CEQA & climate policies forum for Southern California businesses October 10

By CMTA Staff

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Attorney General Jerry Brown and others have filed CEQA challenges against public and private projects asserting that an analysis of greenhouse gases should be included in environmental impact reports now that last year’s AB 32 (The Global Warming Solutions Act, Chapter 488, Speaker Fabian Nunez, D-Los Angeles) has made reduction of greenhouse gas emissions a state policy.

The Legislature took action on this potential threat to transportation, housing, and manufacturing projects by partially protecting some of them.  The Attorney General and San Bernardino County also agreed on a settlement.

Many questions remain.  What projects face CEQA legal challenges, and why?  What actions did state government and the local settlement take to deal with these legal challenges? What projects are partially protected?  What projects are still at risk?

Get the answers to these questions and more at a special forum for Southern California businesses on Wednesday, October 10 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. in downtown Los Angeles.  Lunch is provided.  Featured speakers:

  •   Michael H. Zischke, Cox, Castle & Nicholson:  One of California’s top land use attorneys and co-author of the leading treatise on CEQA, he represented San Bernardino County in recent negotiations with the Attorney General.

  •   Richard Lyon, California Building Industry Association:  His organization was among the first to identify CEQA climate change issues as a major risk to public and private projects. He led the advocacy efforts in Sacramento on this issue.
The forum will be hosted by the AB 32 Implementation Group (CMTA is an executive member) and several Southern California organizations.  It takes place at the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California’s offices at 700 North Alameda in Los Angeles.

If your project involves CEQA or relies on public infrastructure subject to CEQA, you should attend this workshop.  Space is limited and spots are filling up fast!

Click here to register:  www.AB32IG.com

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