Workforce development legislation passes committee

By CMTA Staff

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The Assembly Jobs, Economic Development and the Economy Committee met on Jan. 13th to hear AB 35 (Warren Furutani, D-Long Beach).  It requires the California Postsecondary Education Commission, in conjunction with the California Department of Education and the California Workforce Investment Board, to develop recommendations to the Legislature for a state strategic plan for workforce development.  The bill passed unanimously with both Democrats and Republicans supporting it.

CMTA supported AB 35 in committee because it promotes the implementation of a workforce development plan that recognizes the workforce needs of the future.  A trained workforce, whose skills match the needs of employers, will help turn California’s economy around. 

AB 35 includes the essential components needed to re-evaluate California’s workforce development plan:

  •     Requiring that the strategic plan address the current state collection of data on future workforce needs and appropriate measures for improving data collection,
  •     Ensuring the alignment of workforce needs with future postsecondary education programs and capacity,
  •     Developing strategies for fostering long-term improvements in workers' skills and knowledge, and
  •     Producing methods for closing the skills gap and strengthening the nexus between education and the workforce.

    The bill goes next to Assembly Appropriations where it must be passed by next Friday, Jan. 22, the deadline for two-year bills.


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