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Capitol Update, July 23, 2010 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

  • 8 reasons CA venture capital is not getting to the people who need the jobs #camnfg #2millionjobs #caprops Jul 22nd
  • continuing from last tweet on U.S. unemployment: CA among the worst in duration of unemployment at 16.1 weeks Jul 20th
  • An unemployment "Hockey stick" (this one is confirmed): . Average duration of U.S. unemployed now 26 weeks. Jul 20th
  • President pushes Paycheck Fairness Act. How do wage dictates, lawsuits against employers promote biz certainty? Jul 20th
  • Is the economic recovery is just an illusion? So says Robert P. Murphy on market watch. Jul 20th
  • Energy expert warns UK's sole focus on renewable power supply threatens blackouts, cost increases & supply uncertainty Jul 20th
  • RT @FHDaily: Fox&Hounds -- California Taxes vs. Other States Jul 19th
  • RT @Bill_Watkins: "China Passes U.S. as World's Biggest Energy Consumer" Jul 19th
  • Alberta oil sands provide best option for U.S. imported crude. Jul 18th
  • Whoa. $23 million in faulty CA e-waste claims & $30 million in faulty CA claims actually paid. Jul 18th
  • CMTA's Greg Hines takes on the Sac Bee and Prop 24: Get serious, Prop. 24 poses threat to workers Jul 18th
  • California Air Resources Board Chair needs lesson on honesty and professionalism. Jul 17th

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