SB 381 on the Assembly Suspense File

By CMTA Staff

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This week the Assembly Appropriations Committee reviewed hundreds of bills and among them was SB 381 (Wright), a career technical education (CTE) bill that attempts to reinvigorate CTE at the high school level.  SB 381 would require school districts adopting an "A through G" pre-college curriculum for high school graduation to also require three courses of career and technical education.

Unfortunately, the Assembly committee analysis was inaccurate and interprets the bill as a state reimbursable mandate, therefore potentially costing over $454 million dollars.  SB 381 was sent to the suspense file where it will be reviewed against other bills and later determined if it may continue onto the floor for a vote.  

CMTA is working diligently to address the misconception in the committee analysis and move the bill along. SB 381 will not generate any direct cost to the state general fund because the bill only takes effect if and when a school district freely chooses to mandate the pre-college graduation requirement.  It is not a state-reimbursable mandate if school districts have the option to avoid the costs.

If SB 381 is moved out of suspense, we can continue promoting the merits of the bill which recognizes that rigorous CTE courses are an important part of a student’s education and provide a fair balance between CTE and college bound courses.    
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