Green Chemistry Regs

By CMTA Staff

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On January 31st, the Department of Toxic Substance Control (DTSC) unveiled their "Green Chemistry Initiative – Phase I Report".  It is a compilation of policy options to reduce the impacts of toxic chemicals on public health and the environment.  

More than 600 participants contributed their ideas for changing how chemicals are used in products and processes, and for designing consumer goods to increase safety.  While the report lists options accumulated from workshops, brainstorming sessions, written comments, the Scientific Advisory Panel and a Green Chemistry web blog site, it does not attempt to evaluate the need for it or the feasibility to implement it.  

Options are organized into eight categories: Data Collection and Use; Economic Incentives and Markets; Statutory and Regulatory Requirements and Enforcement; Voluntary Measures; Education and Outreach; Research and Technology; Technical Assistance; and Recognition, Awards and Certificates.

Within the next six months, DTSC will gather details on how these options might be implemented, by whom, over what time frame and in what manner.  They have pledged that the process will be transparent, open and inclusive.  Their goal is to present a recommended program to Linda Adams, the Secretary of Cal/EPA, by July 1st.

The 192-page report can be accessed at:

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