles, Inc., Temecula

Inter-Block Retaining Systems, Inc., Valley Center

International Eyelets, Inc., San Marcos

International Fluid Power Of America, Temecula

International Rectifier Corp., Temecula

J & W Lumber Co., San Marcos

J D Enterprises, San Marcos

Jensen Door Systems, Inc., San Marcos

Jim's Sign Shop, Fallbrook

Jinx, Inc., Poway

K-Tech Machine, San Marcos

KAER Biotherapeutics Corp., Escondido

Kaman Industrial Technologies Corp., Escondido

Kevin D. Gearhart Inc., dba Genesis Woodworking, Escondido

Kingsborne Wire Werks, San Marcos

Kirk Machine & Tool, Temecula

Koochenvagner's Brewing Co., Escondido

L & M Fertilizing, Inc., Temecula

La Costa Upholstery, San Marcos

Label Productions Of California, Inc., Temecula

Laser-Tronics, San Marcos

Lisi Medical Jeropa, Inc., Escondido

Long Machine, Inc., Temecula

Lormac Plastics, Inc., Escondido

M A C Products, Inc., Temecula

M P S Corp., Escondido

Maas-Rowe Carillons, Inc., Escondido

Marble Expressions, Inc., San Marcos

Markstein Beverage Co., San Marcos

Martek Automation, Inc., Murrieta

Mechanical Creations, Inc., Escondido

Mesa Power Systems, Inc., Escondido

Meziere Enterprises, Inc., Escondido

MGM Plastics, Inc., San Marcos

Micro Grow Systems, Temecula

Micro Motion Technologies Corp., Valley Center

Microfab Manufacturing, Inc., San Marcos

Milgard Manufacturing, Inc., Temecula

Milner Signs, Temecula

Mitchell Instrument Co., San Marcos

Mitchell's Cabinets, Inc., Escondido

Music Instrument Reeds International, San Marcos

Myers & Sons Hi-Way Safety, Inc., Escondido

N C Industries, Temecula

Natel Engineering Company, Inc., San Marcos

National Quarries, San Marcos

Natural Alternatives International, Inc., San Marcos

Ne-Mo's, Escondido

Neville Industries, Inc., San Marcos

Nimbus Water Systems, Inc., Temecula

North County Powder Coating, Inc., San Marcos

Ocean Steel, LLC, Vista

Ohmdel Engineering & Mfg., Inc., Temecula

Oldcastle Precast Construction, Inc., Escondido

Olympic Coatings, Escondido

Omega Print & Copy, Temecula

On Ice, Inc., Escondido

One Stop Systems, Inc., Escondido

Opti-Forms, Inc., Temecula

Opto 22, Temecula

Orora North America, San Marcos

P C S Engineering, Vista

P M M Engineering, Temecula

P S I, Escondido

Pacific Electric, Inc., Temecula

Pacific Wire & Supply, Escondido

Palomar Engineers, Inc., Escondido

Parallel Mold, Inc., Fallbrook

Paulson Mfg. Corp., Temecula

Phed Corp., Temecula

Phenix Bait Co., Temecula

Phoenix Scientific, Inc., San Marcos

PHS/MWA, Temecula

Pi Tape Corp., Escondido

Piercan USA, Inc., San Marcos

Pine Tree Lumber Co. L. P., Escondido

Pipeline Products, San Marcos

Planetary Machine and Engineering, Escondido

Plasmetex Industries, Inc., San Marcos

Pluri End Products, Inc., Temecula

Polycraft, Inc./AARD Industries Inc., Temecula

Precision Crafted Screw Products, Inc., San Marcos

Price Products, Inc., Escondido

Print World, Escondido

Printing Solutions, Escondido

Professional Hospital Supply, Temecula

Progressive Design Playgrounds, Vista

Prowave Mfg., San Marcos

Prudhomme Associates C.P.A., Inc., Temecula

Pyramid Granite & Metals, Inc., Escondido

Quality Control Solutions, Inc., Temecula

Quality Craft Custom Cabinets, Inc., Escondido

Quality Woodwork, Inc., San Marcos

Quick Charge Power LLC, San Marcos

Quilt In A Day, San Marcos

R & M Industries, Inc., San Marcos

R B Design, Escondido

R B III Associates, Inc., San Marcos

Rainbow Sign Co., Fallbrook

Rancho Electronics, Inc., Temecula

Rantec Microwave Systems, Inc., San Marcos

RBCor, LLC, San Marcos

Ready America, Inc., Escondido

REAL Seal Co., Escondido

Resers Ornamental Iron, Valley Center

Resina, Temecula

RK 2 Systems, Inc., Escondido

Roadway Displays, Inc., Temecula

Robinson Printing, Temecula

Rock Solid Stone, Fallbrook

Rousseau Precision Machine, Inc., Temecula

Rubber Stamp Champ, San Marcos

Rupe's Hydraulics, San Marcos

San Diego North Economic Development Council, San Marcos

San Dieguito Printers, San Marcos

San Marcos Chamber of Commerce, San Marcos

San Marcos Trophy, San Marcos

San Marcos Wood Products, Inc., San Marcos

Schultz, Inc., L., San Marcos

Sea Water Visions, Escondido

Separation Engineering, Inc., Escondido

Shofu Dental Corp., San Marcos

Sign Concepts, Temecula

Sign Depot, San Marcos

Sign-A-Rama, San Marcos

Silk Screen Shirts, Inc., Escondido

Skye Graphics, Valley Center

Solid State Stamping, Inc., Temecula

Sound Image, Escondido

Southland Enterprises, Escondido

Southland Fabrication, Inc., Fallbrook

Spearhead Specialty Products, Inc., Fallbrook

Spenco Machine & Mfg., Temecula

SRS International, Temecula

Sullins Electronics Corporation, San Marcos

Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products, Inc., San Marcos

Superior Ready Mix Concrete L. P., Escondido

Sure Shot Plastics, Inc., San Marcos

Survival Systems International, Inc., Valley Center

Syntec Diamond Tools, Inc., Escondido

T & K Metal Products, Inc., Escondido

Tabco Swiss Precision, Fallbrook

Tamura Corp. Of America, Inc., Escondido

Taylor Trim & Supply, Inc., Escondido

Teamwork Athletic Apparel, San Marcos

Technidea Corporation, Escondido

Temecula Olive Oil Co., Temecula

Temecula Trophy, Inc., Temecula

Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce, Temecula

Templaco, Inc., San Marcos

Tenney Enterprises, Dale, San Marcos

Tension Envelope Corp., Temecula

Texmate, Inc., Escondido

The Garmon Corporation, Temecula

Therm-O-Boss, Escondido, Escondido

Toresco, Escondido

Transducer Techniques, Inc., Temecula

Transfer It Co. Store, The, San Marcos

Tri-M Co., San Marcos

Triton Enterprises, Fallbrook

Trosak Cabinets, San Marcos

U-Cut, Escondido

U.S. Circuit, Inc., Escondido

Ultra Flex Moulding, Inc., Escondido

Ultra Motorcycle Co., Temecula

Unicel Corporation, Escondido

Unique Functional Products, San Marcos

Unique Precision Industries, Temecula

Univelt, Inc., Escondido

Universal Quartz, Inc., San Marcos

Uru By Kristine St. Rrik, Inc., Escondido

V I T Products, Inc., Escondido

Vaniman Manufacturing Company, Fallbrook

Village News, The, Fallbrook

Vista Rubber Stamp Mfg. Co., Bonsall

Vitagold Brands Co-Op Assn., Escondido

Vulcan Materials Co., Escondido

W.B. USA, LLC, San Marcos

Wave Shoppe, The, Escondido

Weldrite Mfg., Escondido

West Coast Countertop Supply, Temecula

West Coast Countertops, Inc., Temecula

Western Metal Fabricators, Inc., Temecula

Western Plastics, Inc., Temecula

Wickline Bedding Co., Inc., Escondido

Wind & Shade Screens, Inc., San Marcos

Xona Microfluidics LLC, Temecula

Zest Anchor, Inc., Escondido