Heat illness prevention network initiated

By CMTA Staff

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Last week the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) initiated the first alert for the Heat Illness Prevention Network.  The Network is a group of individuals and organizations that can communicate with employers and employees when the heat rises in California.  In anticipation of last week’s heat wave, DIR representatives held a conference call to remind everyone to be extra vigilant with their workforce, to provide employees with additional access to water and shade and to implement tailgate trainings, where appropriate, to reminder workers of the signs of heat illness.

Unfortunately, during last week’s heat wave two California employees passed away while at work. Both deaths are currently under investigation by Cal/OSHA.  One of the victims was a 27 year old working in a Bakersfield-area oil facility while the other was a 20 year old female employee of Merced Farm Labor Contractor.   

The Heat Illness Prevention Network will be hosting another conference call next week to discuss the impact of the recent heat wave on California workers.

  • Who: Department of Industrial Relations Director John Duncan
    Division of Occupational Safety and Health Chief Len Welsh

  • What: Conference Call with Members of the Heath Illness Prevention     Network

  • When:   Thursday, May 29, 2008    10:00 am
                   Dial-in:    1-866-620-8248
                   Participants Pass Code: 5437850 and then Press #

CMTA is an active member of the Heat Illness Prevention Network and encourages you to participate in this call and assign individuals in your companies to implement recommendations made by DIR and Cal/OSHA.

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