The Year to Come

By CMTA Staff

Capitol Update, Dec. 20, 2006 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

The next legislative session is looming over the horizon. What will be on our plates in 2007 and beyond? The few bills introduced so far are either re-runs or "spot" bills (little or no substance) and give us only a few clues about the many topics legislators will want to discuss next year. What we do know comes mainly from speeches and conversations with officials and their staff.

In 2007 CMTA will focus on the implementation of important measures already passed by legislators and voters (greenhouse gas reduction regulations and infrastructure bonds spending). We will also actively engage in the debate to make healthcare more affordable and insure more Californians. Yet again, we will fight for rational sales tax policy for the purchase of manufacturing equipment, a very challenging "ask" when the state general fund is still in the red and while officials refuse to acknowledge the revenue benefits of a healthy manufacturing sector. We will also push hard for fundamental reform of the public school system to prepare students to fill a looming shortage of skilled labor and highly qualified engineers. Finally, our environmental policy committee will analyze hundreds of bills and educate new legislators, and remind officials in the Governor’s office, that only rational and science-based policies will both protect public health and grow the California economy.  

This is a challenging agenda! I am pleased that CMTA has a team of talented lobbyists with energy to burn.  It is also a great help that they are fighting for manufacturers in California, the most impressive companies in the world. Your employees are the most highly skilled, innovative and productive.  You set the standard of excellence for energy efficiency and environmental stewardship. It is exciting and fulfilling to advocate for policies that help you prosper in the state. Thanks in advance for helping us make 2007 an excellent year for California manufacturers.  

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes from the entire staff at CMTA.   

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