Workers’ compensation legislative day April 14, 2009

By CMTA Staff

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Once again the California Manufacturers & Technology Association, in partnership with the California Chamber of Commerce, the California Coalition on Workers' Compensation, and Workers’ Compensation Action Network, will host the annual "Workers’ Compensation Legislative Day" on Tuesday, April 14th, 2009, in Sacramento.

This premiere event allows employers from throughout the State to participate in an intensive one-day education and lobbying effort.  The attendees highlight the employer community’s perspective on key workers’ compensation issues.  We will focus on briefings key members of the Legislature including Assembly and Senate Policy Committee members that oversee workers’ compensation issues.  Prior to the visits with the legislators there will be a briefing for the participants on key issues from the business lobbyists.  The organizers of the event will also host a lunch with a keynote speaker and in the evening everyone will be treated to a reception to discuss the day’s events.  

CMTA encourages your participation in this very informative and productive legislative day. It continues to be very important that employers share their first-hand experience with the workers’ compensation system, especially after the reforms were implemented.  In order to preserve the reforms and avoid another costly increase to the system we must constantly educate the legislature.  We will also be engaging the Legislature in a discussion on the prospective changes to the system and how they will impact your ability to continue doing business in California.

We hope you can join us on April 14th, 2009 for this focused Legislative Education Day.  Due to the generosity of our annual sponsors, the event is FREE.  Register by clicking here.
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