June 8th primary election

By CMTA Staff

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With the close of California’s primary election on June 8th, many of the key general election races – state and local – had already been decided. The election’s low voter turnout met expectations at about 30%. Most importantly, the Governor’s and US Senate race will now pit long-time Democratic politicians against wealthy Republican business women.

Although more than $150 million was spent on the primary campaigns, millions more will be spent as voters decide whether Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman or Democratic Attorney General Jerry Brown will take the helm of a state that is in serious disrepair.  The unending state budget crisis will likely be the forefront of the debate as the state attempts to close a $19.9 billion budget gap.

Yet another key race will be that between Democratic U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer and Republican businesswoman Carly Fiorina.  The contest is likely to be the toughest yet for the three-term senator whose ratings are relatively weak, compounded by the anti-politician sentiment of the times.

In terms of legislative races, many seats were up for grabs as a result of term limits.  As such, a number of vigorous primary contests developed over the last few months with the landscape being shaped more so during the primary than in the general election – particularly in those “safe” districts.  In such “safe” districts, whoever wins the dominant party's nomination is all but assured of the seat in November.

Political discontent among voters was evident in the approval of Proposition 14, which calls for a new open primary where all candidates for office appear on the ballot regardless of party registration and the top two vote-getters advance to a general election face off (even if from the same party). As we write, stakeholders are considering filing lawsuits to halt the measure.

To see full results and details of California’s primary go to vote.sos.ca.gov/

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