Government program expansion proposed

By CMTA Staff

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Senator Ellen Corbett (D-San Leandro) has introduced SB 1625, Recycling: Cash Redemption Value Containers, which would expand the current "bottle bill" to include products in plastic containers such as shampoo, household cleaners, vitamin supplements, dishwashing soap, washing machine detergent.  This regressive tax would be 5 cents on small containers and 10 cents for containers of 24 ounces or more.  

Unlike the non-essential beverage products included in the current program, the newly added products are consumer necessities and would hit lower income families the hardest.  Many of the plastic containers to be added are already subject to the Rigid Plastic Packaging Container requirements managed by the California Integrated Waste Management Board.  The CIWMB program requires, among other things, that plastic containers be comprised of at least 25% recycled content, be recycled at a specific rate and be bulked (using less material).

The Senate Appropriations Committee’s fiscal analysis reports that implementation of SB 1625 would require the Department of Conservation to increase its manpower from 264 to 549 at an additional cost of $34 million per year.  This is not the time to increase government programs when the economy is hurting, people are out of work, and there is a significant state budget shortfall.

CMTA opposes this bill.  

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