Bob Wieckowski Senate District 10, Democrat


Term limit: 2022


Personal data

Capitol office
State Capitol
Sacramento, CA 95814
Phone: (916) 651-4010
Fax: (916) 651-4910

Assembly Floor

District voter registration
Democrat: 50%
Republican: 23%
Other: 27%

District makeup
Southern Alameda County cities of Fremont, Hayward, Newark, Pleasanton, San Leandro, Union City; unincorporated communities of Cherryland, Fairview, San Lorenzo, Sunol and half of Castro Valley; and a northern portion of Santa Clara County encompassing Milpitas and a small portion (10%) of San Jose.

Source: California Target Book


1506 manufacturers in SD 10. CMTA members are highlighted

20th Century Spring Mfg., Inc., Santa Clara

3Dconnexion Inc., Fremont

3par Inc., Fremont

5 B's Engraving, Castro Valley

A & D Precision Machining Inc., Fremont

A & E Anodizing Inc., San Jose

A & M Pallet Recyclers, Hayward

A-1 Jay's Machining, Inc., San Jose

A-1 Machine Manufacturing, Inc., Santa Clara

AA Rotating Apparatus Corp., Hayward

Abaxis, Inc., Union City

Abbott Laboratories, Vascular Div., Santa Clara

Abbott Medical Optics, Inc., Milpitas

ABC Assembly, Inc., Fremont

ABC Printing, Inc., Milpitas

ABCO Wire & Metal Products, Castro Valley

Aborn Electronics, Inc., San Jose

Above Board Electronics, Inc., San Jose

Absolute Turnkey Services, Inc., Santa Clara

AC Photonics, Inc., Santa Clara

Access Communications Inc., San Jose

Accura Precision, Inc., Santa Clara

Accuracy Machine, Inc., Newark

Accurate Tube Bending, Inc., Newark

ACF Components & Fasteners, Inc., Hayward

Achronix Semiconductor Corporation, Santa Clara

ACI Alloys, Inc., San Jose

Actel Corp, Fremont

Action Laminates, LLC, Hayward

Acutherm, Inc., Hayward

Adcotech Corporation, Milpitas

Addison Engineering, Inc., San Jose

Adem, LLC, Santa Clara

Admail Express, Inc., Hayward

Advance Carbon Products, Inc., Hayward

Advanced Analogic Technologies, Santa Clara

Advanced Component Labs Inc., Santa Clara

Advanced Electronics Solutions, Newark

Advanced Fabrication Tech, Inc., Hayward

Advanced Industrial Ceramics, San Jose

Advanced Machine Tools, Fremont

Advanced Microtechnology, Inc., Milpitas

Advanced Precision Spring, San Jose

Advanced Radiation Corp., Santa Clara

Advanced Transit Dynamics, Inc., Hayward

Advantech Corporation, Milpitas

Advantech Precision Machining Corporation, Santa Clara

Advantest America, Inc., San Jose

AEHR Test Systems, Fremont

Aesthera Corporation, Hayward

Agilent Technologies, Inc., Santa Clara

AGS Plasma Systems, Inc., Santa Clara

Air Bearing Technology, Inc., Hayward

Air Liquide America Specialty Gases LLC, Fremont

Air Liquide Industrial U.S. LP, Union City

Air Products & Chemicals, Inc., Santa Clara

Airgard, Inc., San Jose

Airgas, Inc., Hayward

Ajax - United Patterns & Molds, Inc., Union City

AKMI Corporation, Hayward

Akon, Inc., San Jose

AKT America, Inc., Santa Clara

Alameda County Community Development Agency, Hayward

Alameda County Workforce Investment Board, Hayward

Alameda Electrical Distributors, Inc., Hayward

Alertenterprise, Inc., Fremont

Alexander Rubber Products, Hayward

Align Technology, Inc., San Jose

All Fab Precision Sheetmetal, Inc., San Jose

All Weld Machine & Fabrication Co., San Jose

All West Fabricators, Inc., Fremont

All-Tech Machine & Engineering, Inc., Fremont

Allied Telesis, Inc., Milpitas

Allstate Plastics, LLC, Hayward

Allure Cosmetic, Inc., Hayward

ALOM Technology Corporation, Fremont

Alpha EMS Corporation, Fremont

Alpha Magnetics, Inc., Hayward

Alpha Printing & Media Services, Inc., San Jose

Alpha Scientific Electronics, Hayward

Alpine Awards, Inc., Union City

Altera Corporation, San Jose

Alterflex Corp., San Jose

Alterg, Inc., Fremont

Altest Corporation, San Jose

Altierre Corporation, San Jose

Altigen Communications, Inc., San Jose

Altinex, Inc., Brea

Alvarado Dye & Knitting Mill Inc., Union City

Alverix, Inc., San Jose

Alzeta Corp., Santa Clara

AmbiCom, Inc., Milpitas

America Shredding, Newark

American Air Liquide Inc., Fremont

American Bath Enterprises, Inc., Hayward

American Blinds & Draperies, Inc., Hayward

American Food Equipment Co., Inc., Hayward

American Food Service, Santa Clara

American Gasket & Die Co., Inc., San Jose

American Licorice Co., Inc., Union City

American Manufacturing & Industry, Milpitas

American Poly-Foam Co., Hayward

American Portable Welding, Hayward

American Portwell Technology, Inc., Fremont

American Probe & Technologies, Inc., San Jose

American Radiator Works, Hayward

American West Labels, Hayward

Ampro Systems, Inc., Fremont

Ampswiss Engineering, Fremont

Amtek Electronic, Inc., San Jose

AMTF Corp., Fremont

Anacom, Inc., San Jose

Analog Devices, Inc., San Jose

Analogix Semiconductor, Inc., Santa Clara

Anatech USA, Union City

Andersen Bakery, Inc., Hayward

Anheuser-Busch Recycling, Hayward

Annabelle Candy Co., Inc., Hayward

Annex Precision, Santa Clara

Anova Microsystems, Inc., Milpitas

Antec, Inc., Fremont

APCT, Inc., Santa Clara

Apex Machining, San Jose

Applied Air Filters, Inc., Newark

Applied Anodize, Inc., San Jose

Applied Ceramics, Inc., Fremont

Applied Distribution Resources, Santa Clara

Applied Industrial Technologies, Inc., Union City

Applied Industrial Technologies, Inc., San Jose

Applied Materials, Inc., Santa Clara

Applied Metrics, Inc., Fremont

Applied Photon Technology, Inc., Hayward

Applied Precision, Santa Clara

Applied Thin-Film Products, Fremont

Appro International, Inc., San Jose

Apruval, Santa Clara

APX, Inc., Santa Clara

AQS, Inc., Fremont

Aradigm Corp., Hayward

Aras Power Technology, Milpitas

Arbon Equipment Corp., Hayward

Archway Insurance Brokers LLC, San Jose

Ardent Systems, Inc., San Jose

Arescom Inc., Fremont

Aries Solutions, Fremont

Arista Corp., Fremont

Armanino Foods Of Distinction, Inc., Hayward

Arrow Wire & Cable, Inc., Hayward

Art Monument Co., Inc., Hayward

ASD Engineering & Mfg., Santa Clara

ASI Corp., Fremont

Asian Ornamental Iron, San Jose

Associated Screw Machine Products, Hayward

Assurance Industries, Inc., Fremont

AsteelFlash USA Corp., Fremont

Astek Precision, Inc., Fremont

ASUS Computer International, Fremont

Atalanta Corp., Union City

ATDynamics, Inc., Hayward

Atech Flash Technology, Inc., Fremont

Atech Mfg. Corp., San Jose

Atlona Inc., San Jose

Atmel Corp., San Jose

ATP Electronics, Inc., San Jose

Aurora Algae, Inc., Hayward

Aurora Networks, Inc., Santa Clara

Automatic Control Engineering Corporation, Hayward

Autosense International, San Jose

Avalon Labels Printing Unlimited, San Jose

Avermedia Technologies, Inc., Milpitas

Aviat Networks, Santa Clara

Axic, Inc., Santa Clara

AXL Musical Instruments Ltd., Hayward

Axygen, Inc., Union City

Aztec Precision, Inc., San Jose

Azule Industries, San Jose

Azuma Foods International, Inc. U.S.A., Hayward

B & A Friction Materials, Inc., San Jose

B & G Precision, Inc., Fremont

B & H Distributors, Hayward

B & Z Manufacturing Company, Inc., San Jose

B C Thermography, Fremont

B H J Products, Inc., Newark

B M & I, Milpitas

B R & F Spray, Inc., Santa Clara

B T Laser, Inc., Santa Clara

B-K Mill & Fixtures, Inc., Newark

B. C. Song International, Inc., Hayward

Babbitt Bearing Co., Inc., San Jose

Bace Manufacturing, Inc., Fremont

BAE Systems Imaging Solutions, San Jose

BAE Systems Land & Armaments L.P., Santa Clara

BAE Systems Land & Armaments L.P., Santa Clara

Bakemark USA, LLC, Union City

Barnaby Mfg. Co., Inc., Santa Clara

BASF Corp., LLC, Fremont

Basic VI Technology, Inc., San Jose

Bat Gundrilling Services, Inc., Santa Clara

Baxter International Inc., Hayward

Bay Area & Keva Mattress Co., San Leandro

Bay Area Canvas, Inc., Santa Clara

Bay Area Green Printing, Hayward

Bay Area Labels, Inc., San Jose

Bay Central Printing, Union City

Bay Electronic Support Tronics, Inc., San Jose

Bay Signs, Inc., San Leandro

Bay Stone Depot, San Jose

Bayline Paper Supply Co., Union City

BaySpec, Inc., San Jose

Beam On Technology, Santa Clara

Becton, Dickinson Biosciences, San Jose

Bell Plastics, Hayward

Bell Turf Equipment, San Jose

BEMA Electronics, Fremont

Bench Tek Solutions, LLC, Santa Clara

Bentek Corporation, San Jose

Benvenue Medical, Inc., Santa Clara

Berkeley Farms, Inc., Hayward

Best Concrete Steps, San Leandro

Best Express Foods, Inc, Hayward

Best Label Company, Inc., Union City

Bestek Mfg., Inc., San Jose

Bestpro Machining, Fremont

Bestronics Holdings, Inc., San Jose

Betatron, Inc., San Jose

Bettencourt Enterprises, Santa Clara

Beyer Technology, Santa Clara

Biochain Institute, Inc., Newark

BioGenex Laboratories, Inc., Fremont

Biolog, Inc., Hayward

Biolytic Lab Performance, Inc., Fremont

Biomedix, Inc., Fremont

Bipolarics, Inc., San Jose

Bit Shop, Inc., Milpitas

Bit-Power, Inc., Milpitas

BizLink Technology, Inc., Fremont

Blank Stitches Embroidery Co., Fremont

Blazer Exhibits & Events, Inc., Milpitas

Bliss Industries, Milpitas

Blommer Chocolate Co., Inc., Union City

BLR Sign Systems, Milpitas

Bob's Foam Factory, Inc., Fremont

Bob's Screen & Graphics, Inc., Santa Clara

Bode Concrete, LLC, San Jose

Bodycote Thermal Processing, Inc., Fremont

Boehringer Ingelheim Fremont, Inc., Fremont

Bold Data Technology, Inc., Fremont

Boston Scientific Corporation, San Jose

Boston Scientific Target Corporation, Fremont

Bracho Marble & Granite, Newark

Brandt Electronics, Inc., Milpitas

Bras & Mattos Monument Co., Hayward

Brechtel Mfg., Inc., Hayward

BridgeWave Communications, Inc., San Diego

Brilliant Lighting Products Co., Fremont

Broadcom Corp., San Jose

Brocade Communications Systems, Inc., San Jose

Brooks Automation, Inc., Fremont

Byington Steel Treating, Inc., Santa Clara

Byrne Machining, Paul, Fremont

C & B Machine, Santa Clara

C & D Semiconductor Service, San Jose

C & H Enterprises, Fremont

C B R Circuits, Inc., Milpitas

C H A Industries, Fremont

C N N Precision Mfg., San Jose

C P S Signs, Newark

C3-ilex, LLC, Fremont

Cable Connection, Fremont

Cal Neon Sign, Inc., Santa Clara

Cal-Bay Grinding, Inc., San Jose

Cal-Weld, Inc., Fremont

Calcraft, LLC, Fremont

Caliber Cabinets, Hayward

California Accessories, Inc., Hayward

California Brazing, Newark

California Paperboard, Santa Clara

California Work Trucks, Inc., Union City

Call Mfg. Co., Inc., W. A., San Jose

Calmax Technology, Santa Clara

Calsak Plastics Corp., Hayward

Cambidge Laser Laboratories, Inc., Fremont

Campbell Precision Sheetmetal, San Jose

Carbonic Service, Inc., Santa Clara

Cardinal Industrial Finishes, San Jose

Cargill, Inc., Newark

Cargotrol Corp., Hayward

Carlene's T-Shirt Corner, San Leandro

Carmel Food Group, Inc., Hayward

Carpenter Rigging Of San Jose, San Jose

Carrera Millwork, Inc., Santa Clara

Cascade Computer Coatings, Inc., San Jose

Castro Valley/Eden Area Chamber of Commerce, Castro Valley

Cavium, San Jose

CBS Food Equipment, Milpitas

CEC Print Solutions, Inc., Hayward

Cellotape, Inc., Newark

Centerline Precision, Inc., Santa Clara

Centillium Communications, Inc., Fremont

Central Concrete Supply Co., Inc., San Jose

Centrify Corp., Santa Clara

Century Helicopter Products, San Jose

Cermetek Micro-Electronics, Inc., Milpitas

CertainTeed Corp., Fremont

CG Industries, Inc., Union City

Chase Co., Inc., R. J., Union City

Chemical Safety Technology, Inc., San Jose

Chicotec, Inc., Santa Clara

China Tofu, Hayward

Choate Tables, Hayward

Chouinard Vineyards, Inc., Castro Valley

Chrontel Inc., San Jose

Chualar Pallet Recycling, LLC, San Jose

Cinema Development Co., Hayward

Cirexx International, Santa Clara

Ciro Technologies, Santa Clara

Cisco Systems, Inc., San Jose

City lof Santa Clara - Silicon Valley Power,

City of Hayward, Hayward

City of Milpitas, Milpitas

City of Santa Clara, Santa Clara

City of Union City - Economic Development, Union City

Clark Spring & Mfg., Hayward

Clay Planet, Santa Clara

Clean Source Inc., San Jose

Clover Machine & Mfg., Santa Clara

CMI Mfg., Inc., Santa Clara

cmrsummit Technologies, Santa Clara

Coast Aluminum & Architectural, Inc., Hayward

Cognex Corp., Hayward

Coherent, Inc., Santa Clara

Colleen & Herb Enterprises, Inc., Fremont

Columbus Manufacturing, Inc., Hayward

Commercial Casework, Inc., Fremont

Commex Corp., Hayward

Communicart, Santa Clara

Compass Components, Inc., Fremont

Component Finishing, Inc., Santa Clara

Composicon Composite Systems & Structures, Hayward

Compro Packaging LLC, Union City

Compugraphics USA, Inc., Fremont

Computer Access Technology Corp., Santa Clara

Computer Plastics, Inc., Hayward

Comtech Xicom Technology, Inc., Santa Clara

Conklin & Conklin, Inc., Union City

Continental Precision Machining, Santa Clara

Continental Tool Co., Hayward

Continuum Electro-Optics, Inc., San Jose

Contract Metal Products, Inc., Fremont

Convergent Mfg. Tech, Santa Clara

Conversion Products, Inc., Hayward

Cook's Automotive Service, Inc., San Jose

Copy Pacific, Inc., Hayward

Corad, Hayward

Cordeiro's Welding Service, Hayward

Cordova Printed Circuits, Inc., Milpitas

Core Microsystems, Inc., Fremont

Corporate Sign Systems, Inc., San Jose

Corporate Systems Center, Inc., Santa Clara

Corrugated Packaging Products, Hayward

Corsair Components, Inc., Fremont

Corsair Memory, Inc., Fremont

County of Santa Clara, San Jose

Craftmaster Machinists, Santa Clara

Crain Cutter Company, Inc., Milpitas

CREAGRI, Inc., Burlingame

Creation Technologies, Inc San Jose Inc., Milpitas

Crittenden Co., The, Santa Clara

Crown Equipment Corp., Hayward

Crown Mfg. Co., Inc., Newark

Crystallume, Santa Clara

CSD Epitaxy Ltd., Fremont

CSL Operating, LLC, Santa Clara

Curexo Technology Corp., Fremont

Currie Machining, Steve, Newark

Curry Graphics, Hayward

Custom Craft Cabinets, Inc., Newark

Custom Label & Decal Co., LLC, Hayward

Custom Micro Machining, Inc., Fremont

Custom Microwave Components, Inc., Fremont

Custom Pad & Partition Co., Inc., Santa Clara

Custom Screen Printing, Inc., Fremont

Cyber Press, Santa Clara

Cyberwatch Security Communication, Inc., San Jose

Cypress Furniture, Inc., Hayward

Cypress Semiconductor Corp., San Jose

Cytek Development, Inc., Fremont

D & B Machine, San Leandro

D & H Mfg. Co., Fremont

Dahlhauser Manufacturing Co., Inc., Santa Clara

Danco Machine, Santa Clara

Dandy Food Products, San Lorenzo

Danpex Corp., San Jose

Danworth Manufacturing Co, Hayward

Darko Precision, Inc., Santa Clara

Data Physics Corporation, San Jose

Data Proof, Santa Clara

Data Scale, Fremont

Davis Instruments Corporation, Hayward

Dawn Food Products, Inc., Union City

Dawn VME Products, Fremont

DCG Systems, Inc., Fremont

DDi Milpitas, Milpitas

DDS Custom Mfg. & Construction Services, Inc., Hayward

De Carli Sheetmetal, Inc., Santa Clara

De Hart's Media Services, Inc., Santa Clara

Deep Foods, Inc., Union City

Delnetics, Inc., Hayward

DeLong Mfg. Co., Inc., Santa Clara

Delphon Industries, LLC, Hayward

Delta Machine, San Jose

Delta Pacific Products, Union City

Depomed, Inc., Newark

Design Signs, Santa Clara

Destiny Tool, Santa Clara

DialAct Corp., Fremont

Dialogic, Inc., San Jose

Diana Fruit Co., Santa Clara

Digital Display Systems, Inc., San Jose

Digital Power Corporation, Fremont

Disctech International, Inc., Santa Clara

Document Capture Technologies, Inc., Santa Clara

Double Precision Mfg., Santa Clara

Dough-To-Go, Inc., Santa Clara

Douloi Automation, Inc., Santa Clara

DPSS Lasers, Inc., Santa Clara

Dupont Co. Stonetech Professional, Inc., Hayward

Dynamic Network Factory, Inc., Hayward

Dynatron Corp., Fremont

E & E Co., Ltd., Fremont

E & T Printing, San Jose

E C S Refining, Inc., Santa Clara

E D M Exotics, Hayward

E N S Technology, LLC, Santa Clara

E Purchasing Solutions, Inc., Milpitas

E S P E Machine Works, Santa Clara

E Z Cut Products, Santa Clara

E Z Plating, Santa Clara

E-Fab, Inc., Santa Clara

E. A. Machining, Inc., Santa Clara

E2V Aerospace, Milpitas

Earle M. Jorgensen Co., Hayward

Earthquake Sound Corporation, Hayward

eASIC Corp., Santa Clara

EBM Construction, Inc., Hayward

Echelon Corporation, Santa Clara

Echo Engineering & Production Supplies, Inc., Milpitas

Eco Displayware, Newark

EDC Biosystems, Inc., Fremont

Edimax Computer Company, Santa Clara

EG Systems, LLC, Hayward

EIS, Inc., Fremont

EKC Technology, Inc., Hayward

Elcon Precision, LLC, San Jose

Electro Plating Specialties, Inc., Hayward

Electrochem Solutions, LLC, Union City

Electromax, Inc., San Jose

Electronic Waste Management, Hayward

Electronics For Imaging, Inc., Fremont

Electropolishing Shop, Inc., Santa Clara

Elegant Marble & Granite, Union City

Elite Metal Fab, San Jose

Ellco Precision, Santa Clara

Elma Electronic Inc., Fremont

Elo Touch Solutions, Inc., Milpitas

ELV Motors, Santa Clara

Emerald Packaging, Inc., Union City

Encore Industries, San Jose

Energy Transformation Systems, Inc., Fremont

EnerSys, Inc., Union City

Entire Printing Co., San Jose

Eoff Mfg., Union City

Epson Electronics America, Inc., San Jose

Esilicon Corporation, San Jose

ESSAI, Inc., Fremont

ETM Electromatic, Inc., Newark

Evenstar, Inc., Santa Clara

evissaP, Inc., San Jose

Exact Image Printing, Inc., Santa Clara

Exar Corporation, Fremont

Excel CNC Machining, Inc., Santa Clara

Excel Precision Corporation USA, Santa Clara

Excel Sign & Decal, Milpitas

Excel Tek, Santa Clara

Excelitas Technologies Corp., Fremont

Expedite Precision Works, Inc., San Jose

Expervision, Inc., Fremont

Expol Machining, Inc., Santa Clara

Extreme Machine, Inc., Santa Clara

Extreme Networks, Inc., San Jose

F M G Enterprises, Santa Clara

Fabri-Tech Components, Inc., Fremont

Fabrique Delices, Inc., Hayward

Fancy Models Corp., Fremont

Faraday Technology USA, Santa Clara

Fast Undercar, Inc., Santa Clara

Fastenal Co., Hayward

Fastenal Co., Santa Clara

Fastenal Co., San Jose

Fastrak Manufacturing Services, Inc., San Jose

Feral Productions, LLC, Newark

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc., San Jose

Ferguson Enterprises, Inc., San Jose

Ferguson Fire & Fabrication, Inc., San Jose

Ferrotec, Santa Clara

Finelite, Inc., Union City

First Impressions Printing, Hayward

Five Star Lumber Co., LLC, Newark

Five X Corp., San Jose

Flashpoint Machining, Santa Clara

Flex Interconnect Technologies, Milpitas

Flextronics International USA, Inc., Milpitas

Florence & New Italian Art Company, Inc., Hayward

Floss Aid Corp., Santa Clara

FM Industries, Inc., Fremont

Folgergraphics, Inc., Hayward

For Rent Media Solutions, Union City

Forderer Cornice Works, Hayward

Fortemedia, Inc., Santa Clara

Foster Mantels, Hayward

Four Dimensions, Inc., Hayward

Foxconn Electronics, Inc., Santa Clara

Foxsemicon Integrated Technology, Inc., San Jose

Franklin Printing Co., Santa Clara

Frans Technology, Inc., Fremont

Free Hot Water, San Jose

Free-Flow Packaging International, Inc., Fremont

Freetech Plastics, Inc., Fremont

Fremont Chamber of Commerce, Fremont

Fremont Die Casting, Inc., Fremont

Fremont Rubber Stamp, Fremont

Freund Baking Co., Hayward

Fricke-Parks Press, Union City

Frontier Semiconductor, Inc., San Jose

FUJIFILM Dimatix, Inc., Santa Clara

FUJIFILM Graphic Systems U.S.A., Inc., Hayward

Fujikin Of America, Inc., Fremont

G & R Labs, Santa Clara

G D S I/Grinding & Dicing Svcs., Inc., San Jose

Gainspan Corporation, San Jose

Gans Ink & Supply Co., Inc., Hayward

Gateway Precision, Inc., Santa Clara

GDM Electronic & Medical, Inc., San Jose

Gejo's Engineering & Machining, Santa Clara

General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems, Santa Clara

General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies, Inc., San Jose

General Electronics Assembly, Santa Clara

Genmark Automation, Fremont

Gentec Mfg., Inc., San Jose

Gentran, Fremont

Geometrics, Inc., San Jose

Georgia-Pacific LLC, Newark

Giant Impressions, Inc., San Jose

Gigpeak, Inc., San Jose

Gillig, LLC, Hayward

Giotto Air, San Jose

Glacier Microelectronics, Inc., Santa Clara

Glide-Write, Inc., Milpitas

Glimmerglass Networks, Inc., Hayward

Global Plating, Inc., Fremont

Global VR, Milpitas

Globalfoundries Dreseden Module One LLC, Santa Clara

GM Nameplate, Inc., San Jose

Gold Shield Distributors, Inc., Hayward

Gold Technologies, Inc., San Jose

Golden Bay Machining, Inc., San Jose

Golden Oaks Printing, Hayward

Golden State Assembly, Inc., Fremont

Golden State Silk Screening, Inc., Santa Clara

Golden West Paper Converting, San Lorenzo

Goodview Industries Co., Inc., Hayward

Goodwill Of Silicon Valley, San Jose

Gorilla Circuits, Inc., San Jose

Gourmet Electronics Ltd., San Jose

GPO US, Inc., Fremont

Grace Semiconductor USA, Milpitas

Granite Digital, Union City

Graphic Communicators, Hayward

Graphic Equipment Co., Hayward

Graphic Packaging International, Inc., Santa Clara

Graphic Sciences, Inc., San Leandro

Great Western Conveyor, Hayward

Greenliant Systems, Santa Clara

Group Dale Corp., San Jose

Group Manufacturing Services Inc., San Jose

Grundfos CBS, Inc., Hayward

GSI Technology, Santa Clara

H & M Precision Machining, Santa Clara

H & S Products, Fremont

H B R Industries, San Jose

H N L, Inc., Santa Clara

H Q Tools, Inc., Santa Clara

H T Precision, Inc., San Jose

H. P. C. System, San Jose

H. P. Machine Engineering, Inc., San Jose

Halco USA, Hayward

Hann Industries, C. L., San Jose

Hantel Technologies, Inc., Hayward

Harbor Electronics USA, Inc., Santa Clara

Hardcraft Industries, Inc., San Jose

Harmonic, Inc., San Jose

Haro's Anodizing Specialist, Santa Clara

Haro's Metal Finishing, Inc., San Jose

Harvest Food Products Co., Inc., Hayward

Hastest Solutions, Inc., San Jose

Hayward Chamber of Commerce, Hayward

Hayward Fishing Supplies, Hayward

Hayward Pipe & Supply Co., Hayward

Hayward Quartz Technology, Inc., Fremont

Hayward Rubber Stamp, Inc., Hayward

Headway Technologies, Inc., Milpitas

Heat And Control, Inc., Hayward

Heco Pacific Mfg., Inc., Union City

Henry Plastic Molding, Inc., Fremont

Hernandez Silver Products, Hayward

Herotek, Inc., San Jose

HHD Precision, Inc., Fremont

High Speed C N C, Inc., Santa Clara

Highpoint Technologies, Inc., Milpitas

Hill Bros. Chemical Co., San Jose

Hill Manufacturing Company, LLC, Santa Clara

Hitachi Data Systems Corp., Santa Clara

Hof Machining, San Jose

Howard Wire Cloth Co., Hayward

Hoya Holdings, Inc., Milipitas

HTA Enterprises, HTA Photomask Division, San Jose

Hubbard's Machine Shop, Al, Hayward

Hunter Technology Corp., Milpitas

Hyland Studio At Manufacturers Glass Ltd., The, Santa Clara

Hynix Semiconductor America, Inc., San Jose

Ideality Contract Furniture, Hayward

Iguana Visual Communications, Santa Clara

Ikanos Communications, Inc., Fremont

ILM Tool, Inc., Hayward

Image Precision Machine, Inc., Fremont

IMPAX Laboratories, Inc., Hayward

IMT Precision, Inc., Hayward

Imtec Acculine, Inc., Fremont

Induspac California, Inc., Hayward

Industrial Boxboard Corp., Hayward

Industrial Electric Mfg., Fremont

Infineon Technologies US Holdco Inc., Milpitas

Infiniti Solutions USA, Inc., San Jose

Infitech, San Jose

Information Builders, Inc., San Jose

Infrared Industries, Hayward

Inland Marine Industries, Inc., Hayward

Innovated Packaging Co., Inc., Newark

Innovative Machining, Inc., Milpitas

InSound Medical, Inc., Newark

Instrument Graphics, Inc., Newark

Insurance Journal West, San Diego

Inta Technologies Corporation, Santa Clara

Integrated Optical Services Corp., Santa Clara

Integrated Packaging Assembly, Inc., Fremont

Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc., Milpitas

Intel Corp., Santa Clara

Intellicorp, Inc., San Jose

Intematix Corp., Fremont

International Mfg. Co., Hayward

International Microsystems, Inc., Milpitas

International Testware Corp., San Jose

International Window Co., Hayward

Intersil Corp., Milpitas

InterWorld Group, Fremont

inTEST Silicon Valley Corp., Fremont

Intevac, Inc., Santa Clara

Iron Systems, Inc., Fremont

Isolink, Inc., Milpitas

J & B Enterprises, Santa Clara

J C Machine, Santa Clara

J C Mfg., Milpitas

J P Graphics, Inc., Santa Clara

J W Done Corp., Hayward

J. C. Printing, San Jose

J. P. Machine Mfg., Inc., Santa Clara

JAI, San Jose

Jatco, Inc., Union City

Jaton Corp., Fremont

JC Paper Co., Fremont

Jeditron Technologies Corp., Fremont

Jem America Corp., Fremont

Jenard's Window Coverings & Drapery Fabrication, San Jose

Jerong Products, Inc., Hayward

Jeronimo's Lithocraft, Santa Clara

Jewelry By Design, Newark

JL Precision, Inc., San Jose

Johnson & Johnson, Fremont

Johnson Matthey, Inc., San Jose

JRI, Inc., Newark

Julie Of California, San Jose

Jupiter Systems, Hayward

K A Tool & Technology Inc, Milpitas

K S Avionics, Inc., Hayward

Kal-C Precisions, Inc., Fremont

Kal-Kustom Enterprises, Fremont

Kat's Screen Printing & Embroidery, Fremont

KB Precision, Inc., Fremont

KC Metal Products, Inc., San Jose

Keeco, LLC, Hayward

Kelly's Concrete & Building Materials, Inc., Fremont

Kelytech Corporation, Milpitas

Kem-Mil Co., Hayward

Kemco, Inc., Santa Clara

Kenneth Printing Co., San Jose

Kensington Laboratories, LLC, Hayward

Keri Systems, Inc., San Jose

Kerrock Countertops, Inc., Union City

Kerry Ingredients, Union City

Kim's Kustom, Hayward

Kinetic Ceramics, Inc., Hayward

Kinetic Systems, Inc., Fremont

Kion Technology, Inc., San Jose

KLA-Tencor Corporation, Milpitas

Klad Tech, Santa Clara

KMIC Technology, Inc., San Jose

Knightsbridge Plastics, Inc., Fremont

KNT, Inc., Newark

Kool Metal Awning, Inc., Santa Clara

Kordon, LLC, Hayward

Korg R & D, Milpitas

Kortick Manufacturing Company, Hayward

Kowatec Corp., San Jose

KQ Precision Machine, Inc., Santa Clara

Krisalis, Inc., Hayward

Krug Bixby & Long Assocs., Hayward

KWJ Engineering Inc., Newark

Kyocera Tycom Corp., San Jose

L & M Sheet Metal, Inc., Milpitas

L.P. Glassblowing, Inc., Santa Clara

La Colonia, San Jose

La Mexicana Tortilla Factory, Hayward

La Oferta Newspaper, Inc., San Jose

La Terra Fina USA, LLC, Union City

Lam Research Corp., Fremont

Lam Research Corp., San Jose

LAMA Books, Hayward

Land Metal Precision Co., Fremont

Landa's Painting & Finishing, Inc., Fremont

Landmark Technology, Inc., San Jose

Lanner Electronics USA Inc., Fremont

Lantin Enterprise, Inc., San Jose

Larsen Systems, Inc., Fremont

Larson Packaging Company, LLC, Milpitas

Laser Custom Designs, LLC, Hayward

Laser Film Technology, Inc., Santa Clara

Laser Mark's Co., San Jose

Lau's Packaging, Hayward

Lee's Imperial Welding, Inc., Fremont

Legacy Systems, Inc., Fremont

Leoco U. S. A. Corp., Fremont

Lexar Media, Inc., Fremont

LG Innotek USA Inc., San Jose

Licari Manufacturing, Inc., Santa Clara

Linchen, Inc., Hayward

Linear Integrated Systems, Inc., Fremont

Linear Laboratories, Fremont

Linear Technology Corp., Milpitas

Lipton, Sunnyvale

Lite-On, Inc., Milpitas

Living Water Fountains, Inc., Milpitas

Lobob Laboratories, Inc., San Jose

Lockheed Martin Corporation, Sunnyvale

Logitech, Inc., Newark

Lohmann Precision Die Cutting, LLC, San Jose

Longevity Global, Inc., Hayward

Lord & Sons, Inc., San Jose

Lowry's, Inc., Hayward

LTX Credence Corporation, Milpitas

LumaSense Technologies, Inc., Santa Clara

Lumatronix Mfg. Co., Inc., San Jose

Lumenis, Inc., San Jose

Lumens Integration, Inc., Fremont

Lumentum Operations LLC, Milpitas

LumiQuick Diagnostics, Inc., Santa Clara

Lunas Sheet Metal, Inc., Santa Clara

Lunera Lighting, Inc., Santa Clara

M & D Machine, Fremont

M & L Metals, Hayward

M & M Jig Grinding, Inc., Santa Clara

M and W Systems, Inc., Hayward

M J M Solutions, San Jose

M's Refinishing, Santa Clara

M-Pulse Microwave, Inc., San Jose

M. E. Fox & Co., San Jose

M.O.S. Plastics, Inc., San Jose

Mac Cal Co., Inc., San Jose

Mac Lean Of California, San Jose

MacAulay Brown, Inc., Santa Clara

Machine Applications Technology, Inc., San Jose

Magellan Navigation, Inc., Santa Clara

Magnum Semiconductor, Inc., Milpitas

Maier Racing Enterprises, Inc., Hayward

MainConcept, LLC, Santa Clara

Mallory Co., Fremont

Malwarebytes Corporation, Santa Clara

Manufacturing Engineering & Excellence, Inc., San Jose

Manutronics Co., Fremont

Marble Creations, Inc., San Jose

Marchi Thermal Systems, Hayward

Marelich Mechanical Co., Hayward

Market Share, Inc., Milpitas

Martinek Manufacturing, Fremont

Marvell Semiconductor, Inc., Santa Clara

Masco Sweepers, Inc., Santa Clara

Mass Precision, Inc., San Jose

Master Cabinet, San Jose

Master Precision Machining, Inc., Santa Clara

Materion Electrofusion, Fremont

Mattson Technology, Inc., Fremont

Maxim Integrated Products, Inc., San Jose

Maxpro Machining, Santa Clara

McAfee, Inc., Santa Clara

McCash Mfg., Inc., Santa Clara

McCord Mfg. Patterns Co., San Jose

McKinney Assocs., Inc., Lloyd F., Hayward

McNeal Enterprises, Inc., San Jose

MDC Vacuum Products, LLC, Hayward

Mediatek USA Inc., San Jose

MedPlast Fremont, Fremont

Mega Force Corporation, San Jose

Melrose Nameplate & Label Co., Hayward

MemoryTen, Inc., Santa Clara

Menches Tool & Die, Inc., Hayward

Merchandising Systems, Inc., Hayward

Meritronics, Inc., Milpitas

Metal Masters, Hayward

Metal Supermarkets, Hayward

Metal Vision Plus, Santa Clara

Metalfab, Inc., Santa Clara

Metals USA, Inc., Hayward

Methode Electronics, San Jose

Metro Casework Co., Fremont

Metro Steel Fab, Inc., San Jose

MiaSole, Santa Clara

Micro Connectors, Inc., Hayward

Micro Honing, Inc., San Jose

Micro Lambda Wireless, Inc., Fremont

Micro Scientific Glass Blowing, Inc., Milpitas

Micro-Chem, Inc., Santa Clara

Micro-Probe Incorporated, San Jose

Microchip Technology, San Jose

Microsemi Corp. - Power Products Group, Santa Clara

Microsemi RF Integrated Solutions, Santa Clara

Microwave Technology, Inc., Fremont

Midwest Sign & Screen Printing Supply Co., Hayward

Mike's Truck Outfitters, Santa Clara

Mil-Ram Technology, Inc., Fremont

Millcraft Mfg., Inc., San Jose

Millennium Automation, Fremont

Millennium Metal Craft, Inc., Fremont

Milliflect Corp., Newark

Milpitas Chamber of Commerce, Milpitas

Milpitas Post Newspapers, Inc., Milpitas

Milpitas Printing Co., Milpitas

Minerva Networks, Inc., Alviso

Mint Systems, San Jose

Miramar Labs, Inc., Santa Clara

Mission Bindery, Inc., Fremont

Mission Peak Optics, Inc., Fremont

Mission Tool & Mfg. Co., Inc., Hayward

Mission Valley Ford Truck, Inc., San Jose

Mizuho Orthopedic Systems, Inc., Union City

Modern Machine Co., San Jose

Moderne Drapery, Inc., Hayward

Modular Process Technology Corp., San Jose

Modules Technology, Inc., San Jose

Mohawk Packing Co., San Jose

Morgan Royce Industries, Inc., Fremont

Morgan Technical Ceramics, Inc., Hayward

Morpho Detection LLC, Newark

Mortenson Precision, San Jose

Morton Salt, Newark

Mosaic Industries, Inc., Newark

Moss Precision Machining, Hayward

Motion Industries, Inc., Hayward

Motion Industries, Inc., Santa Clara

Motion Industries, Inc., Santa Clara

Mountz, Inc., San Jose

Moyers Paint Co., Inc., San Lorenzo

Muller Construction Supply, Inc., San Jose

Multimek, Inc., Santa Clara

Mygrant Glass Co., Hayward

MynTahl Corporation, Fremont

N Q H Sewing, San Jose

N U Ions, San Jose

Nakagawa Manufacturing U S A, Inc., Newark

Nam's Welding, San Jose

Nanometrics, Inc., Milpitas

Naprotek, Inc., Santa Clara

National Divers Mfg., Fremont

National Fabtronix, Inc., Hayward

National Machining & Engineering, Fremont

National Metal Fabricators, Hayward

Natural Formulas, LLC, Hayward

Naylor Steel, Inc., Hayward

Nefab-Chick Packaging, Newark

Nelson Machining, Santa Clara

NeoMagic Corp., San Jose

NeoPhotonics, San Jose

Neptec Optical Solutions, Inc., Fremont

Netgear, Inc., San Jose

Neto Sausage Co., Inc., Santa Clara

Neufeld Grinding, Inc., Fremont

New Concept Cultured Marble Inc., Newark

New Dimension Electronics, Inc., Santa Clara

NewSoft America, Inc., Fremont

Nexlogic Technologies, Inc., San Jose

NextEV USA, Inc., San Jose

Nichols Mfg., Inc., Milpitas

Nidek, Inc., Fremont

Nitto Denko America, Inc., Fremont

NJR Corp., San Jose

Noise Free Wireless, Inc., Santa Clara

Nor-Cal Steel, Inc., Union City

Norcal Wire Products, Newark

Nordix Computer Corp., Santa Clara

Northern Die Cutting, Inc., Milpitas

Norton Industries, Inc., Hayward

Norton Packaging, Inc., Hayward

Nortra Cables, Inc., Milpitas

Nova Drilling Services, Inc., Santa Clara

Novariant, Inc., Fremont

Novasys Medical, Inc., Newark

Novtek Test Systems, San Jose

nSTREAMS Technologies, Inc., San Jose

Nu-Metal Finishing, Inc., Santa Clara

Nvidia Corporation, Santa Clara

NXP Semiconductors USA, Inc., San Jose

Nyden Corporation USA, San Jose

O D Signs, Hayward

O T Precision, Inc., San Jose

Oakland Pallet Company, Inc., San Lorenzo

Oclaro, Inc., San Jose

Ocular Labs, Inc., San Jose

Oki Graphics, Inc., San Jose

Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope, Inc., Fremont

Omni Cable Corp., Union City

Omni-Fab, Santa Clara

Omnitec Precision Mfg., San Jose

Omniyig, Inc., Santa Clara

Omron Scientific Technologies, Inc., Fremont

On Time Signs, LLC, Hayward

Onanon, Inc., Milpitas

Oncore Manufacturing LLC, Fremont

Oplink Communications, Inc., Fremont

Optical Associates, Inc., San Jose

Opticfab Corp., Santa Clara

Optimized E D M, Santa Clara

OptiWorks, Inc., Fremont

Optoplex Corporation, Fremont

Optovue, Inc., Fremont

Oraya Therapeutics, Inc., Redwood City

ORCON Aerospace, Union City

Original Glass Design, San Jose

Orora Packaging Solutions, Newark

Oryx Advanced Materials, Inc., Fremont

Owens Design, Inc., Fremont

Owens-Corning Corporation, Santa Clara

P & K Tool & Precision, Hayward

P & S Sales, Inc., Hayward

P C T Systems, Inc., Fremont

P J's Rebar, Inc., Fremont

P P M Products, Inc., Milpitas

P T R Mfg., Inc., Union City

P. K. Selective Metal Plating, Santa Clara

PABCO Gypsum, Newark

Pac Tech U.S.A., Inc., Santa Clara

Pacific Cheese Co., Inc., Hayward

Pacific Die Cut Industries, Hayward

Pacific East Co., Hayward

Pacific Home Products, Inc., Hayward

Pacific Impressions, Santa Clara

Pacific Materials Handling Solutions, Inc., Hayward

Pacific Roller Die Co., Inc., Hayward

Pacific States Felt & Mfg. Co., Inc., Hayward

Pacific Welding & Machine, Hayward

Pacific Western Systems, Inc., San Jose

PacketMicro, Inc., Santa Clara

Pacmold, Hayward

Palex Metals, Inc., Santa Clara

Palo Alto Networks, Inc., Santa Clara

Pan Pacific Plastic Manufacturing, Inc., Hayward

Pantronix Corporation, Fremont

Paragon Swiss, Inc., Santa Clara

Parlex Dynaflex, LLC, San Jose

Pars Lighting Products Co., Union City

Patriot Memory, LLC, Fremont

Patson's Press, Inc., Santa Clara

Paulson Insurance Agency, Fremont

PDM Steel Service Centers, Inc., Santa Clara

Peak Technology Enterprises, Inc., San Jose

PECO Controls Corp., Fremont

Pelican Signs Service, Inc., Santa Clara

Penguin Computing, Inc., Fremont

Peninsula Metal Fabrication, San Jose

Perfection Metal Products, Inc., Santa Clara

Performance Door & Window, San Jose

Pericom Semiconductor Corp., Milpitas

Perry Tool & Research, Inc., Hayward

Phantom Mfg., Inc., San Jose

Pharmedix, Union City

Phase Matrix, Inc., Santa Clara

Picarro, Inc., Santa Clara

Piccadilly Fine Foods, Inc., Santa Clara

Pivot Interiors, Santa Clara

Pixelworks, Inc., San Jose

Planter Technology, Inc., Hayward

Plastic Products Mfg. Corp., San Jose

Plastikon Industries, Hayward

Platron Co., Hayward

Plexus Corp., Fremont

PMSD Inc., Santa Clara

Polybus International, Inc., San Lorenzo

Polycom, Inc., San Jose

Port Plastics, Inc., San Jose

Porteous Fastener Co., Inc., Hayward

PowerGate, LLC, Santa Clara

Pragmatic Communications Systems, Inc., Santa Clara

Praxair, Inc., Santa Clara

Precision Laser Cutting, Inc., Santa Clara

Precision Plastic LLC, Union City

Precision Specialties, San Jose

Precision Swiss Products, Inc., Milpitas

Prime Deco Furniture Mfg., Inc., San Jose

Prime Image, San Jose

Primus Power Corporation, Hayward

Prince Of Peace Enterprises, Inc., Hayward

Print Vision, Inc., San Jose

Printed Circuit Technology, Fremont

Printer Works, The, Newark

Printrex, Inc., San Jose

Prismatic Signs, Milpitas

Pro Colorflex Ink Corp., Hayward

Pro Engineering, San Jose

Pro Tech Materials, Hayward

Pro Track, Santa Clara

Probe-Logic, Inc., San Jose

Probe-Rite Corp., Santa Clara

Procera Networks, Inc., Fremont

Process Engineers, Inc., Hayward

Process Stainless Lab, Inc., Santa Clara

Professional Plastics, Inc., San Jose

Promex Industries, Inc., Santa Clara

Propel Software Corp., San Jose

Prosurg, Inc., San Jose

Protein Simple, San Jose

Protein Simple, San Jose

Proxim Wireless Corp., Milpitas

Prozyme, Inc., Hayward

Prysm, Inc., San Jose

Pyramid Circuits, Inc., Santa Clara

Qantel Technologies, Inc., Hayward

Qorvo, Inc., San Jose

Qualectron Systems Corp., Santa Clara

Qualitec Machining, Fremont

Quality Circuit Assembly, Inc., San Jose

Quality Quartz Engineering, Newark

Quality Sign & Banner, Inc., Newark

Quality Transformer & Electronics, Inc., Milpitas

Qualtech Circuits, Inc., Santa Clara

Quantum Corporation, San Jose

Quattro Mfg. Co., Pleasanton

Quintronix, Hayward

QxQ, Inc., Fremont

R & D Mfg., San Jose

R & S Erection Of Southern Alameda County, Inc., Hayward

R & S Manufacturing, Inc., Union City

R C H Assocs., Fremont

R G S Industries, Santa Clara

R N R Products, Inc., Milpitas

R S J Machining, San Jose

R Y T Industries, Inc., Santa Clara

R&R Insulated Glass, Fremont

R. A. Tool & Die, Inc., Santa Clara

RaceAmerica, Inc., Santa Clara

Radian Thermal Products, Inc., Santa Clara

Radiation Power Systems, Inc., San Jose

RAE Systems Inc., San Jose

Rago Neon, Inc., Hayward

Rainbow Electronics & Fasteners, Union City

Rapak, Inc., Union City

Rapid Displays, Inc., Union City

Rapid Precision Mfg., San Jose

RapidSMT Assembly, San Jose

Ras-Co Mfg. Co., Hayward

RDC Machine, Inc., Santa Clara

RDM Industrial Products, Inc., Milpitas

Reach Technology, Inc., Fremont

Reaction Technology, Inc., Santa Clara

RedSeal, Inc., Sunnyvale

Reliance Machine Products, Fremont

Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co., Union City

Relypsa, Inc., Redwood City

Renesas Electronics Corp., Santa Clara

Research Machine Development, Inc., Santa Clara

Research Metal Foils, Inc., Santa Clara

Richards Machining, San Jose

Richmond Optical Co., Hayward

Ricman Mfg., Inc., Hayward

Ricoh Americas Corp., San Jose

Right Away Redy Mix, Union City

RK Logistics Group, Fremont

RKI Instruments, Inc., Union City

Robeck's Welding & Fabrication, Inc., San Jose

Rock-Tenn Co., Milpitas

Rodak Plastics Co., Inc., Hayward

Rodrick Packaging Co., Union City

Rogar Mfg., Inc., San Jose

Rohm & Haas, Hayward

Roll-Rite Corp., Hayward

Ronson Shower Glass & Mirror, Inc., Hayward

Roos Instruments, Inc., Santa Clara

Rose Electronics Distributing Co., Inc., San Jose

Royal Chemical Company, Ltd., Hayward

RSM Products, Inc., Hayward

Rucker & Kolls, Inc., Milpitas

RVision, Inc., San Jose

S J Valley Plating, Inc., Santa Clara

S O S Steel Co., Inc., Santa Clara

S T G Machine, Santa Clara

SAE Engineering, Inc., Santa Clara

Saicomm, Inc., Fremont

Sakura Of America, Inc., Hayward

Salsbury & Associates Insurance Services, Inc., Fremont

Sam's Signs, San Leandro

Samsung Semiconductor, Inc., San Jose

Samuel Son and Co., Inc., Hayward

Samuel, Son & Co., Inc., Hayward

San Francisco Bath Salt Co., Union City

San Francisco Bay Brand, Inc., Newark

San Jose Delta Associates Inc., Santa Clara

San Jose Die Casting Corp., San Jose

San Jose Label, Inc., San Jose

San Jose Mercury News, Inc., San Jose

San Jose Rebar, Inc., San Jose

SanDisk Corp., Milpitas

Sandy's Draperies, Fremont

Sanfrancisco Pipe & Tube Ending, Inc., Hayward

Sanmina Corporation, San Jose

Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce, Santa Clara

Santa Clara Plating Co., Santa Clara

Santa Clara Windustrial, Santa Clara

Santini Foods, Inc., San Lorenzo

Satco Products, Inc., Hayward

Saxco, San Jose

SchmartBoard, Inc., Fremont

Scientific Coating Labs, Santa Clara

Scientific Metal Finishing, Inc., Santa Clara

Screen Shop, Inc., San Jose

Segale Bros. Wood Products, Hayward

Selway Machine Tool Co., Inc., Union City

Sema Tool Mold & Die, Santa Clara

Semano, Inc., Hayward

Senstar Inc., San Jose

Sentry Products, Inc., Santa Clara

Serra Corp., Fremont

Serra Corp., Golden Gate Div., Hayward

Servin Co./Fence, Gate & Steel Fabricators, Hayward

SharkRack, Inc., Hayward

Sharp Dimension, Inc., Fremont

Shasta Beverages, Inc., Hayward

Shasta Electronic Manufacturing Service, Inc., San Jose

Shaw/Yoder/Antwith, Sacramento

Shed Shop, The, Fremont

Shotspotter, Inc., Newark

Shrader Vacuum Services, Inc., Union City

Siblings Investment, Inc., Fremont

Sienna Corp., Fremont

Sierra Monitor Corp., Milpitas

Sierra Packaging, Hayward

Sierra Precision Sheet Metal, Santa Clara

Sigma Designs, Inc., Fremont

Sigmatron International, Inc., Union City

Sign Zone, Newark

Sign-A-Rama, Union City

Sign-A-Rama, Milpitas

Signworks, Hayward

Signworks Co., Santa Clara

SIIG, Inc., Fremont

Sikka Software Corp., Milpitas

Silicon Graphics Federal, LLC, Milpitas

Silicon Microstructures, Inc., Milpitas

Silicon Quest International, Inc., San Jose

Silicon Turnkey Solutions, Inc., Milpitas

Silicon Valley Electroplating Corp., Milpitas

Silicon Valley Industries, Inc., San Jose

Silicon Valley Leadership Group, San Jose

Silicon Valley Power, Santa Clara

Silicon Valley Shelving & Equipment, Inc., San Jose

Silitronics, Inc., San Jose

Silkscreen Plastics, Hayward

SilPac, Santa Clara

Silver Peak Systems, Inc., Santa Clara

Sine-Tific Solutions, Inc., San Jose

Sir Speedy Printing Center, San Jose

Skyworks Solutions, Santa Clara

Smith Companies Dental Products, San Jose

SMTC Manufacturing Corporation of California, San Jose

SNA Electronics, San Jose

Socket Mobile, Inc., Newark

Sococo, San Jose

Solar Junction Corp., San Jose

Solid Data Systems, Inc., Santa Clara

Solonics, Inc., Hayward

Solta Medical, Inc., Hayward

Sommer Printing, Milpitas

Sonasoft Corp., San Jose

Sonic Manufacturing Technologies, Inc., Fremont

Soraa, Inc., Fremont

South Bay Sewing Service, Santa Clara

South Bay Showers, Inc., Santa Clara

South Bay Solutions, Inc., Fremont

Southbay Sportswear, Hayward

Southwest Offset Printing Co., San Jose

sp3 Diamond Technologies, Santa Clara

Sparqtron Corp., Fremont

Spec Equipment, Santa Clara

Specialized Coating Services, Fremont

Specialized Packaging Solutions, Inc., Newark

Specialty Truck Parts, Inc., San Jose

Spectra Innovations, Inc., San Jose

Spectra Systems, San Jose

Spectra-Physics, Inc., Santa Clara

Spectral Dynamics, Inc., San Jose

Spectrum Label Corp., Hayward

Spectrum Lithograph, Inc., Fremont

Spencer Corporation, Santa Clara

SpineView, Inc., Fremont

Spinneret, Santa Clara

Spirit Of Stone Gallery, Inc., Hayward

Spray Technology, Santa Clara

Spraytec (Sprayer Sales Co. LLC), Hayward

SS8, Inc., Milpitas

SSR Mfg. Corp., Fremont

Star Pacific, Inc., Union City

Star Stainless Screw Co., Inc., Union City

Statewide Traffic Safety & Signs, Inc., San Jose

Stats Chippac, Inc., Fremont

Steadfast Screws & SEMS Mfg., Hayward

Steeler, Inc., Newark

Stellartech Research Corp., Milpitas

StemCells, Inc., Newark

Stiles Paint Mfg., Hayward

Stop Signs, Inc., Santa Clara

Storopack, Inc., San Jose

Stratamet Advanced Materials, Fremont

Stratamet Corp., Fremont

Streak Technology Corp., San Jose

Streamline Circuits Corp., Santa Clara

Streamline Electronics Mfg., Inc., Milpitas

Streivor, Inc., Hayward

Stretch, Inc., Fremont

Strong Steel, Santa Clara

Studio 1204, Inc., Union City

Suba Technology, Inc., San Jose

Suburban Press, Inc., Hayward

Summers & Assocs., San Jose

Sun Deep, Inc., Hayward

Sun Innovations, Inc., Fremont

Sun Marble, Inc., Hayward

Sun Surface Technology, San Jose

Sunman Engineering, Inc., San Jose

Sunny Design, Inc., Hayward

Sunnytech, San Jose

SunPower Corporation, San Jose

Sunpower Technology Corp., Union City

Sunrise Electronics, Inc., Fremont

Sunshine Imprint Co., San Jose

Super Micro Computer, Inc., San Jose

Superior Automatic Sprinkler Co., Milpitas

Superior Engraving, Santa Clara

Superior Friction, Inc., San Jose

Supracor, Inc., San Jose

Surface Mount Solutions, Santa Clara

SV Probe, Inc., San Jose

SVM Machining, Inc., Newark

Swift Metal Finishing, Santa Clara

Swiss Screw Products, Inc., Santa Clara

Sword-N-Stone Cutting Dies, Inc., Fremont

Symmetricom, Inc., San Jose

Symprotek, Inc., Milpitas

Synaptics, Inc., San Jose

Synnex Corporation, Fremont

T C I Aluminum North, Inc., Hayward

T F T, Inc., San Jose

T N B Enterprises, Inc., Hayward

T. J. Die Co., Inc., Santa Clara

T. Marzetti Company, Milpitas

Tabula, Inc., Santa Clara

Tactical Fabs Inc., Fremont

Tamco Rexeim USA, Hayward

Tarps & Tie Downs, Inc., Hayward

Tatro & Wheeler, Inc., San Jose

TCI International, Inc., Fremont

Tecan Systems, Inc., San Jose

TechBIZ, Inc., Fremont

Technica USA, San Jose

Technichem, Inc., Hayward

Techstyles Sportswear, Hayward

Techtron Products, Inc., Hayward

Tecno Display, Inc., Hayward

Tegile Systems, Inc., Newark

Tegrant Corporation, Protexic Brands, Hayward

Teikoku Pharma USA, Inc., San Jose

Telairity, Inc., Santa Clara

Teledesign Systems, Inc., Milpitas

TelePath Corp., Fremont

TeleSystems International Corp., Fremont

Tempo Lithograph, Inc., Santa Clara

Ter Precision, Inc., Santa Clara

Terico, San Jose

Tessera, Inc., San Jose

Test Equipment Sales, Leasing & Acquisition, Inc., Hayward

Texas Instruments Inc., Santa Clara

Tharco Container, Inc., San Lorenzo

The Chefs' Warehouse, Hayward

The E. Jordan Brookes Co., Inc., Fremont

The Hillshire Brands Company, San Lorenzo

The International Group Inc., Richmond

The Micromanipulator Company LLC, San Jose

The Montague Co., Hayward

The New IEM LLC, Fremont

The Newark Group, Santa Clara

The QUIKRETE Cos., Inc., Fremont

The Watt Stopper/Legrand, Santa Clara

Themis Computer, Fremont

Therm-X Of California, Hayward

Thermal Engineering Associates, Inc., Santa Clara

Thermionics Laboratory, Inc., Hayward

Thermionics Metal Processing, Inc. (TMPI), Hayward

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., Fremont

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., Santa Clara

Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., San Jose

ThermoFusion, Inc., Hayward

Third Millennium Test Solutions, Inc., Santa Clara

Tilera Corp., San Jose

Timbre Technologies, Inc., Fremont

TiVo, Inc., Alviso

TM Industries, Inc., Santa Clara

Tonix Corp., Fremont

Too Good Gourmet, San Lorenzo

Tool Makers International, Inc., Santa Clara

Top Dawg Modular Service, Fremont

Top Microsystems Corp., Santa Clara

Top Notch Toys, Inc., Santa Clara

Topanga Technologies, Inc., San Jose

Toppan Photomasks, Inc., Santa Clara

Total Filtration Services, Inc., Hayward

TR Mfg., Inc., Fremont

Transgenomic, Inc., San Jose

Tri City Marble, Newark

Tri Delta Engineering, Inc., Santa Clara

Tri Vantage, LLC, Hayward

Tri-American Asphalt Protection Products, Milpitas

Tri-City Engravers, Hayward

Tri-Fab Assocs., Inc., Fremont

Tridecs Corporation, Hayward

Trim Tech Construction, Inc., San Jose

Trimac Mfg., Inc., Santa Clara

Trimetric Specialties, Inc., Union City

Trophy Towne, Newark

True-Tech Corp., Fremont

TSMC Technology, Inc., San Jose

TTM Printed Circuit Group Inc., Santa Clara

TTM Technologies, Inc., Santa Clara

Tung Fei Plastics, Inc., Hayward

Tymar Group, Santa Clara

U C Plastics Mfg., Inc., Hayward

U R I Tech, Inc., San Jose

U S K Mfg., Inc., Union City

U-Tech Media USA, LLC, Milpitas

U. S. Fabrications, Hayward

U.S. Microtech, Inc., Santa Clara

U.S. Pipe & Foundry Company, LLC, Union City

U.S. Sheet Metal, Santa Clara

UFO Engineering, Inc., Milpitas

Ultra Clean Technology Systems and Service, Inc., Hayward

Ultra T Equipment Co., Inc., Fremont

Ultrasil Corp., Hayward

Ultratech, San Jose

Uni-Fab Industries, Inc., Milpitas

Unigen Corp., Fremont

Union Door Co., Inc., Hayward

Unique Media, Inc., Santa Clara

Unistrut International Corp., Union City

Unitech Tool & Machine, Inc., Santa Clara

United Food International, Hayward

United Marble & Granite, Inc., Santa Clara

United Mechanical & Metal Fabrication, Hayward

United Mfg. Assembly, Inc., Fremont

United Miscellanous & Ornamental Steel, Inc., Hayward

United Precision, LLC, Hayward

United Pro-Fab Mfg., Fremont

United Supertek, Inc., San Jose

Unitek, Inc., Fremont

Univar USA, Inc., San Jose

Universal Metal Spinning, Inc., Hayward

Universal Semiconductor, Inc., San Jose

V & M Ornamental Iron Works, San Jose

V S International, Inc., Fremont

Vacuum Engineering & Materials Co., Inc., Santa Clara

Valdor Fiber Optics, Inc., Hayward

Valin Corp., San Jose

Valley Support Engineering, Santa Clara

Van Phan Apparel, San Jose

Van-Mulder Sheet Metal, Inc., Hayward

Vanderhulst Assoc., Inc., Santa Clara

Varni & Lite Coatings Assocs., Inc., Hayward

Veco Custom Optics, Inc., Santa Clara

Vector Fabrication, Milpitas

Venice Tile & Marble, San Jose

VeriFone Systems, Inc., San Jose

Verint Systems, Inc., Santa Clara

Vertical Communications, Inc., Santa Clara

Viasystems Technologies Corp, LLC, Milpitas

Viavi Solutions Inc., San Jose

Viba International, San Jose

Vicolo Wholesale, Hayward

View, Inc., Milpitas

Violin Memory, Inc., Santa Clara

VIP Mfg. & Engineering Corp., Santa Clara

Visger Precision, Inc., Santa Clara

Vishay Siliconix, LLC, Santa Clara

ViV Systems, Inc., Milpitas

Vivax-Metrotech Corp., Santa Clara

Vivid, Inc., Santa Clara

Vuemetrix, Inc., Santa Clara

Vulcan, Inc., Hayward

W. W. Grainger, Inc., Hayward

W. W. Grainger, Inc., San Jose

Wafer Reclaim Services, LLC, San Jose

WaferGen Biosystems, Inc., Fremont

Wah Yet, Inc., Hayward

Walters & Wolf Precast, Fremont

Watts Machining, Inc., Santa Clara

Wei Laboratories, Inc., Santa Clara

Wellex Corporation, Fremont

Wema, Inc., San Jose

Wesdel Manufacturing, Inc., San Jose

Wess-Del, Inc., San Jose

West Coast Quartz Corporation, Fremont

West Valley Precision, Inc., San Jose

West-Lite Supply Co., Inc., Hayward

Westchem Equipment Co., Fremont

Westco Iron Works, Inc., Livermore

Westcoast Precision, Inc., San Jose

Western Digital Corporation, Fremont

Western Grinding Service, Inc., Santa Clara

Western Hydro Corp., Hayward

Western Truck Fabrication, Hayward

Westfab Mfg., Inc., Santa Clara

Weston Widget CNC, Inc., San Jose

WestRock Co., Santa Clara

WHCI Plumbing Supply Co., Union City

WhiteHat Security, Santa Clara

Whizz Systems Inc., Santa Clara

Wightman Engineering Services, Inc., Santa Clara

Wilkinson Mfg., Inc., Santa Clara

Wilson Bicycle Sales, Inc., Hayward

Wilsonart International, Inc., Hayward

Win Machining & Sheet Metal, San Jose

Wing Nien Foods Co., Hayward

Winnov L. P., Santa Clara

Winslow Automation, Inc., Milpitas

Winstronices International, Fremont

Wintec Industries, Inc., Milpitas

Wohler Technologies, Inc., Hayward

Wolfe Engineering, Inc., San Jose

Wonder Ice Cream Co., Newark

Wood & Co., Phil, San Jose

Woodbox Specialties, Inc., Hayward

Wooden Bridge, Inc., San Jose

WORLDPAC, Inc., Newark

Worleys Home Design Center, Inc., Castro Valley

WRA-CAL Industries, Inc., Santa Clara

Wrightspeed, Inc., Alameda

WRS Materials, LLC, San Jose

WSGLASS Holdings, Inc., Fremont

Wyse Technology L.L.C., Santa Clara

Xenoport, Inc., Santa Clara

XIA, LLC, Hayward

Xilinx, Inc., Fremont

Xoft, Inc., San Jose

Xontech, Fremont

xpedx, Hayward

Xyratex International, Inc., Fremont

Y.C. Cable USA, Inc., Fremont

Yaskawa Ameria, Inc., Santa Clara

Yuhas Tooling & Machining, Milpitas

Zanker Road Resource Management, San Jose

Zap Printing, Newark

Zaxel Systems, Inc., Santa Clara

Zebra Enterprise Solutions Group, San Jose

Zemarc Corporation, Hayward

Zenitram Mfg., Inc., Santa Clara

Zenverge, Inc., San Jose

Zest Labs, Inc., San Jose

Zilla Pallets, Newark

Zilog, Inc., Milpitas

Zion Press Mailing, Santa Clara

ZL Technologies, Inc., Milpitas

Zoll Circulation, Inc., San Jose

ZYGO-U.S.A., Fremont

Zypcom, Inc., Union City

Zytek Corp., Milpitas