California & Denmark sign green chemistry agreement

By CMTA Staff

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On December 16th at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, the California Environmental Protection Agency signed a groundbreaking collaborative agreement with the Danish Environmental Protection Agency to share information on product safety.  The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) will remain in effect for five years and will:

    •  Encourage the sharing of information systems (CA Toxic Information Clearinghouse and the European Union’s (EU’s) Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals database);
    •  Exchange information on inspections and enforcement mechanisms related to the EU’s  Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive and general California chemical policies and laws;
    •  Encourage cooperation and sharing of information on standards based on lifecycle, sustainability, and green chemistry principles for articles in commerce;
    •  Share legal and regulatory requirements, policies and incentive mechanisms and emerging issues such as exposure to endocrine disrupters; and
    •  Allow for a broad range of information sharing including encouragement of interaction among research institutions, non-governmental organizations and experts in Denmark and California. 

This MOU is intended to give California’s Department of Toxic Substances Control more information to make more informed decisions as they develop the world’s first genuine Green Chemistry program “resulting in fewer consumer products containing toxic chemicals.”


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