Diesel truck rule reconsidered

By CMTA Staff

Capitol Update, Dec. 11, 2009 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

Last year in December the California Air Resources Board (CARB) passed regulations that would require extremely expensive retrofitting of the majority of on-road diesel equipment operating in California.  (So expensive that, in most cases, the equipment would need to be replaced.)

This action fell especially hard on small and medium size trucking firms, threatening to run most of them out of business. 

In the last month, it has come to light that the chief author of the report detailing the negative impact of the “On-Road Heavy Duty Vehicle Rule,” had falsified his qualifications.  Consequently, none of the authors were professional statisticians and their conclusions have been questioned. This fact was apparently known by CARB staff, the CARB Chair and one member of the Board but not by most of the CARB members who passed the regulations.   

CARB Board Member, Dr. John Telles, was extremely irate after learning that this information was withheld.  He immediately stated his intention to question the validity of the study and in a letter to CARB Legal Counsel was joined by Board Member Ron Roberts in asking that the regulation be set aside due to ethical and legal implications.

In addition, at CARB’s December 9 Board Meeting, Assemblyman Roger Niello (R-Sacramento) presented a request signed by 50 state legislators recommending that a hold be put on implementation of the diesel rules until the economy recovers or at least give “temporary accommodation for doubts outlined by Telles”. 

CARB voted to have the study redone, will delay implementation and will review again in April, 2010.

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