Water conservation

By CMTA Staff

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In November 2009, Governor Schwarzenegger signed SBx7 7 (Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento), which mandated the Department of Water Resources (DWR) to adopt regulations for water use conservation. The manufacturing industry’s use of process water will be impacted.

Process water is defined as:

"water used for producing a product or product content or water used for research and development, including but not limited to, continuous manufacturing processes, water used for testing and maintaining equipment used in producing a product or product content and water used in combined heat and power facilities used in producing a product or product content."

Water used in restrooms, landscaping, air conditioning, heating, kitchen and laundry are excluded.

DWR is setting up two separate workgroups:

  1. Urban Water Users to set targets and develop urbanized water district process water regulations, and
  2. Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Task Force to establish “Best Management Practices” for process water and look at water use efficiency improvements in the industrial sector.

CMTA has concerns about: how conservation targets are calculated, the potential impact on products, operations or equipment, credit for recycled water use, and how DWR will interpret cooling water use as well as air conditioning and heating interconnected and integral to the operation and maintenance of industrial facilities.

DWR intends to approve process water emergency regulations by October 2011.  A regular rulemaking process will follow, with adoption scheduled for May 2011.If you haven’t already, CMTA urges you to take a serious look at your water use and the alternatives that are available.  We also encourage you to keep an accounting of all of the water savings projects that you have implemented.

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