Economic Strategies Panel issues new reports

By CMTA Staff

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On November 2, 2006, the Economic Strategies Panel met for the first time this year to review and adopt three new reports, including the "California Economic Base Report: A Statewide Overview and Regional Analyses." This report presents a statewide overview and comparative analysis of the nine Panel regions from 2001 to 2004. In addition, in-depth economic base reports for each region are included to highlight the growing regional economies.


The Panel was created by statute in 1993.  Its duties include developing a standard definition of economic development, conducting studies related to the economic development sections of the state budget, developing a system of accountability in the annual state budget and legislative process, and measuring the performance of all state policies, programs and tax expenditures intended to stimulate the economy.


When the California Trade and Commerce Agency was eliminated in 2003, the Panel was moved to the California Labor and Workforce Development Agency (CLWDA).  Members of the Panel include appointees by the Governor and legislative leadership.


CLWDA Secretary Victoria Bradshaw presided over the Panel meeting and was joined by Secretary Sunne McPeak for Business, Transportation and Housing (BT&H). McPeak noted that after 13 long years the Panel is not just reporting on economic data from the regions, but is now in the business of driving other state economic development decisions and investments. She cited that the finished Base Report data will be the jumping off place for policy debates, and that legislation is being "synced up" with Panel work.  For example, legislation directing BT&H to create a strategic plan for new international trade offices must be consistent with the economic development strategic plan of the Panel (SB 1513, Chapter Number 663, Statutes of 2006, Gloria Romero, D-Los Angeles). Toni Symonds, Chief Consultant for Assembly Jobs, Economic Development and the Economy Committee, told the Panel that she relies heavily on its data for analyzing legislation. 


CMTA appreciates the work of Secretary Bradshaw, Panel staff and economists to provide critical economic data to policymakers since the demise of the Trade and Commerce Agency.


Find Panel reports and notices of future meetings at


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