Low-carbon fuel standard legislation reintroduced

By CMTA Staff

Capitol Update, Feb. 22, 2008 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

Last fall, Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed legislation that would have codified a low-carbon fuel standard (LCFS).  SB 210 (Christine Kehoe, D-San Diego) would have required the California Air Resources Board (CARB) to adopt, implement, and enforce LCFS by January 10, 2010 to reduce the carbon content of transportation fuels in California by 10 percent by January 1, 2020, something that is already required by executive order [S-01-07].

Undeterred, Senator Kehoe has introduced SB 1240, which contains the same LCFS requirement.  This bill, like the one before, is unnecessary and premature, and prejudges the outcome of both the AB 32 (Fabian Nunez, D-Los Angeles, Chapter 488, 2006) implementation process currently underway and the LCFS established by executive order.  

SB 1240 leaves out key provisions of the executive order, including the requirement that CARB utilize market-based mechanisms, something the Governor noted last fall would "curtail the interest of entrepreneurs in bringing low-carbon fuels to market" and "reduce the availability of capital required to produce and distribute low-carbon fuels in a consumer-convenient fashion."

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