Business coalition launches website about greenhouse gas policies

By CMTA Staff

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The AB 32 Implementation Group, a broad business coalition, launched their website last week offering information about greenhouse gas emissions and recommendations for the successful implementation of the state’s required emission reductions. 

On the website,, visitors can find principles supported by the coalition, a calendar of upcoming events, the growing list of members and other information. The coalition is led by CMTA and the California Chamber of Commerce. Its membership includes the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, Bay Area Council, California Association for Local Economic Development, California Building Industry Association, California Business Roundtable, California Citrus Mutual, California Forestry Association, California Grocers Association, California Independent Petroleum Association, California League of Food Processors, California Poultry Federation, California Retailers Association, California Small Business Alliance, California Taxpayers’ Association, Center for Energy & Economic Development, Dairy Institute of California, Industrial Environmental Association, Western Plant Health Association, Western States Petroleum Association, Wine Institute and more than a dozen local chambers of commerce and farm bureaus.

The coalition is a positive voice in the regulatory and legislative process following the passage of AB 32 (The Global Warming Solutions Act) (Chapter 488, Statutes of 2006, Fabian Nunez, D-Los Angeles) to ensure that the required greenhouse gas emission reductions happen while protecting jobs and the economy.

"Companies are making investment decisions now and need to know how the new rules will impact those decisions about modernizing, expanding or changing processes," said Dorothy Rothrock, CMTA vice president of government relations and executive member of the AB 32 Implementation Group. "Our goal is to participate actively in the process and protect the interests of business, consumers and workers."

The AB 32 Implementation Group is urging the California Air Resources Board to adopt a "Certified Early Action Program" to provide greater regulatory certainty and encourage companies to continue investing in California. It also is urging that any rules developed should be market-based solutions.

"Setting emission reduction goals and not mandating the way to achieve them keeps the door open to future innovation and invention," said Dominic DiMare, vice president of government affairs for the California Chamber of Commerce.

"Market-based solutions will be the most cost-effective approach to achieve emission reductions and are a likely way to produce reductions even more quickly than required under the law."

There are three ways CMTA member companies can increase their involvement on this issue: 

    1. CMTA Energy Committee.  Sets CMTA energy policy and advocates for large commercial and industrial customer interests at the California Public Utilities Commission and the State Legislature.  Limited to CMTA members with manufacturing facilities in California.  Energy Committee costs are paid through a tiered dues structure.
    2. CMTA Climate Change Advisory Committee.  Helps guide CMTA policy positions on AB 32 implementation, climate change legislation and CMTA participation in broader industry coalitions such as the AB 32 Implementation Group.  Limited to CMTA member companies and their representatives.
    3. AB 32 Implementation Group. As described in this article.

To increase your involvement, contact Joe Lyons at

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