Two CMTA companies receive environmental awards

By CMTA Staff

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At the Industrial Environment Assn./CMTA 5th Annual Statewide Environmental and Regulatory Issues Conference & Exposition in November, two CMTA member companies were among those singled out for environmental excellence:  the Safety-Kleen Corporation and the Callaway Golf Company.

Safety Kleen
Safety-Kleen CEO Fred Florjancic redefined the company by setting forth a framework for sustainable environmental stewardship and promoting environmental consciousness.  His vision was simple: become a world-class organization by providing environmental responsible solutions.  The commitment is more than a program: it also defines the Safety-Kleen brand with an underlying operational strategy to promote environmentally responsible solutions.  

The first element, protection, called for implementing an Environmental Management System (EMS) to prevent pollution, mandate regulatory compliance, protect all Safety-Kleen constituents, reduce cleaning and disposal costs and develop a platform for continuous improvement.  The second element, process, required their EMS team to diligently document and implement operational and service protocols.  The result after 3 years and 50,000 man hours was that Safety-Kleen became cleaning and environmental services company to achieve ISO 14001 certification on a national scale. The third element of environmental safeguarding extended to their products and services.  Safety-Kleen now offers an extensive line of aqueous parts cleaning equipment and recycling systems to reduce waste, several waste-reducing machines and environmentally friendly products that include filtration and cleaning systems, pumps, cleaners and degreasers.  Since the inception of their environmental stewardship initiative, Safety-Kleen has processed more than 400 million gallons of used solvent, returned more than 1 million gallons of re-refined products to the marketplace, reclaimed more than 660 million gallons of waste, reduced accidental spills by 48 percent and an improved compliance rate by 57 percent.

Callaway Golf
In 2006, the Callaway Golf Company began the commercial production of Odyssey SRT and I-Trax putters using an innovative mechanical assembly process.  A cross-functional company team with members from R&D, Product Engineering, Manufacturing, Operations, Environmental and Safety were challenged to develop a golf club manufacturing process that improved quality, reduced environmental impacts, increased worker safety and reduced costs.  Approximately 30 percent of the putters produced by Callaway in 2006 were manufactured in the new mechanical assembly line, resulting in a 30 percent reduction in chemical usage, volatile emissions and waste disposal.  This amount to a reduction of 3,000 pounds of waste, 3,446 pounds of volatile organic emissions and 2,945 pounds of exempt organic emissions.  In addition, the following advantages were achieved: a reduction in epoxy use of 2,260 pounds, material savings of more than $50,000, significant labor savings, improved worker safety by elimination of manual assembly and process chemical and reduction of repetitive motions, plus an improvement in first-run quality.

Congratulations to Safety-Kleen and Callaway Golf for their innovations to improve operations and leadership in environmental performance.
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