Gino DiCaro

New Statewide grassroots group inaugurated with Sen. David Cogdill

By Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications

Capitol Update, July 16, 2008 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

On Thursday, July 10, the California Industry and Trade Council (CITC) held it's inaugural meeting in Sacramento with Senate Republican Leader David Cogdill (Fresno) on hand to explain why the group's efforts will be so important.

The group was formed by CMTA, but influential trade associations such as the Valley Industrial Association (North Los Angeles County), the Industrial Environment Association (San Diego), and the Manufacturers Council of the Central Valley made the initial launch possible.

By using the long tentacles of regional trade groups, CITC intends to lead major statewide grassroots campaigns -- in the State Capitol and throughout our local municipalities -- to improve policies to make our employers more competitive with the rest of the country.

CITC is now primed to grow the coalition and produce the type of grassroots campaigns needed to make the voices of manufacturers heard.  Other groups, who don’t necessarily have the interests of manufacturers at heart, are very active in Sacramento.

Senator Cogdill said it best as he kicked off the meeting: "You have to understand, they can pack the halls of that (Capitol) building whenever they want.  We need your help."

If any of your affiliated trade associations can help with CITC's efforts and be a contributing member, please call Jeff Gorell or Ernie Villegas at (805) 299-2388.

From left:  Scott Anderson ( Industrial Assn. of Contra Costa County), Katrinka Ruk (West Contra Costa County Council of Industries), Jeff Gorell  (Paladin Principle), Greg Hines (CMTA), Cynthia Leon (CMTA), Sen. David Cogdill, John Ulrich (Chemical Industry Council of California), Jan Ennenga (Manufacturers Council of the Central Valley), Jack Stewart (CMTA), Joe Hess (Industrial Environmental Assn.), Bill Buratto (Ventura County Economic Development Assn.), Dorothy Rothrock (CMTA), Kathy Norris (Valley Industrial Assn.), Ernie Villegas (Valley Industrial Assn.),  Andy Pattantyus ( Valley Industrial Association). 
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