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CMTA testifies on E-Waste bill

By Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications

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On May 12, 2003, the Senate Committee on Environmental Quality heard SB 20 by Senator Byron Sher (D-Stanford). According to the author, SB 20 would ensure that electronic waste or E-waste is properly collected, recycled, refurbished, or disposed.

Dorothy Rothrock testifies in opposition to SB 20 before the Senate Environmental Quality Committee
The California Manufacturers & Technology Association was on hand in opposition to the bill. Specifically, CMTA Chief Lobbyist Dorothy Rothrock provided the committee with some of the key concerns CMTA has about the bill.

"Our broader membership remains concerned about the precedent of imposing additional cost burdens on manufacturers to subsidize waste management programs. Our sector has lost nearly 300,000 jobs since January 2001 and essentially cannot afford to absorb new costs," explained Rothrock.

In addition, it is CMTA's position that all parties involved should carry some of the responsibility equally when it comes to E-waste. "All parties that impose cost burdens or derive benefits from the system should contribute to the solution, not just manufacturers," said Rothrock.

Despite CMTA's testimony and concern with SB 20, the Senate passed the bill through the committee with a partyline vote. It will now move to the Senate Appropriations Committee where CMTA will continue to advocate against this piece of legislation as it moves on.
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