CCWC holds its 5th Annual Worker’s Compensation Conference

By CMTA Staff

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This past week the California Coalition of Worker’s Compensation (CCWC) hosted their 5th Annual conference in Anaheim.  CCWC is composed of both public and private employers whose primary focus is on the issue of workers' compensation in California. CMTA has been an active member since its formation in 1985 and currently holds a seat on the Board of Directors.   This year’s conference provided over 250 participants the opportunity to network and get the most updated information regarding Workers’ Comp reform in the regulatory, legislative and legal arenas.

The conference covered the future of the Workers’ Compensation Insurance industry, third party administrator’s roles, the increase in litigation of Workers’ Compensation within the Fair Employment and Housing Act and the success of return to work measures.  Participants had the opportunity to hear from experts and get first hand accounts of the progress that has been made in different industries.

The most substantive agenda item focused on changes to Workers’ Compensation being proposed in Sacramento.  The panel allowed for an open roundtable discussion:
  • Linda Atcherley, President of the Applicants’ Attorney Association,
  • Jason Schmelzer, Policy Advocate for the California Chamber of Commerce,
  • Mark Sektan, Legislative Advocate for AIG Insurance Company, and
  • Carrie Nevans, Acting Administrative Director for the Division of Workers’ Compensation.

Together they outlined that advocates for injured workers and employers were reviewing the temporary disability window, the permanent disability benefits, the elimination of the cap for post-surgical therapy visits and various legal interpretations by the courts.  There was a general consensus among this panel that common ground could be found on several specific issues to strengthen the Workers’ Compensation system instead of rolling back the recent reforms.  

In Sacramento, with the help of the Governor’s administration, CMTA hopes to preserve the reforms implemented with SB 899 (Chapter 34, Statutes of 2004, Charles Poochigian, R-Fresno) and will continue working to bring clarity through the regulatory process to minimize litigation.

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