Register today for April 6 workers’ comp day

By CMTA Staff

Capitol Update, March 5, 2010 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

Register ( now and see agenda.

CMTA, the California Chamber of Commerce, the Workers' Compensation Action Network, and the California Coalition on Workers' Compensation will host their annual Workers’ Compensation Legislative event April 5 and 6 in Sacramento.

Now is a critical time to educate elected officials on the vital connection between a quality workers' compensation system and protecting and creating jobs in California.

This year could prove pivotal in the ongoing effort to protect recent legislative reforms and maintain an efficient, cost-effective workers' compensation system. With the economy still struggling, workers' compensation costs are rising and legal rulings ( have put some of the key reform elements in jeopardy. At the same time, the November elections will bring changes to Sacramento.

The event is an opportunity for CMTA members to voice first-hand impacts of recent reforms and attest to new cost increases in the system with key members of the Legislature. On April 5th, participants will be extensively briefed to prepare for the meetings the following day. 
Please register ( today for this important no-cost event. You can see the full agenda there as well.

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