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Capitol Update, July 16, 2010 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

  1. Uptick in #camnfg jobs in June (7,300): CA still down 33% (625,000) since 2001.
  2. RT @senatordutton: New from CalWatchdog: ARB throws couple in jail about 21 hours ago
  3. First Tesla-Toyota prototypes ID'd as RAV4, Lexus RX. 8:07 AM Jul 14th
  4. Are green mfg jobs viable w/o massive govt support? Hire a lobbyist to put your hand in someone else's pocket. 7:47 AM Jul 14th
  5. Thomas Sowell: Give the fractured economy time to heal - stop the stimulus and meddling 5:17 PM Jul 13th
  6. Long time manufacturing friend in the Legislature, Dave Cox, 71, has died from prostate cancer He will be missed. 3:45 PM Jul 13th
  7. more CNBC "Top States to do Biz" list stats: CA 49th in "business friendliness" category 2:10 PM Jul 13th
  8. CA 48th most expensive state to do biz in CNBC's Top State's for Biz list ... 32nd overall 2:08 PM Jul 13th
  9. U.S. doing what CA should be doing: WSJ --Revisiting the Regulations Affecting Business #2millionjobs 1:03 PM Jul 12th
  10. Contra Costa Times readers want AB 32 delayed: #camnfg #2millionjobs #prop23 9:35 AM Jul 12th
  11. Where will CA land? RT @Shopfloor_NAM: CNBC to reveal Top States for Business, 2010. Good feature, methodology. 9:25 AM Jul 12th
  12. RT @Bill_Watkins: Green Shoots and Immigration The new piece at 3:54 PM Jul 11th

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