CMTA announces Boeing as third California Manufacturer Leading the Way recipient

By CMTA Staff

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CMTA published its third edition of the California Manufacturers Leading the Way (CMLW) series this week and unveiled The Boeing Company of southern California as one of many companies contributing tremendous positive economic and social benefits to the state.

With over 6,000 suppliers in 36 different counties, a $56,000 average factory worker wage, $5.6 billion paid to its suppliers, and more than $47 million paid in taxes to the state, Boeing’s operation creates widespread economic benefits for thousands of working families.

Boeing employs 30,000 Californians from diverse backgrounds and provides high quality benefits and training for its employees. For every one Boeing job, two additional jobs are created, leaving an additional 60,000 jobs up and down the state as a result of increased economic activity and vast supplier and vendor networks.

"Despite high costs, competitive pressures and a declining skilled workforce, Boeing continues to provide one of the lifelines for the middle class in the state," said CMTA president Jack Stewart. "California can’t survive without companies such as Boeing. CMTA congratulates Boeing on 10 years of California innovation and growth in one of the most competitive industries in America and the world."

Gary Toyama, Boeing’s southern California Region Vice President, points out that the largest barrier it faces in the state is the lack of skilled workers. "Boeing is committed to our more than 30,000 employees and 6,000 suppliers and vendors who call California home. In today’s global marketplace, California’s business leaders, educators and elected officials need to work together to find policies and programs that will train tomorrow’s workforce. The future of our education system is key to helping sustain the next generation of skilled workers who continue to make the satellites, aircraft, missile defense systems and communication platform systems that make Boeing grow and prosper in California."

Boeing is the world’s leading aerospace company and the largest manufacturers of commercial jetliners and military aircraft combined, with capabilities in rotorcraft, electronic and defense systems, missiles, satellites, launch vehicles and advanced information communication systems. Boeing has major operations in Anaheim, Huntington Beach , Long Beach, Seal Beach, El Segundo and Palmdale.

The CMLW was distributed at CMTA’s Winter Policy Conference (but you can download a pdf at the link above).  The Boeing CMLW will also be distributed to California Legislators, regulators, 2,000 statewide media, the Governor’s administration, manufacturers, trade unions and others with a specific interest in the economic growth of California.

The fourth CMLW will be released in late 2007.   If your company is interested in being a part of the CMLW series, please contact Gino DiCaro at 916-498-3347.

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