Governor signs global warming executive order

By CMTA Staff

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Less than a month after signing historic climate change legislation (AB 32, Chapter #488, Statutes of 2006, Fabian Nunez, D-Los Angeles) Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger reaffirmed his commitment to addressing global warming and signed an executive order emphasizing the development of a carbon trading market. 

At a ceremony with New York Governor George Pataki, the Governor said that "no one state can do it alone. It truly is a global problem."  He then proceeded to announce plans for California to eventually form a "greenhouse gas trading partnership" with Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), the multi-state greenhouse gas cooperative, of which New York is a member.

The Oct. 26 order also gives the secretary of the Environmental Protection Agency key powers when it comes to AB 32 implementation.

CMTA President Jack Stewart, commented on Gov. Schwarzenegger's Executive Order linking the state's greenhouse gas emission credit trading to the Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic RGGI market:

"The Governor has taken important first steps to help lessen the burden of California's new global warming law. He has ordered market mechanisms to be developed concurrently with regulatory measures so that industry can comply with reduction mandates in the most cost effective manner. He has also ordered the Secretary of EPA to develop a plan by June 1, 2008 to incentivize investment and compliance, enhance research, and develop and demonstrate greenhouse gas emission reduction technologies through a variety of options including research tax credits, monetary and non-monetary incentives, public/private partnerships, investment tax credits, and accelerated depreciation.

AB 32 requires steep reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and it will impact every part of our economy. We agree with the Governor that we must build a favorable investment, research and tax climate in the state to encourage new technologies and improve energy efficiency. We look forward to working with the Governor and legislature to adopt such policies in the next session to help grow the California economy while we work to reduce global warming."

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