Clean air surcharge on vehicle license fees in the valley

By CMTA Staff

Capitol Update, Aug. 17, 2007 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

Senator Dean Florez (D-Bakersfield) has been carrying a bill, SB 240, to require the San Joaquin Air Pollution Control district to impose a clean air surcharge of $300 annually per source on all stationary, indirect and area-wide sources and increase their surcharge on vehicle licensing to a maximum of $30.  While Senator Florez has now dropped the stationary source surcharge, the vehicle license fee increase still exists in the bill.

Furthermore, the bill requires the district to adopt rules and regulations to reduce vehicle trips.  Not only would this expand the District’s authority and tread on the State Air Resources Board’s sole authority to regulate mobile sources, but it could also seriously hamper the ability of businesses to service their customers.  Can you imagine phone or cable companies denying service or postponing service because they have to meet their trip reduction plans?  Would pizza deliveries be limited to so many pizzas per night?  How would delivery service companies like UPS and FedEx operate?  And what about utilities like PG&E and Edison?  While well intended, this bill would create problems.

SB 240 has already passed the Senate and is now in Assembly Appropriations.  Cal-Tax is still opposed to the bill but many of the opponents dropped their opposition after the stationary source surcharge was amended out.  If you have an interest in this bill, please contact Mike Rogge at 916-498-3313.

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