AB 32 Implementation Process Is Now Underway

By CMTA Staff

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In a series of public meetings held this week in Sacramento, state regulators began the task of implementing AB 32 (Nunez), the landmark bill signed into law two months ago capping greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and requiring annual mandatory reporting of GHG emissions. 

On Nov. 29, the California Air Resources Board (ARB) held a conference on economic impact modeling.  The primary objective of the conference was to collect information on methods and tools available that can be used by the ARB to better assess the economic impacts to California of implementing traditional regulatory approaches and non-traditional market-based approaches to controlling greenhouse gases.  Several experts presented their respective models and took questions relating to the differences and commonalities among the various models and what these differences might mean in terms of the projected economic impacts.  This was followed by a panel discussion focused on the pros and cons of using the different models to analyze economic impacts of GHG policy mitigation strategies and the applicability of the models to analyzing the economic impacts of market based compliance strategy.

On Nov. 30, the California Energy Commission held a workshop on GHG inventory and handed over inventory responsibility to ARB, per AB 32.

The third and final workshop of the week took place on Dec. 1 at the ARB headquarters and focused on two key tasks ARB must complete by Jan. 1: 2008: (1) developing regulations to establish the 1990 GHG emissions level, or baseline and set that level as an emission limit to be achieved by 2020; and (2) develop regulations to require mandatory reporting and verification of GHG emissions.

The next public workshop will occur on Jan. 9 at ARB relating to the AB 32 implementation schedule and list of "discrete early actions" to be released in mid-2007.

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