Gino DiCaro

Tort reform bills fail Assembly committee

By Gino DiCaro, VP, Communications

Capitol Update, May 14, 2010 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

Last week, two tort reform bills failed to pass the Assembly Judiciary Committees despite the fact that the measures were a part of a tort reform bill package supported by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

AB 2588 (Audra Strickland, R-Camarillo) would have brought state law regarding class action lawsuits into conformity with federal law.  Additionally, the bill would have established new prerequisites for filing a class action lawsuit.

The second bill, AB 2740 (Roger Niello, R-Sacramento), would have placed a limit on the amount of punitive damages collected by a plaintiff.  It would also have placed a $250,000 cap on the amount of pain and suffering collected by plaintiffs involved in civil suits.

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