Latest poll inconclusive on Prop. 23 (Suspends AB32)

By CMTA Staff

Capitol Update, July 30, 2010 Share this on FacebookTweet thisEmail this to a friend

On July 28, supporters of Prop. 23 to temporarily suspend implementation of AB 32 dismissed the findings of a new PPIC poll as incomplete and inconclusive since it failed to include information about the enormous economic impacts and environmental ineffectiveness of AB 32, the state’s global warming law.

"It’s no surprise that folks are generally supportive of ‘doing something’ about global warming,” said Jack Stewart, president of CMTA.  “But when they learn about how much ‘doing something’ is going to cost, the attitude changes dramatically."

Californians contacted by PPIC were given no information about the impact of AB 32 on family budgets.  Those impacts include up to 60 percent higher electricity rates, $3.7 billion a year in higher gasoline and diesel costs, up to 57 percent higher natural gas rates and as much as $50,000 more for a new home.  AB 32 is also expected to put over a million jobs at risk, with one study warning that three million good-paying, blue collar union jobs will be impacted by implementation of AB 32.

"Poll after poll shows that jobs and the economy are voters’ top priority,” said Stewart.  “Nowhere is that truer than in California, with almost 2.3 million out of work, a $20 billion budget deficit and home foreclosure, job losses and debt rates among the highest in the nation.  A poll that doesn’t disclose the costs of AB 32 doesn’t get an accurate result."

The poll also failed to adequately inform respondents about the impacts of GHG emissions and global warming, or about California’s inability to influence climate change on its own.  The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has acknowledged that AB 32 will do nothing to reduce global warming and they have admitted that GHG emissions have no local public health impacts.

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